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Soft Surfaces Are Innovating the Sports and Play Industry with Their Products


For many years’ asphalt and tarmac were considered to be the ideal type of surface for sports and play industry. These types of surfaces were inexpensive and did not get slick when it rained. However, these surfaces also had their flaws. The surfaces were prone to weather wearing and limited in their uses.

They also led to injuries when children fell on them. Now we have a lot more when it comes to different kinds of playground flooring. There are available surfaces which can be used in the sports and play industry. Below are various soft surfaces which the sports and play industry can use.

  1. Artificial Grass

When installed artificial grass can transform your sports and play area from a dull to a green paradise within a short time. It creates a nice outdoor space for people to use and it is also much safer to use as compared to tarmac or asphalt. This type of soft surface is ideal on warm days as children can relax, and lie on it while basking in the sun.

Artificial grass can also be used in the sports industry. You can fix different markings on the grass to mark courts and sports pitches. The artificial grass can be used throughout the year since it does not need to be weeded, mowed and reseeded.

2. Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a soft Surface and solid playground flooring material. It is made from rubber pieces which are recycled and are joined together using polyurethane. Rubber mulch can also be found in different colors. Rubber mulch is recommended for play areas as it acts as a cushion reducing the impact on injuries in case a person falls.

3. Wet Pour Surfacing

Wet pour surfaces are the same as rubber mulch in design. The variance is that wet pour surfaces are softer. They are also more useful in games and sporting activities. A wet pour surface can also be used by creating markings on the playground to create sports pitches and courts.

You can create unique designs by using multiple colours. This type of soft surface is common in public playgrounds and is great for schools. It is highly durable, maintenance free, and free draining. Schools wishing to mount pieces of equipment such as climbing structures and trim trails, this is the best soft surface that they should use.

4. Resin Bound

Resin bound is a modern alternative to tarmac and asphalt. This type of surface can be used to cover pathways and playgrounds. Resin bond gravel is made from polythureane and aggregate gravel. Resin bound gravel is porous, and it does not stay wet on the surface. The surface is also made of high quality and can easily be accessed by people using a wheelchair.


With the various available soft surfaces, sports and play industry can incorporate these type of flooring in their industry. The surfaces are easy to install and provide a safer environment which is beautiful to play on.


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