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9 Best Sites Like Bored Panda For Creative People


One of the fastest ways to get rid of boredom is by watching funny video clips. These video clips can make your day. There are various websites that have content that can instantly make your boredom go away.

One of the best websites which have such content is Bored Panda. However, there are other sites like Bored Panda, which have interesting and funny content.  

Bored Panda is a website with information relating to topics like travel, animals, parenting, DIY, Illustrations, and what’s funny. One of the things that make it popular is that it has several sections and a wide range of information under each section.  

These websites, which are like Bored Panda, have something different to offer the users. You will find comedy shows, pop culture information, art, and stories on these websites.

Websites similar to Bored Panda include Amusing Planet, Cracked, 9GAG, and many others. In this article, you will find information about these websites and what sets them apart from others.  

Best Sites Like Bored Panda – Our Top Pick👌

1. Amusing Planet 

Amusing Planet is a website that will give you unique and interesting information from around the world. If you feel bored and want to read something interesting, the perfect place for you to visit is Amusing Planet. It’s one of the sites like Bored Panda. 

Amusing Planet has articles that suit the needs of all kinds of people. You can be interested in things like bridges, ghosts, and clothes.

You will find articles related to those topics on Amusing Planet. This makes it one of the best sites you can visit to learn new things. You will always learn something new and exciting on the Amusing Planet website.  

Best Sites Like Bored PandaIf you are someone interested in History, you can visit the Amusing Planet website and find many different articles related to History. These articles range from historical events to things that our ancestors used to do.

Amusing Planet provides articles for everyone’s curiosity. It doesn’t matter if you like History or want to know about wildlife. You will find articles regarding these topics on Amusing Planet.  

A feature that sets Amusing Planet apart from others is its culture section. This is a topic that gives the readers ample information about the cultures of the world.

It’s a collection of stories, histories, and information about cultures. Learning about cultures can help people know more about the people around the world and their History.

One of the best things about Amusing Planets is that it has information about everything and anything. You can switch between topics after reading the article and learn about new things. 

2. 9GAG 

9GAG is one of the most famous websites which provides users with funny and fresh content. It’s one of the sites like Bored Panda.

You will always find the best content on 9GAG. This is one of the most user-friendly websites where you can check out new content every day and share new content.  

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9GAG has a website as well as an app that you can download on your laptop and phone. This is something that sets 9GAG apart from other websites. You can directly use the downloaded app instead of visiting its websites. The app makes it simple to use for the users.  

Along with having funny video clips, 9GAG has interesting and informational news from all over the world. Another feature of 9GAG is that you can donate money for helpful initiatives.

The money you donate can help many vital causes. The option to donate is something that makes 9GAG unique and sets it apart from other websites.  

You can create an account on 9GAG and check their website. 9GAG’s content is divided into two main categories: the top priority content and the popular topics.

The priority content includes topics like what’s trending and fresh content in the country. In the popular section, you will see funny WTF, Car, League of Legends, and Savage issues. Both these sections are equally fascinating.  

9GAG is the perfect solution to your boredom because it has content for every mood. It doesn’t matter if you are bored or feeling low. As soon as you start viewing the funny and interesting video clips on 9GAG, it will instantly make your day better. 

9GAG isn’t limited to its website; it has pages on popular social media platforms followed by millions of people.  

3. Funny or Die 

Funny or Die is the best website you can check out if you are bored and want to watch something entertaining. It will instantly brighten up your day because you will find funny, fresh, and entertaining content. Funny or Die is one of the sites like Bored Panda.  

Many Hollywood celebrities have content on Funny or Die. If you want to see the stars you follow make comedy content, you will find that on Funny or Die.

The scope you will find on Funny or Die is not limited to comedy clips. It includes shows, movies, and specials of comedians.  

9 Best Sites Like Bored Panda For Creative PeopleThe amount of content you will have on Funny or Die is enormous. You will have the freedom of choosing the show, movie, or special of your choice.

Comedy is a genre that can instantly make you happy and bring a smile to your face. There are times when you would be having a sad, dull day, and watching something on Funny or Die will change your day.  

Funny or Die has content that will give you a peek into the infinite sphere of comedy. It has the works of some of the best comedians as well as actors.

You will not be disappointed by the content you will find on Funny or Die. Instead, the experience you will have on the site will make you want to explore more of the kind of content that Funny or Die makes and puts out.              

Funny or Die has a library that contains the content on the website right from when the website was started. This provides the users with the chance to view some epic and famous articles and videos.                                                                                         

4. Cracked 

Cracked is another famous website popular for the kind of content that it puts out regularly. It’s one of the sites like Bored Panda. If you like Bored Panda, you will love Cracked. This website has content that will immediately make you laugh.  

If you feel like you need a change from the kind of content you watch, you can switch to Cracked. The Cracked website is a place that is an online community by itself, like many other websites. You will find the articles and videos you find Cracked unique and fresh.  

9 Best Sites Like Bored Panda For Creative PeopleOne of the best features of Cracked is that it has information about popular comedy shows which feature famous comedians.

This gives the followers of these shows an additional space to connect with people who follow similar stuff and have discussions about it in the comments section of the article.  

Another feature of Cracked is that it has content relevant to the things that are currently popular. This is one of the things which sets it apart from other websites because it has all the relevant stuff which is now trending.

