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15 Of The Best Sites Like Udemy For e-Learning

In today’s post, I’m going to show you alternative Sites Like Udemy For e-Learning. All the mentioned websites in this list are personally tested by me and our team.

Without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Learning is something that has never been completed. One never stops learning, and there is no limit to what one learns. Learning isn’t associated only with education. What helps one grow into a mature, responsible, and better person is learning.

Acquiring new skills or polishing talents also counts as learning. Learning is quite fun if done the right way, and today in the 21st century, there are countless ways of learning anything you want to. 

In this article, we’ll be learning about e-learning and the best e-learning websites out there similar to Udemy. So without any further delay, let’s proceed.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is a term not many of us will be familiar with. E-learning means digital learning i.e., learning via the internet and similar mediums. Promoting and seeking knowledge via the means of the internet is what e-learning is basically.

It is a rather useful form of learning that has accessibility as the biggest plus point to it. Almost everyone in the world today has access to the internet, and anyone with the internet has access to e-learning. It’s that simple.

E-learning isn’t anything new. As a matter of fact, its origin traces way back before the year 2010. The concept of e-learning was widely accepted by many people, and they laid their trust in their online learning programs.

With passing time, the ways and manners of e-learning have refined themselves, and as of today, e-learning websites are dominating other mediums of e-learning.

How is e-learning Important?

At this point, some of you might be wondering if e-learning is actually important or not. The thing is, not everyone can afford to go to school or institutions for learning. That being said, not everyone has access to the internet as well.

However, the internet is vast, and in some cases/areas, free as well. The point is, that learning via the internet is more efficient no matter how you look at it, and there’s no limit to things you can learn about online. E-learning opens up a unique path of learning and growing.

The world suffered heavy losses due to the covid pandemic in the year 2020, and that is when the true emphasis was laid on the process of e-learning.

With each passing day, the world yearns to be more innovative and better than before, so why shouldn’t the process of learning tread on the same path? Efficiency and accessibility, these two elements are crucial elements that have the potential of making e-learning mainstream in the near future.

What are e-learning websites?

There are several mediums of e-learning. One such medium for education is e-learning websites. You must’ve heard the names of some e-learning websites before.

At the moment, Udemy is popular worldwide. These websites are generally sites where basically, both teachers and students are enrolled.

The platform presents a list of available courses on the basis of the qualifications of the recruited teachers, and students get themselves enrolled in their desired course if it’s available on that particular website.

The teacher’s record clips and videos of them explaining the concerned course, organize them in order, and upload them. Students interested in any course buy them (there are numerous free courses as well) and study. It is a fairly simple process.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a popular online learning platform where teachers build courses for people all across the world who have access to their desired courses once they buy them from Udemy. As mentioned earlier, many of these courses are free as well.

It is home to countless courses including programming, data management, science, photography, music, digital marketing, and many more.

Udemy courses are complete packages aimed at all sorts of people willing to learn, for beginners and for experts as well. These courses are mostly available in the form of video lectures, and Udemy offers many other features that aim at a hassle-free and efficient learning process.

Best Sites Like Udemy For e-Learning – Our Pick

We already learned about e-learning websites in previous sections. These websites are what makes the process of e-learning efficient and hassle-free. Like Udemy, there are many of them out there, and all of them are home to countless courses of all sorts. 

These courses aim to either teach a new skill from scratch, polish an already learned skill, or just gain expertise.

In this section, we’ll be discussing the 14 best other sites like Udemy for e-learning, and we’ll also be having a brief look at what are the major courses available along with the pros and cons of these websites. Let’s now jump right into it:

1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best sites like Udemy for e-learning. It has established partnerships with trusted and popular universities/colleges from across the globe, and the teachers there are quite skilled with unmatched expertise in their fields.

Transform Your Life and Impact the World With Courses on Coursera

Courses on Coursera focus on an in-depth learning process and are one of the best in terms of quality. Coursera also offers many free courses along with its premium and paid courses, and there is no big difference between them. Free courses are equally good and provide a vivid learning experience.  

Professionals design the online learning programs of Coursera, and thorough effort is put into the courses included in these programs.

