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Smartwatch keyboard for Android Wear


Smartwatch keyboard for Android Wear:-

World’s first dedicated smartwatch keyboard for Android Wear Users A new smartwatch keyboard exclusively for Android gadgets – for Android Phone and Android Watch – has been launched by a startup company called Infiniti Technology.

The company recently won the top prize during CeBIT event for their ground-breaking smartwatch keyboard. The simple yet efficient keyboard makes message typing on your Android watch much faster and cooler.


The company is still trying out this keyboard and it is inviting users to try their application and review the features – both negative and positives. To test this TouchOne Keyboard, visit their website at touchone.net and download the free App.

To test this TouchOne Keyboard, visit their website at touchone.net and download the free App.

Smartwatch keyboard for Android Wear
So far the app has received cool reviews from users. Some people called it “an innovative and amazing keyboard” while other predict the end of competition for others.

The sleek application which has been patented has the following features besides its innovatively designed interface:-

-Enhanced features from T9 keyboard.

– Impressive design that’s big enough to support all small devices. It fits very well on screen sizes even to 118 inches.

-Works with all Android wear – from circle, square and rectangle.

– It comes with as an amazing 360-degree circular surface. This allows one-touch and typing absolute fun. It also supports finger ergonomics. So, you will be able to use as many as 8 gestures from the circle of the keyboard.

– Many lovely themes – to give you personalized interface.

– The keys are finger-sized and also good for big fingers.

– Also, supports blind typing.

If you want to use a keyboard that is in tune with your time and not those that are 5 years old, just check this app at www.touchone.net or send an email request to info@touchone.net.

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Hope my article “Smartwatch keyboard for Android Wear” helps to make your smart watch better.


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