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11 Of The Best Showbox Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

Are you a movie freak? If yes, then chances are you have an idea about Showbox. The application helps its users in engaging in streaming TV shows and movies from their tablets, smartphones, and even desktops.

Many individuals used this application on different streaming devices like Fire TV and Amazon Firestick.

This application is one of the most amazing portals for movie buffs looking for some great entertainment. There is no harm in considering the flawless and the highly efficient Showbox ahead of the other applications. After all, it offers unrestricted access to a large number of free TV shows and movies.

But, still, there are certain cautions to using this service. This service has full chances of being shut down in the future. So, it makes sense to have a clear idea of some of the best Showbox alternatives.

The best Showbox alternatives are applications that work for PCs, iPhones, and Android without being too complicated for users. The applications or alternatives offer a lot of content in HD for the viewing pleasure of their users.

They even come with added features and bonuses. They serve as great choices for people who are quite in love with streaming TV shows and movies. They are just as efficient and useful as Showbox, if not better than it.

Showbox was in no way remote-friendly and only worked with the Mouse Toggle application of FireStick. This was a hassle for many users, and thus they started looking out for Showbox alternatives.

Fortunately, none of the below mentioned Showbox replacements need the users to install additional applications. Simply install them and start using them without going through any problem.

Nevertheless, you must always make it a point to use a VPN for protecting your security and identity when streaming free TV shows and movies with these applications. The best Showbox alternatives worth giving a try are as follows:

Best Showbox Alternatives: Our Top Pick

1. Cinema APK (HD Movies)

You might have heard a lot about this Showbox alternative, as it is one of the best applications for shows and movies. This Android application works seamlessly on Fire TV, FireStick, and FireStick 4 K devices.

Best Showbox Alternatives

It is 100% remote-friendly giving users the scope of effortless interaction. It comes with a wide selection of TV shows and movies. The content on this app is updated regularly, and you can even remain assured of finding content within a few minutes of being released.

Cinema APK makes use of top-of-the-line scarpers to get hold of several working links. Stream quality is quite good, and it even tends to get better when the users sign in with Real-Debrid.

Below is the summary of features of the Cinema APK that makes it to add to the Best Showbox Alternatives list.

  • Easy to use and tidy interface.
  • Incredible content and library are making the app one of the best alternatives to Showbox.
  • It works fabulously and has the potential of pulling in huge amounts of HD streams.
  • Search and Subtitles features work perfectly along with the Favorites section available for most loved and searched-for content.
  • With both Trakt and Real-Debrid integration, users do not find any insufficiency of added advantages with Cinema APK.
  • MX Player can also be used by individuals who are fond of external video players.
  • Links are provided in 720 and 1080p High-Definition for a complete streaming experience.

So, there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that Cinema APK is one of the best Showbox alternatives, but still, you need to be very careful when installing it.

Since you are installing a direct APK, it can be a bit risky. So, it works to keep a close watch on the permissions you are giving to the application while installing it on your device.

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2. Stremio

There can be no other Showbox alternative as perfect and as quality-based as Stremio. One of the best things about this app is it can be used very easily and is specifically designed for Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Best Showbox Alternatives

Just like all the other Showbox alternatives, it comes with the option of APK installation. It offers a huge selection of TV shows, movies, and YouTube channels. The content available on this app comes from add-ons that can be installed very easily.

This platform even offers subtitles along with an option for casting to a Chromecast. Another great thing about this app is users will always get hold of good quality content irrespective of the medium they are viewing it on.

Noteworthy features of this streaming APK are as follows:

  • It allows users to create their libraries for collecting their favorite content.
  • The users even get notifications when new episodes are available for YouTube channels and series.
  • It works perfectly fine across different devices.
  • Cross-device synchronization means the library can easily be synced in one place. This further syncs the library with other places also.
  • Several streaming sources

Hence, it can rightly be said that Stremio is an amazing Showbox alternative except for just one downside that there is no login option available on the site. This might be a thing of concern for the users.

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3. Titanium TV

This Showbox replacement is one perfect replica of Showbox mainly because both have some strikingly common features. Just install this application on your FireStick, and you will instantly understand that both Titanium TV and Showbox are identical.

Now that the Showbox streaming APK is no longer available, it can rightly be said that Titanium TV is one of its most excellent alternatives.

11 Of The Best Showbox Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

It boasts of a huge catalog of TV shows and movies ranging from the newest episodes to the most recently released movies. You will also be highly impressed with the video playback quality offered by this app.

Users can find several streaming options for the playbacks of their choice. Also, the app allows its users to sign in with Real-Debrid to get a more wonderful viewing experience.

Below is the summary of features of the Titanium TV that makes it to add to the Best Showbox Alternatives list.

  • Remote-friendly, which means it can easily be used on Fire TV and FireStick series of devices.
  • User interface is quite good and does not support multiple versions of similar applications.
  • HD video playback.