Coursera offers courses in all sorts of fields and subjects, including the mainstream ones as well. You can find courses for Arts and Humanities, Science, Social science, Computer Science, etc. on Coursera.

Skill development courses such as programming, coding, photography, communicative English, graphic designing, web development, and other courses like them can also be found easily on Coursera.

Coursera also provides its students with a certificate on completion of paid courses, which is a valuable achievement. You can pay for premium courses either individually or you can purchase a subscription that’d cost you somewhere between 40$ – 80$ per month.

Pros: Courses on Coursera are often very vivid and detailed. These quality courses will make sure the knowledge acquired is pretty deep and solid.

Cons: The number of courses available on Coursera isn’t too high, implying that few courses won’t be available there.

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2. Skillshare

Skillshare is also one of the most popular e-learning websites out there and is similar to Udemy in a lot of ways. Skillshare is widely used by people all across the globe eager to grow by e-learning.

With hundreds of courses that are available for free, Skillshare is one of the few e-learning websites that offer more free courses than any other site.

Skillshare takes a creative and unique approach to learning and focuses on practical learning more than just an explanation of theories. Features like mock tests and video lessons make Skillshare one of the best e-learning websites out there.

Best Sites Like Udemy

As the name suggests, Skillshare has countless courses that are designed to enhance certain skills of a person. These courses include arts, music, photography, and other stuff that makes use of a person’s creativity. Distinguished professionals of respective fields watch over all these courses, and they make sure to make these courses efficient.

It offers many courses for free, and it also offers an option of buying the monthly premium membership at a low price, which will give you access to every other course that is not free.

It means that once you buy the Skillshare premium membership, you’ll have access to every course available there, which is certainly a bang for buck deal.

Pros:- The biggest pro of Skillshare is the emphasis that is laid on creative and practical learning rather than just explaining theories via video lectures.

Cons:- Buying a premium membership may not be worth it in some cases where you need not more than just one or two premium courses.

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3. Masterclass – Online learning sites like udemy To Learn New Skills

Masterclass is yet another famous online learning website that is known to be a pretty effective source for gaining exceptional and valuable knowledge. The best part about Masterclass is that it lays the most emphasis on choosing the teachers and guides for the courses it offers.

So Much New To Know | MasterClass

As the name suggests, Masterclass has a team full of people who’ve excelled in their respective fields, be it academics or remunerative skills, and are willing to give their all to pass down what they’ve learned.

Yes, that’s right. Masterclass teachers are legit experts in their respective fields and are the best guides one can only hope to come across.

Enrolling in a Masterclass course gives you a chance of learning from someone who’s gained expertise in what they do and are actually famous personalities.

Masterclass has plenty of courses available; however, when compared to its rival e-learning websites such as Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and edX, the number of courses available on Masterclass falls a bit short.

That being said, most people would still come across the course they’re looking for in Masterclass. As for the prices of the courses, Masterclass has a simple approach here.

You have the option either of paying 90$ per course or paying 180$ to get a yearly subscription, which will give you access to every course on Masterclass.

Pros: The Masterclass team is full of world-class masters in their respective fields, and their way of teaching and sharing what they’ve learned is uniquely efficient.

Cons: The only con of this e-learning website is the lesser number of courses it offers compared to its rival e-learning websites.

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4. edX

edX is yet another e-learning platform similar to Coursera and Udemy. It offers many free courses and is built with its partnership with several world-class universities and colleges to ensure an efficient learning process.

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It has numerous courses on business management, data science, arts and humanities, science, engineering, computer science, etc. These courses are prepared by professionals and aim to build an immersive learning environment for everyone. 

The best part about the edX e-learning website is the huge number of free courses it offers to everyone. It also has some paid courses that will provide you with a certificate when you complete them.

These paid courses are available for somewhere between the range of 50$ – 300$ and the certificate you’ll be provided with is a valuable achievement. These certificates are issued from a university or college, and you can also pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in this manner.

Just like Coursera, edX partners with some of the best educational institutions from across the globe to ensure an effective learning process via its online programs. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the edX that makes it added to the Best Sites Like Udemy list.

Pros:- Partnership with world-class universities and colleges ensure an effective learning system and provides one with a certificate from a particular educational institution.

