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9 Safe APK Sites To Download APK – Our Best Choice For 2022

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The Google Play Store offers several applications for a variety of purposes. It is the largest Android market podium, with over 2 million applications available for interested individuals.

The platform is used by millions of publishers updating their apps regularly and millions of individuals worldwide downloading the same. 

Nevertheless, with all these pros, one con of the Google Play Store is that it has a very strict policy for developers. 

Most of the time, you will find that the Android app you are looking to install on your system is unavailable at Google Play Store. The store does not publish applications with greater chances of posing security risks.

Another problem is that many resources are required to run Google Play Services or Play Store. Users must put in a lot of time installing, running, and updating the apps. 

Even if an application is unavailable on Google Play Store or other usual channels, you still have different options to install and run the app on your system.

You only need one copy of the APK file so you can easily sideload the app. Many APK sites specialize in providing APK files for easy download. 

However, the problem is that all these sites cannot be trusted. An APK or Android Package file is one crucial procedure for distributing and installing Android apps.

When an app is downloaded from the Play Store, it runs an APK file in the background. However, users do not have access to this file. Since APK files carry out the task of installing applications on different systems, they might pose severe security threats. 

People with malicious intentions can easily modify the files before they are installed and use them as digital Trojan horses for installing and running malware.

Hence, you must ensure that the site you use for the APK download is safe and reliable. Listed below are safe APK sites with a history of reliability and security in APK downloads.

Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK – Our Pick👌

1. APKMirror

APKMirror is one of the most well-known APK sites for APK file downloads. The team that owns and operates APKMirror is the same team responsible for managing Android Police- the most widely read Android news website.

Safe APK Sites

This should assure you of the safety and reliability of the site. As far as security is concerned, the site has placed some strong policies for its users. One of the best things about this site is it has got apps that have been removed from Google Play Store.

So, the content available here can be of good help to the users. As the best Play Store alternative, APKMirror provides millions of games and applications that can be downloaded free of cost.

It offers the best updates for all the apps and even boasts millions of app views and downloads daily. 

Below is the summary of features of the APKMirror that makes it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • Well-organized and clean user interface.
  • Staff verified every APK uploaded on the site before publishing it.
  • APKMirror always matches the cryptographic initials of the new app forms uploaded on its site with the previous versions of the same app. This helps in ensuring that true developers have signed the apps.
  • All new apps are matched with other apps from similar developers to verify their legitimacy.
  • There are older versions of all the apps available.
  • If an app from this site gets an update from a Play Store post installed on the user’s device, it progresses to its latest form spontaneously.
  • If the site cannot verify the validity of an APK file, it does not publish it. Hence, the users can remain assured of not coming across pirated apps, paid apps, and muddled APKs.

APKMirror is a secure and free site where you can find all your favorite apps. The site specializes in providing apps and even has millions of racing, adventure, and action games.

For those still wondering where to begin, you must go through the list of some of the most well-known APK files on the site. Beginners will love this option as it allows fast and easy navigation. There’s everything right on the home page of this site.

2. APKPure

APKPure is yet another safe and quality-based APK site where users can easily download APK files for apps and games.

One of the most exclusive features of this site is its user-friendly interface, which simultaneously looks very clean and well-organized.

Safe APK Sites

Even this site strictly verifies the genuineness and legitimacy of all the apps uploaded by developers before publishing them. Here, you can remain relaxed about finding all the games and apps unavailable on Google Play Store.

APKPure is the biggest competitor to APKMirror because both sites were launched simultaneously. Like APKMirror, APKPure has a strict security policy to ensure that all APK files downloaded by users are 100% virus-free and safe. 

Below is the summary of features of the APKPure that makes it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • Uses SHA1 to verify the legitimacy of all applications before publishing them. the SHA 1 technology is also used to ensure that the app certificate is secure
  • Cryptographic signatures for all the new versions of different applications should match the signatures of earlier versions.
  • All new apps are duly matched with the other software programs developed by the same developer.
  • Site usability is convenient and hassle-free for users. The site offers app descriptions, general metadata, and screenshots pulled from Google.
  • The site even offers a complete list of previously released apps for users looking to roll back to older versions.
  • The site even has an Android app available for users. The app needs to be sideloaded and installed. However, once installed on a certain system, the app will be a substitute for the Google Play Store.
  • The site enables users to download region-locked games and apps instantly. This means you can get games and apps unavailable in the country, free registered gaming titles, and other applications for iOS and Android devices. 
  • The site offers complete information and updates on Games by sending notifications to users.
  • APKPure also deals in many games, which include arcade, shooter, RPG, and strategy games. 

APKPure is a lightweight but equally powerful Android app store that offers users a selection of easy-to-install and self-contained apps and app management tools.

