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13 Of The Best Slow Down Music Apps To Download Today


Are you looking for Best Slow Down Music Apps that help you to learn new songs by slowing down or speeding up playback without changing the pitch? 🤔


We got you covered in this article. Without any further delay, let’s explore this guide. 📗

Are you a budding singer? Perhaps, you plan on becoming an accomplished dancer. Whatever the reason, when you intend to become a professional singer or dancer, you need to right tools to do so. 

We are not talking about expensive equipment, costume, production house, and so on. We are referring to apps to slow down your music or tracks. So, why do you need an app to slow down a track of music?

A very intriguing question. Apps that slow down music can help you listen and grasp the song better. Singing and dancing are two emotions of the body. The song should come from within you. 

When your audience members or judges see your sing or dance, they should feel the emotion or passion from your song or dance moments. To do that, you might want to make use of an app like slowing down the music. 

Benefits of Slow Down Music Apps 🕵️‍♀️

Listening to a song or track repeatedly might not do you any good. However, when you listen to it slowly or little faster, you can memorize it so well that you know what comes next. This immensely helps in your preparation for singing or dancing. 

The apps to slow down your music should be able to change or modify the speed of the music or song being played. However, you would be surprised to know that the reasons for slowing down music and songs are not limited to musicians alone. 

There are a few more other benefits of slowing down songs and music. Perhaps, you could be a dance teacher or an aspiring dancer, music teacher, or even a choirmaster.

For example, when you are learning a dance or trying to perfect some steps when dancing, then listening to the beat and tune, slowly enables you to match the rhythm. 

We have come up with the best apps to slow down music in the market. Our research team has done all the hard work for you. 

So, all you need to do is sit back and relax and go through the post carefully. 

Best Slow Down Music Apps 🎼: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Music Speed Changer

Single Minded Production, LLC has developed Music Speed Changer. With the help of this app, the speed and pitch of the song can be altered, depending on your requirements. You would be amazed to know that this app has been downloaded a million times. 

Slow Down Music Apps

It is rated highly by users. It offers you the ability to adjust the pitch and speed of the audio format. Another exciting feature of the app is its ability to reverse audio files. The audio files can be saved into the mp3 format. 

The pitch and speed of the song can be adjusted together. This app is suitable for musicians who are looking for a barrage of features in the app.

You can either slow down or sped up. Perhaps, you can also enjoy your song at a speedy tempo. The Music Speed Changer app ranked number 1st in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

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2. Audipo: Audio speed changer

Lapis apps have designed Audipo that can change music and slow down the track. This is an advanced app and is highly suitable for professional musicians who seek better control of the audio file. 

Slow Down Music Apps

It comes with a marking feature that allows you to place marks on the audio file. You not only can put the mark but also name the mark. The pro version comes with the ability to save and export tracks in different formats. 

The speed of the track being played can be decreased or increased when you are listening to a track. Not to mention, when you want to make modifications, you can do so.

The app comes in both android and iOS platforms. The Audipo: Audio speed changer app ranked number 2nd in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

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3. Music Speed Changer   

Hipxel has developed Music Speed Changer. The app can provide you with the ability to change the audio file and change the pitch. Using this application, modified songs and audio files can be played in different formats like mp3, wav, ogg, or flac. 

Users have the ability to control the tempo of the song as much as 4 times. That is exceptional, to say the least. Pitches can be set at -1 to +1. Not to mention, tracks can be exported and saved in different formats. 

Features of this app include changing the tempo to 4 times faster and slower, and it comes in different formats like mp3, wav, flac, ogg. The pitch of the song can be changed anytime you want. 

Two modes of changing the tempo are available, which are pad and slider. You have several reasons to use this app; namely, it comes with a simple interface, has a large number of options for converting your music, and the app is free to download for use. The Music Speed Changer app ranked number 3rd in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

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4. Riff Studio

brAZZi Labs has developed a fantastic app to slow down your music. Riff Studio is one of the cleanest app presents in the market as of today.

You can download and use the app only on android devices. Apple users may want to think about getting an android device if you plan on becoming a professional musician. 

The app is definitely worth it. Using this app, you can create your own list of songs. Based on the list, the app will adjust the speed and pitch of the songs. You also get to use the sign and play along with the feature. 

Slow Down Music Apps

As it allows you to set your own songs that you can adjust the speed, musicians and dancers can conveniently use it accordingly. The parameters of the music can be configured in real-time, and pitch can be adjusted likewise. 

Beginners may find it difficult to use and understand the interface of the music app. That is because it is meant for professionals only. But, with some practice, you can get the hang of it. 