The learning environment is pretty interactive, given that you can interact with other students as well. This is something we don’t find in Udemy.

Cons:- Prices for some of the courses can be pretty high.

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5. LinkedIn Learning

This e-learning website is one of the most unique among all we have come across. LinkedIn is a place known by many as a place to seek employment. However, LinkedIn learning is obviously different.

LinkedIn Learning has a monthly membership plan for a price of 30$ per month, and it gives you access to the whole library containing various courses of all sorts.

It isn’t like other e-learning websites. What makes it different is the emphasis that LinkedIn learning lays on teaching practical skills that’ll help one get better at a certain job rather than propagating academic knowledge. 

E-learning is often misunderstood as something that teaches college or school courses and provides certificates. It surely does that but isn’t limited to that only. Learning is a vast process, and LinkedIn learning is a prime example of that.

Courses on LinkedIn learning are mostly in the form of video lectures and are aimed at professionals who’re working on a regular basis and yearn for skill improvement.

Pros:- LinkedIn learning lays a lot of emphasis on skill improvement and development, which is of great aid to working professionals.

Cons:- There is nothing free, unfortunately on LinkedIn learning. One has to pay a price of 30$ per month for a subscription that gives access to the entire library of courses.

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5. Codecademy

The name says it all about this e-learning website. Yes, that’s right. Codecademy is where you can learn everything there is to learn about programming and coding with the help of the countless courses designed by experts who’re masters of programming and coding. Today there are certain skills that are sought by employing institutions all across the globe. 

Best Sites Like Udemy 1

Coding and programming are the leading contenders for that. The point is, these skills are of utmost importance for anyone who seeks a brilliant career in the IT field or aims to be a software engineer or is pursuing an engineering degree in computer sciences. 

Codecademy is your solution for everything there is to learn about coding and programming. It offers free lessons for all of the main programming languages and is apt for beginners as well as skilled programmers who seek to further improve their skills.

Besides free courses, Codecademy also provides certificates for more advanced courses that you can avail of by paying $199.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Codecademy that makes it add to the Sites Like Udemy list.

Pros:- Codecademy is definitely the best place for learning coding and programming, as it is an e-learning website intended entirely to teach coding and programming.

Cons:- The fixed price of 199$ for every certificate course might not be affordable for everyone.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of those few e-learning websites that are vastly established.  Offering courses for subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, Khan Academy is a place where one can find courses aimed at school-going students and college-attending students as well. Yes, that’s what we meant by calling it a vastly established e-learning platform. 

15 Of The Best Sites Like Udemy For e-Learning

The courses at Khan Academy are available in several languages that ensure everyone can benefit from them regardless of geographical differences. Khan Academy also has online programs for students preparing for competitive examinations. 

Pros: The lessons at Khan Academy are to the point and easy to understand.

Cons: Some of the courses and lessons lack in-depth explanation, and there are no ways to emphasize improving nonremunerative and creative skills.

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7. Udacity

Udacity is yet another pretty popular e-learning platform trusted by many students worldwide. People often tend to get confused between Udemy, Unacademy, and Udacity as all three of them have similar names.

However, all of them are totally different from each other.  Udacity currently has more than 200 courses to offer. Some of these courses are paid for, while some are free of cost.

The best part about Udacity is their nano degree programs, which one has to pay to gain access to. These nano degree programs focus on skill improvement in a set time period, which is a center of attraction for many students or even working professionals. 

The prices of courses and paid programs on Udacity fall slightly on the expensive side, with some of their programs even costing 500$.

Pros:- Nano degree programs are a great and efficient initiative by Udacity that sheerly focuses on skill development in a set period of time.

Cons:- Expensive prices for some courses and online paid programs.

8. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is also one of the best sites like Udemy out there among many to choose from. Pluralsight’s main center of attraction is the courses it offers revolving around the information technology field and computer sciences.

Pluralsight is one of the few e-learning websites that is widely known for its efficient teaching perks, especially in computer-related topics. 

Best Sites Like Udemy 3

Technology courses are what made this e-learning platform famous, and besides them, Pluralsight also offers some business-related courses.

