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9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

Screenshots are a good way of quickly saving information on a screen we might need later. HP laptop owners will be delighted to know that there are several easy ways to screenshot on HP laptop.

This article will step by step explain these processes so that the next time you need to save something off your HP laptop’s screen, it’ll be easy for you to figure out how to go about it.

You’ll find information about some tools that are particularly useful for taking screenshots, these tools not only work for HP laptops, but they also work across all brands so even if you’re not using the HP brand, you’ll still learn how to screenshot using a tool for whatever brand of laptop you use.

Ways To Take Screenshot on HP Laptop 👌

Let’s start from easy to more complex, but in reality, they all are just a few steps to perform.

1. Screenshot By Using The “Print Screen” Button

Keyboard shortcuts are full of options for users to directly access something that will take a few clicks of the mouse to do. The shortcut normally named “Print Scr”, “Prt Scrn”, “PrtSc” or “PrntScrn”, depending on which one the model uses is usually found in the top right corner of keyboards.

Ways to Screenshot on HP Laptops

Please note that models differ and it can be placed in different parts but the good news is that it is present on your keyboard and it will help you in your attempts to screenshot.

The main aim of the shortcut key is to print whatever is on the screen quickly but it also now doubles as a way to take screenshots.

Once you’ve located the shortcut key, follow these steps to screenshot.

Yes, you have to start by pressing the “PrntScr” or whatever version of the shortened name your model uses. Immediately you press that key, the image on your screen is saved on the laptop’s clipboard.

The second step is opening a photo editing app (we’re assuming your computer has one) maybe like Paint or Photoshop.

Use the shortcut “Ctrl+V” to paste the screenshot you just made on the editing app. The next step is to save the screenshot, you can do that easily by utilizing a shortcut “Ctrl+S” or just clicking on “Save”.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

Usually, file formats in which the image can be saved are shown, formats like JPEG. Choose anyone and save the picture. The screenshot is now in your laptop’s memory.

The whole exercise should take about 5 minutes even if you’re not totally familiar with computers.

2. Using The Windows + Print Screen Buttons To Screenshot

This method is perhaps the most straightforward but it is only applicable to HP laptops or other brand laptops with at least Windows 8.1 or basically the latest Windows OS. Older versions of Windows will have to use the other methods described above or below.

For users whose laptop specs fit the needed description, here’s how to quickly screenshot using those two keys.

The first step might be a little bit tricky for people who aren’t comfortable typing. You have to press both the Windows key and the Print Screen key at the exact same time for this method to work. If it works, your laptop’s screen will go dim. That’s it, you’ve just gotten your screenshot.

Note:- In some HP laptops, we can take a screenshot by pressing Fn Key + Windows Key + PrtSc key at the same time.

How To Screenshot On HP Laptops

The only hassle is when you want to access it, you’ll have to go to the Users folder, click on the folder with your name (usually yours if you’re the owner) then click on pictures, you’ll see a folder inside the pictures folder titled “screenshots”, here’s where you’ll find the screenshots you made easily.

The relatively straightforward way of taking screenshots is a little bit complicated by the location of the saved files but it is still the best option for users of HP laptops with the latest Windows operating systems.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

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3. Using Inbuilt Windows Tool To Take Screenshots

The name already suggests that it comes with the operating system. Windows Snipping Tool can help you screenshot full screens or just some portions of the screen so it is quite a useful tool in capturing images or information off HP laptops screens.

Extra tidbits like making footnotes on the image captured with different colored pens or a highlighter are also possible.

Users of older Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7 are advised to upgrade OS because newer versions of the Snipping Tool have amazing features like the “Delay” option which enables users to capture pop-up menus.

Here’s how it works in easy steps.

Make a quick search for the Snipping Tool on your HP laptop and when it comes up, open the application.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

If you want to utilize the “Delay” option, you’d have to take a slight detour. On the top left corner of your screen, you’ll find the “Delay Option“.

Click on it and it’ll reveal a drop-down of seconds. Choose the number of seconds appropriate for the pop-up menu you want to capture.

Screenshot On HP Laptop

The next step is to choose the type of Snip you want to perform. Remember that the Windows Snipping Tool performs full screenshots or partial screenshots depending on the user’s preference.

Click on the “New” option to choose a snip type and then just wait and watch while your pop-up menu screenshots or just a regular screenshot is taken.

Screenshot On HP Laptop

The image is saved to a default location, usually your pictures folder.

4. Using Inbuilt Screen Recorder

Most recent HP laptops have an inbuilt recorder, mainly installed for gaming purposes. To get access to this tool, use the Keyboard shortcut Windows Key + “G“.

This brings out the recording interface. First, click on the Camera Icon, then on the interface that appears by the side, click on the camera icon.

The screenshot will be saved in the location PC -> Videos -> Capture.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

5. Using The 3rd Party Tool Snagit To Take A Screenshot On Your HP Laptop

The first 3rd party tool we suggest is the user-friendly screenshot tool, Snagit. It is highly recommended because its interface is the easiest to use among other screenshot tools.