If you want anything close to the features of Showbox, Titanium TV would be the best choice for you.

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4. FreeFlix

As is suggested by its name, this app allows users to download TV series and movies completely free of charge. The potential of downloading favorite content for free gives users easy riddance from the hassle of using a regular Wi-Fi connection.

11 Of The Best Showbox Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

FreeFlix keeps its users engaged by offering a vast selection of new and old content. It works on iPhone, Windows, Firestick, Mac, and Android.

This user-friendly application updated its content regularly for giving its users easy access to trendy and new TV shows and movies.

Below is the summary of features of the FreeFlix that makes it to add to the Best Showbox Alternatives list.

  • It gives users the flexibility of downloading and watching 1080P TV shows and movies.
  • Users can even project movies and TV shows on huge screens by using Chromecast.
  • It comes loaded with 5000+Anime.
  • WWE fans can even watch wrestling for free with the use of this app.

Users have reviewed FreeFlix to be one of the most amazing new applications for streaming TV shows and movies for free.

This wonderful Showbox alternative comes with unique features to keep the users engaged for hours with its fresh content. So, this is the time for you to use this app and have several hours of home entertainment.

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5. Kodi

This media application does not only work as one of the best Showbox alternatives but even as one of the best replacements for all other streaming APKs available at present.

Best Showbox Alternatives

It offers easy access to a plethora of sports, live TV shows, series, movies, and whatnot. The only thing that you will have to do is get Kodi installed on your device.

Yet again, the device can be anything from a computer to a tablet or a smartphone. Different Kodi add-ons can help you in getting started with your movie and TV show streaming experience with a bang.

Some of the most significant features of this app are as follows:

  • It does not depend on any single app developer. It is an open-source podium that has been developed by a large community of developers or volunteers.
  • The app is updated and monitored continuously so that users do not miss out on the latest and favorite content.
  • Dozens of video add-ons for Kodi are available free of cost.
  • Installation time is just five minutes, even on FireStick.
  • Kodi is supported on several devices, which include Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.
  • Best Kodi add-ons that will allow you to stream TV shows and movies free of cost include The Magic Dragon, Exodus Redux, Yoda, Seren, 13 Clowns, Yify Movies HD and Exodus.

With the huge number of exclusive features that Kodi has on offer for its users, it is probably one of the best Showbox replacements available at present.

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6. PlayBox HD (iOS and Android)

This is yet another popular entrant in the list of apps that have the same features as Showbox and even perform in the same way.

11 Of The Best Showbox Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

When it comes to performance, PlayBox is so very similar to Showbox that it gets difficult for beginners into streaming TV shows and movies to distinguish between the two of them. PlayBox HD differs from Showbox at only one point, and that is its bluish theme.

As is suggested by its name itself, the app comes loaded with lots of good quality HD content. So, enthusiastic streamers can use different devices for media consumption purposes and that too, without going through any hassle.

Other key features that make PlayBox exclusive are as follows:-

  • Though all devices support this application, the ones with larger displays are highly recommended for an improved and more entertaining experience.
  • The user interface is simple and helps users in finding content by way of a menu system.
  • PlayBox setup works with a good Wi-Fi connection.
  • It works in the slowest of internet conditions, which means that the users do not need to worry about unwanted buffering.

PlayBox is a Showbox alternative you can always trust as a user. It will make your TV show and movie streaming experience better and more entertaining.

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7. Popcorn Time

This is a unique Showbox replacement with a unique name altogether. The app has been successful in cementing its position in the list of leading Showbox alternatives, mainly because of the amazing features it has on offer.

It offers complete support for iOS, Linux, and Android operating systems. Also, it works like fire on the tablets and smartphones of the users, giving them the ability to change the apps language and interface in a jiffy.

NEW! Dubbed Movies on Popcorn Time!

Considering the hell lot of features it has on offer for its users, Popcorn Time does deserve a good ranking. If you have not used it yet, then you are missing out on something really good and exclusive.

Below is the summary of features of the Popcorn Timesthat makes it to add to the Best Showbox Alternatives list.

  • Effective and unique application that works really fast.
  • The settings of this application can easily be changed according to the requirements of the users.
  • While the other streaming APKs stream content only, Popcorn Time makes use of torrents for all downloads. This way, the IP addresses of the users are broadcast to the public. In that case, of course, you will have to use an APK for masking or changing your IP address so that it is not available to the other users.
  • Plentiful links are available for this app, and the majority of them are of play buffer-free nature.
  • Users can choose several sub-titles if they do not understand the verbal parts of a TV show or a movie.
  • It supports a smart TV connection.

Overall, Popcorn Time is a great streaming APK that has been around for a good time now and is working great at present. It is worth a try.

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8. TVZion

It might not be the greatest Showbox alternative, but it is quite a decent choice when it comes to using some good replacements for the dynamic and flawless Showbox.

