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Samsung Galaxy Phones have Joined the Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

At a time when globally, there is a buzz for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, large corporations and organizations cannot stay isolated from the development. With the rapid prevalence and adoption of digital currencies, many multinational companies have woken up to the opportunity that it provides and has decided in recent times to surf the tide.

Samsung Galaxy Phones have Joined the Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

Samsung has been added to this list of a growing number of companies that have adopted some sort of digital currency or the other. Very recently, the South Korean conglomerate adopted Stellar to be provided in some of its high-end smartphones.

The move comes at a time when ad-revolution.io has been providing amazing opportunities for ‘Stellar’ users. They can now look forward to a more enriching experience due to the power of Samsung behind them and with all the support that they need.

It can be truly said to be a superb development for the cryptocurrency industry, as there will be further adoption by many more established brands and technological companies.

Some highlights of the tie-up have been discussed here so that customers of both companies can go through the same and learn of all the advantages that can be possible accrued due to it. 

Stellar users can stay assured – The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit association that aims to support the growth and development of the network. It has recently declared that Stellar will be available in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, and that can be a huge statement by the association.

The coordinated effort of both companies can help enable Stellar (XLM) users to safely store their private keys on some of the best Samsung Galaxy cell phones. The integration can be available on select Samsung models like the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and the Galaxy Note 10 Series.

It is an add-on service – Stellar’s blockchain offerings will now be accessible through the Samsung Blockchain Keystore that can be a huge lift for users of both brands. It will thus permit ‘Stellar’ developers to make blockchain services and apps for Samsung Galaxy cell phones so that they can add or modify attractive features easily.

It can be very easy for the end-user to transact using these models, and that can be fantastic news for both the companies. The best part of all of this is that it is an add-on service that is being offered exclusively to Samsung customers in addition to the already present Stellar-products and apps.

The collaboration can bring cohesiveness – SDF will team up with Samsung to grow and improve the blockchain environment experience for customers by working with engineers who have developed ‘Stellar’ eco-system.

The collaboration will further help in including the correct SDKs into their applications to use the Samsung Blockchain Keystore and its multiple uses in their applications. Together, they will collaborate to enroll, recruit, and bolster new designers in the ‘Stellar’ network system. All of this can help in building ample cohesiveness between the two organizations.

The mood is ecstatic – The mood in both the camps seems to be quite upbeat at the moment due to the push that they may receive from the tie-up. While Samsung can count on Stellar’s incredible potential in the cryptocurrency market, Stellar, on the other hand, can get a lot of customers due to Samsung’s endorsement.

In the tech business, there is no doubt that the South Korean company is a major force to reckon with, and that is why it has a sizeable portion of the pie in the smartphone business globally.

Now, users of Samsung smartphones can readily start dealing with Stellar as there is no need for any customary verification. The CEO of ‘Stellar’ has already committed to recruit more developers after this integration so that more users can get the advantage of the deal. 

The process is set in motion – When this integration was being announced, at least up to four Stellar-based organizations have focused on adopting the needed SDKs to make their applications accessible in the Keystore. These include the Nodle, DSTOQ, Litemint, and SatoshiPay. It shows the kind of enthusiasm that is there in both the camps. 

It is a move that is sure to reverberate in the cryptocurrency market, and more tech firms can be expected to join the growing list of companies that are coming out to endorse cryptocurrencies openly. These moves will only help in bolstering the digital currency market and, undoubtedly, the tech firms in the long run.