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9 Of The Best Sites Like Behance To Try Out

If you are an artisan and you have the ability to craft beautiful things, then you must showcase your work on social media. The appreciation you will get from the viewers will motivate you to design more creative and innovative things.

Those who are involved in the creative field and have a passion for art and craft must share their work with society.

Artisans of this century are aware of the power that social media possess, which is why we see various portfolios of graphic designers, artists, and photographers sharing their work on social media. By sharing their work on social media, the artisans are able to create a huge fan base and gain popularity.

Behance is one such social media platform where artisans can create a portfolio of their work and showcase it to the audience through simple steps. Behance is owned by Adobe and has been used by companies like the Maryland Institute College of Art and LinkedIn.

However, Behance is not suitable for executing high-level operations such as the security of your content, design selection, and compression. Many artisans believe that Behance doesn’t offer proper privacy policies for their work. Some also don’t like the interface of their website.

Well, these artisans who are not preferring Behance to share their work might need an alternative for the same. This is why we decided to come up with a list of sites like Behance; this will provide the artisans a huge range of options to choose from other than Behance.

Best Sites Like Behance: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is considered to be one of the alternatives for Behance. In fact, DeviantArt was founded five years before Behance; it is an older company compared to Behance. It is like an online community that features videography, photography, and artwork.

DeviantArt provides a platform for the members of the community to share their work with other artisans who are also in the community. In 2011, DeviantArt was marked as the largest online community all around the world.

They allow the members to connect with each other through arts and innovations. DeviantArt mainly focuses on artists who create or craft sketches, comic strips, paintings, and cartoons.

Best Sites Like Behance

DeviantArt came up with a unique feature on their website, which is called Muro. With the help of Muro, an artist can record the whole process of creating or crafting a particular artwork; afterward, the artists can also post the recorded video on their portfolio.

This feature attracted a lot of artists to join this community because through this feature; they were able to share their hard work with the audience. 

Deviations of individual artists are displayed on their own pages with an added list of more information regarding the post. DeviantArt provides the members with the ability to categorize their deviations into various categories in distinct folders.

The website is user-friendly and has a simple interface that is easy to operate. They also offer a wide range of exposure to different forms of art and craft on the website so that the members of the community can develop their skills.

Members can also sell their art through the DeviantArt platform and earn profit from that. Many users get job offers from the world’s biggest companies after showcasing their work on DeviantArt.

DeviantArt is a bit easier to navigate and operate when compared to Behance. This is why the website gets almost a million visitors every day. All these features and the popularity of DeviantArt forced us to include it on the list of sites like Behance.

2. ArtStation

ArtStation entered into the art game a bit later. It was founded in the year 2014; since then, they have included a lot of unique features on their website that helped them to compete with sites like Behance in the art world.

ArtStation is considered to be one of the easiest and simplest platforms available for showcasing your art and craft. The website delivers your art to the industries concerned through their platform, you just need to upload your art on their website, and they will do the rest.

It’s an efficient way to build your profile and bring it to the attention of people you want to be known to.

Best Sites Like Behance 1

ArtStation developed its website keeping in mind the requirements of its users, which is why they offer their users the ability to upload high-resolution images, three-dimensional scenes, small clips, sketches, and videos on their website.

They offer a lot more features on your profile than you must have expected when you joined them.

ArtStation has a unique blog feature that enables you to share your work while it is still in process and has not been completed. The website has analytic features for its users that allow them to witness how much traffic they are experiencing in a day.

These analytic features of the website help the artisans to improve themselves for receiving more traffic. The most important feature that makes ArtStation one of the best art platforms is that you are able to sell your artwork through their website.

Artstation keeps your profile updated and gives it a unique look that attracts more viewers. They also offer their users custom domain names and unique themes that are trendy and attractive.

Apart from all the features offered by this website, they also help their members grow as artists by introducing them to different challenges and competitions.

These challenges and competitions will help the artists to test their limits and know how good they are compared to others. ArtStation was founded with an aim to empower the artists who are finding it hard to pursue their passion for art by providing them with different opportunities. 

With the help of ArtStation, you can also build your own website in which ArtStation will be the host. All the posts uploaded on your ArtStation portfolio will automatically get updated on your website. Such features make ArtStation a better alternative for Behance.

Some more features that you can enjoy by becoming a member of ArtStation:-

Magazines: You can find a collection of magazines that are about different artworks.

Guides: Guides are available for beginners so that they can easily understand all the features of ArtStation. These guides are developed by professional artists who have years of experience in this field.

Podcast: If you are new to all this, then you can get access to the podcasts of professional artists available on the website and listen to them carefully.

Contests: ArtStation organizes a lot of art competitions for engaging and entertaining its members.

Jobs: You can find recruiters who are looking for artists like you on the ArtStation website.

3. 500PX

500PX was introduced in the year 2009 as a competition for Behance. The website has been on the internet for over a decade now. Since their launch, they have managed to take hold of some great artists from the art world.

This website is considered great for beginners and professionals who aim to showcase their art before other professional artists. When it comes to diverse and unique features, 500PX is considered the go-to site.