Snagit offers more than just taking screenshots, it also offers users the option of resizing the screenshots, editing them, or even capturing a computer’s rolling screen.

Snagit, rated by most users as the best 3rd party app for HP users is particularly useful for users who need to take a lot of screenshots because of the easiness of access and other extra features.

Here’s how to use Snagit.

For users who don’t already have it, you’ll have to download it from official websites.  Download the app, install the app from your default download location, and follow the on-screen instructions to ensure it installs properly.

Open the app and look for a big red circle with the word “Capture” on it.

How To Screenshot On HP Laptops

After that, click on the “Camera” icon and select the part of your screen you want to screenshot. Everything outlined in yellow will be captured.

Congrats, you’ve just gotten the screenshot you need, it will be saved to your Snagit folder. Before it’s saved, you’ll be asked if you want to edit the screenshot, just another perk of using Snagit.

If you want to edit the size or tinker with the resolution, then do. If not, just save the screenshot.

If you are looking for a Pro tool to Take Screenshot On HP Laptop then go ahead with Snagit, we are also using this tool for all screenshot work.

it’s providing awesome features like Panoramic Scrolling Capture, Grab Text, Animated GIFs, Annotations, Step Tool, etc.

What's new in Snagit 2020?

6. Using The Greenshot Screen Capturing Application

The next method is using another 3rd party application Greenshot. It promises a user-friendly experience and it won’t cost Windows users a penny.

Another feature of Greenshot is the fact that it is relatively light in terms of size so it won’t take much space on your HP laptop. There are other decent features too like editing and saving in many picture formats.

Here’s how the Greenshot Screen Capturing App works.

The first step is to download the application. Visit the Greenshot site and download the app, follow the process of installation, and then open the application. Something to note is that Greenshot made other versions for different operating systems so you have to download the version for windows. It is free.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

Once you’ve installed and opened the app, go to the site or screen you want to screenshot and press the “Print Screen” button. Immediately, you’ll get a notification that you have a screenshot waiting to be edited or saved on Greenshot.

You can screenshot a lot of views and then go edit or save them on your laptop’s local storage later by clicking on the notification.

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7. Using Lightshot Add-On Tools To Screenshot

The next method is also like the former, through a third-party app reputed to be one of the best apps to screenshot with. Lightshot offers a customizable screenshot experience that is easy even to users who don’t have much experience with taking screenshots.

The first step, as with all 3rd party apps, is to download them by visiting a reputable website to ensure you get the best and most secure version of the app. Download, and install the app.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

When it’s installed, press the “Print Screen” button and choose the area of the screen you want to screenshot if you’re not interested in the whole screen.

On the upper right-hand side of the Lightshot app, there are many editing features that might interest users that want to edit screenshots a bit. Features like resizing, changing the color, adding some shapes, drawing lines, and highlighting texts or images.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

When you’re done editing, save the screenshot and you can usually find it again in the Lightshot folder when you need it.

8. Using Browser Add-Ons/Extensions To Screenshot

This is quite different from any of the methods we have explained before. Users will be using browsers to screenshot not just a screen but even multiple pages of content with the browser.

The most used browsers on HP laptops are Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and we will explain how to use these browsers to screenshot on HP laptops easily.

Google Chrome

it is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is know the best screenshot add-ons. The best for Chrome are Awesome Screenshot and/or Fireshot.

Choose either of them to download as “Extension“. How to do that is to locate the Extension icon, click on it and search for either of the screenshot add-ons. “Add” the screenshot tool and click on it. This will lead you to choose the area of your screen you want a shot of.

Capturing specific elements and scrolling content in FireShot using CTRL

One major advantage of using browser extensions is that they can even take screenshots of places where there’s NO content like search bars or open tabs.

Immediately after your screenshot, another tab will open to edit your screenshot if you choose to do so or you can alternatively use other editing apps if you prefer them as long as you save the screenshot on your device.

Mozilla Firefox

For Mozilla Firefox browser enthusiasts, the best add-ons are Awesome Screenshot Plus and Fireshot, a little bit of deviation from Chrome.

Follow the same steps outlined for Chrome by locating the Add-On icon, “add” the screenshot add-on, and then follow the same process because it’s the same screenshot add-on only on different browsers.

9 Of The Best Way To Take a Screenshot On HP Laptop

Another reason why this method is preferable is that these extensions are easy to remove after you’re done so it can just be a one-time thing if that’s what the user wants.


These are the easy ways to screenshot on HP laptops, choose the best option for your system. If you’re interested in using 3rd party apps then you’ve got the best and easiest to choose from or if your Windows OS is updated then you might want to use the quick Windows and Print Screen double press to screenshot.

Editing afterward can easily be done, if you prefer your laptop editing apps then the first method will probably work best for you.

Your browser can easily do the job for you too because what users want to screenshot is usually on the internet and while already using the browser it will be easy to just use the add-on screenshot tool.

Whatever method you choose, you’re certain to get the screenshot you need. Tell us below in the comment section which method you consider the easiest and use frequently.