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11 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives To Try Out – Reviewed

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an important image or a funny meme we consider taking screenshots. In this digital age taking a screenshot has become a part of our daily life. We gather data, information, evidence, etc. by taking screenshots.

Taking screenshots on phone is really easy. You will be able to take a screenshot by using the phone’s power and volume button. You can also take screenshots using various apps.

On desktop, we use the Snipping tool and capture quality screenshots. A snipping tool is a tool from Microsoft which allows users to take screenshots of their system.

There are many snipping tool Alternatives on the Internet. This application is very basic and it has a normal user interface. Over time our requirements are changing and we haven’t seen any updates on the Snipping tool.

The snipping tool is very useful but there are so many drawbacks to this application. Taking screenshots with the help of this application is very time-consuming. Working professionals have to take quick screenshots and send them quickly to other co-workers or to their boss.

This application slows down the process as a result it takes more time. You’ll face storage problems with this app. If you are taking screenshots very much You will face a lack of storage on your desktop. The snipping tool doesn’t have a cloud storage feature.

With the help of the Snipping Tool, you’ll only be able to take only screenshots. This application doesn’t allow you to record videos which is a big drawback. Microsoft Snipping Tool isn’t a complete package, that’s why a lot of people ask for the ‘Snipping tool alternatives’.

In this article, I’m going to tell you the 11 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives which you can use to make more attractive and efficient screenshots. This list contains applications that are available on both Windows and Mac.

There are some paid and some non-paid applications on this list. Go through the list and make the right decision.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Snagit

If you are looking for the Snipping tool alternatives, Snagit (Download Here) is probably the right choice for you. Snagit is a great application from TECH SMITH. Snagit is probably the best tool for screenshots.

Through this app, you can capture screenshots very easily and quickly. If you are a busy working professional, Snagit can really save your time and your effort.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives

This application is available on Mac and Windows versions, which is an extra benefit for you. With the help of this application, you can capture every part of your desktop screen, whether it is a certain part of a whole Window.

Also, you will be also able to capture a scrolling screen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s vertical or horizontal. With this application, you will be able to take a screenshot of long chats, long web pages, messages, etc.

You can record your desktop screen in MP4 format with audio. In this software, you get the option of recording a Webcam with audio. This application allows you to toggle between screen and webcam during recording.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives 1

This application has an all-around capturing capability which is amazing. This application has many features which can be very helpful to you. You can edit your screenshot instantly with this application.

You can manually adjust your screenshot which can be very beneficial. You get lots of editing features on Snagit. Snagit allows you to extract text from the screen and you can add them anywhere.

You can instantly share your screenshot or screen recording to anyone, anywhere. This application is very helpful to users. It’s not a free application, you have to pay to gain access to this application, but this app is worth the money.

How to Edit Your Screenshots and Images

2. Picpick

The 2nd name on the list of Snipping tool alternatives is Picpick (Download Here). This is also an awesome software to take quality screenshots. This is a very popular screen capturing application.

Through this application, you can capture anything from your system’s screen. This application is capable of capturing screenshots and screen recordings. You will be able to capture your desktop’s whole screen or a certain part.

11 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives To Try Out - Reviewed

You have the option of customization in your settings according to the need. This application has a wide range of capturing features. Capturing screenshots or screen recording becomes easy and fast with this app.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives 2

You can quickly edit your screenshot with this app. Editing your screenshot instantly can help you a lot. This has features that will enhance your screenshot. You will be able to edit, add effects to your screenshots.

This application got many effects to enhance your screenshot. You can use graphic accessories which will add value to your screenshot. Graphic accessories help you to make small changes in your screenshot instantly and you can add various aspects through graphic accessories.

You can customize your screen capturing settings in this application. You can take delayed shots, panorama screenshots, etc. Customization makes you free to do things as needed.

This application works only on the windows version. It doesn’t have any Mac version, which is a disadvantage of this application.

Only Windows users can get benefits out of this app. You can use this app for free but this app has a paid version also which is a step better. Paid application has many more features which will add value to your screenshot.

3. TechSmith Capture (Formarly Jing)

The third name on the list is TechSmith Capture (Download Here). TechSmith Capture is also a product of Tech Smith. Jing is one of the Best Snipping Tool Alternatives. This application has so many features in it that it’s a go-to option for screen capturing.

TechSmith Capture is a video capturing-based app. The main priority of this app is to capture videos. You can take full screenshots as well as regional screenshots. It allows you to crop your screenshot by which you can take the most important part of your screenshot.

