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15 Of The Best Songwriting Apps To Enhance Your Lyrics

Are you looking for the best Songwriting apps that help you to put your ideas together and create good song lyrics? 🤔


We reviewed the 35 apps available in the Google Play Store and Apple app store and finally came with 15 Of The Best Songwriting Apps To Enhance Your Lyrics to our readers.

Without any further delay, let’s get started. 📗

Do you feel that you have it in you to become a successful singer? Perhaps, from your childhood, you have been singing during your free time and feel like; it is the right time to hone your songwriting skills. 

Well, if it is affirmative, then this post can help you achieve your goals. Your road to success and fame is going to be a long one. Yes indeed. There are a dozen things you need to consider before you climb up that ladder to freedom. 

You need to think about purchasing quality music equipment, get a few bandmates or individuals who share the same passion, and willpower as you. Not to mention, you need to get hired by a record company, find adequate space to practice and play your songs, and many others. 

Sometimes, the road to success can be slow and excruciating. You can run on finding the right words along with the notes. It can take ages for you to sort that out. Of course, you cannot have your competition creeping up to you. 

How can songwriting apps enhance your lyrics? 🤷‍♀️

Luckily, there is an alternative. Your smartphone can save your music business and propel your career. How may you ask? We mean through songwriting apps that have been designed and developed for budding singers like you. 

These apps have been a soul reviver for several famous artists who swear by them. The app enables you to find words with the right kind of notes. In this post, we have researched and gone through some of the best songwriting apps available in the market and presented only the best for you. 

These apps can be downloaded and used on android and iOS devices. Most of these apps can perform several tasks, like writing songs, recording songs, and find lyrics. Some of them are free, while some are paid. 

Apart from that, you can find crucial information on recording companies and musical instruments. It would be in the best interest of our readers, that you give it a good read, irrespective of whether you are a novice or a professional.

Best Songwriting Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Lyric Notepad – Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, & Rap

Lyric Notepad can definitely help you write a great song. Kenny Mc designed this songwriting app. It is a multi-feature app that comes with a wide range of features that can help you immensely. 

You can check your own words that you write initially and then match them with rhyming words. The app suggests lyrics or words that sound much better and provide you with the ideal tune that you want. 

Best Songwriting Apps

You can also do so with the Metronome feature found in the app. Use this feature; you can match your rhythm and beat. You can use them for video or audio reference. Hence, you do not become confused with your lyrics as well as the rhythm. 

The app also comes with the measure mode that lets you break your lyrics. This way, you can find out the exact matching tune for your song. To help out novice singers, the syllable counter breaks up the words. 

It is done for designing a syllable pattern that is unique and different from others. You can record your voice and then use it on your song. It enables you to find out whether you are right on track. 

You can create different kinds of song lyrics like pop, poetry, and even rap style. So, your options are there. With its built-in recorder, you can record your performance and attach it to your lyrics if you want.  If you are a budding artist, then you might consider using this songwriting app. 

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2. Rhyme Time Professional: Rhyming Dictionary

Rhyme Time Professional was developed by HYDL and is another songwriting app that can help your cause to become a professional singer. When your beat is low, or you are not having the mood to sing, then this app can get you into your groove. 

Best Songwriting Apps

Instead of finding lyrics, it helps you find rhymes. This app comes with 9 types of rhymes available. You can select the option that suits your rhythm and start to write your song. After you are done writing, the app provides you with better alternatives. 

You can also make use of the audio pronunciation feature. This feature is an interesting aspect of this app because you can listen to the words. This helps you come up with a rhythm for your song. 

Not to mention, when you feel stuck with a song or are finding it difficult to understand the words, then you can use the dictionary. You will be glad to know that the app contains more than 1 00,000 words.

The songwriting app is not only ideal for singers but also for poets and rappers. You can simply experiment using your music and words. The app helps you to enhance your words and become a magician. 

You can find half-rhymes, perfect rhymes, eye rhymes, vowel rhymes, consonant rhymes, and others. Those of you, who intend to become a singer, rapper, poet, or even a writer, can make use of this app and improvise. 

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3. WordPalette

WordPalette can improvise your words immensely and make you into a great singer. You can prepare your song with the help of a feature called 6 sliding lines. The sliding lines come with words that are grouped. 

