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7 Of The Best Scrivener Alternatives For Authors To Try

Are you a professional writer or planning to become an author? Perhaps, you are a Ph.D. candidate who is writing a thesis. You could be a scriptwriter, student, journalist, novelist, academician, or lawyer. 

A writer can only be as good as the app or software that he is using. If that is the case, then you should make use of software that can enhance your work and make it a masterpiece. Easier said than done. 

As an author or writer, using the right app or software immensely can improve your content writing approach. One of them, Scrivener, is popular software that is used by millions of authors worldwide. They have benefited from using it. 

So why are we going to read about the best scrivener alternative? When something is good, there is bound to be something better. When you aspire to write a masterpiece, then you most likely can achieve it by using the best software or app suitable for writers.  

In this post, we will learn some of the scrivener alternatives in the market. 

Before we do that, we need to understand a bit about Scrivener to get an idea of its features and capabilities. This will help us search for the right kind of alternative. So, what is all the noise about Scrivener? 

It is a project management tool similar to a Word processor. It was designed and developed mainly for writers and authors, who write a long text. Some of them could be research papers, thesis, and novels. 

Please note that the software will not tell you what you must write or how to write. But, it can provide you with all the elements that you will need for your writing. They come infused in a single app. 

So, how does this help you? You can perform a wide range of activities using it. This helps you to edit several documents, offers you an index card for outlining, export files, editing on the whole screen, and keywords.

Not to mention, the app is not very expensive, and you can use the 30-day trial and purchase the app for less than $50 through Amazon. 

Advantages of using Scrivener

The word Scrivener means a lot to authors and novelists who have benefited immensely from using it. Not to mention, it also helped some of them become accomplished writers. Many writers felt that the app helps them to get organized well and fast. 

This helps you to get rid of several distractions and concentrate only on your work. This helps you to write better and come up with the next content without too much stress. In other words, it helps you achieve your target in no time. 

Snapshots are a powerful safety net feature. This helps you work out your content with flair. 

On that note, we highly recommend Scrivener as much as would its alternative. 

Why choose a scrivener alternative? 🤔

Now we have some idea about Scrivener and its amazing capabilities. Let us read about the alternative. Before we proceed, you should know that choosing a single alternative can be quite tricky because most of them are excellent. 

At the same time, Scrivener itself is quite a powerful tool. You can compare it to a Swiss knife that comes with all the bells and whistles that you need to enhance your writing. But, it may not be the ideal writing app for all. 

While some writers are looking for more horsepower and pushup, some writers look for a simple alternative. To help you all out, we have compiled a list that comes with some fantastic and powerful writing apps, as well as some mild ones that give you the right touch. 

To give you an idea of where Scrivener lacks, we have made a small comparison of these fantastic tools, as well as ProWritingAid. We felt that ProWritingAid is one of the best alternatives for Scrivener. 



  • The subscription or purchase is onetime of less than $50. 
  • It comes with content organization.
  • There is also a storyboard feature. 
  • It comes with over 12 templates.
  • It is free from distraction and enables you to work on your content. 


  • It comes with no coloration. 
  • The writing app is not accessible on android. 



  • This is a monthly subscription payment. 
  • You can buy it for less than $40. 
  • It provides you with an in-depth analysis of what you are writing. 
  • You can write many words you want. 
  • You can write on many documents and devices. 
  • It comes with a Grammar and a readability checker.


  • Unfortunately, it supports only English. 
  • It comes with no mobile app. 

Best Scrivener Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌

 1. ProWritingAid 

Some authors call ProWritingAid the best grammar and style app you can find in the market. 

Let us check it out. 

The principal feature of this app is that you can integrate everything into a single place. All you need to do is purchase it and begin your task. You can also integrate using Google Docs, Open Office, and yours truly, Scrivener.

ProWritingAid: Editing Technology for the Smarter Writer

This helps you to sharpen your writing and offer your readers one of kind of work. It also comes with a grammar checker on it. That only means you can check on the go.

The need to finish your writing, then check it for grammar mistakes, which can be time-consuming if it is not there. 

It comes with a comprehension report that helps you improve your writing. It points out those areas where you can enhance it. But, unlike Scrivener, it does not come with distraction-free writing capabilities.

As of now, it works on a limited range of English writing. The annual package is around $50 and a lifetime payment of $190. However, there are coupons available online that help brings the price down. 

Would we recommend it? Yes, we would definitely do so. You can work using it on straightforward projects. There is no need to complicate things when you are using this app. The writing app is simple, easy to use, compatible with most devices. 