On the whole, this app provides you with so many abilities in fine-tuning your music. You can now, remix songs, compose music, and change the music files. Apart from that, you can also modify the instruments accordingly. The Riff Studio app ranked number 4th in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

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5. Music Speed Changer Lite by M- Apps

M- Apps designed and developed Music Speed Changer Lite. The app does what it is supposed to do. Extremely suitable for language students and musicians. The android users can access this app can make changes likewise. 

Using this app, you can now change the tempo of the audio format on your smartphone without affecting the pitch. All this can be done in real-time. 

Download on Google Play Store

6. Tempo SlowMo- BPM Slow Downer

Tempo SlowMo- BPM Slow Downer was developed by Martian Storm Ltd. It is the ideal slow down music app for dancers, musicians, as well as multi-language students. When you plan to learn several languages, then you will find this app extremely useful.

This app provides you features that can help you to slow down the speed of songs. Apart from that, it provides you with loop sections.

As of now, this app is only available for android users. This might be a big let down for iOS users. The Tempo SlowMo- BPM Slow Downer app ranked number 6th in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

7. Music Speed Changer (Classic)

Music Speed Changer – classic version, is perfect that help you achieve your song goals. You can access it on android devices. Single Minded Production, LLC, designed the app.

The creators have come up with an excellent app because you just need to click on one button, and everything is in your hands. 

It does its job by adjusting the pitch of the song and the tempo of the music. You can also adjust multiple audio files with this app.

There is a feature called the music looper, where you can slow the speeds of the music as well as the loop section, for practicing. The Music Speed Changer (Classic) app ranked number 7th in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

8. Amazing Slow Downer Lite by Roni Music

Roni Music designed and developed Amazing Slow Downer Lite. The app is available on android devices only. iOS owners might want to think about using it. With the help of this app, you can slow down the track. 

Slow Down Music Apps

The program is ideal for those of you who want to experiment on your singing and learning music. Perhaps, this can help you create your fusion and music. For any musician, you must come up with your own song style and creation. 

This app can help you achieve that. With the slow music, you can easily listen to the track or songs repeatedly again. When the need arises, you can also increase the speed of the song or music. 

This software enables you to make changes, perfect for audio editors. If you are a budding music composer, then you will find this app useful to meet your requirements. 

The Amazing Slow Downer Lite by Roni Music app ranked number 8th in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

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9. Audio Speed Changer

Audio Speed Changer was designed and developed to slow down the music. This program can be downloaded and used on both android and iOS platforms. The best part about the app is that you can alter the tempo without affecting the pitch of the track. 

Other features that are found on this app are a change of the pitch, filtering the frequency, removing the voice from the song or track, and others. With these features, you can compose your own songs or tracks. 

Ideal for novice musicians who want to learn how to play quality music and eventually become a professional singer. Most of the musicians start their careers by learning how to play an instrument; then they move on to singing. 

This app is a motivational factor for enabling you to do just that. Since you can play it on both the major platforms, there is no excuse not to use it.

The app is simple and uses thanks to its interface. Even amateurs can find out how you can learn using it almost instantly. The Audio Speed Changer app ranked number 9th in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

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10. TimePitch  

TimePitch is an excellent program that can help you share and create your own music. It is suitable for singers, both amateurs and professionals. The only drawback of this app is that it can be used only on iOS platforms. 

Slow Down Music Apps

If you are using android devices, then you might want to consider using this app because it is simple and extremely flexible. Do not be fooled by the low rankings on our list. You can find it present on the top 10 rankings of apps used for slowing down the music. 

It is free to use and can be downloaded without hassle. The app can change the tempo of the song as well as the voice pitch.

If you plan to become a professional dancer or artist, then you must give this app a try. The TimePitch app ranked number 10th in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

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11. Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer

Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer is an app that can be used on Apple devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhones. Perhaps, this does work against android device users who do not have a clue of what they are missing out on. 

Slow Down Music Apps

The app is named aptly so because it changes the tempo of the song as well as the pitch of the voice. Extremely suitable for beginners who want to learn how to sing and dance. You can decide on the speed of the song being played. 

It comes with a simple interface that allows even novices to operate using it. Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also share your work with others through messenger, emails, and social media. 

Download on Apple App Store

12. Music Practice – Slow Down Music Trainer

Music Practice is an app that is often underestimated by several users. Unfortunately, only Apple users can access it on their iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Probably that is because even beginners can work with it, not knowing how to. 

However, the app comes with excellent capabilities that can match with the best in the market. The app comes with functions that it is supposed to have. Not to mention, you can also edit files depending on your requirements. 

