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Software for Cyber Café and eSports Arena

When we were first introduced to the world of the internet, the services were expensive and hence, very few people had access to it. In such a case, cyber cafés became a popular trend to access the internet while on the go and in case of urgent and occasional needs.

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Back then, since the technology was still ballooning, managing the cyber cafés was a daunting task. It is because the owners did not have access to software like SENET. However, as the technology evolved and became more popular, more and more people started coming online and the demand for cyber cafés increased multifold.

This led to an increase of need for management software which will make the lives of cybercafé and eSports arena owners easy. Today, let us talk about what such a software can do and how it can be helpful to you, if you are planning to open a cybercafé or an eSports arena.

What is a Cyber Café Software?

If you have been to a cybercafé, you must be knowing that it consists of many computer systems with many people using them simultaneously. In such a case, it often becomes difficult for the owner to keep a record of each customer’s time, amount, sessions, etc.

As a solution to this challenge, many companies like SENET have come up with software for cybercafé and eSports arenas.

Using the software, the owner will be able to identify the customer, manage their session times, amount, data limits, etc., without having to remember anything. The software keeps a record of everything for you and makes it easier for you to manage your cybercafé. Let us now discuss some of the features of such software.

Features of Cyber Café & eSports Arena Software

The software for cybercafe and eSports arenas come with a lot of features. From managing the customers’ session to the financials, from security to limiting usage, you can do everything using the software. Let us cover some of the features that you get with the software:

Financial Controls

Does your eSports arena or cybercafé get a lot of visitors and it becomes difficult to manage their session and the total amount they are supposed to pay you at the end? Do you have different price segments for different customers and you do not know what to collect?

If this is the case with you, this software might come in handy for you. The software comes with a lot of features that help you manage all this and more with ease. Software like Senet are some of the most popular ones for this usage.

Different Logins

The cybercafé software with different logins for different people. If you are the owner of a cybercafé or an eSports arena, you will have access to all the financials, security modules, admin roles, etc.

If you have employees in your place, you can give them special access using which they can map the available computer systems, manage public keys, and do much more. These features come handy when you have multiple systems and you do not know how many of them are occupied and how many of them are available to be assigned to other users.

Gamer Logins

If your business is good, it might happen often that you get a customer but you do not have the bandwidth to assign a computer system to them. And for sure it is not a good practice to deny a customer and send him back empty handed. Such instances, if repeated, might hamper your brand identity.

If this is something you commonly face, you will be happy to know that software such as SENET allows you to also give logins to your customers. Using gamer logins, they will be able to make reservations, take part in loyalty programs, make online payments, and much more.

User Activity Management and Records

Most of the cybercafé and eSport arena management software allow you to manage the activity of users and track the websites that the customers can visit. You can have a control and prevent malware attacks using the software.

Apart from that, now several governments require you to have the records of all the customers using the systems in cyber cafes. You can use these software to keep a track of all of your users.

Summing It Up

With evolving technologies, the way we manage businesses has also changed drastically. In today’s world, if you plan to run a cybercafé business or run an eSports arena, you must have a software that looks after the day-to-day operations of your business.

The software comes with a lot of features such as financial controls, user management, cloud management, PC mapping, different logins to owners, employees, gamers, etc. In short, this software helps you manage your business with ease as it comes with all the features you will ever need to run your cybercafé or your eSport arena.