2. Write! App

The Write!App is next on our Scrivener Alternatives list. According to experts, it is the best distraction-free desktop app available that you can sync with the cloud.

Unlike the earlier app, it comes with several environments for distraction-free writing and performing tasks. 

Write! Text Editor - Video Tour of the App

You can now select 2 writing options that help you to concentrate on your content writing. When you want to write a masterpiece, then you should make use of an environment where you avoid distractions and grasp words. 

To make your task exciting, you can also alter the background and color of your text. Using the focus mode, you can block pop-ups, and apps to ensure that you can pen down your lines and sentences easily on your device. 

More importantly, it comes in sync with the cloud. Now, this is a technically advanced writing app that helps with the type of writing you are working on. It backs on the cloud; this ensures you do not lose any of your content no matter what. 

Performing tasks like publishing, saving, and others can now be quickly done. This way, you can share your content with clients, colleagues, as well as friends. They can now access your writing online and your text editors with a few clicks. 

You will be amazed that it has more than 34 languages. The app performs necessary checks. Unfortunately, it comes with no apps that can be accessed on your smartphone. You can easily access it on your Mac, Windows, as well as Linux devices. 

However, you cannot export as you can do on Scrivener. Though you can save your documents on the cloud, you cannot revise them, which are of no use then really. Hence, you must ensure that you revise your document carefully before you save it on the cloud. 

It comes with a price of $28 for a lifetime. This is cheap when compared to other alternatives that we have listed here. Some alternatives are priced at more than $200. Is it worth it? Yes, it is. Write! The app is cheap and easy to work on, not to mention, you can save it on the cloud. 

It also comes with distraction-free features that help you write well. You also have several organizational features that support huge documents, like novels or books. This is not a complex tool, unlike others. 

3. Final Draft

Third, on our Scrivener Alternatives list is the Final Draft. Experts have claimed it to be the best screenwriting app. Those of you aspiring screenwriters might want to pay attention here. Let us find out more about it. 

This is the best alternative for Scrivener. While it is available for blogs and writers, it is suitable for screenplay writers. It comes with the note-taking process and ample research.

This is an open-source corkboard where you can make quick notes and research characters. 

Inclusivity Analysis in Final Draft 11

It makes your writing books and screenplay, fun and exciting. Apart from that, you can invite your friends or writing partners for their inputs. This enables you all to work together efficiently on the script that you are working on. 

This app is much better than Scrivener for writing books and writing on templates. You have more than 300 templates that cover different writing tasks like movie scripts, novels, books, as well as screenplays. 

This helps you to read in between your old as well as a current copy of the screenplay. This is crucial for ensuring that you improve and develop on what you are working on.

Apart from that, you can export documents on a wide range of files like PDF, .fdx, RTF, HTML, and the like. 

At the same time, it does not support formats like word, plain text, and ePub. You can also connect the app with a wide range of devices. It can work on Windows, iOS devices, and Mac. The chat support is quite fast and quick. 

However, the same cannot be said about the email. It does not come with a distraction-free feature. This is one of the expensive writing apps on our list priced at $200. Should you make use of it? 

When you want to use a powerful writing app for screenplay writing, then the answer is yes. At the same time, when you are a blogger, then other options can be better than shelling $200. 

4. Zoho Writer

We have the Zoho Writer fourth on our Scrivener Alternatives list. Zoho Writer is an ideal option if you want an alternative for Scrivener. Not to mention, it comes free of cost. You really cannot expect more than. Let us read about its abilities without wasting any time. 

Scrivener Alternatives

Though it is free, it comes with a barrage of features that might amaze you. The text writing templates provide you excellent writing abilities on both Windows and Linux. They are ideal for writing business letters and resumes. 

You would be amazed to know that many writers are minting money through their teaching abilities of Scrivener. This is not the case with the Zoho Writer. All you need to do is log in and start writing on your new document. 

There is a version option using files. It is a minor part of the vast app that is present on this software. Apart from that, it comes with a tool called a notebook. When you come across ideas and points as and when you write, you can make use of it. 

This helps you to enhance your writing abilities. To be honest, this may not be a perfect writing app for most of you. But, you can export a wide range of files like ODT, Word, PDF, RTF, Text, and ePub. 

Hence, this is the ideal option for freelancers and bloggers to invite and share files with others. The documents can be edited in real-time by anybody who has access to it.

The writing app does not come with its cloud repository—most of the players like Evernote, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, and Dropbox. 

