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13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 – Reviewed

This is Buyer’s Guide to Best Small Smart TV in 2022. 😎

Best part?

In picking this small smart tv, we have considered many factors like Smart Function, Picture Quality, Media compatibility and ports, Brand, and Refresh Rate.

Let’s get started. 📗

Although the larger screen provides better viewing, most people prefer small television. These smaller versions are replicas of the larger TV and possess the most features.

They are a great option as a secondary TV for the guest room, kitchen, outdoor living space, kid’s room, or for people with small apartment spaces.

Over the last few years, TV companies have realized how much size plays a significant role in appliances and have taken the bull by the horns to design smaller, smarter, and more efficient TVs for your living space that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Best Small Smart TV – Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Vizio 24IN D-Series LED Smart TV

Are you looking for a slim and lightweight TV you can place anywhere in the home? If your space is too small or you need some distraction in another room on the house but cannot afford a big budget, then the Vizio D-series should be a choice you should be looking at. 

Small Smart TV
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This brand of TVs is among the slimmest on the market; they are sleek, stylish, reliable, and durable, with all the smarts you need to enjoy a good day with your favorite shows.

The screen is 24 inches wide and offers amazing smart functionality with inbuilt wifi. Fitted with a V6 Hexa-core processor, this Edge-lit LED 24 inches TV with a screen resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9 for impeccable clarity, definition, and color quality on images that enhance the details in videos and movies for the best viewing experience ever.

Furthermore, this inbuilt wifi allows you to stream live music videos, movies, series, shows, and much more super fast and seamlessly due to the refresh rate of 60HZ.

Vizio TV is known for incredible contrast, and this one is no different; with a dynamic ratio of 200k: 1, traditional blurring images or images fading at the corners is not a problem.

The viewing angles are amazing; despite where the TV is fitted or seated; you will get crisp 1080 pixels of picture quality and color clarity like nothing you have seen before, except on this TV.

We did mention the edge LED lighting technology employed by Vizio on their products.

This change from back to front reduced heat production allowed for better heat dissipation, kept the device at regulated temperatures, and offered better lighting and viewing experience for the TV. But it also produces rich, deep, and robust colors, including deep black.

The visuals are matched by the sounds; whether you add an external sound system or rely on the volume level that comes with the TV; you still get good, deep, rich sound with the D24H-E1.


  • Multiple ports for connection
  • Incredible clarity of image and sound
  • Connects seamlessly with your apps for a cinematic viewing experience
  • Lightweight, durable, portable, easy to set up, and bang on the money TV
  • Dedicated remote with app shortcut including Netflix, Amazon, and Xumo


  • Some consumers find it hard to input and change the settings

Overall, this remarkable TV will make a great addition to any home. Its portability means you can literarily install it anywhere – at home, school, office, den, in a cabinet, or even carry it on a road trip. Vizio D-series is entertainment where you need it.

2. RCA 24-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

RCA appliances, especially their TV, are becoming more popular due to their excellent durability and strong design, and price. This compact all-purpose TV is the best addition to any home or office space.

Small Smart TV
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The design quality on this TV is great; even though it feels a bit plasticky, it is sturdy, firm to the touch, and sturdy when placed down. The TV comes with a large stand fitted in the middle to balance the weight on the stand.

Although a minimalist design, it has all the functions and ports to get you streaming and watching all your favorite programs without stress.

The 24 inches screen has a 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution and has advanced lighting technology to deliver brilliant, high-quality images in excellent colors and clarity with 16.7 million color bits for brilliant color.

The regular functions, including the off/on button, channel, and volume button, are on the top, three HDMI ports, USB, and microphone jack at the left-hand side of the TV, and the component, composite, antenna cable, optical audio output, VGA, and others at the lower backside.


  • Lower power consumption means less payment on energy bills
  • Slim, durable, sturdy TV
  • Simple design with brilliant images
  • Connects easily with your smartphone or computer


  • The audio needs more work

Overall, this simple profile makes it the perfect TV for smaller apartment spaces, dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms, and other spaces in the home. Its small size means less pollution to the environment. Its aspect ratio of 1000:1 means a high contrast rate for excellent color clarity on images with motion blur on videos or movies.

