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SlideModel: 100% Editable Assets for PowerPoint Presentations


Preparing a good presentation and investing in creating high-appealing slides can directly increase the chances of success delivering a message to an audience. We are in a time where visuals really matter. Gone are the days when a PowerPoint presentation was all about choosing a standard template from the default template gallery, inserting notes and text-driven bullet points. Vision trumps all other senses and humans are more likely to retain what is being displayed rather than what is being read. Whether you can make an awe-inspiring presentation or not, depends on a few factors. Everything, from your command over design tools, dedication for a consistent style to the attention given to the presentation processes, matters.

SlideModel: Redefine PowerPoint Presentations

SlideModel helps you make state of the art presentations which can help you inform, motivate, entertain or persuade your audience. The website maintains a huge collection of already crafted, ready to use templates for your PowerPoint presentations. The simple yet innovative templates remove your personal creative bias and focus on what is best for your viewers. SlideModel has templates for every occasion. Launch new products, share ideas, educate people and fulfill personal-professional goals without any further ado. You can find the best templates for your presentation within a few clicks. With a lot of sections of templates, the portal currently maintains a huge collection of over 20,000 and counting presentation templates.

There are different categories of templates that makes perfect sense for the needs of teachers, students, business professionals and others. Every business environment can benefit from the exclusive strategy and marketing templates. There are 100% editable PowerPoint diagrams and shapes to help you illustrate the content further. The portal also maintains a unique collection of editable Maps templates. With a ton of PowerPoint symbols, signs, clipart and buttons, your presentation can be benefited a lot. Moreover, there is a huge availability of Data Charts which can help you break complex data into simple and readable pie/bar charts. There is a decent availability of 3D shapes under the PowerPoint shapes categories.


100% Editable Slides

You can only put your best foot forward when your presentation is original. SlideModel templates can be 100% edited. Since customization is necessary for adding a personal touch, these templates can also be used for branding your presentation. While you’re pitching an idea to your stakeholders and key investors, it’s crucial to give a decent impression of your brand. When you have a highly customizable template in place, the job becomes 10 times easier. Every element of these templates can be edited as per your wish. Don’t like bullets, fonts, graphics or theme? No worries, SlideModel has got plenty of options. Booting your digital presence & marketing collateral has become possible now.

Creative Slide Layouts and Templates for PowerPoint

Your presentation design isn’t bound to mimic every word that you plan to speak. You can easily edit your presentation by including more graphics and less text. SlideModel templates can be highly customized. This, in turn, helps your audience absorb all the numbers and remember the presentation goal too! It can be said that striking a balance between appropriate graphics and necessary words ain’t easy, but SlideModel templates will surely help you achieve the same. Graphics can have an incredible impact on our minds, customize your slides wisely.

One of the best features of templates available on SlideModel is that these are highly agile and flexible. In simpler terms, you can make use of these templates over several presentations making platforms. Some of the major software such as Google Slides, Apple Keynote & others are supported aside of Microsoft PowerPoint. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the integrity of the presentation design or the content it contains. SlideModel has made connecting with your teammates or peers for an online presentation a piece of cake.

Now you can collaborate globally without having to worry about design aesthetics. Also, SlideModel templates can be easily moved from one PowerPoint presentation to another. You can even combine different exclusive slides into a single presentation. The portal helps you make a presentation which is as polished as your pitch. You can easily give your business goals a professional boost by leveraging the graphical and typography resources available on SlideModel.com.


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