The technology courses are prepped and built by experienced professionals who’re ready to give their all in guiding the enrolled students, and the learning environment is a brilliant one.

Pluralsight follows a simple subscription plan pattern. One either can choose to pay 29$ per month for a monthly subscription or to pay 299$ for a yearly subscription.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Pluralsight that makes it added to the Sites Like Udemy list.

Pros: Pluralsight is one of the best e-learning platforms that is known for establishing quite effective and efficient learning curves.

Cons: There are unfortunately no free lessons on Pluralsight. However, it does let you take a look at the sample courses. So you can take a look at them and decide for yourself if they’re going to be worth purchasing a subscription or not.

9. Iversity

The name Iversity may not get tossed around all the time, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if most of you wouldn’t familiar with it. Despite that, this European-based e-learning platform is one of the best e-learning platforms like Udemy out there and is a lot similar to Coursera as well.

Similar to how Coursera lays emphasis on partnerships with famous colleges and universities, Iversity also has partnerships with colleges and educational institutions spread across the European continent.  

Konfliktsituationen erfolgreich lösen - Onlinekurs: Ich-Botschaften

Iversity has a huge number of totally free programs that it offers alongside its paid programs as well. The best part about it is that the paid programs aren’t actually paid.

What one pays for is the certificate if they seek it at the completion of a course. Isn’t that the best thing ever? The approach Iversity takes towards teaching is pretty unique.

Pros: A wide range of free courses, and you get to choose to pay if you seek a certificate of course completion is the best part about Iversity.

Cons: There’s no diversity of courses. Any skill improvement courses that focus on creativity might be rare to find.

10. Alison

Alison is another famous site like Udemy for e-learning. With most of the courses and lessons being absolutely free of cost, this is a choice for many students who aim at improving their skills and growing academically altogether. It has a huge number of courses to offer and all of them are guided by exceptional teachers.

Pros: Almost all of the courses offered on Alison are free of cost.

Cons: The courses offered aren’t in-depth, and practical learning isn’t much emphasized.

11. Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the underrated e-learning sites. It is a free e-learning platform just like Udemy. It offers courses in all major branches of engineering, which is its main center of attraction. Since the courses are completely free, everyone has easy access to them, promoting a healthy and nice learning environment.

Pros: Completely free courses.

Cons: There are comparably fewer skill development courses. Most of the courses available there are primarily academic.

12. Academic Earth

AcademicEarth is also an e-learning platform used by many students that is similar to Udemy in many ways. It is also similar to Coursera and Iversity as similar to them. Academic Earth also has partnered up with over 28 globally popular educational institutions like universities and colleges and thus is able to bring together a wide variety of courses.

Pros: Exceptionally qualified teachers and efficient online programs. It has a collection of free college courses as well.

Cons: There isn’t any particular con about Academic Earth. It’s just that with Coursera and Iversity around, Academic earth is often the last choice.

13. Memrise

This is yet another one of the unique e-learning platforms that we discussed so far in this list. Unlike any other e-learning website we’ve talked about so far, Memrise focuses on teaching languages to its enrolled students and a bunch of other courses as well. One can enroll for the purpose of learning languages like Spanish, Korean, French, German, etc. 

Memrise: Learn Spanish Fast, with Locals

Pros: Memrise is simply the best e-learning platform for learning languages, as no other platforms have the apt courses for this purpose.

Cons: Courses besides language courses are rare.

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14. Open Yale courses

Open Yale courses are meant solely for the purpose of learning. They’re totally free of cost and the courses are from Yale University.

These courses are very beginner-friendly and others are for advanced level as well. Unfortunately, there won’t be any credit or certificate from learning via Open Yale courses.

It offers courses in physics, English, psychology, economics, and other crucial subjects. These courses are taught by qualified teachers from Yale University and are a great way of growing your knowledge.

Pros: Totally free of cost courses directly from Yale University.

Cons: No credit or certificate for completion of courses.

📗FAQ on Sites like udemy

Which platform is better than Udemy? 

Skillshare is undeniably the best option as far as the top Udemy competitors are concerned. It is known for offering highly professional instructors with teaching tools to create high-quality online courses composed of video lessons as well as multiple class projects.