3. Skyworth E20300 LED A53 Quad Core Android Smart TV

Skyworth is a Chinese-based company that has been making an appliance to suit consumers’ demands and wants; the E20300 is one of their remarkable product with more features for now and the future.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed

This is it if you are looking for a compact TV that can do it all. With Inbuilt Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa features, this infinity 32 inches TV screen has the thinnest bezel to give you that never-ending viewing experience.

Its durable alloy, light color, and sandblasting frame design give it texture and sturdiness for long-lasting usage.

Besides being a smart TV, you are getting a super-fast refresh rate, browsing capabilities, and seamless connections due to the Quad-core central processing unit, Tricore Graphics processing unit, and AITV technology.

These three features, matched with the upscale 720-pixel resolution, provide an amazing high-quality image for both slow and fast visuals with ultra-high-definition with 8.1 million pixels for impeccable color clarity and definition like no other. Now you can enjoy movies and casting without distortion and blurring from all angles.

Another excellent feature of this device is the powerful engine that powers this system, the TROCHILUS EXTREME.

This process control 4 picture technologies, including color compensation, contrast booster, color adjustment, and precision definition for dedicated picture quality, color clarity, and enhancement that brings the movie to life in true vivid colors with amazing graphics that will wow your socks off.


  • The android operating system can master a user’s TV behavior; hence choose for yourself before you do
  • The Voice command feature minimizes remote control use
  • Thin, durable, lightweight, and portable
  • Multiple inputs and output ports
  • Great TV for gamers


  • None

Overall, E20300 is an excellent TV for the price. It has all the making of a brand that will do exceptional things in the future.

For a small smart TV, it checks all the boxes, and the price is a winner. If you desire a TV that will give you what you want, this is the one for you; get it now.

Skyworth Android TV Setup Guide
You may like to read our guide on 9 Best TV Guide Apps To Track and Discover Shows.

4. Sceptre Android A322BV-SRC 32-Inch TV

Despite the numerous complaints about this TV, this is one smart TV worth the price and a great small smart TV for the home or office.

The A322 come fully equipped with Google Assistant, Chromecast, Bluetooth, and many more amazing features.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed
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Whether you are new to TV setup or not, Google assistant offers detailed step-by-step instruction on the entire process for seamless navigation and a quick start. 

The overall design of the unit is modest and mostly plastic. However, it is sturdy and durable for a 32 inches LED HD with a 720-pixel resolution running on the Google Operating system.

This makes it compatible with most Google apps, including Google play store, Google games, and Google Assistant, with HDR support for astonishing image quality and clarity.

Besides android apps, you get other apps like YouTube, YouTube Kids, and Netflix with a seamless connection to your smartphone.

To enable you to stream live TV and others, connection ports are needed; this TV has three HDMI that will seamlessly transfer all your audio and video content from other high-definition devices to the TV, composite and component ports, a headphone jack, an auxiliary jack, and an optical audio output.

Although the resolution is 720 pixels, it produces high-quality images; it also has the MEMC 120 technology, which is the acronym for Motion Estimation and Motion compensation that detects and eliminates vibration, motion blur, and image distortion for an ultimate viewing experience.

The sound on this unit is fairly decent, but to enjoy a movie, you will need an external sound surround system.

Overall, astounding functionality that connects to your favorite shows, and with just a click or voice command, you will be lounging, munching on a bowl of popcorn, and sipping coca-cola with your favorite movie playing on the Sceptre 32 inches small smart TV.


  • HDMI allows for superior clarity and one cable connection between the TV and the audio and visual port
  • Smart connection streams the unit for you.
  • The chromecast feature allows you to transfer videos from your smartphone to the TV without any stress.
  • The Voice command option makes controlling the TV fun for people with reading or seeing the difficulty.
  • No need for a line of sight with the remote; just point and control from any spot in the room


  • Audio is not the best

Overall, this Android TV is very okay for the price, and with all the features you enjoy using this product, there is nothing to complain about. Enjoy incredible viewing angles with rich sound with additional speakers.

5. Westinghouse small smart tv 24 inch

Are you looking for a TV for the kids’ room or the kitchen? The Westinghouse TV is an interesting unit that serves as an LED HD television with a DVD slot to enable you to watch some of your favorite recordings when you are not streaming any show. 