It is one safe APK site that you can always trust. Exclusive games available on this site include Soccer, PUBG, and Fortnite. It even informs users about the upcoming app release. The users also get the flexibility of pre-registering for installations on this site.

3. Aptoide

There is no other APK site as top-rated as Aptoide, mainly because of the list of exclusive features this site offers for its users.

9 Safe APK Sites To Download APK – Our Best Choice For 2022

One of the many good things about this site is that it features an Android app that allows users to access this Android app store and download the files they want right on their smartphones. 

The users on this site also get the scope of managing their stores. This giant app store brings the best of the world of APK downloading right on the Android devices of the users.

The site boasts over 200 million active users and over 6 billion downloads. It is also one site that has not made further delays in embracing cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

AppCoins-the token currency of this site, allows developers to increase their revenues. The token is also of good use for the other users. 

Below is the summary of features of the Aptoide that makes it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • All the games and apps available on this site come free of charge.
  • The site can easily be used on smartphones and tablets.
  • It is a perfect site for people who do not have access to the Play Store.
  • Organic downloads can easily be generated, and users can also run fully paid acquisition operations. The campaigns or operations generally appear as display advertisements.

Aptoide offers a huge collection of games and apps you will not find at Google Play Store. Individuals can use this site’s DropBox option to create their apps and upload them on the site.

This way, the apps get synced to the store automatically. Publishers’ programs are also available for users to manage their stores. So, it can rightly be said that Aptoide is one gem of a site for downloading APK files.

4. Softpedia

Softpedia is mainly a software website known for offering software for different desktop platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Nevertheless, many individuals are unaware that this site even offers APK files for download.

Safe APK Sites

Yes, the APK files available for download on this site are few, but it still has some of the most important apps duly covered. Hence, it can be said that Softpedia is yet another great APK site for safe APK file downloads.

Below is a summary of Softpedia’s features that make it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • Wide folder hider enables users to hide all personal and important files, folders, and even USB drives. This way, they can keep everything safe and encrypted with passwords on the site.
  • The sumo feature helps in keeping all the installed software apps updated. Sumo is an app that automatically scans the users’ systems and reveals all available updates.
  • The team view feature helps in controlling almost any computer across the world remotely. The feature also helps in giving demonstrations, transferring files, and hosting meetings.
  • The driver booster PRO feature helps users update their game components and drivers. This further ensures the computer remains issue-free and runs smoothly.
  • The CyberLink Power director option on the site can be used for editing videos in three varied modes. Transitions, special effects, and discs can easily be created.
  • The site features free-to-try gaming tools, games, software, IT-related articles, Windows drivers, and mobile devices.
  • Game and software reviews are also available on the site.
  • It does not repack any software for further distribution. Direct APK downloads are available on the site.

Softpedia fills in the gaps many APK sites cannot fill when it comes to satiating the APK download demands of users. The site is way better than Google Play Store because it offers APK file downloads and other forms of information.

At the time of our research on Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK, we found a video about “iOS VS Android – Did You Make The Right Choice?” which is worth watching.

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APK-Dl is yet another site specializing in providing APK files for downloads. Previously, it was known as APK Downloader, but its name was changed to APK-DL recently.

Safe APK Sites

One of the most interesting things about this site is it pulls games and apps from the Play Store directly. This means that the users can remain fully confident about the safety and security of the APK files downloaded from this site. 

Below is the summary of features of the APK-DL that makes it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • Works behind the scenes, 24/7, for fetching apps and APK files that the users are looking to download.
  • Users on this site can carry out a developer certificate or MD5 check to verify the legitimacy of the APK files downloaded from this site.
  • The site prevents privacy by not allowing users to download paid games and applications.

For those looking for a safe APK site that deals in only APK file downloads and apps, APK-DL would be the perfect destination.

6. APK4Fun

APK4Fun offers millions of games and apps that can be downloaded for free. APK4Fun is reliable, secure, extremely fast, and free. Everything the app offers is the same as Google Play Store, from reviews to updates.

Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK

There are a large number of APKs available on this platform. Initially, it might not appear safe, but it is a reliable source for grabbing APK files. Games and applications on this site are listed according to categories. The site also contains various other sections like editor’s choice, top downloads, and new releases. 

Below is the summary of features of the APK 4 Fun that makes it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • APK repository service for top-quality Android games and apps.
  • It is dedicated to exploring the most useful, featured, and newest games and apps for the users.
  • Easy installation of APK file. Install the file simply by copying it to the SD card of your Android device.

If you are looking for the ultimate APK file downloads, then APK4Fun would be the right destination what users like most about this platform are its completely organized environment and easy-to-use interface.

The interface helps them in finding required APKs in a faster and better way. This site will have puzzles, action, racing, communication, and social categories.

