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Six must-have features in an Android tracking App

We all know the usage of the internet has become a necessity just like the food we eat. With the increase in its usage, the crimes related to the internet has also increased at an alarming rate. We need to be aware of our online activity as well as our kids who would be browsing the internet usually for useful purposes. Without being aware, we could be visiting sites which could be a potential threat to our well being. Did you know that tracking someone’s Facebook messages is now possible

Use of tracking apps for your iPhones

Hacking is like walking on thin ice when it comes to being ethical or not. In order to keep a track of what we do online, applications are available. However, we need to know a few essential features that a tracking application must have to ensure that we can track our presence effectively. Let’s discuss some of the must-have features of an Android tracking app.

  • Ease of Installation

Any application should have these features of making the installation easy. We shouldn’t be frustrated with the initial stage of installation since this first step will start building confidence in using the software. The app should have easy access to all the features even without the knowledge of prior usage. 

  • SMS/Call monitoring

This type of monitoring was once referred to as stalking however, it is now a necessary safety precaution. The sole reason to say this statement out loud is that we are trying to protect the ones we love from being a victim of cyber victim and stalking. This feature helps you to view all incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

It also shows the times, date, and both sender/receiver information. Another exciting usage would be extracting the deleted messages from the viewing data in the control panel of the app.

  • Email Monitoring

90% of cybercrimes happen via phishing or suspicious emails. So, we need to track all the emails of ourselves as well as our children to ensure safety. Attractive emails always have a downside with some of them being genuine but, that’s not always the case. This feature assists in knowing with whom we are communicating at all times.

Most of the email providing platforms help in spamming most of the suspicious emails. However, there is no harm in having an added layer of security. 

  • Instant Message Monitoring

Instant messaging has become a trend these days. With a wide number of apps like Skype, Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, and various social media messaging platforms being used, we need to be aware of our digital footprint. A tracking app should be able to monitor the same with ease.

Similar to message monitoring, this feature should be exclusively offered in all tracking applications. We should be well aware of such activities since even the most crucial business deals happen online. It is always to safe to have back up in case something goes wrong, we would have definite proof of what was said over this platform.

  • GPS Tracking

This is one of the best features that a tracking application should provide. We need to be aware of the location of our children at all times. This feature helps protect our children’s’ safety along with keeping track of them. This could be considered as a stalking-ish feature but a necessary one at that.

A detailed route information with specific time stamps can be used to know the whereabouts of the one we are communicating with. In case the phone has been lost or even stolen, we could track its whereabouts and find it without any hassle. 

  • Internet Monitoring

Last but certainly not the least, internet monitoring. This feature provides a detailed report of websites visited in the device along with various activities done. There are two more useful options in this particular feature apart from viewing the browser history. First would be viewing saved bookmarks thereby knowing the web activity.

Secondly, blocking specific websites which would be same as childproofing the device in case our children try to access any unwanted websites. By doing so, we could explain to our children to be responsible to use the offered facility. Furthermore, this information will help confront them to ensure that they don’t repeat the same mistake again.


An Android tracking application can be used productively to ensure that we are safe in the digital world and in turn keep our children safe from cyberbullying and stalking. With these essential features in mind, we could search for applications that would fulfill all these requirements. Let’s help make a better digital experience for our children while teaching them to be responsible.