Small Smart TV
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With a resolution of 720 pixels, it offers incredible picture quality and clarity for watching movies, your local channel, and playing games with exceptional brightness and color quality.

To match the image quality is a rich and robust sound that will keep your children entertained while you do the house chores.

The Westinghouse 24-inch has many connection ports – an HDMI, USB, VGS, composite and component, audio jack, optical audio, and pc audio ports for input and output of shows.


  • A simple, well-designed TV with a refresh rate of 60HZ
  • Inbuilt V-chip for parental control block on programs that are not child compliant
  • Stream your favorite programs easily
  • No stress set up


  • It does not have connectivity to plenty of apps other smart TV
  • No Bluetooth connection

Overall, this Westinghouse TV is a partially smart version with excellent quality and sound. The design is modest and will make an elegant addition to the kitchen, kid’s room, or a secondary TV for the home at an affordable rate.

6. Toshiba 43-inch Smart LED HDR Fire TV Edition

Toshiba makes some of the best brand appliances in the world, and 4LF711U20 is the newest addition to the fire edition by Toshiba with compatibility with the Amazon Alexa setup.

This budget smart TV is a 43 inches 4k model that is also available in larger sizes if small isn’t your thing.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed
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Overall, the design of the 43LF711U20 is made of plastic material like most TVs, but it has a durable feel and looks very sturdy.

The controls are located on the right-hand side of the panel, with dimensions of 22.5 inches by 38.1 inches, and diagonal of 42.5 inches, a 1080 pixels resolution with widescreen viewing, and excellent resolution on 4k.

When in 720-pixel resolution, the TV is not the brightest in a bright room as light bounces off the screen, disrupting the clarity and view quality.

The 43LF711U20 has the true-to-life 4k UHD picture quality that allows you to watch the live stream of your favorite TV shows, including movies and series, on Netflix, local TV stations, and other apps.

Inbuilt with the Amazon Alexa assistant, the features allow you ultimate control of the TV through simple voice control – now you can search for music, switch inputs, check the weather, and more by simple voice command.

This plug-and-play TV has more ports than a regular TV; it comes with three HDMI ports, an optical and analog output port, and wifi connectivity that enables you to enjoy any program of your choice.

Asides from the impeccable picture quality and color clarity due to the 8 million pixels, this TV uses Dolby vision, high definition resolution to produce exceptional contrast, color detail, definition, and finesse in UHD, giving you a cinematic viewing experience usually not seen in small TVs.

Toshiba didn’t leave the sound behind, the TV sound is excellent, but you can add an external sound system to enhance it.

Unlike most TV with LED lighting behind the TV, the Toshiba 43LF711U20 has an LED light arranged at the bottom part of the TV. Does this make any difference? Well, maybe or maybe not.

However, this arrangement allows for better heat dissipation and keeps the TV cool even after long viewing.


  • Great reflective ability, especially for a bright room
  • Amazing HDR and fair color gamut for better viewing and color saturation
  • Fast response time making it great for motion movies, sports, and gaming
  • Smart feature on this TV includes connectivity to Amazon Alexa, Netflix, and other 
  • Durable, affordable, and well-designed TV for any home


  • The gray uniformity is mediocre as the TV has dark patches and vignettes, which can douse the picture quality of some images, like when playing games.
  • The viewing angle is not the best.
  • High input light makes it less compatible with a fast game

Overall, the Toshiba 43FL711U20 is in fierce competition with other TVs. It may not check all the boxes like the large-size TVs, but it delivers and will make a fabulous addition to any home or space.

7. Hisense 32H4F – Small smart tv for bedroom

Another amazing TV newly released, the Hisense 32H4F a budget-friendly TV great for game nights, and dorm rooms.

This 32 inches model is a dream come true with its incredible design; though minimalistic but delivers what you want in a TV.

Small Smart TV
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This is probably one of the smartest TVs, with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to get you through the day.

In addition to the above-stated application, the Hisense 32 inches has an inbuilt Roku TV platform that transforms your viewing experience and gives you options of more than 5000 channels and movies and series to the tune of half a million variations. 

The design on this TV, although plasticky, is sturdy, durable, and lightweight. Its screen resolution is 720 pixels, which offers incredible viewing clarity, color definition, and a fast refresh rate that is excellent for gaming, fast-action movies, and others.