Best Sites Like Behance 2

The interface of the website was built keeping in mind the needs of budding photographers as well as professionals. If you are a beginner, then you can get immediate exposure using this website; they help to promote your work efficiently. 

500PX introduced a unique feature which is known as Pulse Algorithm; this feature selects some photographs and photographers and ensures them full exposure and valuable feedback for their work. Some of this feedback comes from professional artists also.

If you are a beginner, then you must evaluate each of these feedback carefully to know your faults. This feature of 500PX helped many beginners to improve and touch new heights by rectifying their faults. This feature of 500 PX helped it to attract a lot of artists to their site.

This website helps you to present yourself as a professional before others by displaying your work and talent. The statistics features of this website help you to know about your performance on the website as a professional.

The statistics feature also gives you insights into your work quality and your chances of getting hired by someone.

500PX decided to launch an app to make the customer experience better than before. You can get access to all the premium features of 500PX through this app. The app is available for Android as well as for IOS phones.

If you are planning to get hired as an artist, then 500PX will be a better option than Behance.

500px Android Appstore Video Preview

Download App on Google Play Store

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4. Dribbble

Dribbble was launched with the vision to compete with Behance and provide a platform to artists for sharing their work with the world. The interface of the Dribbble website is simple and has a white layout which makes it easy to navigate something on the website.

Dribbble calls itself the heart of the designer community. They also offer efficient features to stand by the claims they are making before the world. Dribbble is considered to be one of the leading players in the game.

9 Of The Best Sites Like Behance To Try Out

The site helps beginners to improve their skills and become more creative and innovative. Artists who are sharing their work on the Dribbble platform can also get hired by recruiters who are searching for professional artists.

An artist gets proper exposure on this website. Therefore if you are a beginner and want to start your career in art and craft, then you must become a member of the Dribbble community for maximum exposure.

Dribbble works with top hiring companies such as Apple, Airbnb, IDEO, Facebook, Slack, Dropbox, Shopify, Google, Lyft, and many more. Dribbble established a connection with these top recruiters so that the artists on its website can get maximum exposure.

The website encourages its users to explore the works of other artists for learning new things and improving their own skills. By giving the artists the access to explore the works of others, Dribbble hopes to inspire artists who are new to this world. 

Dribbble has managed to create a platform with maximum security. They have spent a lot on the security of the website so that no outsiders can get access to the works of the artists.

If you are a member of Dribble, then you must not worry about your works getting exposed on the internet without your concern. The platform is made safe and secure for all the creative needs of the artists.

Dribbble knew the importance of security in this field because some of these artworks are too expensive and must be prevented from getting exposed on the internet.

Artists generally look for platforms that are safe and secure for sharing their work. The security of Dribbble is considered better and more efficient compared to other sites like Behance.

Dribble came up with live workshops for its users so that they can improve their skills and become more efficient. But they charge a lot for these workshops, which is why every user doesn’t have the privilege to afford such things.

Dribbble came up with this workshop idea in order to increase their revenue in some other way. Despite being expensive, many artists have already subscribed to this live workshop making it a success for Dribble.

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5. Squarespace

Squarespace is considered to be another platform that aims to enhance your creativity by giving you global exposure. These platforms have features to enable you to stand out on the online platform among other artists through an online store, professional website, or portfolio.

Users of Squarespace have appropriate features in their hands to turn an idea into reality. By using the Squarespace platform, you can develop your own website, which is something that is not offered by sites like Behance; thus, it makes Squarespace a better option than Behance.

Squarespace offers some amazing website templates to its users so that they can create an attractive outlook for their website. You can also customize your website according to your personal and professional needs.

Squarespace has provided some powerful blogging tools on its website for a better user experience. Users generally take advantage of these blogging tools in order to share their stories globally.

Using these features, they convey updates and news regarding their work to the world. Users can also announce the launch of a new product using the blogging tools of Squarespace; this will definitely give the new product maximum exposure. 

Analytic features of Squarespace allow its users to evaluate their work and assess its performance on the website in order to increase the scope of improvement.

In simple words, if you witness a poor performance of your work through the analytical features of Squarespace, then you must immediately take action to improve your work. Such actions can help you to enhance your creativity in the coming days. 

Users can add popular art-related apps to their Squarespace portfolio in order to give them a professional experience. Users can edit and customize their website using the app, allowing the users to edit their website wherever they want.

It is because of such Innovative features, Squarespace has managed to attract this many artists to their website and compete with sites like Behance.

6. Ello

Ello is considered to be an online publishing and collaboration platform that was launched with the vision to support and connect artists globally through a plethora of artworks.

Best Sites Like Behance 4

Ello gives the artists a workplace where they can interact with their employers, agencies, and fans. Ello helps the artists to get exposed to more opportunities globally. Ello’s community platform is also considered as a new medium for learning and getting inspired.

Ello helps the artists of its community to grow every single day so that they can come up with more creative and innovative art, which also benefits Ello because more artists get attracted to their website when they witness unique designs.

Such inspiration and motivation by this website make it better and efficient when compared to sites like Behance.

