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Some Simple Ways To Boost The Customer Base Of A Small Business


Advertising tends to be a major cost in business. Many small businesses end up closing because they are unable to advertise effectively and find enough customers. According to info entrepreneurs, it is possible that even loyal customers can decide to move on to other suppliers who are willing to give better products at a more reasonable cost. This means that small businesses have to constantly look for ways expand their customer base.

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Some of the ways of increasing the customer numbers are given below:

  • Testimonies from satisfied customers:

Word of mouth advertising has always been the most effective way to market your company’s product or services. In view of this, your company should emphasise on making the customer feel like a king, because this will eventually lead free advertisement for you.

  • Use of online advertising:

This is a very cost effective way of getting your business known to a large number of people. During recent years, most people have begun to embrace the internet as a major contributor to the marketing and success of businesses. You can engage particularly those who handle white label ppc for agencies to help you do online advertising.

  • Give some free products:

This is a short term strategy because you can only offer free products for a short period of time, otherwise it will damage you financially. A practical example would be a give some free products to the first ten or twenty customers in a certain day.

  • Give some discounts:

Seasonal discounts will motivate your customers to buy more than one product, because they desire to take advantage of the lower prices. This is also a great way to attract new customers who will buy your products for the first time because of the discount.

  • Have a website:

You can only advertise successfully on the internet if you have a website. The trend in recent years has been to search online for products. Therefore if you have a website, there is a large group of potential customers that will have access to the details about your products.

  • Use fliers:

Fliers are a good way to advertise especially in a specific geographical area. This does not need to be an expensive affair. You can design the fliers yourself and also distribute them yourself. Those potential customers in your area of location who did not know about your products will become informed, and possibly begin to purchase from you.

  • Do some community work:

It has always been the strategy of large companies to use corporate social responsibility as a way of marketing their products. For a smaller business, you can choose to do some volunteer work under the name of your business. This will give your company some visibility and will eventually attract new customers.

  • Make use of social media:

Facebook and twitter have tens of millions of users. Once you put the products that you sell on social media, you open up your company to a huge audience. This is a great way of exposing your business to a whole new group of potential customers.



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