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21 Of The Best SendinBlue Alternatives To Try Out

If you want to add lucrative to your business then finding a target marketing tool can be hard but with this list, you find the one for your business and reduce some burden. That’s why we have jotted down some great email marketing SendinBlue alternatives.

How much SendinBlue can contribute?

SendinBlue is a modest marketing gadget with no fancy buzz or fussy bells and whistles. Nevertheless, it has fame when we are talking about email marketing.

Why the fame though? It is because Sendinblue is for enterprises who want to liaison their business with their customers with the help of an economic relationship tool. Developers were focused on providing luxury as they believe in low prices. High value.

SendinBluets exclusive API, dynamic adopting umpteenth contacts, one-step editor, a wide array of templates alone make it one of the best marketing tools.

However, people are wandering around to find alternatives for some reason or other so this is the right place to find Sendinblue alternatives.

Is SendinBlue safe?

When sharing official documents security is the one thing that never leaves a marketer’s mind. It is very necessary to know before handling your data to the company but you don’t have to worry as SendinBlue is a  safe and secure platform.

It has high efficacy of building customers relationship with tons of toll in a single place by passing emails and, messages and making campaigns according to the result. You do not have to fret about your business data being leaked as they have significant rules and regulations to follow.

They do not share official data with 3 parties without the consent of the marketer so SendinBlue is a totally safe marketing tool in the market. It is a different talk that it is costly due to which not all types of businesses are able to access it and are looking for its alternative. 

The jotted-down SendinBlue alternatives are there for you to replace, some are available at 0 costs with a great set of features, some cost the same as SendinBlue but all-in-all they are at your service.

Best SendinBlue Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Let’s get to know them in detail.

1. Hubspot Marketing hub

Hubspot is a marketing tools center that can be the best savior of your small business. With its easy fluid-like tendency of work, it can assure an easy way to workaround and luring customers in.  

Best SendinBlue Alternatives

Undoubtedly, Hubspot is a hit from day one as its ever-growing monthly users indicate. Investing in something that is incredible and perfect in its function but arduous to handle will only lead to dissipated customers, bad marketing strategies, and let’s be honest seeing business going down the drain even after hard work, investment, manpower is devastating.

The developer focused on creating content that will be impossible to miss. Multiple social media management, ads management, and tracking along with the support of live chats is what attracts Hubspot users and small businesses.

2. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a productivity tool that works seamlessly to Engage customers. It is considered better than SendinBlue due to its focus on customer engagement.

Best GetResponse Alternatives

This platform has a variety of tools and features that help you create effective campaigns. It is also built with AI-driven messages that can be personalized.

If you want to interact and grow a common base with your customers then there is no other option other than live chats and SMS messages. More than 150,000 people can give you proof of what all the buzz about Active Campaign is.

3. Aweber

Well, I’m sure that checking Aweber out will make you believe in the quote simple is classy. It is a minimalist, feature-packed automation cum marketing tool that guarantees startup businesses a hit. 

It has pretty low rates making it affordable for recently opened businesses and has a charming set of tools that look after the email marketing aspect and landing pages aspect of your businesses. 

How to Get Started with AWeber (Outdated Version - See Description For New Link)

However, keep in mind that it is not completely a marketing suite so you will require another marketing platform that has tools Aweber didn’t have. You can have Aweber as a secondary option along with any other marketing option.

The reason is what makes Aweber standard SendinBlue alternatives. Don’t run away as they may not be a complete suite but still has a plethora of features such as A/B testing, segmentation, and easy migration. 

For the billing option, you can either go for the free version or for the pro plan. The rates are comparatively lower than many email marketing tools so you won’t have a problem investing in SendinBlue alternative aka half marketing suite.

4. GetResponse

We talking about SendinBlue alternatives and do not include GetResponse. We can not commit such a hideous crime so let’s clear what all fizzle is about.

GetResponse from its starting days is one of the most sought-after marketing tools that boost business from small endeavors to large enterprises.

GetResponse - a perfect marketing solution for growing your business online.

It has a plethora of advanced tools that will help you reach more customers, and increases sales, and has a ton of content automating tools to hose down the business needs. Opening a business with the mindset to cater to a big crowd is what everyone aims for so if the business is not driving in traffic then it is a waste of hard work.

Therefore, GetResponse is one such solution that will not only make marketing better but the tools will be easy to drive traffic, and boost sales.GetResponse is one of the top-notch SendinBlue alternatives.

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5. MailerLite

MailerLite is said to be one of the easy-to-use simple marketing tools that ensures more customers and business success. 

Best SendinBlue Alternatives 1

It has some exclusive automation and marketing tools and features. The Prime one being is targeting a particular crowd and then sending an email campaign to segmented subscribers (audiences who have common needs and priorities).

