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See what was trending in 2017 – Globally


See what was trending in 2017 – Globally

Given the political unrest the world has suffered in the past year, it’s heartening to see other issues obsessing the minds of people around the globe: namely, the ingredients
needed to make slime.

This query was the top trending “how to” of 2017 according to Google’s annual Year In
Search round-up, ahead of “How to buy Bitcoin?”.

In the UK, the top “what is” queries included searches for definitions of a hung parliament and exit poll, and “What is the Antikythera mechanism” (an Ancient Greek ‘computer’).

The top trending person in the UK for the second year running was the soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle, ahead of the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

People were also keen to learn more about Hurricane Irma, the Manchester Arena
bombing, Grenfell Tower, North Korea and the London Bridge attack. Hungry people searched most for recipes for chili con carne and spaghetti bolognese –aneed for
comfort food, perhaps.

And, surprisingly, there were more searches for iPhone 8 than iPhone X. Other global trends included the French elections, Wimbledon, Stranger Things and the Cash Me Outside meme.

One big surprise was “Why is my poop green?” edging into the sixth spot in Australia!

Navigate to Google 2017 Trends and you are able to find out top searches of each category.

See what was trending in 2017

To filter our See what was trending in 2017 in a specefic country, just click on the global option and select a particular country that’s it.

See what was trending in 2017


like if you want’s to know See what was trending in 2017 – the USA, it will show you overall top search and other categories search.


See what was trending in 2017



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