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Some Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips to Use


With more than 800 million monthly users sharing more than 60 million photos a day, it would be a shame that you do not use Instagram to expand the reach of your business. You can try a number of ways to win new followers – it is even possible to buy Instagram views to get you started. However, it all comes down to how you well you understand the latest algorithm changes. You also need to plan your campaign accordingly, and that is when the following tips will come in handy.

Upgrade your account to business profile – as early as you can.

If you are planning to do marketing on Instagram, you obviously have been using a regular account. With you deciding to take a forward leap – upgrade your profile as well to the next level – business level – and it’s super easy to do that. With a business profile, you need not use Facebook advertising tools to create and publish ads on Instagram.

Instagram for business also has analytics tools – called as – insights – which provide you detailed statistics about your post reaches, likes, impressions and so on.

So, get your business account now, unlock all that load of features that come with it and use them to track metrics and understand your target audience.

Use the Instagram tools – for free

Business profiles come with lot of features on Instagram – these are similar to that of Facebook business profiles.

Check “Insights”, through which you can view your post engagements, likes, impressions and so on. Further, insights give you specific information based on time period, for example how many likes you had on a particular week, comparison of engagements between two weeks, or engagements for the entire month, which was the peak engagement period and so on!

The statistics are as detailed as getting information based on demographics of your followers – like information on their age, gender, location and their most active hours.

Isn’t it amazing to get all this information at one place, that too with single click of button? The best part is, these tools make it so easy for you to know how users are interacting with your content, which is critical for you to tweak your content and make it more interesting to boost engagements in future.


Post the most popular content – product teasers

The most popular and engaging content for users are the product teasers.

If the ads are too pushy and keep coming when the user is doing something, they are sure to get annoyed and just close it off. But, in case of Instagram, the ads are laid back – they tease the user with discount and product image to download the app and shop – so if there is something that the user is interested in, they are sure to click on it just out of curiosity.

Once the link opens, even if they don’t buy, they will at least engage the post by liking or commenting on it or may as well share it with a friend who may be interested to know about it.

This strategy works for almost any industry.

So, create product posters – but be gentle, not pushy, not desperate.

Note – Creating teasers also helps to create sponsored ads.

Sponsored ads

Instagram ads are a part and parcel of Instagram. But, the unique thing here is that you can set a budget for your ads and control how much you want to spend on the ads. It is up to you to showcase one sponsored ad or multiple ads by using the carousel feature.

Whichever way you do – the purpose is achieved – the brands get the ability to target and reach their audience in a bigger way. Without sponsored posts, only users following your account could see your updates and photos, but with sponsored ads, brands can promote their photos to anyone who fits as their target audience and widen their reach exponentially.

There are many other marketing tips you can use to be much more efficient when using Instagram as your marketing platform, but you will certainly be moving in the right direction by keeping the abovementioned points in mind. So, do not forget to take advantage of these tips to grow big!


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