A plug and play TV, all you need is a stable connection that the inbuilt wifi will seamlessly connect with to give you the ultimate viewing experience.

If you are viewing with your friends, you are bound to get a lot of compliments as the viewing angles in this TV is oh la la, magnificent.

The features and qualities are to die for whether you are looking at the TV from the front or behind.

Unlike the Toshiba 43FL711U20, this TV has an integrated DTS TruSurround system for a robust sound quality that makes games, movies, sports, and movies pop and come to life.


  • No lag or low latency as signal rate travel is top-notch
  • Stream all your live shows and enjoy clean viewing
  • Lightweight at 14.8 pounds with an inbuilt HDTV antenna for clarity
  • Smart assist or remote control, Hisense is a TV for your space
  • Exceptional connectivity with your smartphone or other devices
  • Easy to set up from your smartphone


  • The manual could be a bit more detailed

Customers who have purchased this TV are having a field day with it. They love the price, the performance, the image, sound quality, and the viewing experience.

Furthermore, with its ability to connect with your phone and the voice command option presented by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, this is the ultimate couch lounging TV for a lazy afternoon, all thanks to Roku.

8. Eyoyo LED TV – small smart tv with wall mount

If your space is tiny or you need a TV for your kitchen or a more enhanced monitor for your laptop or computer, you just found it.

The Eyoyo display screen is a 12 inches IPS monitor with an amazing resolution to improve your viewing experience and allows you to enjoy your shows or games without worries.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed
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This 12 inches LCD screen is well-design and comes with a mounting bracket or standing brace giving you the option of how you want it fixed in your space.

Though the screen is small, it has a full HD  display resolution of 1366 by 768, an aspect ratio of 16:9, a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, and is super bright too.

The screen is housed in a metal casing for proper support and protection. The Eyoyo has the control buttons located on the right-hand bottom corner of the bezel and a plethora of input/output ports located behind. 

The control on the bottom is an indicator button when the TV is one, two buttons for volume control, and two buttons for channel control. 

The ports include HDMI, USB, BNC, VGA, and AV ports that connect to a computer, security camera, or smartphone for better viewing.

The image quality of this unit is excellent, and the sound is wonderful. It has two inbuilt speakers that make games and all viewing elegant.


  • Super thin, lightweight, and portable
  • Rust-resistant, wear and tear durability, and sturdy metal casing
  • The casing absorbs all the shock and vibration and doesn’t interfere with your viewing
  • Excellent for gaming or improving your work experience from home
  • Remote control for faraway control


  • Some feel it is too small
  • Lack of major smart features

While you might not classify this unit as a TV per se, it is an excellent monitoring device with impeccable clarity, color definition, viewing angles, and light in the pocket.

Its versatility means it can be connected to most external devices.

9. TCL 32S327 Roku Smart LED TV

The TCL is the fastest growing TV brand in the USA, and this 2018 model is 32 inches, super lightweight, portable, and easy to set up display system with many highlights of why you should buy it.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed
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If you are looking for a compact device to make your home office or outdoor space sparkle without weight, TCL is the brand for you.

This is also an excellent TV for a man cave to allow you to watch your sports, manly shows, and play a couple of games without interruption.

The design quality is wow; at 32 inches wide, it sports a  strong ABS plastic exterior that house a 1080 pixel resolution screen with an inbuilt Roku TV platform, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Netflix, Hula, YouTube, and cable connection to give you access to local shows in your vicinity.

This LED TV is 28 by 17 by 3 inches with a refresh rate of 120HZ great for motion viewing with less distortion and no blur.

The ports are situated at the back right-hand side of the TV and consist of 3 HDMI ports, a cable plug-in, a USB port, AV input, a reset button, optical audio output, and a microphone/earpiece port.

To aid easy control on lazy days, it comes with a smooth remote control with the entire shortcut buttons listed, it for easy switching between channels.

The image quality is magnificent, with striking clarity and FHD resolution. You will see colors and objects at an amazing angle; it is unbelievable.

With the inbuilt Roku TV platform, you can access 5000 channels and 500,000 movies, shows, series, and more via the platform. There is never a dull moment with this TV.

