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How to Download Softros LAN Messenger for Windows 10


Windows 10 comes with Mail app to enable the users to read and respond to messages delivered from various accounts quicker. The app also makes it possible for you to set up an automatic reply while you are away. In addition, it can be accessed through PC or other devices including smartphones.

Messenger on Windows 10

Windows Messenger is an instant messaging operated on Windows 10. The instant messaging is enabled by default.

The features of the messenger application include instant messaging, file transfer, support for SIP or Session Initiation Protocol, whiteboarding, presence awareness, and application sharing. The user interface of this Windows messenger application is devoid of the clutter as viewed in Windows Live Messenger.

There is no custom emoticon, nudges, or winks available in the application. The Windows Messenger also integrates with Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Media Center, Remote Assistance, and Microsoft Exchange Server in Windows XP.

By using this application, sending and receiving messages in Windows 10 will be much easier to do. The users will be able to enjoy a different experience of instant messaging with this application.

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New Features Updated on Messenger for Windows 10

The messenger for Windows 10 now comes with new features. There are some improvements added to the application include new tabs on the home page called “Active” and “Messages”. The “Active” session will make it possible for the users of the application to find out family or friends who are currently online or active in the Messenger.

The latest updates of the application also added on the alignment available on the search bar. Unlike the previous session, this new update makes you possible to use the bar search simply by moving the text in the center. There are also some changes on the look of the features, include the emoticon menu.

Softros LAN Messenger

In this latest version, the emoticon menu is relocated under the previous pop up menu. This can be found on the top part of the chat. Some features available in the application also change the names. For example, the emoji, photos, and videos’ name are changed into “Multimedia Content” and “Photos”.

In addition, the emoji section is also removed from the menu of this latest application of Messenger for Windows 10. Overall, the whole changes of the application look, names, and features, make this application becomes more interesting to use. However, the latest update of the Messenger application can only be downloaded on Tablets and Windows 10 P.

How to Create Easy-to-Use and Secure Messaging Application

Though Mail app on Windows 10 is really helpful, you can have an easier PC-to-PC messaging with various handy features.

Softros LAN Messenger is an application which is created to enable the users to experience an effective and secure intra-office communication.

All thing you have to do is download Softros LAN messenger and there will be no server needed to run the application. In addition, it is also easy to install and you will be able to instantly enjoy more private and secure online messaging along with many handy features to enjoy.


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