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17 Best Selenium Alternatives For Web Application Testing

For those of you who don’t know about Selenium, it is an open-source portable tool used for testing software, especially web applications. Selenium is one of the most suitable and convenient tools for testing web applications.  

The Selenium tool acts as an Application Program Interface or API for the automation of web browsers. The app is well known for its automated testing of web applications on different browsers and other platforms.

Application developers mainly prefer it for its high range of interesting tools and features. Moreover, selenium provides the best service free of cost, making it the most used web application testing tool.  

The Selenium platform is used as regression and functional testing tool. It also supports multiple scripting languages, including JAVA, Python, and Ruby, which makes it the most popular web application testing tool. 

Though Selenium is the most preferred web application tool, it certainly has some drawbacks, due to which most developers avoid using it. If you, too, are searching for alternatives, you are at the right place.  

This article will discuss some of the most essential Selenium Alternativesthat will surely help you with application testing. So, without any further delay, check out the complete article.   

Best Selenium Alternatives ‚Äď Our Top PickūüĎĆūüĎĆ

As discussed above, Selenium is one of the best web application testing tools that supports multiple programming languages including, JAVA, Python, Ruby, etc.

The Selenium tool works as an API for the automation of browsers. It comes with specific interesting tools, making it popular software among developers. 

However, with all the advantages, Selenium has certain drawbacks, which compels the developers to switch to other testing tools. Though the Selenium tool is best suited for testing web applications, it is not built to support testing desktop or mobile applications.

Moreover, you do not get any customer support from Selenium, as it is an open-source application. 

Thankfully, many other platforms offer services similar to Selenium, and you must explore them once to find the best. Below is a list of some of the best Selenium alternatives that will help you test your application without much difficulty. 

1. Katalon Studio 

Katalon Studio is considered one of the most effective Selenium alternatives. It is one of the best application testing platforms. It was designed to provide automated app testing solutions for web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, and another standalone app testing.  

The Katalon Studio was designed based on Selenium and Appium frameworks and aimed to revolutionize open-source testing platforms by removing all the technical complexities.

Best Selenium Alternatives
Seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem and transform automated testing into continuous testing

The Katalon Studio allows the developers to enhance their testing process. It also allows them to set up, create, run, and manage all the automated tests effectively without any difficulty.  

The Katalon Studio comes with excellent reporting features that help the developers send personalized alerts through emails in HTML and PDF formats, which is impressive.

The best feature of the Katalon Studio is that it has a built-in Analytics system that analyzes the application and displays all the reports on the dashboard with effective graphs and metrics.  

Advantages of Katalon Studio:-

  • The¬†Katalon¬†Studio comes with an easy-to-use interface and allows a quick set-up of test runs.¬†
  • The¬†Katalon¬†Studio is one of the most useful testing tools and requires minimal coding skills to operate.¬†
  • The¬†Katalon¬†Studio comes with a flexible model, which is helpful for both skilled and unskilled testers.¬†¬†
  • The¬†Katalon¬†Studio is cross-platform and is supported on every operating system.¬†¬†
Katalon Studio ‚Äď A Quick Introduction

2. Screenster 

If you are looking for an ideal and efficient web application testing tool, Screenster might be the best you can opt for. Screenster is one of the most advanced visual regression testing tools used for automated testing of websites and web applications.  

Best Selenium Alternatives 1

The Screenster offers a cloud-based platform to perform automatic testing of websites and web applications for the developers. The best part about the platform is that it is ten times more productive than any other Selenium alternatives.

Moreover, the Screenster shows the actual window or the screen that the users see while operating the website or the web application.

To check the performance of each screen, the platform breaks all the DOM and matches it with each UI component. Screenster provides the best features to check how each page of the application or website performs, which is impressive. 

Advantages of Screenster:-

  • Screenster¬†is the best platform for non-testers as the platform offers better productivity, and it helps non-testers create better tests.¬†
  • The¬†Screenster¬†comes with exciting features, including automatic Content verification and Visual baselines, which check each character of the UI.¬†
  • The Screenster also has automatic timeout management and an automatic correcting smart selector, which is unavailable in other testing tools.¬†
  • You can use¬†Screenster‚Äôs¬†trial package for one month and opt for a subscription if you are happy with the results.¬†
Editing UI Tests with Screenster

3. Cypress 

Cypress is the most recently launched advanced application testing platform. The Cypress is considered one of the ideal Selenium alternatives. With its launch, Cypress has taken automated testing to a level up. The Cypress is an open-source testing platform like Selenium. 