This is a web-based app that you can install on your PC or any device for that matter. You can also find a feature known as Zia. Customer support is found profoundly lacking. Remember, this is a free writing app. 

Is this app useful for your writing? Yes, this app is excellent. We could not really find any deficiencies in the product. When you are in search of a decent writing app, then this is it. 

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5. Google Docs 

Now we have Google Docs in our Scrivener Alternatives list. Experts feel that this is the best free collaboration tool.

It comes with several features for enabling you to make your writing a pleasant affair. Similar to the previous writing app, this is free and comes with several features. 

15 Tips and Tricks in Google Docs for Beginners AND Power Users

It may not be the ideal competitor to Scrivener but it comes with powerful features that make your writing excellent. The writing app is straightforward to use. You just have to open the app and choose the document that you want to work on. 

When you do not want to save them, then there is no need to panic because Google Docs saves the content on the drive. You also have the version history, where your previous versions are visible. 

Users can now easily share their content with each other using the invite button. This is a web-based software, and you can work efficiently on your Windows and Mac without having to stress out. 

However, when you want to use your smartphone, you need to use the right kind of app. You also have a wide range of formats to export, which includes Word (.docx), PDF, plain text, ODT, RTF, and HTML. 

There is also a collaboration of writing templates that come to more than 40. The full-screen mode is not tight and does not cover the whole screen. You miss the focus mode here. There is no ideal customer support. 

When you are working on an app developed by Google, you expect some kind of customer support. It is free, so you cannot expect too much from it. Is this worth using for writers and novelists? 

We will recommend it highly, not because it is a product of Google, but because it comes with a wide range of features that make writing a breeze. 

6. Script Studio

Next on our Scrivener Alternatives list comes the Script Studio. This is one of the best budget screenwriting tools in the market.

The writing app is inclined towards screenwriters thanks to the fact that it comes with a 12 breakdown of the popular movies. 

Scrivener Alternatives

This immensely helps you to know where you actually stand in screenwriting. It is an essential feature that also decreases errors.

The main reason to suggest this writing app to your colleagues and friends would be the fact that you can write based on scene-by-scene.

It is similar to having a sheet for writing a new script. You also get to analyze your story once you are done writing. The emotional content is there. That is possible with the Scratch Pad and Story Task, where you can outline stories and take notes. 

The app also supports several files like RTF, PDF, Plain Text, Final Draft, and HTML. They also provide you customer support. However, you cannot save the document using different versions when you are working on the same file. 

The writing app has a rate of $200 for Windows and MacBook. Can this writing app be recommended? It can because it comes with decent features that are easy to use. At the same time, if you expect some high-performance features. 

7. Storyist

Lastly in our Scrivener Alternatives list is the Storyist. This is a solid novel and screenwriting app. This writing app gives you the kind of versatility and has the qualities of a screenwriting app. However, it comes with our share of issues that we have discussed. 

7 Of The Best Scrivener Alternatives For Authors To Try

The main benefit of using this writing app is the fact that it comes with several export options. This impressed us. You also have the corkboard for using index cards that have different colors for notes and storing your research on the app. 

Several writers have noted this feature and commended it. This helps you to give attention to your content carefully, thereby enhancing it then and there. When you make use of your MacBook or Apple devices, then you can use its actual performance. 

The customer support team is kind and responds almost immediately. Sadly, it does not come with a focus mode. You cannot communicate with another user. The app does not work on android and Windows devices. 

To use on your Apple devices like iPad or iPhone, it is free. For using it on your MacBook, you have to pay $50.  Is this worth your time and money? Well, it entirely depends on your requirement. 

This is a robust tool suitable for Apple users. 

Of course, it may not be ideal for android and Windows users and does not come with quality features. 

Final verdict

We have come to the end of our discussion on the various scrivener alternatives in the market today. We read about a wide range of writing apps that can definitely enhance your writing. Whether you are a writer, author, student, novelist, or journalist, you will benefit immensely from these apps. 

There is no doubt that the scrivener option is a superb writing app for you, but when you want to tackle your writing projects effectively, you will want to make use of a compelling alternative. 

It is not a complete package with few lags here and there. There is no reason you should not do so with so many options for you to choose from. They come with several features not found on Scrivener. 

We highly recommend ProWritingAid and Write! App for your writing requirement. They are suitable for writers and authors of different levels. However, you can give other writing apps a try as they are worth your time too. 

We can assure you that we have provided a wide range of writing apps for different kinds of writing levels.