The sound quality is fabulous; the volume is loud enough to allow you to play games. It has easy to screw upstand.


  • A dedicated remote for all the action on the TV
  • Personalized your home screen to your taste 
  • Are you busy – you can pause a live show for up to 90 minutes. 
  • Easy to set up and search option means less time-wasting scouting through channels


  • No HDR available

The picture quality, sound, price, and setup are top-notch.  The TV is lightweight and compatible with your smart device and Amazon Alexa; now you can scream commands on days.

10. Smart LED 24LH4830-PU LG Electronics

If you are looking for a smart, simple, easy-to-use, set up TV, nothing beats the 24 inches LG electronics TV.

With a 23.6 inches diagonal viewing screen and advanced technology, you see images on this TV as you see with your natural eyes.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed
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The overall design is sleek and durable but weighs slightly more than the previous model at 7.1 pounds without the stand.

This weight can make it a tad difficult to mount the TV on a wall on your own; this doesn’t take away from the overall design and features that the TV possesses.

The smart LED TV has a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels that offer astonishing brightness, color definition, clarity, and impeccable detailing, making it a choice for gamers and live streaming of your favorite programs from your phone or other online applications. 

Another feature that sets the LG apart is the dimension, with the unit measuring 21.9 by 2.1 by 13.6 inches, portable enough to sit comfortably in your kitchen, bedroom, man cave, dorm room, and office.

This dimension allows for spectacular viewing angles, with breathtaking images from any angle. Furthermore, it has an anti-glare screen coating that helps reduce the amount of reflective light that gets to your eyes.

With fabulous images comes excellent sound quality; equipped with Miracast and WiDi connectivity; it offers total control and versatile connectivity, including Ethernet, 2 HDMI, an optical audio port, a power port, AV in and out port.

These allow you to connect to online streaming stations, including Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and many money online services.


  • Connect gaming consoles or view content from your phone
  • Smart, small, fabulous TV for any space
  • Inbuilt wifi connection for unlimited streaming and viewing of your favorite shows
  • An excellent TV for small and large rooms
  • Sound and image are incredible, with up to 71 percent color gamut
  • Auto-off when TV is idle for a long time


  • audio setup is problematic

This is the easiest TV to set up; it has a very detailed manual. Its 768 pixels’ upscale resolution offers superior image quality, volume, and viewing angle from any position.

11. Vizio D-series 23.5 inches Diagonal Smart TV

The Vizio D-series 24 inches screen TV doesn’t have many customer reviews, so we decided to try it out and see how it works.

This TV is a beautifully made and affordable choice for a secondary TV in a home, a small den, a school dorm, an office, or a man cave.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed
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Although a plasticky overall design, it is durable, lightweight, and sturdy. The control button – the on, volume button, and input button is located in the lower right-hand corner for easy access, and they have a good bounce to them too.

Connectivity is never lacking on this TV; it has plenty of ports for different purposes, including the coaxial cable antenna to allow you to connect to a cable station, USB, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a pc audio, VGA port, an Ethernet port, composite port, HDMI, and power port.

It has many ports that allow you to connect to several devices, including your laptop, computer, or smartphone for live streaming or to watch a movie on a clearer display unit.

If you choose not to mount the Vizio, it comes with easy-to-fix leg stands; they look like puzzle pieces that you easily insert in the appropriate direction to lock in place.

The Vizio 24 inches is not the thinnest smart TV on the market, but it is lightweight and portable. The TV turns on when the wifi password is entered.

Let’s talk image and viewing angles; this is the most complained about for the Vizio 24 inches, but after trying it out, this TV has incredible picture quality, and the viewing angles don’t diminish or blur out at the corner making it a suitable choice for group viewing as everyone will see a clear picture in any seating position.

The Vizio is a 1080 pixel resolution TV hence brilliant picture quality, excellent color gamut, definition, and clarity are wow on this TV. 

This picture quality and the inbuilt Chromecast feature allow for excellent clarity in all visual contents, and the SmartCast 3.0 addition makes it easy to surf through the movie list on Netflix and Hulu without stress.

The sound quality is not lagging either; it is loud with enough bass, but if you like loud and external speakers are a great way to increase the volume, especially when you have guests watching a fast-paced program.