Cypress is the most advanced platform packed with all the fantastic features best suited for the present developers and devices out there. The Cypress tests are created using the Mocha and Chai, so it is an ideal platform for JAVA scripters to work on as the format and syntax are well known to them.  

Best Selenium Alternatives 2
A complete end-to-end testing experience

The Cypress is the only platform that runs the test in real-time as you create the test, which is impressive. It also optimizes the non-concurrent nature of the JAVA script, making it easier for the non-testers to understand and work efficiently on Cypress.  

As we know, Cypress runs the test simultaneously as you create the test. It can prove to be an efficient and effective tool for integrations test on different applications, which is helpful for the developers. 

4. Subject7 

Adding to the list is another excellent¬†Selenium alternative ‚Äď Subject 7. Subject 7 is one of the most helpful automation testing tools that provide end-to-end automated testing of applications with the help of a series of commands.¬†¬†

You can access all the commands to be used on the platform through its easy-to-use web interface. The Subject 7 tool is considered one of the most easy-to-use platforms, even for non-coders.

The platform copies the user actions through commands and hides all the complexities available on other platforms such as Selenium, Appium, and ZAP.  

Below are some of the most valuable features of the Subject 7 testing tool:-

  • Subject 7 provides a user-friendly interface, and it is best suited for non-coders.¬†
  • The platform integrates with multiple DevOps pipelines, including JIRA, Jenkins, and REST, making it easier for the developers to deploy their codes into a productive environment.¬†
  • The platform facilitates Zero setup and scales executions borrowing AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds.¬†
  • The platform also offers email notifications, video recordings, and more.¬†
  • Subject 7 includes databases and provides web services as well.¬†

5. Test Craft 

Test Craft is another advanced and incredible platform that provides continuous cloud-based automation testing solutions for the developers of web applications.

The Test Craft is considered one of the best Selenium alternatives as it provides a codeless test automation framework for application testing.  

The Test Craft tool provides an ideal framework for continuous testing and monitoring of web application functionality. Moreover, you can get all the features of Selenium on the Test Craft platform without implementing any codings, which is impressive.

To work on Test Craft, all you need is to create a test, and the platform generates the codes automatically after analyzing the test you created.  

17 Best Selenium Alternatives For Web Application Testing

The Test Craft has one of the most advanced AI and visual models that enables quick testing and enhances performance, thereby wiping out the overhead test support. It saves time and decreases the maintenance cost, which is very helpful for developers.  

With Test Craft, you can detect bugs quickly and enhance the general properties of your digital product. Moreover, you can make significant changes in your application with a couple of clicks using the Test Craft platform. Isn’t it the most fantastic testing tool?   

Features of Test Craft:-

  • You can work efficiently on the Test Craft platform because of its advanced features, including multiple supporting platforms, low maintenance cost, and a friendly DevOps nature.¬†
  • If you make any changes to the web applications under testing, the Test Craft protects all applications from breakage.¬†
  • The best feature of Test Craft is that it can repair and re-bind a broken test during its runtime.¬†
  • Using the Test Craft platform, you can run tests on multiple platforms and environments simultaneously.¬†
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6. QA Wolf 

QA Wolf is one of the most advanced and free Selenium alternatives best suited for team collaborations. The QA wolf is one such testing platform that is easy to use and offers faster test results than other testing platforms.  

Best Selenium Alternatives 4
Write, run, repeat

The QA wolf is a new tool in the market that is making a lot of buzz since its launch in January 2021. The platform has approximately 3,000 GitHub stars to date and is one of the best testing tools out there.  

Critical features of QA wolf that distinguish it from the other automated test platforms:-

  • To work with QA Wolf, you do not require any app installation or setup. The platform tests the application and stores the result directly on the cloud, making it easier to access.¬†¬†
  • As all the work on QA wolf is done over the web, you need not worry about driver updates and package installations.¬†
  • The QA wolf offers a straightforward and fast user interface. It also offers a clean dashboard with all the necessary features required to run and maintain the test.¬†
  • The best feature of QA wolf is that it comes with a browser-in-browser feature that allows you to stay in one place without switching between windows to create a new test.¬†
  • The QA wolf platform runs tests and produces the result simultaneously within minutes.¬†¬†
  • The QA wolf runs each test in a separate container, making the test faster.¬†

7. EndTest 

EndTest is another excellent testing platform that deserves to be on the list of best Selenium alternatives. The EndTest platform offers a fast and robust test environment to increase productivity and generate faster test results.  

17 Best Selenium Alternatives For Web Application Testing
How Endtest works

The EndTest platform offers a colossal range of operating systems, platforms, devices, and browsers making accessibility easier for all the users. All the tests of web applications on the platform are done without using codes, making it easier to use. 

