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How to safely update WordPress plugins


How to safely update WordPress plugins

After creating your new WordPress website it is very important for your website security that you keep the plugins updated. In WordPress, plugins are most useful aspects. You can use WordPress plugins to add all new functionality and features to your WordPress website.

However, you need to update your WordPress plugins properly because if you do not update them you may experience software conflicts and errors. And also it is not good for your website security.

As a website owner, it is your responsibility or task to update WordPress plugins. Maybe you are a beginner and wondering why it is so important to update WordPress plugins, so that’s why here in this post I am going to share with you why you need to update your WordPress plugins and how you can update WordPress plugins?

Fortunately, it is very easy for you to keep your website plugins up to date and here I am going to share with you how you can update your plugins safely.

Sometimes there are lots of errors in your WordPress website after updating WordPress plugins so here I am going to share with you a safe way to update your WordPress Plugins.

What is WordPress plugin?

We all know that WordPress is a powerful Content Management System or CMS which is used by millions of webmasters around the world.

You can create a WordPress website for yourself if you have little or no programming language. You can add custom futures to your WordPress website from an endless list of plugins.

A piece of software which is made to perform a specific function on WordPress website is called WordPress plugin. If you want to use a specific plugin on your WordPress website then first you need to install it and secondly, you need to activate it. Using WordPress plugins you can perform each and every task and your WordPress website very easily.

What to consider before updating your plugins

Before updating a WordPress website plugins it is very important for you to take a complete backup of your WordPress website. There are lots are free plugins that you can use to take a complete backup of your WordPress website.

WordPress plugins are easy to update and this does not mean that you cannot go wrong during the whole process of updating. So if you want to protect your website from errors or conflicts then you need to follow the simple steps.

Backup your website

A new WordPress plugin update maybe coded poorly or update maybe conflict with your WordPress existing themes, plugins and WordPress core. There is very low risk of error in the update process but still, you need to back up your website so you can revert the old version if necessary.

A Step by Step Guide to Backup WordPress Website

Update one plugin at a time

If there are updates available for lots of plugins then don’t try to update them all at once. WordPress enables us to do this task but maybe it is a little bit risky.

The best way to update your plugins is to update them individually. In this way, if there is an error then you will know that which plugin is causing the issue.

Test updates on demo side first

If you do not already have a demo site or testing site, now it’s time to set up a demo site for your main site. So in this way, you can make sure that plugins and theme updates work properly and after all, you can use them on your main site.

Do not use the auto-update WordPress plugins future. Enabling this feature will save you lots of time but this feature is only best for reliable plugins.

You need to perform plugins or theme updates when there is very low traffic on your website. In case, when an update causes an issue so your website visitors will not be affected.

When the new updates are available then you need to wait for some time to install new updates because some conflicts and bugs occurred in the update when it is released newly to the public. And after some time, WordPress developers work on these issues and fix them.

You have to follow the plugins forum or talk to other webmasters who are using the new version of the plugin. However, in case of security update you need to install it immediately.

How to safely update WordPress plugins

Now you know what to do before updating WordPress plugins and now it’s time to know how we can update WordPress plugin safely. At first, make sure that WordPress Core itself is fully updated. Because WordPress updates and design to improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Now you need to check whether the plugins are updated or not. Just log into your WordPress website and then click on updates page here you will see all the items that need to be updated.

How to safely update WordPress plugins

You can also visit the plugin page to see the list of plugins which are outdated. Here in the plugin list, you will see a list of plugins along with information which is related to update.

How to safely update WordPress plugins

Before updating any plugins you can see the current version available and also review the change log. In this way, you can know what the WordPress developers fixed or changed.

Now you ready to perform your updates. First of all, find out the outdated plugin and then click on update now. It may take few moments to update your plugin. Once the update is complete you will see a green notification which shows that your plugin is updated successfully.

Bulk update WordPress plugins

If there are one or more than one plugins are outdated on your website then you can quickly update these plugins by using bulk update feature.

For doing this you need to visit the plugins page and here you will see the list of plugins which are outdated. Now select all plugins and from the drop-down menu use bulk actions. So in this way you can update more than one plugin at once. This will save you lots of time and hassle.


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