  • Stream-Live from your phone or via the Google Chrome browser
  • Very easy to set up, scroll through and enter all the necessary information required
  • Dual mount options – wall and stand
  • Excellent remote control design with shortcut buttons for your apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and others
  • Compatible with Apple airplay, Siri and Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other apps
  • Excellent energy-saving device
  • Download the Vizio app on your phone and control the menu from it


  • No Bluetooth support

Overall, the Vizio D-series LED small smart TV is incredible and is recommended for anyone looking to buy a small TV that will deliver brilliance and clarity without compromising quality.

Besides, channel browsing is smooth, easy, and you never have to bother about saving for a large-screen TV; this is an excellent unit for any space.

12. Samsung 32 inches UN32N5300AFXZA Smart TV

Samsung makes good appliances, and this 2018 model is one for anyone looking for a TV to make their space pop. With the UN32N5300, you have an astonishing design-build and features that will make you try how smart the TV is.

Small Smart TV
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Like most Samsung products, this 32 inches quad-core processor is a flat panel full HD TV with a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a refresh motion rate of 60HZ. Lots of figures, but for the Samsung TV, these figures give it the edge over other TV of the same size on the market.

Now this TV is a browser and a TV all in one; the Quad-core processor allows for quick browsing of the menu and numerous movies on Netflix and other apps without any trouble. 

The Samsung N5300 boasts unbelievable image quality, clarity, and it does deliver; this TV offer twice the image clarity of a standard TV with its full 1080 resolution with an advanced algorithm for ultra-clean view on all images, whether a live stream or local TV.

Despite the picture quality on the TV, it depends on an external light source to shine through in a dark room or low lighting conditions. The TV is not bright though it will deliver the images and color of the show you are watching.

The ports on the N5300 are a USB port, digital audio output, component and composite, antenna, Ethernet, and two HDMI ports. Being a small smart TV, you can access Google, Netflix, and others from your phone.


  • Sync with your TV and control your entire device with one app -SmartThings
  • Impeccable image quality with less distortion
  • Two option mount – wall and stand
  • Excellent durable, reliable plastic and metal build
  • Surf faster between apps with the quad-core processor
  • A small smart TV that is easy to set up and use
  • Connect to your mobile phone and never miss your favorite show


  • No Bluetooth connectivity, which is sad as the TV is an engineering masterpiece
  • No cable port on this TV
  • It doesn’t support 4k input

Overall, the Samsung N5300 is a decent TV for its price and quality. Although a great small smart TV for any space, it is not the best choice for watching high-definition content.

It has a fabulous viewing angle and is okay for sports, fast-motion content, games, and other shows. Whether adding it to the bedroom, kitchen, kid’s room, or another spot in the house, the Samsung N5300 is an exceptional small smart TV worth the price.

13. Westinghouse Small Smart 32 inches Roku LED TV

This is smart TV all the way; now you can watch TV just the way you want, how you want, when you want, with full control of the channel, and program in a beautifully crafted TV from Westinghouse.

13 Of The Best Small Smart TV in 2022 - Reviewed
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This 32 inches TV is smartness personified, with access to more content apps, movies, music, and app assistant just one payment away.

All you need is to download the Roku app and enjoy live streaming anywhere with access to over 500,000 shows from Apple TV, Netflix, Google Play, Showtime, YouTube, sports, and something for the kids or the kid in your from DisneyNOW and Disney.

If you are a music buff, then enjoy unlimited music live-streamed from Pandora, iHeartRadio, Sirius XM, and Spotify with an assistant voice command app from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other apps you have on your phone.

So we all agree this TV is smart but what other features does it have to be here. This 32 inches TV has a resolution of 720 HD with a fast refresh rate for impeccable image clarity and quality, and excellent viewing angles with less motion blur or image distortion when watching high-motion programs, including video games.

Good image quality needs sounds to match, Westinghouse uses Dolby audio for crystal-clear audio, but the quality is not robust enough. So the addition of external speakers enhances the sound quality for better, smoother, and richer reverberation. 

Streaming in a TV with an in-built Roku app is access to too many programs, its in-built dual antenna wifi allows for faster streaming, browsing, and automatic update of the software to ensure you don’t miss the latest movies on the Roku platform.


