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How to Share files without using email or cloud uploads


How to Share files without using email or cloud uploads

O&O FileDirect is a free, lightweight program that lets you share large files with others. It’s quick, secure and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface. Although you have to download and install the software to use it, there’s no need for the recipient to do this because file transfers are controlled from your PC and can be received in most popular browsers.

Share files without using email or cloud uploads

1 Download O&O FileDirect and follow the instructions on the screen to install the program. Run the software, then drag and drop the files (or folders) you want to share to the cut-out area. A sharing link appears.

  1. Click Copy to copy the sharing link to your clipboard or use the buttons to share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

When you share this link with recipients, they can download the files directly to their PC. Your computer needs to be switched on for them to do this.

  1. Recipients don’t need to install O&O FileDirect, but they must open the link in Firefox or Chrome or another Chrome-based browser such as Opera. To share more files, simply drag them to the app to create a new, unique link.

  1. Clicking the ‘More settings’ button lets you set a maximum amount of time or number of downloads that your files are available for. To add an extra layer of security, simply enter a password in the appropriate box and click Save

5.You can review all your shared files by clicking the ‘Shared files’ tab. This shows the file share’s name, how long ago it was created, how many times it’s been downloaded
and its total size. Clicking the drop-down menu lets you sort the list of shared files by newest, name or type.

6.Hover your cursor over a file to bring up buttons for copying and deleting the link (which stops it being shared). Alternatively, to locate a file on your PC, click the
icon that looks like a magnifying glass on a sheet of paper.

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