15 Of The Best Songwriting Apps To Enhance Your Lyrics

Using a swipe or a tap, you can easily switch between the iOS keyboard and the lines. Apart from that, you can also add your own words, articles, and poems. Do not be surprised when you see words that you may or may not know. 

Some of these words are used rarely, while others are not. These 6 lines can enable you to read new levels in singing. If you want to become an accomplished singer, then download WordPalette, do it right now.

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4. Tully – Best songwriting apps for android

Tully is a songwriting app developed by Vertical Craft. It is a very functional app that comes with several features. It allows you to write it and import it when you are listening to your song. It finds words that rhyme and then makes improvements likewise. 

15 Of The Best Songwriting Apps To Enhance Your Lyrics

This is a manual process. You can modify the words depending on your requirements and song style. It helps in making your song sound catchy and soulful. Once done, you can add your own spice to it. 

The recording system does not disturb sounds. Not to mention, songs can be shared with anybody through the app. The songs can be shared with your studio engineer, and new dimensions to the lyrics or the melody can be added. 

Those who are part of your song project can easily access the audio file, record ideas, and the lyric sheet. All the files are saved in the folder of your choice. You can save data securely using the method. 

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5. Songwriter’s Pad -Songwriting

Dante media developed songwriter Pad LE-Songwriting. It helps songwriters smoothen their writing skills. Many times, even professional writers tend to get stuck when writing song lyrics. 

Best Songwriting Apps

They would have wished to use an app that can get them out of the waters. Well, that is what this app is all about. We will take a look at its essential features. It comes with a dictionary that contains a wide range of rhythmic words that can help write songs. 

This feature is commonly found in many apps. For those, you, particular about your words, can make use of Thesaurus.

Melodies can be imported and played on your app. You can also record information like the copyright date, author, song ideas, publisher, and your song is good to go. 

One of the most critical features of the songwriting app is its ability to offer you wording that gets the emotion of the song. You would be surprised to know that top singers in the world, use this app to come up with popular lyrics. 

Songwriter's Pad - The Songwriting App for Android

Phrases and words that reflect your mood are discovered using the app. It comes with a free and paid option. You can use the version that suits your requirements. Using this songwriting app, you can make use of its built-in search option and rhyming dictionary.

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6. Rhymer’s Block

Rhymer’s Block is one of those apps that can lift your spirit up. You can use the app to find famous words from different poems and songs. You can then incorporate these songs into your own song. 

15 Of The Best Songwriting Apps To Enhance Your Lyrics

The words that rhythm are highlighted using the same colors. Novice songwriters prefer using the app. It comes with the block community that helps you get genuine feedback about your song or lyrics. 

You never know who can get to meet in the community. After all, when people with the same thoughts and ideas meet, great songs are written and sung. If you want to refresh your songwriting skills and come up with refined wording, then you know what to do. 

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7. RoadWriter Lite – Songwriting

RoadWriter Lite gives you the ability to simplify your songwriting abilities. Probably, you are new to songwriting and need something that can improvise your writing skills. Then this app is your calling. 

Songwriting Apps

All you need to do is import the tune you plan on playing for your song. Once you have done that, you can play it, and then side by side, write the lyrics. This is an important feature of the songwriting app. 

The app comes with buttons that can either skip or go forward to replay parts of the songs. With this kind of feature in your hands, you can now come up with powerful and inspiring songs. 

If you are new to songwriting or are looking for an app that can help improve your lyrics, then you are looking at the right choice. There is a free version and a paid version. You can use the one that you feel can help accomplish your goals. 

RoadWriter Walk Through for New Design

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8. Write Songs Lite: Songwriting

Write Songs Lite is the ideal app for rappers, songwriters, and lyrists. Whether you are a novice or a professional, this app will make you fall in love with it. That is because once downloaded, you have all that you need in a single place. 

Best Songwriting Apps

For example, you can write down the text and allow it to show its power. The dictionary provides you with a wide range of words that can help you come up with superlative words. You have words that are taken from Bible scripture and word of the day. 

The app comes with its own video and player recording system. This immensely simplifies the process of songwriting and enhances your lyrics. Of course, this is just an app. If you are into gospel songs or Christian music, then look no further. 

