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Snagit vs Greenshot – A Head-To-Head Comparison

Regarding screen capture software, Snagit and Greenshot are among the best. Their screen capture capabilities, editing tools, and interface have many similarities—they are both used for the same thing. This Snagit vs Greenshot review will focus on the similarities and differences.

As a preview of our discussion on the difference between these two software, note that Greenshot is free while Snagit is not.

So, the underlying issue that cannot be ignored in this review is whether the difference in quality is worth the price for you. I hope to be able to give you the tools to answer that question.

Before doing a Snagit vs Greenshot analysis, let us consider each software individually.

Greenshot Software:-

Greenshot is free, open-source software. It is one of the most popular screen capture software available.

It allows you to capture your entire screen or portions of your screen. It can also capture a webpage, including the parts not visible on the screen.

Snagit vs Greenshot Comparison

You can move from one recording mode to the other using the customizable hotkeys. As long as you are not doing any advanced recording or editing, Greenshot is perfect for you. Below are some of its pros and cons.

Pros of Greenshot:-

It is free and open-source. Being open-source means it is likely to be safe and constantly updated. It would have a growing number of contributors, and a large community. 

Allows you to highlight, annotate and blur screenshots.

Snagit vs Greenshot

You can capture an entire webpage. You scroll through the page, taking images at set points, and then stitch the image together.

It freezes the screen when you capture it. In other words, the screen content is the same before and after capture.

The selection tool alongside the magnifier is easy to use in selecting only a part of the screen.

Clicking the print screen button allows you to select the captured area easily.

It has an easy-to-use interface.

Cons of Greenshot:-

It has no Linux, Android, and iOS versions. The macOS version is not free.

The scrolling window capture only works in Internet Explorer.

Before the Snagit vs Greenshot comparison, let’s look at the Snagit tool next.

Snagit Tool:-

Snagit is a comprehensive screen capture and recording tool. It not only allows you to capture the portions or the entirety of the screen, but it also allows you to record the screen’s content.

Snagit vs Greenshot Comparison 1

You can record virtually anything on your screen from music to video clips to video chats. It has an easy-to-use interface, and the output comes in different formats.

🆕 How to use Snagit - Beginner Tutorial

If you want to boost your recordings’ quality, Snagit is the right tool for you. It offers cost-effective functionality. I will now give some of the pros and cons of Snagit.


An image editor allows you to adjust the capture, and add captions, and symbols, such as boxes and arrows.

It has good markers that help you set the capture area. It makes it easy to choose between a full-screen capture or capturing a select area.

Easy to add annotations using the editor and it can capture screen video.

It integrates well with third-party services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, and your email.

The tool allows delayed capture. You can adjust the setting so the capture occurs after a set time rather than immediately.

It can capture editable text. Almost all text captured on the screen is editable.

It has a mobile app for moving screenshots from your smartphone to the Snagit editor.


It is quite costly compared with the pro version costing about $60 (We will return to this during our Snagit vs Greenshot comparison later in the article), and users have highlighted that the input editor is not user-friendly.

This individual analysis lets us turn to a Snagit vs Greenshot comparative review.

Snagit vs Greenshot: A Comparison

I will now proceed to do a detailed comparison between Snagit and Greenshot. I will compare them across several categories such as screen capture options, editing quality and options, screen recording, app integration, price, etc.

Here’s a detailed chart comparing Snagit and Greenshot:

Feature Snagit Greenshot
Price $49.95 for a single license, $29.95 for an upgrade Free and open source
Platforms supported Windows, macOS Windows only
User Interface User-friendly, intuitive interface Simple, straightforward interface
Capture types Capture screenshots, video, and scrolling captures Capture screenshots, region, window, full screen, menu, etc.
Editing tools Advanced editing tools, annotations, effects, and filters Limited editing tools, basic annotations
Image formats Supports a wide range of image formats Supports a few image formats
Integration Integration with various third-party apps Limited third-party integration
Cloud sharing Direct sharing to Google Drive, Dropbox, and others Limited cloud-sharing options
Image search Provides a built-in library for image search No built-in image search
Customer support Extensive documentation, FAQs, and customer support Limited documentation and community support

Without much ado, let us discuss Snagit vs Greenshot.

1. Screen Capture Options

Both Snagit and Greenshot make capturing the entire screen or a portion of it possible. Also, they both allow you to capture text from images. However, Snagit does it easily, while Greenshot relies on a plugin and an add-on from Microsoft.

There are two other differences in their screen capture functionality.

First, Snagit allows you to delay a screen capture. This means you can press the print screen button and capture the screen automatically after a set time. 

Snagit vs Greenshot – A Head-To-Head Comparison

This allows you to arrange the screen however you want, open popups, switch tabs, and open new software before the time for the screen capture.

Also, you can apply visual effects on Snagit directly by using saved presets. This means you don’t need to manually open the image editing panel to apply those effects.

The saved presets include a border around an image, a preset cropped size, and management of the edges.

2. Screen Recording

Greenshot does not do screen recording. Its focus is only on on-screen capture. This means that Snagit wins this battle by default. Snagit has a dedicated screen recording panel to record audio, webcam, and microphone.

3. Image Editor And Video Editor

Greenshot has an image editor that does all the basics well. For most tasks you want to perform, Greenshot will serve you excellently.

However, if your editing needs are more complex or if you want to have a great amount of control over how the final image looks, Snagit is your best bet. 

Amongst other things, Snagit allows you to add text to a chat bubble or create a video from an image.

Greenshot does not have a video editor, but Snagit has a video editing panel similar to its image editor. The video editor lets you do basic video editing, even as a beginner. It allows you to create GIFs and animated photos.