Therefore, this relevance makes it popular among users. The content on the Cracked website isn’t limited to things like movies and tv shows, as it also has content related to science, video games, History, and technology.  

Along with having trending content in the country, the Cracked website has a section on trending topics. This section is called the ‘Viral on Cracked’, which has the five articles trending on Cracked on that day. It gives the users information about what other people are viewing and reading on Cracked.  

Cracked has a podcast and a store that people can access through the website. This gives viewers a chance to listen to the content that Cracked puts out and buy things from the Cracked store.  

5. Lifehacker 

Lifehacker is one of the sites like Bored Panda. It’s one of the best websites to go to if you feel bored and want to do something interesting.

The Lifehacker site has exciting and fun life hacks that you can try yourself. The Lifehacker website is the perfect place for you if you love exciting and unique hacks.

It has videos and pictures of people giving tips that can help you because it’s fun and straightforward. The website has hacks for every area of your life like money, health, home, parenting, work, and relationships.  

When you are bored and feeling lazy, this is one of the best sites you can visit. Reading and watching these life hacks will make you happy. You might find hacks that you can use in the future to save time and money. 

LifeHacker gives you tips and tricks related to food too. There are times when you are traveling and want to carry food on the trip. However, you might know which food item might be the best choice for such a situation.

In this situation, you can trust Lifehacker to give you the help you need. There are articles on the site regarding which food items are the best to carry while traveling and which ones you should avoid.  

The life hacks you find on the Lifehacker website are helpful if you find a particular task difficult. There are times when you avoid doing something because it’s complicated.

However, the Lifehacker site has the solution because you can find an easier way to do things on this site.  

6. This Blog Rules 

This Blog Rules is one of the most entertaining and fun websites you can check out if you are bored. This Blog Rules has something fun and quirky for everyone. It’s a website that has content that varies from music to strange news. This Blog Rules is one of the sites like Bored Panda.  

If you are bored and want to explore something new, the best place online that you can see is the This Blog Rules website. They have the kind of content which you will love reading because of its uniqueness. Along with being unique, This Blog Rules has fresh content.  

This Blog Rules is the perfect blog for people who like street art and want to know more about it. The website provides the readers with a “Street Art” section with all the essential details regarding street art.

It has articles regarding the various street art groups that keep the cities alive by bringing their walls to life. It gives readers a view into an art form that is unconventional and energetic.

Even people who stumble upon this section by chance will end up wanting to know about street art after reading the blogs in this section. 

Some other sections of This Blog Rules are movies, music, and art. These sections are fun and have some of the most exciting blogs. If you want to explore new genres of movies or music or want to learn more about art, this is the perfect section for you.  

Websites like This Blog Rules help you overcome your boredom and give you interesting, fun, and new information. The blogs and articles on this website will get you interested in new things.  

7. My Modern Met 

My Modern Met is a space that has everything for users to explore, right from a store to shop to a podcast that users can subscribe to the website. It’s the perfect place for creative people who can contribute and subscribe to My Modern Met. This is one of the sites like Bored Panda.  

My Modern Met is a space for artists to showcase their works as well as explore the results of their fellow artists.

9 Best Sites Like Bored Panda For Creative People

The website has content related to design, architecture, photography, science, technology, and many other issues. Therefore, your interests can be anything, and you will find that kind of content on the My Modern Met website.  

There are many different kinds of articles on the My Modern Art website, which you can check out. Along with publishing articles regularly, the website has a weekly newsletter which you can subscribe to and receive on your mail.

There’s an option for you to become a member of My Modern Met, which comes with benefits available on the website.  

One of the best features of My Modern Art is the positive culture it supports and promotes. This creates the same effect on the people who read and write the content on My Modern Art.

Another feature of My Modern Art is that it has different content, right from funny and lighthearted content to thought-provoking and informational content. This makes it a website that anyone who wants to read something new and exciting can access.  

Another thing about My Modern Art is that if you are an artist, designer, or photographer, it provides you with the chance to get it published on their site. You can write to them in their mail and attach the necessary documents.  

8. Fubiz 

Fubiz is one of the sites like Bored Panda. It’s a space where you will find articles related to art, music, fashion, photography, and many other topics. These things make it one of the best websites for creative minds looking to view and read exciting and new things.  

Fubiz is a website that provides you with articles that will give you exciting and new information. When you are bored, you can browse through the Fubiz website, and you will stumble upon some of the most exciting and unique articles.

Along with sections like Photography, Design, and Video, Fubiz has an area called Stories. This section contains stories of various people, brands, and concepts. This makes Fubiz exciting and unique.   


There are many sites like Bored Panda. However, each one of them is different and unique in its way. Each one of the websites has another purpose and attracts an audience who follows the same kind of content.

However, one thing common between all of them is that they are perfect for people who have been following the website for many years and someone who is viewing the website for the first time. All these websites are people-friendly.   

Another thing about websites like Cracked, This Blog Rules, 9GAG, and others is that they put out articles, videos, and information that smile on people’s faces.

Whenever you are having a dull and tedious day, you can visit any of these websites, and your day will instantly change and brighten up.  

Another thing about these websites is that they support other organizations by having the option to donate. You can donate to their website and contribute to a good cause that needs your help. It’s something that is set up so that you can donate quickly and get back to whatever you were watching.