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7 Ways to Send Large Files from Your Android Device


Today, the internet is becoming large day by day because every work is now done by using the help of internet applications whether you are doing a professional job or you want to use your internet for your personal use. As a person, you know how much internet plays an important role in your life but when it server goes down you know how much your work is affected, simply a lot, right? So, in this tutorial, we are going to explain 7 Ways to Send Large Files from Your Android Device without any stress and share any kind of file if your other application not supportive or whatever the problem is.

We all have Android phones and we are using this for everything such as for work, sharing our profiles, and transferring small files but when it comes to transferring large files we must refer to go laptop, but what about those persons who have no laptops and computers so how they can share their files? Check out some given applications, and I hope that would be helpful for you to share your files.

Send Large Files from Your Android Device

1. Send Anywhere (an android app on Google play)

It is a great application which you can easily find out on the Google Play Store. First, you have to download this application. It is very simple and easy to use. You can send up to 50 GB file and 256-but encrypted file easily.

It has great features which will quickly and easily transfer your file without compromising its original output. Have some look on its features.

  • Transfer any file size easy and fast
  • Wi-Fi Direct transfer without using mobile data
  • Share files to multiple Recipients
  • You can use it for move photos, movies, and music
  • Files can send anywhere

You can use this application when your mobile data not supporting and you are unable to connect to the internet. It is an error-free program which will help you easily.

2. WeTransfer (app on Google play)

It is another great option to transfer your data in a simple, fast and reliable way. It is an excellent software which has been liked by millions of users and it is rated about 4.3 by the users. It is an application which helps you to transfer photos, videos, and website links easily to the other Android version application.

It is the simplest way to send big files around the world. Have some look on its features.

  • Easy, fast and reliable use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Free from errors and user-friendly
  • Allows 2GB to 20GB files transfer according to the premium plan
  • Send files directly

3.NFC Basics (Android Developer)

It is near field communication which is a set of short-range wireless Technologies to send the files to distance up to 4 cm or less. It allows you to share small files between the two Android power devices. It supports three following modes of operations.

  • Reader-writer mode
  • P2P mode to exchange data with other NFC peer
  • Card Emulation mode

4. Share it (app on Google play)

It is the most common and easy application to transfer files, photos, and movies within seconds. It is the fastest medium to send the files and music without making its quality cloudy.  It is an HD and selective application which help you to transfer files easily. It has the number of features to stay in touch with this application.

  • Transfer files easily with the highest speed up to 20s
  • It supports photos, videos, music and installed apps to share
  • It is best and faster than Bluetooth
  • It works without having mobile data or any other internet connection


5. SuperBeam (Wi-Fi direct share app)

It is an easiest and faster way to share large files between the Wi-Fi connections. In this the devices you can be paired using QR code. It has the number of features as well so let have some look on it.

  • Fast transfer using Wi-Fi direct
  • Sharing device who don’t have SuperBeam
  • It keeps history for all transfers
  • It can support multiple file types
  • It has modern color themes

This application is most usable by the customers and all are completely satisfied and rated I by 4.5 stars. It is simple to use and easy to understand. The best is it is the fast and full-featured program.


6. Xender (FT and share app)

File Transfer and share link app can easily share any type of files at any time and any place. It is absolutely user-friendly and easily connected with your mobile data uses. It is also faster than your Bluetooth and the best part of this is you no need USB connection or PC software installation.

It is easy to transfer a file with the flash speed in also supports the cross-platform transforming on your Android it is a user-friendly Design Program which is easy to install and sending the files. Have look on its features.

  • Enable to view, delete and make backup files
  • Share any type of file with fast speed
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Free of network connections and errors
  • Send large files conveniently
  • Supports cross-platform transforming such as phone, tablet and PC

7. Google Drive

It is a desktop version of Gmail which has a feature to send large files easily by your Google account. It can easily upload the file and send to your recipient easily without any disturbance you just need to do one simple step that is good here drive account and click on share>Google drive> select the file and send. You can also and the people to whom you want to share your file.

Final Verdict

All The above wonderful applications will help you truly to make your Android best for your use. You can easily share and send files anywhere. I hope this article would help you in finding your best application so you can do your work easier by using one of the best file transfer application from the Google Play store.

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