7. APK Bucket

APK Bucket offers APK files grabbed from some of the most reliable sources. It will be your one-stop, premiere destination if you are looking for different Android applications that can be easily downloaded.

9 Safe APK Sites To Download APK – Our Best Choice For 2022

While the site deals in publishing free games and apps, it is not affiliated with Google Play or Android.

It is just an Android enthusiast operating to help Android users looking for apps but do not have devices supporting the Play Store environment.

The site is also useful for burgeoning or established Android developers trying to make their applications available to a huge client base. The site is home to high-quality, free, and safe apps. 

Below is the summary of features of the APK Bucket that makes it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • A perfect online tool that uses server-side libraries and clients to download APK files directly from the Play Store.
  • Users need to provide the app URL and click the download button.
  • The site grabs APK files instantly and offers them to be downloaded by the users on their mobile phones or tablets.
  • 100% safe and secure APK site distributing APK files without making any changes.
  • Users can perform different hash checks to confirm the legitimacy of the APK files obtained from the APK Bucket.

All the attributes mentioned above make this site a robust and trustworthy solution for downloading APK files of free games and apps. APK Bucket is not only a platform for downloading APK files, but it serves as something more than that.

This online APK downloader will help you download almost any app through its package ID. Proper categorization of apps, games, and APKs is unavailable on the site. So, users will have to look for their options carefully.

8. BlackMart

BlackMart is a site that will help you download different mini-applications without accessing Google or your account and without the need to go through problematic registration procedures or the hassle of gaining permission.

9 Safe APK Sites To Download APK – Our Best Choice For 2022

It is therefore considered a safe and reliable site offering some of the greatest features to its users. This simple-to-use site offers many features that enable users to download several APK files and applications.

Most of the applications available for download on this site are free of cost. This is the ultimate APK site for all Android users. Dissimilar to the traditionally limited reserves at Google Play Store, the site has a lot to offer to its users.

It is the perfect destination for Android users looking to get some of their favorite mods, apps, games, and tweak versions not found on Play Store. It even helps them get apps and games they might have to pay for at Google Play Store. 

Below is the summary of features of the BlackMart that makes it add to the Best Safe APK Sites To Download APK list.

  • It offers a free download for many top-quality and premium games, apps, APK files, and other MODs.
  • This lightweight APK site is efficient for the phone memory of users.
  • It offers multiple language support.
  • It has a built-in search engine to make the app and APK site search quicker and more efficient for the users.
  • One click on the download button on the site will help the users avail of the files and apps they want.
  • The latest version of the site comes loaded with different varieties of catalogs for the users to explore desired and new games and apps.
  • The site even features an in-app download manager for administering the in-house activities of the users on the official site.
  • Auto-update options are available for uploading downloaded applications. This feature can easily be disabled as and when required.
  • Auto-installations are also available for all downloaded files and apps.
  • It is one of the safest APK sites to use.
  • Users do not need to root their phones to download any app at BlackMart.

So, it can rightly be said that BlackMart is one of the most commendable reservoirs of some of the most in-demand games and apps with direct and easy downloads.

📚FAQ on the safe apk sites list

What is the safest APK site?

The top sites for safe APK downloads are APKMirror, APK Downloader, APKPure, Yalp Store, Aptoide, APKHere, APKMonk, etc.

Is APK for free safe?

Downloading APK files from untrusted websites can invite viruses and malware to your device. Therefore, it is suitable to find sources like apktovi.com for safer downloads.

How can I tell if APK is safe?

You can install Hash Droid via Google play. After selecting a hash file, opt for SHA-256. Now, pick the APK file you want to assess and click on calculate.

Is the APK file illegal?

Technically yes, because the license is only for the app downloaded from Google. It can be referred to as piracy.

Which APK is best?

Pocket, Whatsapp, Periscope, Snapseed, Instagram, Google Maps, Google Photos, Citymapper, etc., are some of the best free Android apps APK.

Is Happymod trusted?

Someone complained about getting scammed from the site. It is said that the mods offer unlimited money for games, but in reality, they don’t work or sometimes do not offer the features mentioned.

Can APK hack your phone?

Installing APK files may increase the chances of your phone getting hacked. It is very easy to bind a rat or a trojan along with the APK.

The Bottom Line on the safe apk download sites list

Regardless of where you are downloading your APK files, always ensure that no foul surprises are lurking around in the codes or the URLs. Always go for sites that offer scanning services, which means they will scan the APK files for viruses and malware.

 The safe APK sites mentioned above will solve your problem of downloading APK files devoid of malicious elements to a considerable extent.

There are plenty of options available in the market, but going for the safest ones will take some time. It works to consider these sites as your go-to destination when it comes to satiating your requirement for APK files, games, and apps.