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Some important tips to consider before buying a used iOS device


The iPhone and iPad are incredible popular and continue to command premium over other competing devices. But, there is another truth also that is iOS devices are quite expensive because of which many are not able to afford it. Well, if you are also one of them and really wants to own an iOS device then need not to worry anymore as now you can buy refurbished or reused devices at affordable price. But, before you visit market make a list of some tips that you should consider while buying it.

Tips to consider for buying refurbished iOS device

Check warranty –

Original or reputable manufacturer always provides warranty for refurbished products. But, still you should check number of warranty years and other criteria that they cover. Also check if there is chance of getting any additional coverage, if yes then check how much they will cost and for how long it will be provided such that durability of gadget can be calculated.  Apart from this, you should also know about their exchange and return policies so that items can be returned in case if you are not satisfied.

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Source from where it is –

One of the main things that you should know about used buying process is who you are dealing with. Before opening your wallet make sure that your cash is going in good hands. Research seller on business bureau and see whether the customers are satisfied or not.

Check battery –

You will typically get 10 hours of talk time in 3G enabled iPhone battery. Though, it doesn’t last forever because swqa`1as soon as recharge limit is reached battery capacity gets lowered. Factor in cost of putting new battery if you are buying any refurbished iOS device is typically more. So, you should always check battery before buying. Battery get affected within a year due to heavy use, but in most cases it last for two or three years. So, if you really want to invest in refurbished iOS device then can visit Tech.Trade where you will get best iPhone, iPads, Mac book and much more.

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IMEI viability –

It is possible that the iPad, iPhone or Macbook that you are buying has a replaced or refurbished body. In fact, people do not know about it and happily buy a used iOS device. It is possible that it might have been survived from bad fall or submerged in water. Though exterior might look shiny and new, but internals could be telling a different story. That’s why, it is important to check IMEI number on back of the iPhone. You can even compare it with one in OS. Go to setting, then on general and then about, swipe down to see IMEI and compare it yourself.

Check lighting connector –

All versions of iPad and iPhone are well known for their unique charging and data connector, but recently this connector was changed with latest iPad and iPhone 5. Instead of using old 30 pin connector, new devices use quicker and smaller lighting connector. Remember this is very important because it helps in determining peripherals which can be used. So, if you are planning to buy used or refurbished iPhone, iPad or mac book then must check peripherals as most of the time it don’t work well.


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