Ello came up with a new technology known as the creative brief technology that helps users to connect with agencies, fans, and publishers through live or real-time creative briefs.

In order to enhance the learning opportunities of artists, Ello organizes several creativity drives in a year. These drives help artists to gain a lot of knowledge regarding creativity and craft and improve their existing skills and become experts in the art field.

Ello launched an initiative which was known as the  Art Giveaway Programme. The aim of this initiative was to support the users through the buying and redistribution process of their artwork. 

Artworks crafted by the artist are bought three times a week. Ello promotes the user’s art and redistributes them randomly among other Ello members.

Ello selects a top professional creative talent and gives him/her the opportunity to be part of the Ello collection. The artist who has been named the top professional gets invited to publisher-powered exhibitions and projects.

Ello aims to improve and enhance the skills of its users through its user mail initiative. Using the user mail, Ello sends unique and novel content to its users on a daily basis.

These contents help the users to learn new things. The editorial homepage of Ello is always full of creative and innovative ideas as well as some new thoughts. Ello selects ten artists every week and publishes their work under the name underscore.

This initiative boosts the motivation of artists and forces them to work harder. Overall, considering all the features of Ello, it is clear that they aim to enhance the skills of their artists for better results in the future.

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7. Cargo

Cargo is considered to be another top player in the game of art and craft. Cargo was launched as a web publishing and community-building platform. This platform enables its users to create accessible tools within a network in order to enhance their exposure on the internet.

Cargo is one of those platforms that offer free websites to its users. Cargo has some of the most unique designed website templates for its users, which are customizable. Users also get access to simple and easy tools that help them customize the way their content is displayed on the website. 

Cargo is a publishing solution that was designed to help content creators, creative professionals, and artists to get some efficient and modern tools that can help them in gaining maximum exposure.

Handling content is simple and easy in Cargo because of its drag and drop tools. The platform allows its users to add a custom maCargo that can be acquired for free.

This version of custom maCargo comes with cloud hosting options with an addition of 100 MB storage. Cargo offers many such features to its users in order to make their user experience better and fulfill all their requirements. These features of Cargo helped the website to gain popularity and compete with sites like Behance.

The interface that Cargo launched recently is simple and easy to use, allowing the users to manage their content and work according to their own preference and convenience.

The new interface of Cargo features a spotlight bottom that enables users to highlight the designs that are important to them. You won’t find such features on every website, which is why this platform stands top in the field.

Many artists prefer to become Cargo’s community members because of all the modern features that make their work easy.

Cargo displays some artworks on their homepage; if you want to get featured on their homepage, then you need to come up with something that is creative and unique. Such initiatives by Cargo motivate artists to improve their skills and work harder.

8. Creary

Creary is a decentralized and blockchain-based website with an easy-to-navigate interface. It is considered to be a decentralized community of portfolios containing creative art.

The website rewards the artists and curators of their website based upon their performance. The artists and curators are rewarded with a cryptocurrency known as CREO.

The reward policy of this website encourages a lot of artists to come up with new and creative designs that can stand out on the website.

Best Sites Like Behance 5

It is a social network where artists can get connected and showcase their work in front of other artists. The website is absolutely free, which is why it attracts a lot of users. Users usually prefer Creary because it offers a lot of services that can help them get maximum exposure free of cost. 

Like any other sharing platform, here too, users can create their own portfolios where they can upload their work and add momentum to their art career. The users can customize their own portfolio and make it trendy so that it can attract good traffic.

Users can also connect with agencies, publishers, and recruiters to get hired for their artwork. Through this platform, they can gain a huge fan base with proper interaction.

This allows mobilization of their work, including buying, selling, and exchange of creations. Artists can earn something by selling their artwork to their audience.

Creary helps its users to boost up their careers and achieve new things. They aim to improve the skills of their existing users so that they can compete in the art world. All these features of Creary make it a better website when compared to sites like Behance.

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9. Dudepins

Dudepins is a uniquely designed website, and it is exclusively available for men. It is considered to be a visual blog that allows its users to bookmark their favorite content on the website by using the Postup button feature and pin it to their personal profile page.

This is the website where guys can find some of the coolest stuff that is made especially for them. It is the easiest way to discover, share and use all the features that you want from the internet in the most attractive and creative ways possible. Such features of Dudepins make it a top competitor for sites like Behance.

Dudepins offers a crazy collection of pictures, videos, and articles that will definitely entertain and kill the boredom of its users. In this platform, users have the ability to organize their stuff in categories so that it will be easily accessible whenever required.

The site is all about boxers, cars, races, and all the stuff that guys are usually fond of. Dudepins launched its own newsletter with carefully curated content. Dudepins have also launched an app for its users, which is available in both android and ios.

Bottom Line

The internet is full of websites that can give a good competition to sites like Behance. But every website is not efficient and doesn’t have the ability to give its users maximum exposure.

So before selecting a platform to share your artwork, you must do proper research. To save you from all the research, we listed some of the best platforms or websites that are productive and efficient in this article. Select one of them and start your journey of becoming one of the best professional artists globally.