  • Easy to set up, simple to stream with unlimited connection to HDTV and cable
  • Sync with your mobile phone and manage all your entertainment from the home screen
  • A cord holder on the right-hand side allows for neat packing when moving or traveling with the TV
  • A simple, intuitive remote control system
  • Ability to transfer shows from your phone to your TV or share videos or picture seamlessly
  • Voice command option (compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) takes the scrolling away, enabling you to find your favorite show easily
  • 3 HDMI port, cable, microphone, earpiece jack, USB, reset button, and power ports on the left side of the monitor


  • Wifi connectivity is a challenge to set up

Overall, this 2019 32 inches LED is a durable design by Westinghouse with the Roku TV platform. This gives you access to more shows than you can watch.

Although some customers complained about the setup, the image quality, clarity, and robust sound with smart connectivity are some reasons to pay for this TV.

Comprehensive Buying Guide for a small smart tv for kitchen and bedroom

From 24 to 32 inches or 43-inch, the word small is subjective to the buyer, but if you have a specification on mind, then there are some things you need to know about SMALL TVs.

The primary reason people opt for smaller TV is space and budget because the truth is everything looks good on a large screen. However, being able to live-stream your program when you want is an amazing feature.

Smart Function:-

Gone are the days of analog TV, now people prefer digital, swift, voice command, and smart remote to having a couple of gadgets that do different things on one device. A TV that syncs with your phone is the best.

It gives you freedom, space, choice, and control at the touch or tap of a button. Furthermore, smart or digital TVs offer better viewing.

The colors are sharper, the sound is richer, the clarity is impeccable, and it is an all-around product that makes TV a joy to watch.

Picture Quality:-

As mentioned, black and white days are over. Gamers use most small TVs to run high-profile games with color definitions and details that can only be seen with a good TV.

When opting for a smaller TV, check the aspect ratio, contrast ratio, resolution, and color gamut for better viewing. Also check the reflective capacity, a system that gives out too much light can damage your eyes; beware of flickering, it is not good.

Media compatibility and ports:-

Even though we watch movies on our phones, having a device that enhances your view is fabulous. Syncing your phone or other devices with your TV is great. It allows you to cast videos, share, transfer, control, and select all from your phone.

Ports are essential to people who want to connect another device or system to the TV or stream live. So when buying, remember to check for inbuilt wifi, Bluetooth, and other more advanced apps like Alexa, Google Assistant, and others.


Every significant brand on the market has a smaller TV, but how reliable are they? Remember, just because a label makes fabulous large-screen TV doesn’t mean a smaller version by them is equally as good. Scout the market and ask questions.

If buying a TV online, read through the review section before settling for one. Some have excellent visuals but lack in sound, others are just mediocre, and some more are descent.

Refresh Rate:-

Mini TVs are like a computer but with bigger screens and there is nothing more annoying than trying to browse but the device is frozen on you.

It is frustrating and douses the viewing experience. Large apps like Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix can cause lag, but if the TV has a quick refresh rate, it quickly recovers in the event of a glitch without you noticing it.

Why do people love Smaller Smart TV?

Large TVs are great, 60-inch, 75 inches, or even higher, but 43 inches, 32 inches, or 24 inches blends in with the home’s décor. So if you are still on the fence about a smaller TV, this is why you should buy one now.

A secondary TV for the home:-

Most homes have large TVs in the living or family room, and another big TV will look awkward. Smaller TVs give a sense of privacy and quietness away from the chaos of the home, and it is a fabulous choice if it goes into the bedroom or kitchen.


A large TV will only add to the problem if you lack space. However, a smaller TV is easily mounted on the wall or placed on a stool or countertop, then moved after watching your program.


They are lightweight and carry easily. Better than a 60 or 70 inches TV. The place of use also matters if you live in a trailer; a large TV is not the best option for you.


How often have you seen large TVs in a hotel, club, gym, restaurant, and other places of work or relaxation? Small TVs fit the environment and look good without taking away from the décor or ambiance of the room.


In conclusion, small TV changes the way you view entertainment, and the smarter the TV better the viewing experience.

Smart TVs are the latest wireless connection for most people and have access to popular apps like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others. The above are small smart TVs that will look good in your space and put you in charge of your viewing.