Other options similar to Skillshare are Coursera, Codeacademy, Khan Academy, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning, etc.  

Is skillshare better than Udemy? 

Both Skillshare, as well as Udemy, are among the leaders we talk about in the entire e-learning industry. Both platforms can be immensely helpful if you want to improve your overall skills.

However, you should always be careful while choosing a particular platform, and it should be based on your preferences and what you want to do in your career.

However, Skillshare becomes a lot better option when we talk about practicing what you learn, interacting with peers, and getting genuine feedback from your instructors. 

Is Udemy better than edX? 

Udemy and edX are all right up there with some of the best online learning platforms. however, Udemy has been recently offering better content quality as compared to edX. Additionally, Udemy is also known for giving higher monetary value than edX.

Which learning website is best? 

Udacity, Udemy, ALISON, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, etc. are among the best learning websites, and offer a wide range of courses across multiple fields and niches, and also support you with high-quality learning content prepared by some of well-known educators and tutors. 

Are Udemy classes worth it? 

Yes, as far as the value for money is concerned, Udemy classes are worth it for most students. Various courses offered by the platform are well-organized, affordable, and highly informative.

So, you can definitely invest in Udemy if you are looking for high-quality, job-oriented online learning courses at affordable fee structures. 

Is Coursera better than Udemy? 

While Udemy offers more courses across multiple categories, Coursera is known for offering well-structured courses, and especially focuses on machine learning.

You can also learn from some of the world’s top universities through Coursera. as they offer their courses from top universities, their certificates also hold more value and can be immensely helpful to finding suitable jobs. 

Can I put Udemy courses on my resume? 

Yes, you can put your Udemy courses on your resume. If you have acquired specific skills through Udemy courses, you should list them in the skills sections. And, listing courses on a resume is definitely not uncommon.

However, you must ensure that the courses you want to list our relevant to your job profile. Otherwise, it’s only a waste of time and nothing more. 

Do professionals use Udemy? 

Udemy is one of the most affordable learning platforms and offers a wide range of courses prepared by highly qualified instructors. There is definitely no time limit, and users can learn at their own pace and comfort.

And, as far as the use of Udemy by professionals is concerned, it of course fits well with all types of professionals who are working full time and can only spare a few hours weekly to continue their learning. 

What are the disadvantages of Udemy? 

Although you will get certificates of paid courses, these certificates are usually non-accredited. The platform is also not known to create high-quality horse content, and there is also a lack of control over courses. If you are looking for official certification, Udemy is not for you. 

Is the Udemy certificate valid? 

You can use certificates of completion by Udemy to showcase your accomplishments. However, as Udemy is not an accredited institution, You cannot use Udemy certificates for formal accreditation.  

Do employers take Udemy seriously? 

No, most employers especially those who prefer going old school, don’t recognize Udemy courses. The most important thing is, that Udemy is not considered an accredited institution, and courses offered by the platform are not considered for education continuation or college credit.  

Can the Udemy certificate get me a job? 

Certificate courses by Udemy are very good at showcasing your talent and accomplishments. however, there is no guarantee that you will get a job only based on an Udemy certificate.

Yes, it can also depend on the terms and conditions and policies of different companies and can be a matter of discussion. 

Should I put my Udemy certificate on LinkedIn? 

There is no reason why you cannot put your Udemy certificate on LinkedIn. Putting the information related to your Udemy certificate will showcase your extra talent and potential, and some employers may also recognize and can understand that you can add decent value to their organization. 

The Bottom Line on sites like udemy

In this article, we learned about e-learning and how it can begin the future of the learning process. We also learned about Udemy, which is one of the best platforms out there for e-learning.

There are several udemy like sites that offer a wide variety of courses for free and encourage learning in an easy manner. We hand-picked the best sites like Udemy and had a brief look at them.

You can also check out the list of the Best TinyPNG Alternatives.

These websites are easily accessible and have a team of the best teachers the world has to offer. E-learning has a lot of potential and is more efficient than our orthodox learning in many ways, and these e-learning platforms have been proving this for quite a while now.

With that being said, we’ll be wrapping this article up, and we hope that you have a great day ahead.