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How to share your Facebook screen With Your Friends


The Facebook team is about the most progressive in today’s technological age. With features being rolled out on a constant base, they are set to remain a force to reckon with and leaders in the social media industry.

A welcome feature is the live screen sharing feature of Facebook. This feature that was only possible by 3rd party software is now built into Facebook live and Facebook messenger. But should be noted that this feature presently works just with Google Chrome. Here are a few ways to share Facebook screen With Your Friends.

Ways to share your Facebook screen With Your Friends

Screen sharing in messenger

This is pretty straightforward. The major rule is to make sure you are using Facebook in Google Chrome. Once this is the case, it is not rocket science but just a button click.

First, click on a contact you want to start a conversation with.
Click on the camera icon on top of the chat pop up for that contact

share Facebook screen
Once the contact accepts your call, click on the share screen icon as indicated in the image below. Once you do this, your screen is shared and your contact has access to it.

How to share your Facebook screen With Your Friends

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Screen sharing on Facebook Lite

Unlike it is with Messenger, this is a bit more complex but still, it is not rocket science. To achieve the screen sharing with Facebook lite, follow these steps:

1. Click the Live Video button on the Facebook post. This pops up a new screen.
2. On the new screen locate the “share screen” button and click on it. This button is located below the camera selection menu.

A prompt to install a Chrome screen sharing extension will be displayed. This extension is lightweight and will install fast enough. Click the “Add extension” button below the displayed pop up to install this extension.
3. Once the install is complete, click on share screen. This gives options for what you want to share. You can choose between “entire screen”, “single application window” and “Chrome tab”. Pick whatever option suits you and click share.

Note that to change the option of what you share, you will need to stop the process, start it again and pick the option that pleases you.

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Using streaming software to share Facebook screen

This is basically a solution that allows more flexibility. You could customize more easily what you choose to share and how you choose to share using a streaming software. This requires that you connect your sharing software to Facebook. There are a lot of options for software for this. To do this follow these steps:

1. Open Live Video and on top, tap the “Connect” tab. You will find you streaming keys displayed.
2. Open your streaming software and find where you can enter stream keys.

How to share your Facebook screen With Your Friends

Enter the keys and start your streaming.

Note that different streaming software is configured slightly differently. A few streaming software to look up are OBS, XSplit, Bebo. These three processes work well and it is up to you to decide what process suits your needs the most.

Share Facebook screen feature is a really awesome feature for Non-techy people who don’t know about other screen sharing software like Teamviewer and wants to fix their computer problem with their techy friend.


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