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11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue


If you clicked on this topic, it means that you are having a Snapchat notification not working problem. You feel something is broken but you just can’t place a finger on it. I feel your pain, It’s no fun and you need an immediate solution.

Several outside factors may have caused Snapchat notifications to be messed up. It may not be your fault. It could be about your phone or your app.

There will be no waste of time on our part. We’ll get to the problem right away.

To rectify the Snapchat notifications, not working problem, you first have to make sure your internet service is functioning and then reboot your phone or tablet. Most of the time, this will fix all the apps and bugs that aren’t closed in the background.

If that doesn’t fix it, you can enable notifications, clear the cache, update the app,  and set up an auto-sync of data for the second time. Also, you can write to Snapchat and explain your problem.

We would proceed to discuss all these fixes in detail.

Recommended Fixes for Snapchat Notifications Problems

1. Restart Your Phone or Tablet

When your Snapchat notification isn’t working, the first thing you should do is restart your device. In fact, rebooting your Android or iOS smartphone will solve the majority of app difficulties. If you don’t shut all the programs that are operating in the background and power of the device, Snapchat notifications will not function.

Many background programs and apps don’t shut down correctly when your phones and tablets stay on all day, and they continue to eat up RAM. There are also a number of “temporary files” generated. All of this accumulation might cause the device to slow down or it could even crash.

A restart cleans up the RAM and terminates any running programs and activities on the device. Then, shut all apps on the phone and restart it. This should speed up and improve the performance of your device.

2. Maintain a Stable Internet Connection

Have you considered your internet connection? Is your connection to the web strong enough? You might have a bad connection to the internet and not be able to get notifications on Snapchat, so that might be the reason.

Use any random website to perform a speed test and see how reliable the internet connection is. Reboot your computer to see if the problem with Snapchat notifications has been solved. There would need to be a network connection that was stable in order for Snapchat to work well.

3. Explore The Notification Settings

Do you have all of the necessary app permissions turned on? Have you updated the programs or operating system a while back?

If you’re having trouble with ‘Snapchat notifications not working,’ it’s possible that the Snapchat notifications on the device are disabled. We suggest that you probe your device’s notification settings and enable the Snapchat app to send you alerts.

You may also review what notifications are turned on. Chat notifications, comments, and likes, for example.

Heed to these instructions notwithstanding whether you are using  an ios or an Android device:

Go to the user profile and select the ‘Gear’ option, this will take you to the Snapchat Settings page. Here you can make the necessary adjustments.

Make sure the box to ‘Enable Notifications’ is selected under ‘Notifications.’

Snapchat Notifications Not Working
Depending on your choices, you can allow or disable different sorts of Snapchat alerts.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working IssueDoing this should fix the problem you’ve been having. Your Snapchat pages and friends should begin sending you notifications.

4. Log Out and Back into Snapchat

It is possible that you would still not be receiving Snapchat alerts. But not to worry, you can try signing out of the app and then logging in again after a few minutes. This will allow certain small problems and malfunctions that may have interacted with the notification system to be removed.

Make sure that you have completely exited the application, waited a few minutes, and then re-entered your account. It should fix the ‘Snapchat notifications not working’ problem.

5. Ensure That Your Phone Is not on Silent Mode

When your phone is in silent mode, Snapchat may not show notifications. Similarly, the Flight modes or Do Not Disturb would interfere with your Snapchat notification receiving service.

As a result, we advise that you verify your phone’s sound setting. This way, you would confirm whether or not you have the Flight mode or Do Not Disturb feature turned on, as this will not help you solve the Snapchat notifications problem. Turn these options off and double-check whether you’re getting Snapchat notifications.

Is the problem with Snapchat notifications not working still a challenge for you? There are other options available to you. Let’s explore them together.

6. Enable Background App Refresh

The background app refresh capability is included in every operating system. This feature works by allowing multiple apps and services on the phone to concurrently check for updates while running in the background.

It guarantees that you receive notifications from the device’s various applications even when you’re using them. The problem with Snapchat notifications not working could be due to your device’s deactivating this service.

The following steps will allow background app refresh on the iOS device:

Go ahead and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. It appears to be a gear icon at the bottom.

Then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down to general and click the general icon once you’re in settings. It appears to be a gear icon.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

Scroll down to the tab that says background app refresh once you’re in the general window. Then select the tab.
11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

7. Clear the Application’s Cache Memory

The existence of massive Cache data slows down the operation of any application or program. Apps employ cache memory to optimize the efficiency because data is provided smoother from cached memory.

Snatchap cache is the saved memory that helps your Snapchat apps load faster. This also helps you perform Snapchat functions faster. The cache files are saved directly on your phone. Hence, Snapchat cache takes up storage space in your phone.

If the Cache memory somehow doesn’t contain the most recent updated settings and data, the app may load old and outdated data. As a result, it is critical to empty the cache memory on a regular basis. It will also make some room.

If you’re still having problems with Snapchat notifications, it could be indicative of the presence of cache memory.

You can empty the Snapchat app’s cache records to fix any errors and bugs that may be fueling the Snapchat notifications not working issue.

To clear the Snapchat cache from your iOS device, follow these simple steps:

To begin, tap your user icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

Next, navigate to your settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

Once there, scroll all the way down. You should see the account actions notice here. It says clear cache.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

You’d be able to see how much storage space your cache has taken up.