Some of the Key Features of EndTest are as follows:-

  • The EndTest facilitates cloud-based test runs and stores the result in cloud space, making it easier for the developers to access from anywhere and at any time.¬†
  • The¬†EndTest¬†platform is one of the best testing tools and offers features like unlimited recordings, generating random test results, uploading files, and capturing and comparing screenshots.¬†¬†
  • You can export all the automated tests in various formats, including .exe format and python file format. You can also run the tests on your infrastructure, which is impressive.¬†
  • With the help of the activity section on the¬†EndTest¬†platform, one can quickly check all the changes made to their test suits.¬†
  • The¬†EndTest¬†platform offers a one-month trial period, after which the users can subscribe to its plans starting from $80 per month to $650-700 per year for ten users, which is reasonable compared to other platforms.¬†

8. Casper JS 

Casper JS is another excellent web application testing platform that offers faster tests with quick results. It is an open-source platform that is lightweight and easy to set up.

The tool is one of the best Selenium alternatives when it comes to website testing. It offers features like testing the page status, scraping information off the webpage, etc. The platform automatically checks and reports the network traffic on the page. 

The Casper JS platform takes consecutively less time to execute and run a test than Selenium. It also provides results faster than the Selenium testing tool. Moreover, writing the test scripts and running a test on the Casper JS is much simpler than in Selenium. 

9. BrowserSync 

BrowserSync is another fantastic open-source testing tool that is used for multi-browser testing and web development. The Browser Sync is not just limited to single operating systems, but it works with various devices, including mobile phones and desktops.  

With BrowserSync, one can test web applications faster and make the necessary changes and tuning within minutes. The BrowserSync platform easily integrates with building tools and tasks like the Gulp and Grunt.  

Other features of BrowserSync are:-

  • The Browser Sync provides impressive features, including installing and running anywhere, synchronized navigation, file sync, and sync customization.¬†¬†
  • The best part about¬†BrowserSync¬†is that it can quickly run tests even with slow internet connectivity.¬†
  • The changes made on the¬†BrowserSync¬†platform get implemented automatically without refreshing the .css¬†file, which is impressive.¬†

10. Robot Framework 

Robot Framework is another suitable testing tool that offers free services to users. Robot Framework is known for its free and open-source acceptance testing.

The platform was designed explicitly for the acceptance of test-driven development. The Robot Framework is a standard testing tool that uses keyword-driven testing and a behavior-driven testing approach. 

Best Selenium Alternatives 6

The Robot Framework platform provides a robust structure to various test automation demands. One can also increase the testing techniques and efficiency on the Robot Framework platform by leveraging special test libraries.  

Feature of Robot Framework:-

  • Robot Framework is an automated testing platform that uses external libraries, whereas Selenium is itself a library.¬†
  • In the initial stage of incorporation, Robot Framework was written using Python language, but in the latest version of the platform, JAVA scripts are also used.¬†
  • Features of the Robot Framework include High-level architecture, Generic Test Library, clear reports, a separate test data editor, etc.¬†
  • The Robot Framework is an easy-to-use tool as the test scripts are in the English language rather than in codes.¬†

11. Watir 

Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby; it is an open-source automated testing tool launched under the BSD license. The platform is an open-source and free Ruby Library used for web browser automation.  

If you are a Ruby designer, working on Watir won’t be a challenging task for you. The test scripts on the Watir platform are written in Ruby, which is easy to adopt. Moreover, the Ruby language is easy to understand, so all the test scripts on Watir are easy to understand and upgrade.  

The Watir platform works with a wide range of browsers, including Safari, IE, and Chrome. The platform comes with a full feature of modern scripting language, making it easier to maintain and upgrade tests.  

12. Protractor 

Formally known as the End-To-End testing framework, Protractor is an automation testing framework designed specifically for the automation of Angular JS web applications.

The Protractor is designed based on the JAVAScript Selenium Webdriver, which adds all the features of the Selenium tool to the platform.  

Below are some crucial features of the Protractor tools:-

  • The Protractor platform supports some crucial frameworks to write the tests, including Cucumber, Jasmin, and Mocha.¬†
  • The Protractor tests all the web applications efficiently by interacting with them like a user.¬†
  • The Protractor comes with an innovative feature known as Automatic waiting, where the test executes automatically without waiting for the webpage and the test to sync.¬†
  • You must know the use of JavaScript if you want to use the Protractor platform.¬†

13. Ghost Inspector 

Another excellent Automated testing platform cum monitoring tool on the list is the Ghost Inspector. It is best suited for testing websites and each feature of the website. 