There isn’t any better video capturing application better than TechSmith Capture. TechSmith Capture has so many features on-screen video capturing. On TechSmith Capture, you can capture new modernized videos with a higher framerate. Jing allows you to capture long videos without any problem.

You can also record webcam videos with audio. No other application allows so many features for users. This all is so helpful for those who want to capture long videos with audio and webcam footage.

Gamers, streamers can get the benefits of this awesome application. If your priority is video capturing go for the TechSmith Capture application without any hesitation. In TechSmith Capture, you get annotation tools like an arrow, font controller, color, highlighter, etc.

Which is an extra benefit for you. You can share your screenshots with the Tech Smith Knowmia account. You can also save screenshots on Tech Smith cloud server screencast, local drive.

This app is available for both the users of Windows and Mac versions. This is a free application, you can get all the benefits of this application free.

4. Lightshot

Another popular and effective screen capturing tool is Lightshot (Download Here). Most people prefer this application because of its uniqueness. It is an easy use application. You don’t have to set manually difficult settings to capture your desktop’s screen.

11 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives To Try Out - Reviewed

You can take screenshots easily and fast with this application. You can also capture a certain part of your desktop screen by using this app. In daily usage, this app is really a value provider. This app allows you to edit your recently taken screenshot.

Through editing, you can create awesome screenshots which will add value to your content. The powerful editor really makes this application worth it. You will be able to share your screenshots with any app, anywhere.

Upload screenshots with Lightshot

This application can be very helpful to your professional life. It’ll save effort and enhance your content. This application has an amazing feature that will immensely help people, the feature is similar to image search.

You can search for some particular images in this application. This app helps you to search for images you need. . Users from both versions can get benefits out of this app.

This is a free application. It’s the most exciting portion of this app. If you are in search of a simple capturing tool, simply consider this as your option. This app is available for both the users of Windows and Mac versions.

5. Duckcapture

The 5th name on the list of Snipping tool alternatives is Duckcapture (Download Here). There are many pros and cons to this application. It’s an easy-to-use application.

If you don’t want unnecessary manual settings and take simple screenshots, this app is for you. This app has amazing features which can really help you. Duckcapture is capable to capture screenshots in 3 different formats which are really helpful.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives 5

Lots of people want screenshots in different formats for different usage. This app delivers you screenshots in JPG, BMP, PNG formats. These triple format screenshots can be very beneficial for working professionals.

You can use JPG format in documents, files that will be an extra value-adding content to your documents. You can use BPM and PNG files on the net and increase traffic. This application allows users to control 4 settings.

You can customize 4 screen capture settings. You can try keyboard shortcuts to manage screen recording. This is the only app that allows users to manage screen capture with the time-saving keyboard. This application also has some disadvantages.

Duckcapture doesn’t have any editing features in it. This is the biggest drawback of this app. The absence of editing features makes this app an incomplete package. This app also doesn’t have a time delay shot.

Almost every application has these features. These are some drawbacks of this app. This app is available for both the users of Windows and Mac versions. Duckcapture is a free and open-source application, you can install it for easy use.

6. ShareX

ShareX (Download Here) is one of the most featured screen capturing tools and one of the best Snipping Tool Alternatives. There are so many features in this application. You’ll be confused about this application. It has every feature, be it capturing regional screens or editing.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives 6

You can capture screenshots of the whole screen, a certain part of your screen, certain texts, certain images. This is an open-source application. With this feature-packed application, you will be able to capture screenshots very easily and quickly.

This app doesn’t show you cheap third-party annoying ads. It keeps its user interface as clear as possible. It can also capture a very beneficial scrolling screen. This app has an amazing after-capturing editing tool.

You get thousands of editing options with this application. ShareX allows you to edit every part of your screenshot. The productivity tool of this application really adds value to your screenshot.

It has a color picker, screen color picker, image editor, image effects, DNS changer, QR code, ruler, image splitter, etc. This application also has some tools for videos well. You’ll get a video converter, video thumbnailer, etc. You can send your screenshots to everyone.

This app allows you to share the image or video file with your connection, be it on social media or on websites. You can customize your settings on this app, can activate capture later, delay capture, regional video capture, etc.

If you are in search of the best-featured screen capturing tool, it’s the choice. This application is only available on Windows, Mac users can’t use it in their system, which is the only drawback. This app is free of cost, it’s an unpaid application. It’s the best unpaid screen capturing tool.

7. ScreenRec

Another great Snipping Tool Alternatives is ScreenRec (Download Here). ScreenRec is one of the easiest tools to use for screenshots. This app is very simple but it has some amazing features which you can explore for benefit. This application has 1 click capture feature.