This can fix a variety of issues on your device, such as not loading properly or Snapchat notifications not working. Furthermore, it frees up a lot of space.

So go ahead and click the clear cache notice button. It displays the browser cache memory cache and other caches.

You can clear a single cache if you want. For example, if you want to clear the browser cache, you can do so, as well as the memory cache and the story cache. This enables you to resolve specific issues with any of these features.

You can choose to clear a specific cache or all of your caches.

If you click on clear all cache, a prompt appears stating that ‘all your caches will be cleared and the Snapchat app will restart.’ Your memory backup will not be erased.

Click the clear button.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

You’ll notice it shows clearing cache and it would indicate that it’s finished and then, the app will close. The cache has now been completely cleared.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

You can return if you want to make sure it’s truly cleared.

The process is very similar for an android device. Follow the steps below if your device is android:

Simply go to settings for this device.

Go to apps from the settings menu. Go ahead and search for the Snapchat logo once you’re in your apps.

Then select storage. Once in storage, look for clear cache clear data at the bottom of the screen.

Clear the cache if you haven’t already.

You will notice that it clears the cache.

It is always best to close the app before relaunching it.

8. It’s Time to Update or Reinstall the Snapchat App

Still, having trouble with ‘Snapchat notifications not working? It’s possible that it’s happening because of bugs in an earlier version of the program. Any early version of the software will include flaws and issues that are usually fixed with the most recent versions.

One can verify if the problem of ‘Snapchat notifications not working’ has been fixed by updating the application from their phone.

So let’s discuss how to update the Snapchat app on iPhone:

First, make sure that you are connected with the Internet, and once you are connected with the internet simply open up the App Store.

Then tap on the search icon that is at the bottom.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

Before going to update Snapchat you need to make sure that you have the latest iOS compatible with your phone. In some cases, you might not be able to get the most latest update of the iOS but whatever update that is compatible with your phone must be there.

For that, simply go to your settings on iPhone, and here go to general, then to software. Make sure that whatever version is the latest one for your device is available and it says you are up to date.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

Once you have done it, simply go to your App Store. You would see Snapchat at the top. If your Snapchat is most up-to-date you would be seeing an option of open instead of update.

The next step is to tap on update and the update would start downloading and will be installed automatically. You need to wait for a few more moments for your update to be installed and you would have the most updated version of Snapchat on your iPhone.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

Now let’s update Snapchat on your android app:

Simply search for Snapchat in the Play Store.

It should say update if there is an update in place of install like in the image below.

11 Possible Fix For Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue

You can update your Snapchat on your Android phone by clicking on that.

Alternatively, you may go to settings and then to auto-update apps right here in the settings. This is most likely enabled by default. I advise putting it on over wi-fi only.

When you click done, your Snapchat should be updated immediately.

9. Ensure That Your Network Permissions Are Adequate

If you are experiencing ‘Snapchat alerts not working’ issues, it is possible that your network permissions are not properly configured. If Snapchat is not granted the correct and necessary network permissions from the device, it may experience difficulties in providing its notification service to you.

You may check the network permissions by performing the following simple steps:

Navigate to Snapchat and from there to your personal profile page.
To access the privacy settings, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Privacy.’
Once you have done that, check to see if Snapchat is enabled under ‘Permissions’.
You may now check to see if your problem with ‘Snapchat notifications not working’ has been fixed.

10. Write to Snapchat

If for any reason, nothing seems to be working, you should contact Snapchat and inform them of the problem with appropriate data and descriptions.

You must email a detailed and accurate report to Snapchat, including the device’s information as well as your account information. Experts, there will ensure that you are guided through the process of resolving the ‘Snapchat notifications not working issue.

If you are not receiving notifications from a small number of Snapchatters, it is possible that those Snapchatters have un-added you on the platform. Neither Snapchat nor your phone is to blame for this situation.

Other Common Snapchat Problems

The most frequently asked question I hear regarding Snapchat is “how come Snapchat isn’t operating properly?” which is followed by “how can I get Snapchat to work properly.”

“Does Snapchat appear to be down?” If you’re having trouble with Snapchat not operating in general, there’s a good chance that there are a lot of other people who are also encountering similar issues in the vicinity.

We have two possible explanations for why the app may not function properly for you. The first explanation is a result of the internet connection, while the second issue could be a result of their server infrastructure.

Since Snapchat is hosted on a server, it is essential that the server is operational in order for Snapchat to function properly.

When their server is down, it implies that it is unable to react to all of the IP requests that have been received, resulting in the failure of the system as a whole. A further reason for the website to be down is that it is being serviced often. This may entail Snapchat switching to a different server.

They would notice an error message.  Similar to Snapchat, your internet provider may need to upgrade their server, and when this occurs, Snapchat may cease to function properly as a result.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed 10 possible reasons why you could be encountering ‘Snapchat notifications not working,’ We also gave solutions. Here is a summary of these problems and their solutions.

The first thing you should do is to restart your phone or tablet. This may seem like a very simple suggestion but it is equally effective and may just be the solution to your problems.

Next, check your internet connection and your notification settings. When the internet is down, naturally you could expect your apps not to function properly. Again, ensure that you have your notifications enabled.

Also, we advised you clear cache memory and reinstall the app. You could also ensure that your network permissions are ok and if nothing works, write to Snapchat.