It also provides visual testing tools, User Interface testing, end-to-end testing, and browser testing.  

With Ghost Inspector, one can easily schedule tests using cloud services, making it easier to access and regulate the test from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the platform allows users to export their tests to other platforms and import them back whenever required. 

Some other characteristics of the Ghost Inspector include:-

  • The Ghost Inspector platform allows users to compare screenshots and emails.¬†
  • The platform also facilitates no coding test creation, making it easier for the non-coders.¬†
  • The Ghost Inspector has a user-friendly interface and allows parallel test runs.¬†
  • You can also test the responsiveness of the website and web application using the ‚ÄúViewports‚ÄĚ feature of the Ghost Inspector platform.¬†
  • If you are working in a team, you can easily share the results with the help of Ghost Inspector.¬†
  • You can opt for the 30 days free trial of the platform, and if satisfied, you can take a membership that starts from $70 per month.¬†¬†

14. Lemon CS Editor 

Lemon CS Editor is an exciting automation testing tool that allows you to create and run regression and functional tests on web applications and websites with minimum exertion.

The interactive and straightforward interface and code feature of Lemon CS editor allows the users to create, run, alter, and manage various test cases with minimal coding, which is impressive. 

The Lemon CS Editor works effectively and eliminates most deformities of the Selenium tool. The web UI recognition feature of the Lemon CS Editor allows exact component location identification and election. Moreover, the Lemon CS Editor can auto-create codes during the recording.  

As a developer, you need to put a little effort into the Lemon CS Editor to work continuously with the testing. All the test codes and syntax of Lemon CS are easy to catch up with and help enhance the testing process. 

15. Ranorex Studio 

Ranorex Studio is the ultimate and all-in-one automation tool for web application and website testing. Since its incorporation, the Ranorex Studio has gained popularity among users with its advanced features. Every day almost 15000-20000 users accelerate their test using the Ranorex Platform. 

The Ranorex Studio is best suited for beginners and non-coders, as it offers easy click-and-go codeless tools.

Ranorex Studio Automated Testing Tools for Desktop, Web and Mobile

The platform also provides full IDE and open Application Program Interface or API for the expert developers. The Ranorex Studio is best suited for testing functional UI on all devices, including mobile phones and desktops. 

Other features on Ranorex Studio include:-

  • The¬†Ranorex¬†Studio offers Cross-browser testing, which is impressive.¬†
  • The platform offers SAP, ERP, and Legacy applications.¬†
  • The platform works perfectly with IOS and Android.¬†
  • You can efficiently run tests remotely and locally on physical as well as virtual machines.¬†
  • The platform also offers video playback of the test execution.¬†
  • The platform comes with built-in reporting, which is very helpful.¬†

16. Eggplant 

Eggplant is another incredible testing platform that is preferred for its excellent testing features and automation framework. The Eggplant platform offers to verify code and validates the user experience with its fantastic testing features.  

The Eggplant platform uses a combination of text and picture recognition to reduce the impact of breakage on the test runs. The platform can run tests on various devices and platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop.  

The platform also offers comprehensive analytics reporting and tests across various platforms, including websites, web applications, and mobile applications. For more information, you can visit the Eggplant website. 

Reimagine Software Test Automation with Eggplant

17. Rapise 

Rapise is considered the most powerful automation testing platform used for testing web, mobile, and desktop applications. The platform also offers testing of APIs, which is impressive.  

With Rapise, you can easily record and playback the tests in any browser. You can also edit the recorded test with the help of Rapise’s easy-to-use visual tool. The platform also provides built-in support for data-driven testing, which proves very helpful. In short, developers can use Rapise as an alternative to Selenium. 

Wrapping Up 

Above, we discussed some of the best and most efficient Selenium alternatives. If you were looking for the best alternatives to Selenium, we hope your search has ended with this article. 

Selenium is an automation testing tool that offers API support for the testing of web applications and websites. The website offers the best suitable environment for web app testing. However, the platform does not support the testing of mobile and other applications, which is a significant drawback.  

Thankfully, you can explore and choose alternatives to the platform from this article. Most of the alternatives mentioned above provide free services to the users. In contrast, others charge subscription fees to provide service.

Most of the tools mentioned on the list were created long ago and are still impacting the users. In comparison, others are newly created but are winning the hearts of the users. We have also mentioned some tools that can help beginners and non-coders with their web testing needs in the list above. 

Before you choose any of the testing tools, you must check for your requirements. Most of the time, developers choose a testing tool for their project but are uncomfortable working on it, making it difficult for them to accomplish the work.