The best part about this app is that it comes for free. Users have never faced issues when slowing down songs using this app. All you need to do is select the music or song you want to play; then you need to choose the tempo, you are ready to go. 

You will also be glad to know that the modified song or music can be saved according to your desire. 

Download on Apple App Store

13. SpeedPitch

SpeedPitch is simple to use the app and is available only on iOS devices. Using this, you can not only slow down the music but edit it as well. You can download the app and begin your journey to slow down the music. 

One of the best features of the app is slowing down the tracks that you play. The song or music can be performed once you have loaded it from the device’s library. The interface is quick and straightforward to work. 

The need to slow down songs can come up due to several reasons. Maybe you want to add the slowed-down song to a video or need to fill an entire video. Perhaps, you need slow music to practice for an event. Ideal for professional musicians who are on the lookout for a free slow down music app.

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Slow the song without altering the pitch

Most of the apps mentioned above work using the same principle. The first thing you need to do is import the files on your device. It could be a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also drag and drop the audio files on your device. 

Now, you need to set the speed or tempo. You can do that by going into the audio editing option. You are provided with a wide range of speeds and tempo. Depending on your requirements and usage, you can do so. 

Lastly, the song needs to be set. That can be done by clicking on the create and format of it. Choose the output format too. The advanced settings can be changed likewise. You can export the file on your device to the desired location. 

Reasons to slow down music 

So, why would you consider using apps to slow down the music? Probably the only reason that comes to mind is, for practicing music. If you are a budding singer or artist, then you prefer to listen to the song slowly, so that you get the tune and lyrics. 

It makes sense to begin slowly, and then try and proceed with the regular tempo of the song. Once you have perfected your steps or almost nearing perfection, you can then start to build up speed, and then confidently move ahead with the steps. 

Some professional dancers like to take a few steps ahead and listen to the song faster so that they can make up the steps and mentally fit into it. This helps them to perform the steps at the right speed when the original song is played. 

This is known as muscle memory, and you are doing yourself a massive favor by practicing the song repeatedly, either slow or fast. So, when you are mentally prepared to hit the right steps when you actually reach the section of the song. 

Make your practice more fun. 

Sometimes practicing music can be fun when you listen to the song slowly. That enables you to learn things easier. It also helps you move around using your hands and feet. You can get the steps and body movements to perfection. 

After all, that is what dancing is all about. You do not want to be too slow or too fast. You want to maintain the rhythm of the tune. Hence, slowing down the song a bit can help you immensely as you can by heart the routine and gain the confidence of the song. 

Makes learning music fun

For a beginner, learning music or playing an instrument can be nerve-racking, to say the least. When the song is performed on the original track, you struggle a bit. This can reduce your confidence too. 

New students or learners can get put off by it. How about slowing the music and getting the tune correctly? When you do that, it reduces your frustration and improves the fun. You not only get to have some fun practicing the song slowly but get the tune to perfection. 

Whether you are a novice or professional, learning music through fun makes all the difference between failure and success, losing, and winning the competition. 

You can fix specific sections. 

In most cases, singers and dancers find problems with a particular section of the song or music that is being played. Using the apps to slow down the music, you can listen to it repeatedly and form a mental picture of it. 

Then when you are preparing to sing or dance to it, you can improvise on that part and move ahead. Both newcomers and professionals tend to face this problem often. With this kind of app in your hands, you no longer have to suffer in silence. 

Don’t work harder than you normally do

The choice of learning or doing something is entirely up to you. Either do it or perish. If you are a professional dancer or singer, then your career is on the line. Why do you want to perish the hard way, when you have a simple way out?

Not to mention, using this method helps you to perfect your singing or dancing, that affects your career in a better way. Though you start in a slow manner, you pick up every inch of the song or routine to perfection. 

That is what the judges and the audience want. Slowing down the song or track is a good thing as far as musicians, artists, and teachers are concerned. When you want to reduce the number of mistakes, then apps are to help you solve your problems. 


With the best apps to slow down music, you can now slow down the music or song and also download it on your PC, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone in less than a minute.

Instead of spending hours of anger and frustration on pausing, going back, and then replaying the song again repeatedly, you can make use of free apps. 

According to us, Music Speed Changer is the best app to slow down your music. It can really help your cause here. With a wide range of features and functions, you can perform several tasks using it. 

Not to mention, it comes with an easy interface and simple design for even amateurs. I hope you found this post useful in your quest for learning music and dance to perfection.

Becoming a successful dancer or musician relies on the ideal app that can help you learn and perfect your music or steps.