With a neat and tidy interface and strong content library, this app offers an overall good and satisfying entertainment experience. You can install it very easily on your device only to find some of the most popular and trending titles right on your home screen.


Users of this app get the flexibility of quickly toggling between TV shows and movies through a menu system available on the top. This remote-friendly streaming APK makes navigation on FireStick devices a breeze. It even works perfectly fine on android boxes.

Below is the summary of features of the TVZionthat makes it to add to the Best Showbox Alternatives list.

  • It offers 500+ hours of playback time to users. Users of this app also have the option of getting an additional 1000 hours of playback time by installing TVZion from Google Play Store. However, since FireStick is not Play Store compatible, the trick might not work on it. The solution here is uninstalling and reinstalling TVZion if you run out of playback time.
  • It stays updated constantly and works fantastically.
  • It comes with Real-Debrid, Trakt, and MX Player potentials that make it one of the most powerful streaming APKs.
  • An auto-Play content option is available with this app. This feature makes it exclusive and different from the other Showbox alternatives.
  • The source filtering attribute of this app helps users in having a satisfying streaming experience. When a certain link provided does not work the way it should, the app lists the link as failed. So, the users do not have to trial and error different sources for finding working links.

All in all, TVZion comes loaded with features not found in other Showbox alternatives. This is the main reason why it is preferred over the other replacements and is a hot favorite among movie buffs.

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9. CinemaBox

Once you have CinemaBox at your disposal for all your TV shows and movie streaming requirements, you will not feel as if you are using something very different from Showbox.

Best Showbox Alternatives

This statement itself speaks of the performance and the efficiency of this app as a Showbox alternative. It is one of the perfect choices for people who miss the Showbox user interface and are not willing to part ways with it.

CinemaBox is an iOS and Android compatible application that helps users download their favorite content in a matter of a few minutes. This feature of the app lets the users enjoy their movies and TV shows non-stop, and even when they do not have a proper Wi-Fi connection.

Other noteworthy attributes of this streaming APK include:-

  • Simple design and easy-to-use interface. CinemaBox might not be the most exclusive and popular streaming APK, but it does a very good job of providing top-quality entertainment to its users.
  • Not only gives users the flexibility of streaming high-definition movies but even offers a wide assortment of sub-titles.
  • Download and watch your favorite movies and shows to your hearts content.
  • Content on the app is updated regularly for providing users with a long list of trending and most in-demand shows and movies.
  • It comes free of cost, which means you will not have to pay a single penny for using the content available on CinemaBox.
  • The availability of kids mode enables users to limit content viewing for the children.
  • Cross-platform synchronization is available.

Since its inception, CinemaBox has continued to be one of the most popular choices for people looking for Showbox alternatives. There are two reasons behind this, and they are Cinema Boxs chunk of features and its free-of-cost usage.

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10. Hulu

Even this streaming APK deserves a special mention in the list of best performing Showbox alternatives because of its large-scale popularity. This service has gained huge acclaim for providing fully updated and user-friendly content.

The content you might be on the lookout for is available on this site swiftly and without any delays. Just one click of the mouse, and you will start with the entertaining session of movie and TV show streaming. Hulu is a web-based streaming service giving users a great time at home or even on the go.

Exclusive features of Hulu include:

  • Greatest collection of TV series and movies is available with one click.
  • Chromecast support is available for making the streaming experience of the users better and more satiating.
  • Despite being web-based works perfectly fine for the majority of the streamers.

So, it can rightly be concluded that there is nothing better than Hulu when it comes to finding a Showbox alternative that offers superb features for free.

11. Yidio

This popular streaming movie streaming application serves as an aggregator and is thus considered one of the best Showbox replacements.

Features of the platform include:

  • Exclusive service collecting content from varied subscription-based streaming video providers.
  • Single interface for the users to view content.

Yidio is a superb application when it comes to getting movies streamed without wasting a lot of time. It offers some of the best benefits to people who are new to streaming videos and movies online.

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11. CyberFlix TV

This is yet another fantastic Showbox substitute you should try if you are fond of the latest movies and TV shows. The organization, layout, and interface of this app will make you its instant fan.

CyberFlix TV features to watch out for are:-

  • Big media collection consisting of TV shows and movies. The collection is updated regularly.
  • It comes with several links giving users sufficient choices to get hold of high-quality playback.
  • The remote-friendly app works fine on FireStick. It is superbly fast as well.

In this era of performance-oriented and feature-rich Showbox alternatives, CyberFlix TV is one app you should try out to be on a more minimalistic side of things.

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So, theres something for every movie lover or TV show enthusiast here. If you want to have the best of movie streaming experience, you should try out these Showbox alternatives at least once. They will offer you the ultimate experience and will never get you into situations where you crave Showbox.