A/B testings, segmentation, surveys, highly targeted and personalized emails are possible with email automation and are the most liked features by its customers so you can try them for yourself. Undoubtedly it is one of the cheapest and when I say cheapest what I really mean is a mere $10. 

The amount of money required to have this automation tool is as little as you can get with just $15, $30, and $50.

6. Mailchimp

If marketing CRM, landing pages with ease, comparative reporting, and many more features, all at one single place is what you are after then opt for Mailchimp. It is an OG automation and marketing tool that has secured its place among GetResponse alternatives.

You can get Mailchimp for free or as a paid service. And I think we all like free things so depending on users’ business they can either subscribe to the free version or can go for paying $312 a month.

The premium version is adequate for large enterprises as it uncovers advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, comparative reporting, and phone support whereas in the free version you will get an email builder, marketing CRM, forms, and landing pages, and the list is unending.

MAILCHIMP TUTORIAL 2023 (For Beginners) - Step by Step Email Marketing Guide

7. Mailup 

It is one damn of a guide, Mailup. The services may be too pricey but hey you will get a complete email marketing and automation suite. 

It is feature-packed, easy to use, supports analysis, and has a lot of customizing features. It has all the fancy buzz of marketing and automation tools and is quite famous in regards to the best SendinBlue alternatives.

The marketing tool thrives to make your business reach new levels with its automation suite that requires only a few steps to schedule automatic campaigns on special sites.

If you are looking for a marketing tool with an intuitive interface worth your money Mailup is the way to go.

8. Bronto Marketing Platform

Bronto Marketing Platform by oracle NetSuite has all the knick-knacks similar to GetResponse except the high rate of GetResponse. It is a replacement for the crowd who thinks GetResponse and SendinBlue are a bit overrated.

Grow Your Business with NetSuite

It is one of the best in the marketing field mainly because of its efficacy, and workflow automation. It amps up business to its brim by being fast and accurate thus promising new customers. 

The tool helps in creating targeted messages for the segmented subscribers as well as local subscribers. It is the best way to have full control of marketing tools.

9. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the online marketing enterprises that focused on the crowd who sought out an automation suite cum e-commerce platform. It has a ton of features that make it an all-in-one tool.

Creating marketing websites is quite easy and transferring business online can be done in no time. The suite has a two-way billing option: no money or a mere $20 and $40 for the subscription.

Well if you are looking for a small business then the free version is more than enough but you can select according to your requirements.

It is easy to use as you only have to sign in to get started.

10. Zoho Campaigns

Unquestionably, one of the best SendinBlue alternatives, Zoho is an exquisite mixture of creativity and planning. If it ain’t believing then check out the website yourself.

Expanding customers and business becomes easy with Zoho as it has some exclusive features such as responsive designs, automating workflow, and providing analyzing data to make the best decisions regarding the business.

Drafting email is one of the aspects of business that many find boring so making work fun can be done with Zoho delivering customized messages and sending emails. The CRM platform can get to work by just signing in through your emails.

11. Netcore Email API

The AI-driven email marketing toolkit is at your service, Netcore Email API. It proclaims to be the fastest email marketing tool thus saving a whole lot of time that you can invest in doing some other important business.

Best SendinBlue Alternatives 2

It is a complete set with a user-friendly interface ensuring a boost in your customers. You can do many different things using Ntecore including email marketing, watching eyes on its deliverability, and anything related to emails.

Real-time segmentation and actionable insights are some dominant features of this suite. Apart from emails, it also supports web messages, calls, texts, along with integration with many social media. 

12. Campaign Monitor

Drag and Drop email builder, Campaign Monitor is one of the SendinBlue alternatives. As the name suggests, Campaign Monitor has an email-building tool that can create and evaluate emails as per costumes need.

The easy-to-use campaign monitor’ email marketing and automation tool make connecting with the crowd easier thus has all the bells and whistles of customer support winning tool. They have 3 paying options for you: basic, unlimited, and premier.

The price varies on the number of contacts you have so the prices can be as low as $9 a month for the basic plan as well as a whopping $299 for the same plan.

13. Moosend

You have a marketing tool but it is not sufficient then go for the sidekick, Moosend. The cute cow logo will surely catch your attention and if that cuteness is not enough for you then its productivity tool may catch your eyes.

It is a destination for beginners to OGs in business. Balancing audience is a major part of amping up business and it can be easily handled by the Moosend platform along with sending personalized emails, landing pages, and subscription forms, etc.

This CRM tool can be a great addition to your SendinBlue alternatives as it also has a segmentation feature, allows newsletter editing even at a lower price than many marketing tools.

In regard to paying option, it is quite similar to the Campaign monitor, rate increases and decreases as per your contact entity, so choose accordingly.

14. Everest

Everest by validity is a complete email integrated suite that guides your business to reach new heights and a larger number of customers. 