Snagit-- The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool

4. Learning For Beginners

Both Snagit and Greenshot have tools to ensure the learning curve for new users is not too steep. They both have user manuals that you can refer to. You can also get email support when you need it. Snagit also offers chat support.

Note also that though it may take some time for a beginner to master all the tools, a large portion of the basics can be grasped easily. Greenshot has less advanced functionality, so most users find it easier to use.

5. Custom Templates

Custom templates are the predefined templates or parameters that screen captures are made to fill. These templates make editing easier and faster, often eliminating a need to open an editor, and thereby increasing productivity.

Templates can be used to create better-looking images with your captured screenshots. Greenshot does not have custom templates but Snagit does.

6. App Integration

App integration is possible with both Greenshot and Snagit. The only difference is the extent to which the integration is possible. You can easily upload your screenshots to the cloud using host software. In addition to this, you can share screenshots on different apps and websites.

Greenshot allows you to share screenshots on Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Paint, and other traditional apps.

Snagit does what Greenshot does. In addition, it also shares with other more modern apps. You can share your images on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, SharePoint, etc.

7. Operating System Versions

Though neither Snagit nor Greenshot has Linux versions, Snagit can still boast of being more versatile. Up until recently, Greenshot had only a Windows version (now it has a Mac version which is not free by the way).

Snagit has both Windows and Mac versions. It also has an iOS version, making it edit screenshots on your smartphone.

8. Price

For some, this is the most important comparison. While Snagit has the advantage in most other categories, nothing can beat being free. Many ask whether Snagit’s high price is commensurate with the increased quality.

Greenshot is free. For the Mac version, you have to pay $1.99. Snagit on the other hand costs $50 and even more for the pro version. Furthermore, you have to pay $30 for updates. 

So, Greenshot is a clear winner in this category. Does it make it a winner overall? You decide.


What is the difference between Snagit and Greenshot?

Snagit and Greenshot are screenshot-capture tools, but they have some differences. Snagit is a paid tool with more advanced features, such as video recording and image editing, while Greenshot is a free, open-source tool with basic editing capabilities.

What is better than Greenshot?

While Greenshot is a popular choice for screenshot capture, other tools offer additional features or capabilities. Some options include Snagit, ShareX, and Lightshot, which offer various editing tools, capture options, and sharing capabilities.

Is Greenshot better than Snipping Tool?

Greenshot offers more advanced editing options and captures capabilities than the basic Snipping Tool with Windows.

However, Snagit is a more powerful tool with advanced features, making it a better choice for those needing more than basic screenshot capture and editing.

Is Greenshot any good?

Greenshot is a popular and reliable tool for capturing screenshots, especially for those who need basic editing capabilities. It is free and open-source, making it a good option for those who need a simple tool.

What is the best tool for screenshots?

The best tool for screenshot capture depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include Snagit, Greenshot, ShareX, Lightshot, and PicPick, each offering different features and capabilities.

What can I use instead of Snagit?

Many screenshot capture tools offer similar features to Snagit, including Greenshot, ShareX, Lightshot, and PicPick. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to evaluate them based on your specific needs.

What is the best screenshot tool for Windows?

Several good screenshot-capture tools are available for Windows, including Snagit, Greenshot, ShareX, Lightshot, and PicPick. The best tool depends on your specific needs and preferences, so it’s important to evaluate each option carefully.

What is the best way to print screenshots?

The best way to print screenshots depends on the specific file format and size of the screenshot.

Generally, it’s best to save the screenshot as an image file and then print it using an image viewer or editing tool, adjusting the print settings to achieve the desired quality.

Is Greenshot still being developed?

Yes, Greenshot is still actively being developed and updated by its open-source community of developers.

Does Greenshot automatically save screenshots?

Greenshot can be configured to automatically save screenshots to a designated folder, making it easy to access and organize your captures quickly.

What is the purpose of Greenshot?

The purpose of Greenshot is to provide a free and open-source tool for capturing screenshots and basic image editing. It is designed to be easily customizable, with various capture options and editing tools.

Is Snagit freeware?

No, Snagit is not freeware. It is a paid tool with advanced features and capabilities, such as video recording and image editing.

Can Greenshot capture a scrolling window?

Yes, Greenshot has a scrolling capture feature that allows you to capture an entire webpage or other content that extends beyond the visible screen.

How To do a high-quality screenshot?

To capture a high-quality screenshot, it’s important to choose the appropriate file format and resolution for your needs. PNG or BMP files are recommended for high-quality images, and adjusting the resolution to match the desired output size can help ensure clarity and detail.

Why is Snagit better than Snipping Tool?

Snagit offers more advanced features and capabilities than the basic Snipping Tool with Windows, including video recording and more advanced editing tools.

It is a more powerful and versatile tool well-suited for professional use or those needing more advanced capture and editing options.

Is Snagit a Microsoft product?

No, Snagit is not a Microsoft product. It is developed and marketed by TechSmith, a software company specializing in visual communication and collaboration tools.


Final Words: Snagit vs Greenshot

Both Greenshot and Snagit are suitable software for most purposes. Many people, particularly those needing a screen capture tool with some niche functionality, are interested in this Snagit vs Greenshot matchup.

Greenshot is excellent software, and it is a major plus that it is free. Despite the incredible usefulness of the software, most people who have used Snagit acknowledge that it offers more.

For $50 (not counting the cost for each subsequent update), one must consider the cost before deciding to use Snagit. Does the difference in quality between these two software justify the difference in cost?

Who wins the Snagit vs Greenshot debate? The answer to this is still up in the air, and would probably be down to your personal preferences or the depth of your pockets.