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10 Side Online Gigs for College Students


Being a college student can also be a good lesson in budgeting and time management. There is always never enough cash and never enough time to make more money. With studying, internships, and part-time work, college students often need to come up with creative ways to make money with their limited schedules.

One way to make some extra money without impeding on a busy schedule is to work online. Here are 10 online gigs college students can add to their side hustle:

1.Online Surveys – A good place to start with making money online is to look into taking online surveys for money. Although these sites do not pay that much, students looking to supplement their income should consider signing up for an online survey site. They offer the flexibility that many students are looking for and it is an easy way to make some extra pocket money.

2.Etsy store – A great way to make money for students who are handy with crafts and art might want to consider starting an Etsy store. This online selling platform specializes in homemade products and is a great community to join if you are an art student. This is a great outlet to not only make some extra cash, but also a great way to get your art out in the world. The site also has groups that shop owners can join to help network with other Etsy sellers.

3.Sell old clothes – Instead of throwing away old clothes, shoes, or accessories consider selling them online instead to make a couple of dollars. Ebay is often an easy place to start an online shop. However, there are also more targeted sites such as Poshmark where you can sell your clothes. There are also online consignment stores that purchase used designer and luxury goods.

4.Sell old textbooks – Textbooks are one of the most expensive items college students will have to purchase. Instead of letting textbooks collect dust, you can sell old textbooks online. Ebay or Amazon are the most popular sites to resell textbook but there are other sites such as Chegg.com or BookFinder.com that specialize in selling old textbooks.

5.Freelance writing – Those that have a way with words freelance writing might turn out to be a great way to earn some money while in school. There are many job listing sites that specialize in freelance writing gigs such as freelancer.com or textbroker.com. Another great place to look for freelance writing opportunities is Craigslist. Not only can you have a flexible job with a decent income, but you can also practice your writing skills and improve your skills.

6.Online Tutoring – More and more students are working while studying, and it can be difficult to study when also worrying about working. Online tutoring is a great job that allows students to review their fields of study and help other students as well. Whether you are good at math, science, or english, online tutoring services are often looking for experts in many different fields.

7.Blogging – While blogging can take a bit of time and investment in order to earn some cash, if you stick to writing and creating content regularly you can often make a decent amount of money with your blog. Top bloggers can often make enough money to make blogging their main source of income.

8.Search Engine Evaluator – Search engines have become a common, and almost necessary, online tool in our everyday lives. Yet, search engines still are not perfect mechanisms. Updates to algorithms happen often, but even then many search engine companies rely on feedback from human assessors. As a search engine evaluator, you can make some easy cash by simply using a search engine, something you do every day anyway.

9.Virtual Assistant – College students who are looking to practice their organization and communication skills might find being a virtual assistant a great way to earn some extra money and increase their job skills at the same time. There are many specialized sites such as Zirtual and VA Networking that can help you get started and find listings.

10.Data Entry – While you may do some data entry as a virtual assistant, you can also find specific jobs looking for someone to only do data entry. These online jobs are an easy way to make some money and often they have flexible deadlines and schedules.


These are just 10 ways for college students to earn some extra cash online, but there are many other ways to creatively earn some extra income while in school. These jobs are perfect for college students as they offer some flexible for those with tight schedules.


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