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13 Best Sites Like Upwork To Make Bright Ideas Happen

In today’s world, where some people are happy with their 9-5 jobs, others seek opportunities to earn extra.

To become their boss and buy time for themselves, people either opt to start a business or search for freelancing opportunities. Freelancing helps people the most as it focuses more on your skills than investment.

Many websites on the internet provide freelancing opportunities to people. One such fabulous website is Upwork, where people can find millions of freelancing opportunities.  

If you are starting afresh as a freelancer, Upwork is the right place for you. The website is easy to use and provides the best opportunities out there.

The website bridges the gap between freelancers and clients. It provides unlimited opportunities to all registered freelancers regardless of their capabilities, which is impressive.  

Though Upwork is among the best Freelancing Marketplace, most people avoid using it as it charges the highest subscription fees compared to other websites.

Moreover, the Upwork website is crowded and full of competition. Thankfully, many other websites offer freelancing opportunities to people out there.  

If you, too, are looking for a switch, then you are at the right place. This article will discuss some excellent sites like Upwork that you can choose to fulfill your freelancing requirements. 

Best Sites Like Upwork ‚Äď Our Top PickūüĎĆ

As discussed above, Upwork is a marketplace that bridges the gap between freelancers and clients.

It provides millions of opportunities to all freelancers looking for a headstart. You can find all types of work based on your niche on the Upwork website without much difficulty.  

To find work opportunities on Upwork, all you need is to visit the website, provide your details and sign up. Once registered on the website, you need to fill up forms and provide details using which the clients can get to you.

The website also provides customization options to optimize your profile and make it look attractive to the clients. Undoubtedly, Upwork is one of the best Freelancing websites available on the web.

But, many freelancers don’t like Upwork for its high registration fee and tough competition. Most freelancers don’t like being registered on the website, as it is crowded with all freelancers and offers steep competition, making it difficult to attract clients. 

However, you don’t have to worry as we have your back; below, we have provided the best sites like Upwork, where you can find ample opportunities for freelancing.

Stay with us and check out the complete list for more details. 

1. Freelancer.com 

While talking about sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com is the first website that comes to everyone’s mind. Freelancer.com connects millions of freelancers to clients regularly and tops the list of freelancing sites.

It is one of the most renowned websites with tons of freelancing opportunities for both experienced and freshers. 

GET IT DONE on Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is so popular that it has more freelancers than jobs, which means the place is crowded, and you need to make your profile more attractive to impress the clients.

However, the website has come up with a way to tackle the competition among freelancers. It has started a bidding system, where the highest bid price for the project wins.  

But, if you make your profile look attractive, it can attract potential clients to contact you directly for the job, which works almost every time.

Freelancer.com also organizes contests for freelancers, where you can participate, and if you win, you get plenty of work opportunities as a reward, which is impressive. 

The features that distinguish between Freelancer.com and Upwork are as follows:- 

  • Freelancer.com charges fees depending on the job type, whereas Upwork charges similar fees for every work.¬†
  • Freelancer.com organizes contests to offer better opportunities to the deserving.¬†
  • The Customer support on Freelancer.com is terrific and is available 24*7 all year round.¬†
  • Creating an account on Freelancer.com is very simple and does not require any approval.¬†

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2. Fiverr ‚Äď Freelance Service

If you are searching for an alternative to Upwork, Fiverr is the best you can opt for. Fiverr is another big marketplace for freelancers to find clients without difficulty.

When it comes to sites like Upwork, Fiverr is the name that comes to every freelancer’s mind.  

The Fiverr website is popular among users for its efficient way of connecting freelancers with clients. It provides tons of opportunities to all registered freelancers at an affordable price range.

Best Sites Like Upwork

Fiverr charges 20% as commission from the freelancer’s earnings. However, the freelancers need not worry as the website has decided a certain fixed amount which would be charged, even if you earn more.  

Once registered on the website, you can create a service package and set a price for the package, but remember, the price should be reasonable enough to attract clients.

The most popular services offered by freelancers to clients on Fiverr include Digital marketing, designing, content writing, etc.  

Fiverr - Google play store preview

The website facilities all services, from connecting with the clients to work submission and payments, which is impressive. Once you work hard and earn a reputation on the site, clients are attracted more towards you, which is fantastic. 

The features that distinguish Fiverr from Upwork:-

  • The website offers package service creation, which is not supported on Upwork.¬†
  • You do not need approval from the site to join or register.¬†
  • The projects offered on Fiverr are not based on an hourly basis.¬†
  • You can apply for ten jobs per day on the Fiverr website.¬†

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3. People Per Hour 

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based website that has been well known for connecting millions of freelancers to clients since its establishment in 2015.

