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Some start up mistakes you should unquestionably avoid


Some start up mistakes you should unquestionably avoid

Are you a business entrepreneur who is looking to set up a new startup? In this article, you will learn about some of the most common mistakes that people make when they begin a startup. It is essential that you ensure that you do not make these mistakes in order to see your business flourish and develop and expand more. Some of the mistakes mentioned here are strong enough to make you go completely out of business. Hence it is essential that you pay attention to these guidelines. You must understand that it is always better to be safe rather than be sorry.

1. Having a single founder –

Start-ups have to have more than just a single founder. The main reason why this is important is that it increases credibility. When you have more than two founders, you will be able to diversify your responsibilities in a better way. When the founders are from diverse backgrounds, they can all add something different to the table and give a more nuanced variation. Also, the investments can seem difficult to get pitched when there is a single founder. Thus, there can be potential investors who may feel that your ideas are not quite good.

Thus, if you consider it from a psychological perspective, if you are involved in setting a startup up then you will have to face a lot of difficult situations, unfortunately. With another founder by your side, you will be enjoying the much-needed support which is required at this stage. During brainstorming sessions, different people can come together to come up with innovative ideas which may have been too difficult for one person to do singlehandedly. Also, you will work together as a team, and that will be good for your company.

2. Having an incorrect location –

It is of prime importance that you focus on the location of your company. If you locate your business somewhere far off, then it will get quite difficult for you to get good talent in your company, you will also find it difficult to get investment for your company, which is quite essential. Try setting up your company in a big city where much more work can get easily done and taken care off. Although it can get difficult to set your company up in a new city initially, after the begging period of struggles your move will start reaping fruits.

3. Do not do too many stuff at the same time –

A big mistake that a lot of start-ups end up doing is trying to cover too many stuffs at the same time. This can only create distractions and will focus less on the crucial tasks which need to be done quickly. You must not try to take too many things on your platter. Start with smaller things and ensure that they are better than anyone or anything else. After having built the first idea, you will have to start focusing on adding newer features. It will be best for you if you can make it easier for people because it will then not overwhelm them and they can understand what you are trying to do.

4. Hire C class employees –

You must never stop your hiring procedure, it has to be a continuous process. You have to be on the lookout throughout the time and must not cease to interview people. Look for better and more talent all the time. Do not go for recruiting people through agencies. It is better because you will have to pay only the commissions. Focus on younger talent, people who are driven to get success and not people who are looking for just a new job. You have to be ready to offer your employees new emoluments and rewards if they can get more work done. Go for campus interviews, post your requirements, make specific inquiries about the people whom you want to hire because these things go a long way to helping you make informed choices. Ask for potential candidates to show evidence of their past work and how they fared in them. Also, offer lucrative deals, you must not offer lower pays. And be specific about your appraisals.

5.Launch at the right time, neither soon nor lateĀ 

You have to be specific about the time when you would want to launch your project. If you launch your startup too soon, then there remains a possibility that your product has not been completed yet or tested correctly and that can risk dissatisfying your consumers. The essential problem that lies here is that in case you do not finish your project correctly then it will turn your customers off, and as a result, you will risk losing your customers. But similarly, on the other hand, you have to ensure that you do not launch your product too late. This will give a bad image to your company and will prevent you from accomplishing your milestones at the right moment. You will also risk spending more money to keep your project stalled. You must launch when you feel you have the product in its optimum form and you can justify it to consumers and convince them that they should buy it.

6. Raise the required capitalĀ 

Start-ups have often made this mistake of not having enough capital. You have to have a comprehensive business plan in place which you should follow strictly and update carefully. This plan will be your central guidelines when you think about your financing. You have to ensure that you do not end up by losing all your money.

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Startups have a lot of potential for business entrepreneurs. But they also require meticulous planning and considerable attention to detail. Hence, it is vital that you avoid making these mistakes and ensure your company develops more.


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