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Should you use your mobile internet at a trade fair?


There are many perks that a broadband can give, such as speed and convenience when connecting to the Internet. However, it also has a lowdown – it can’t be taken anywhere else. So if one wants to use the Internet in the middle of a trade show, it’s quite impossible with a fixed broadband. That’s where you think about using your mobile internet connection as a portable hotspot.

Internet users would want to access the Internet in any place, just like the convenience given by mobile phones. Luckily, with the intervention of mobile technology, accessing the Internet through mobile phones is now possible! With mobile broadband or mobile Internet, one can now access the web with broadband-speed and wireless connection in any given time and place. So how does this mobile Internet work?

The principle behind it is just like that of telephones. In enabling broadband in a telephone line, the telephone must be split into two bits. The first one is a “voice channel” that works by circuit switching. Circuit switching is the traditional way of connecting wherein a phone can only call another phone line and vice versa, and therefore no other calls can interrupt within. This is where the term “phone busy” comes in. In other words, only one transaction is allowed in a phone line.

On the other hand, the second bit is called the “data channel” wherein it can constantly receive and send digital data to and from the computer through packet switching. Packet switching allows not only a one-line transmission but a two-line instead. That’s why, when a telephone is switched into a broadband telephone, it enables the consumer to gain access to both an Internet service and a landline service.

Instead of going through all the hassle, you can take a look at a large wifi rental solution of Trade Show Internet. You just need to get in touch with them and you will be provided with a dedicated internet connection, which you can use at the trade fair.


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