The website provides a similar browsing and service experience as the Upwork website. It is considered the most preferred website when people search for sites like Upwork.

To work and get clients on the website, you need to create an account and wait for approval from their moderators. Once approved on the website, you can start building your profile and achieve projects.

Best Sites Like Upwork 1

The website offers a simple and easy-to-use interface coupled with different work categories. You can find up to fifteen work categories on the website, including writing, web development, graphic designing, and much more. 

The website provides job suggestions based on your skills and education, making job search easier for freelancers. The website charges commission depending upon your work.

The more you work, the less commission you pay. The commission percentage on the website ranges from 20% to 3%, depending on your earnings.

The Features that distinguish PeoplePerHour from Upwork:-

  • The website facilitates collaboration with other Freelancers registered on the website, which is a unique feature.¬†
  • The website offers automatic invoicing of project bills, making it easier for you.¬†
  • You can also create a service package for the clients.¬†

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4. CloudPeeps 

If you are searching for a community platform that provides freelancing opportunities, CloudPeeps is the best you opt for.

When it comes to sites like Upwork, CloudPeeps acquires its position in the list. The website connects thousands of Freelancers to clients regularly. It also provides work suggestions based on your qualification and skills. 

13 Best Sites Like Upwork To Make Bright Ideas Happen

The website is the best place to visit for all kinds of freelancing projects. It offers work in different fields, including PR, web development, business development, digital marketing, and much more.

All the works available on CloudPeeps are hourly, fixed, or project-based, making it convenient for freelancers to choose from.  

To get started on the website, you need to register and get approval from the website moderator. Once you get approval, you can start applying for work.

The website charges $9-10 per month as membership fees. You have to get a membership to send work requests or to communicate with the client. 

The commission on the website depends on the level of your membership. The higher the level, the lower the commission charged. The commission percentage on the website ranges between 15-5%, which is less than other websites. 

Features that distinguish CloudPeeps from Upwork:-

  • The website charges lower membership fees, which is fantastic.¬†
  • It offers fewer job categories as compared to Upwork, which is a drawback.¬†
  • CloudPeeps¬†asks for membership to send job proposals to clients, which is not the same with Upwork.¬†
  • Unlike Upwork, the website offers to create a service package for the clients to choose from.¬†

5. Guru 

Moving on with the list, we have Guru, which is another fantastic Freelancing website. Guru is one of the most frequently named websites when it comes to sites like Upwork.

The platform is designed to provide more accessible communication and bridge the gap between Freelancers and clients. The website allows freelancers to find jobs and employers to find works and work on projects together, which is terrific. 

13 Best Sites Like Upwork To Make Bright Ideas Happen

The best part of Guru is that it provides jobs in almost every category out there, which is why it is a strong contender of Upwork.

There are tons of categories in which you can find work. The job categories on Guru include Legal, marketing, sales, accounts, designing, and much more.  

The Guru website is known for its lower commission charges; it charges a 9-10% commission from the free members, whereas it charges less from the registered members. The membership on the platform starts from $9 per month.  

Moreover, the website provides excellent perks for the paid members; it provides them with a better and more number of client recommendations, which is pretty good. This also reduces competition and helps you achieve better opportunities. 

Features that distinguish Guru from Upwork:-

  • Guru is an excellent website where you can collaborate with other freelancers easily and work together.¬†
  • The website is known for its lower commission charges, which are the lowest compared to any other freelancing website.¬†
  • The site also provides 24*7 customer support with easier access.¬†
  • You can efficiently track your project progress on the website, which is impressive.¬†

6. FreeUp 

FreeUp is another freelancing website, which is confined to a smaller population. The website is one of the less-known websites compared to sites like Upwork. The main aim behind the platform was to make communication between the best freelancers with the top clients.  

The platform provides the best opportunities to some selected best-performing freelancers within 24 hours of bidding, which is excellent. But, if you are an average performer, you have to wait for your turn, which is a significant drawback.  

However, with confined operations, the website provides the best customer support available 24*7 to assist you with all the difficulties. It includes a few job categories, including legal, eCommerce, Copywriting, Amazon services, etc.  

To get yourself registered on the platform, you need to get through a three-step verification process ‚Äď filling application, interview, and a test at the end.

If you qualify in all three steps, you get approval to join and start working with the top clients in your area.  

How FreeUp Works - Top Freelance Website 2022

To speed up the hiring process, the FreeUp websites offer up to 15 minutes of interaction time between the client and the freelancer, making it easier for the client to decide whether to hire the freelancer. The app promises to offer work within 24 hours of applying, which is fantastic. 

If you are a well-known freelancer, FreeUp is the best website to find work on. Moreover, the website offers top clients to work with, which is again impressive.  