It has suggestions to amend mistakes made in the business according to its analysis of the business and sending out customized emails to the audience. It is one of the best email marketing suites. And if you couldn’t believe my words just check how many marketers trust the company.

21 Of The Best SendinBlue Alternatives To Try Out

It improves your email structure so that you can generate more revenue. It gives you deep knowledge about your customers along with your competitors so that you can easily create personalized, timely, and up-to-date emails.

The best thing about Everest is its prioritizing feature that means you can prioritize certain areas that are benefitting to you. It makes you sail high in all 3 domains of email marketing, pre-send, in-flight, and post send.

15. Send Pulse

SendPulse is for the crowd who wants two in one tool, a smart way to save money. It is an email marketing tool as well as a messages managing platform. This multi-channel marketing automation tool enables its users to send emails, SMS and has a chatbot for handling their social media.

Best SendinBlue Alternatives 4

It is an inexpensive marketing tool where you can see low rates along with free subscriptions. If you are going for SendPulse then keep in mind that a yearly subscription will cost you less than pay as you go.

For small businesses Free version is more than capable of amping up your business with customers as it has all the core features and you can get up to 500 subscriptions and 1500 emails.

If you are looking for higher services then you can go through their Standard, Pro, and Enterprise versions also.

16. Twilio Sendgrid Email API

Sending email confidently is what Twilio Sendgrid is aiming for. Well, you can not only email to grow your business but you can also text, call or create real-time videos with Twilio suites. It is one of the fastest sending email platforms in the market.

It is speedy, flexible, and has an initiative console that will make your marketing experience fun and keeps you motivated. It aces all three aspects of email marketing, composition, transferring, and delivery.

Its MTA is proven to given powerful performance in the field of creation, evaluation of emails, and getting on with the competition. Fair warning that you have to separately purchase API plans and Marketing plans.

Buying two of the features separately may cost you a fortune but in my opinion, money is worth the service you will get in one of the SendinBlue alternatives, Twilio.

17. Litmus

Litmus from its release has changed quite a lot to be better. It is one of the known email marketing and automation tool kit. It pushes you for better emails, creates faster and swiftly, and can be your guide in starting conversations.

Working on preferable channels to designs campaigns to connect with more audiences and getting better responses. After hitting send buttons you can watch over the sent email so you can see the progress and create better campaigns than before.

You can select your billing option accordingly and take into account that you can save more in Litmus’s annual plan in comparison to its monthly. Litmus Basic, Litmus Pluss, and Litmus Enterprise are there for you that will unveil some exclusive features.

18. Elastic Email

A famous and trusted marketing tool between marketers, Elastic email is a house for more than 10,000 marketers.

A costly API-based email platform can be ready to use in less than 10 secs and you are ready to manage create and send targeted emails. The low rates are what seems attractive as just $15 enables marketers to have their email organizer with them.

It has all the bells and whistles to make customers connected with the business. Based on one of the fastest global infrastructures, instant message sending is guaranteed so you can focus on creating campaigns.

It is again one of the instances where you have to purchase email marketing and email API thus making Elastic email a costly alternative to SendinBlue.

Getting Started With Elastic Email

19. Robly 

Finding a perfect email marketing-backed automation suite for small businesses can be a difficult situation but Robly is the ideal deal for beginners and recently opened start-ups. And it is pretty easy to join their newsletter as you can just punch in your email address and boom you are ready to go.

The prices vary upon the number of contacts such as 500 contacts will cost you a minimal $19 a month and the prices increase with contacts like $35 for more than 500 contacts and less than or equal to 2500, $58 for more than 2500, and less than or equal to 5K. It depends on your need as to how many contacts you want.

Robly exit-intent-pop-up guarantees you 5x better results than your old one so you can rest assured that prices are low as well as it replaces SendinBlue so you can go for Robly.

20. Intercom

This white theme marketing tool, Intercom is on the list of SendinBlue alternatives purely because of individualized help and price. 

It lures customers in with its high-quality customized emails and active support to many social media. Email campaigns, product advertisements, and targeted messages are business aspects where a lot of attention is needed, and frankly speaking, working with tools that have no scope for more customers only means a waste of money.

The process to success starts with selecting the ideal tool that saves time money, human power and in turn, provides results. With powerful API, free templates, advanced analytics, success is guaranteed.

It has free, lite, premium, and enterprise billing options. The free version has unlimited contacts and 300 emails a day so for small businesses free version is recommended. The lite version starts at $25 a month with 10k contacts and no limit on sending emails and you can also pay more if you want more contacts in the lite version.

For marketers, the enterprise version is the right one as they open up everything that you will get in the premium version along with 20 plus landing pages, priority support, SSO (SAML), a group of 20 users can access this toll at the same instant and many more.