11 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives To Try Out - Reviewed

You don’t have to do a certain process every time you’re taking a screenshot. This feature is very helpful and time-saving. In real-life usage, this feature provides real value to users. This application has a nice editing section.

You can make your presentation or your screenshot even more attractive with this application. ScreenRec provides high-quality security to your screenshots. This is the best application in terms of security.

This application has an analytic section where you can see who saw your photos or videos and when. ScreenRec analytic can help you in analysis. ScreenRec can be helpful for developers. They can fix codes, report bugs, and fix them.

This application can also be helpful for customer service, eLearning, sales, etc. ScreenRec is a very useful tool for people management and business consultancy. The biggest highlight of this application is, it’s totally free. This application is also virus-free, and safe.

It’s really a value-adding application because you’re getting a virus-free full feature-packed application freely. This application is available for every Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you are using Linux then it’s a great choice for you. Windows and Mac users can get the most out of this application.

8. Screenpresso

Screenpesso (Download Here) Is another Best Snipping Tool Alternatives. This is a simple application to use. You will be able to take screenshots, images, and videos through the Screenpresso application. This is a lightweight application for screen capturing.

11 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives To Try Out - Reviewed

Screenpresso is a very popular and value-adding application. You can take different types of screenshots. You can capture the screen or a minimum portion of your desktop’s screen. You can crop images and texts through this application.

With various capturing techniques and editing methods you will be able to capture picture-perfect screenshots. You can have great-looking images which you can add to enhance the potential of your presentation or document.

Great looking image is the plus point of this application. If you are making a document or a presentation then you should definitely try this application. This application is best for presentations and documents.

This application has many editing tools, they are very beneficial. You get highlights in the editing tool. You can make more attractive images with the help of these highlighters.

Screenpresso allows you to share your screenshots. You can share your screenshots with everyone, anywhere. Use your screenshots for a more attractive presentation.

This application is only available on Windows, which is the only drawback. Mac users can’t access this application. Screenpresso software is free and it’s an open-source application.

9. Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture (Download Here) is really a great screenshot-taking tool. This application has made the process of taking screenshots easy. This application has a feature called easy to capture.

You can take images and videos easily with 2 clicks with this application. With this application, you can record screen videos with audio. This application is an all-around performer.

Nimbus Capture - Capture screenshots using Chrome Extension

It doesn’t matter whether it’s video recording or image capturing, this application can really add value to your screenshots. This application has an amazing editing section. You can edit your screenshot according to your need.

Editing makes a big difference in the long-term process. You can capture long texts, messages, websites with this application. This application helps users to record videos with annotation tools.

You can mark while recording videos. With the help of this app, you can capture long websites and can copy documents. You get free access to Nimbus Notes with this application. Nimbus Notes is very helpful for students and working professionals.

This is really a value-adding application. This application is available on both Windows and Mac versions. You can get access to this application totally free, which is the most exciting part about this application. The source of this application is open and you can install it freely.

10. Greenshot

The last name on our Snipping Tool Alternatives list is Greenshot. Don’t judge it for being last on the list. It’s a good alternative to a snipping tool.

Greenshot is a very popular and effective application. Lots of users are using this application and getting benefits from it. This is a very normal and easy tool that you can use for record screens.

This app helps you to capture screenshots and screen recording very easily and fast. Quick capture is the main highlight of this application. You can edit your recently taken screenshot with this app. This app contains an editor, highlighter, etc.

This application is very lightweight in nature. You can install it on your pc, it’ll consume less space and provide you high-quality screenshots. The export process of this application is really easy and fast. You don’t have to face problems regarding export.

This application is available for  Windows and Mac versions. Both users can get the benefits of this application. This is a value-adding application.

You can download this application freely. It’s an open-source application. Download this application to get access to one of the great screenshot-taking tools. Being a lightweight application, it’ll consume less space and provide great screenshots.


This was the list of the 10 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives. You can take images or capture recordings using these apps. All these applications have the capability to add value. Some of the apps allow you to record webcam video with audio which is insane.

These applications can easily beat Microsoft’s Snipping tool, be it in speed or in features. But all the apps are not available on both Windows and Mac. Mac operating system doesn’t support some of these applications.

If you are using the Snipping tool and want to upgrade these are the best alternatives that you can try. You can download them from the Internet. Some of the applications are paid and some non paid.

These applications will help you to take screenshots easily and fast. You can also edit your recently taken screenshots using editor sections. These applications are very user-friendly and easy to use. All the applications are open source and available on the Internet. Download these applications for better features and a better user experience.