Features that distinguish FreeUp from Upwork:-

  • Acquiring a job on¬†FreeUp¬†is pretty tricky, as it depends solely on the clients to find and provide you with a job. Like Upwork and other websites, one cannot randomly search and apply for jobs, which is a significant drawback.¬†
  • The website offers 24*7 customer support.¬†
  • The app does not charge any service fees from the Freelancers, which is impressive.¬†
  • Unlike other freelancing websites, you cannot contact the client directly on¬†FreeUp, which is a drawback.¬†

7. FlexJobs 

FlexJobs is one of the best and most popular websites in the list of sites like Upwork. The website is known for providing flexible and remote job opportunities to freelancers.

The website was launched in 2007 and has grown to be the most searched website for Freelancing opportunities.  

The best part of the website is that it offers 100% genuine opportunities and no scam jobs to freelancers. They have set a screening system for each job and candidate to avoid scams or fraudulent activities, which is impressive.  

Best Sites Like Upwork 4

Moreover, the FlexJobs website offers several filters to provide the best-suited opportunities to every deserving Freelancer. They promise to offer the job within hours of applying or bidding on it, which is excellent for registered freelancers. 

FlexJobs has a team of employees working hard to provide high-quality jobs to every Freelancer registered on their site. Moreover, they also provide 24*7 customer support to help you land a great job opportunity. 

As we know, every excellent service comes with a price; similarly, the FlexJobs service charge is a bit hight than any other website.

The website charges a membership fee of $7/week or $15/month, completely worth the service they provide. You can visit the FlexJobs website to take a deeper view and for more details. 

Features that distinguish FlexJobs from Upwork:-

  • Unlike Upwork,¬†FlexJobs¬†is similar to a job board where you can find tons of opportunities without much hassle.¬†
  • The jobs available on the¬†FlexJobs¬†website are genuine and of high quality.¬†
  • The website has less competition, making it one of the best places to find jobs.¬†
  • The website also offers career counseling to freelancers.¬†
  • The website protects both clients and freelancers from scammers and fraudsters.¬†

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8. Thumbtack 

If you are a freelancer searching for work in your local community, Thumbtack is the best website you can visit. The Thumbtack website acquires its place on the list of sites like Upwork because of its outstanding services and customer support.  

On the Thumbtack website, you can easily find a job within your local community. The websites provide you the opportunity of meeting new clients regularly, making it easier to find a job.

Best Sites Like Upwork 5

The best part of Thumbtack is that they provide massive categories of jobs to choose from. The website has nearly 1000-1100 categories of jobs, which is impressive.  

One more unique feature of the website is that it lets you get registered and scroll through jobs for free, but if you want to apply or bid for a job, you have to pay a minimum commission of $1.50-1.60. 

Moreover, if the client does not respond to your application within 48 hours, the website returns 100% of the fees you paid.

Isn’t that amazing? Furthermore, you get $120 worth of application credit if you sign-up on the website. We don’t think any other Freelancing website offers such service to the clients. 

Overall, Thumbtack is the best website and offers tons of opportunities for all deserving freelancers. You can visit the Thumbtack website for more information. 

Features that distinguish Thumbtack from Upwork:-

  • The website offers a complete report of your performance and projects.¬†
  • It offers a complete refund of the application fee if the client does not respond to the application within 48hours.¬†
  • It helps you grab a job in your local community.¬†

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9. Contena ‚Äď Sites Like Upwork for Writing Professionals

If you are a writer and searching for freelance content writing jobs, Contena is the best website you can visit. The website offers quality writing opportunities to freelancers. The site helps writers start a career quickly and establish themselves.  

Best Sites Like Upwork 6

One Contena, you get job offers based on your skills and knowledge. On registration, the site notes all your skills and matches them with different projects; once your profile matches a project, the website sends you an e-mail for the same, which is impressive. 

For getting started on the Contena website, you need to buy their membership, which the site offers at a reasonable rate. Moreover, they also offer free courses to enhance your writing skills with the membership. Isn’t it great? 

Features that distinguish Contena from Upwork:-

  • On Contena, you can only find jobs related to content writing.¬†
  • It does not charge any commission but has a membership fee.¬†
  • The Contena website offers courses for enhancing your writing skills.¬†
  • With Contena, you can also get access to the publishing tools to customize and enhance your portfolio.

10. Truelancer 

Truelancer is another fabulous freelancing marketplace where you can find millions of freelancing opportunities right at your fingertips. The site is one of the best places to find accurate jobs based on your skills. 

On the Truelancer website, you can also participate in contests and win hundreds of opportunities that will add value to your profile.

13 Best Sites Like Upwork To Make Bright Ideas Happen

Once you land a job on Truelancer and work efficiently, the website offers you more opportunities and manages your workflow smoothly. 

The website has the lowest freelancing rates than any other freelancing website, which can also land you in scam jobs.

But, to avoid such issues, the website offers freelancers to set a minimum deposit amount that they can receive an advance from the clients. The system helps ensure that the client is legit and wants to work with you. 

The membership on the website starts from $50/month. The commission charged on the website ranges from 10% to 8%, depending on work and membership level. You can visit the Truelancer website for further information. 

Features that distinguish Trulancer from Upwork:-

  • The site offers the lowest freelancing rates than any other website.¬†
  • It allows you to request a minimum advance deposit from the clients to avoid scams.¬†
  • The website has an interactive interface coupled with a workflow management system that keeps track of your projects and jobs.¬†

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11. LinkedIn  

LinkedIn is one of the top-performing freelancing marketplace present on the web. The platform was designed with the aim to connect freelancers to businesses conveniently. LinkedIn is considered as one of the top competitors of Upwork and Fiverr.  

LinkedIn works similar to the Upwork website, where freelancers can actively apply for jobs offered by businesses and wait for acceptance.

The best part is LinkedIn supports in-app payments, which most websites don’t. Moreover, it allows a safe payment system using the Microsoft digital wallet.  

LinkedIn offers job opportunities in different categories, including designing, writing, accounts, etc. You can opt for searching for a job in any category depending on your skills.

Freelance Clients on LinkedIn: Practical tips

They also have an app designed for Android and IOS devices. You can visit the LinkedIn website for more details. 

Features that distinguish LinkedIn from Upwork:-

  • LinkedIn offers to advertise your profiles at reasonable charges so that it enhances your reach and helps you grab more opportunities.¬†
  • The LinkedIn website facilitates in-app payment using Microsoft wallet.¬†

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12. Toptal 

The name Toptal is the abbreviated form of Top Talent, which indicates that the website is created with the sole purpose of bringing top freelancers and providing them with great opportunities.

The website promises to connect the top 3-4% of freelancers worldwide with top clients, including Shopify and Duolingo, which is fantastic.  

But, for a fresher to get a job on the Toptal can be a pretty challenging task. The website only registers top-performing freelancers, which is a drawback for the freshers. Moreover, the selection process of the website is way more rigorous than one can expect.  

Once you get past their registration process, they offer high-paying job opportunities, which is impressive. Moreover, they allow you to keep all your earnings; yes, you heard it right. The website allows all registered freelancers to keep 100% of their earnings and not charge any commission.  

However, getting selected on the website is an excellent opportunity in itself. You can visit the Toptal website to know more. 

Features that distinguish Toptal from Upwork:-

  • The website does not charge any commission from any of the registered freelancers.¬†
  • Like Upwork, the¬†Toptal¬†is not for beginners.¬†
  • The website has one of the most rigorous application processes.¬†

13. Legiit

Legiit is another website like Upwork that bridges the gap between freelancers and clients. The platform works effectively to provide freelancers with the best opportunities they search for.

The Legiit platform was developed and launched in 2018. Since then, it has gained popularity for its exceptional work of providing the best opportunities to some of the most talented freelancers.   

13 Best Sites Like Upwork To Make Bright Ideas Happen

On Legiit, you can find millions of opportunities in multiple fields, including Graphics, designing, SEO, Internet marketing, Audio & Music, Programming, App development, Writing, and much more.

The platform has an interactive and easy-to-use user interface and provides 24*7 customer support to all the users, which is impressive.  

Like Fiverr, Legiit also offers freelancers to create service package for the clients to choose from. The Legiit website offers services at a reasonable rate and helps you find the work you love with ease.  

Wrapping Up 

As discussed above, Upwork is one of the most well-known and popular websites for freelancers. However, there are many other freelancing websites that you must explore to find excellent opportunities.  

Moreover, the competition on the Upwork website is way more than the number of jobs available, making it difficult for you to land a better opportunity.

If you are a beginner and searching for sites like Upwork, we hope your search has ended with our article. Above, we mentioned some of the most amazing Upwork alternatives that might help you get started. 

You can visit Freelancer.com, which is considered the top competitor of Upwork and provides the best freelancing opportunities to all registered candidates. You can also choose Guru, which offers the best-in-class services at reasonable prices.  

If you are searching for high-paying freelance jobs, you can visit the Toptal website, which promises to offer the best opportunities than any other website. However, to get started on the Toptal website, you need to pass their test, which is most challenging.  

Always remember, whichever website you choose, try to build an attractive profile on that website. Building an attractive profile will compel more clients to contact you for work, making it easier to land a better work opportunity.