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9. Simple Songwriter

The simple songwriter was developed by Hopefully Useful Software. When you plan on writing a song or poem, but do not have a note or pen in hand, then this app can help you out.

Many times, songwriters come across this situation where some brilliant flashed across their minds, but they were not able to note it down. 

Simple Songwriter 2 for iPhone

During such circumstances, they wished that they have a songwriting app with them. The app enables you to write down the text you plan on having and then access it whenever you want. The app also helps you to record your poems, lyrics, and ideas. 

It is one of those apps that help you to discover your inner writing abilities. You do not have to think hard to come up with awkward wordings. Once you get an idea, you can record them and listen to them later. 

A professional songwriter can come up with endless modulation, musical adaptations, and the right tempo. Not to mention, it can also be accessed on the iPad that lets you practice the song as and when you prefer. 

You can access it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. The app is simple but effective, having just the right amount of touch to it. New users might want to have some flexibility in it, but the quality and sound layering are acceptable. The LE version is free to try here. 

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10. Lyric Pad 3

Write Your Own Song – Rhymes Finder was developed for professional musicians. That does not mean novices and amateurs should not use it. The features are suitable for coming up with lyrics quickly and creatively.

Lyric Pad 3 - Trailer

All you need to do is type the words. The app generates words that rhyme with your thoughts and feelings. Once you are done with your song, you can share it on social media. Your songwriting is simplified because you can write it in sections. 

On the whole, this may not be your go-to app for writing songs. However, professional songwriters have felt that the app has immensely benefited their songwriting abilities and are satisfied with it.

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11. Genius — Song Lyrics & More

Genius is an exciting songwriting app that can help you do a lot more than just merely write songs. The app is free to access on your smartphone. You can find lyrics that are popular and, perhaps, help you with your songwriting. 

Best Songwriting Apps

Apart from that, you can also view interviews with singers and artists. It also lets you listen to the songs that you like.

Perhaps, they can provide you with some inspiration to write high-quality songs. 

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12. Songspace 

Songspace is a free songwriting app. You can access the app on your android and iOS devices. You can also use it offline. So, you can listen to songs when you are not having internet service or Wi-Fi.

Best Songwriting Apps

Using the app, you can search for the song or track you are looking to hear. Perhaps, it can provide you with the inspiration that you want to write songs. It is effortless to create and manage your playlist. 

Not to mention, you can share your songs with your sound engineers and producers. The pitch of the song can be adjusted according to your requirements.

The ideal songwriting app you want when you are not sure about the lyrics and tone. 

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13. FourTrack 

Sonoma Wire Works developed FourTrack. When you find yourself singing a song to yourself, but want to pen your own lyrics similar to the tune. Perhaps, you may even make a better song out of it. 

15 Of The Best Songwriting Apps To Enhance Your Lyrics

The songwriting app comes with a four-track recorder that is present on your smartphone. Some of the features are graphics, recording of many tracks, input monitoring, meters that are caliber, sharing, and importing of files. 

Not to mention, the app can record at a speed of 16 bit, 44.1 kHz. Suitable for singers who love to hum songs and derive lyrics from them.

You can make your own tunes and control your own work in progress. 

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14. SoundCloud

SoundCloud Ltd designed SoundCloud. This is the ideal app for both amateurs and professional songwriters. It is the perfect platform to get the perfect song and enhance your work. 

Demos can be transformed into pieces of art. Apart from that, you can also share your music effortlessly. You can have several references, edit your work, your work progress, and others. Not to mention, your work can be shared on social media platforms. 

This enables you to get feedback from your well-wishers. It helps you to frame better lyrics next time you decide to pen a song.

The only drawback songwriters might experience is that, on the free plan, you can upload your content for 2 hours and fewer data. 

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15. Evernote 

Evernote Corporation developed Evernote. It is your go-to app when you want an organized system to store all your lyrics. Not to mention, you can store audio, photos, text, and other notes. 

The app comes with the syncing of your PC and Mac. That means you can sync your music and songs on a larger screen and make changes quickly if needed. It also means that you can transfer data without much hassle. 

The songwriting app is not only meant for musicians, but also for songwriters and lyrists. When you want to store your lyrics and melodies in one place, then this is your domain. You can access it on your iPhone, iPhone as well as android devices. 

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Why songwriting apps?

The simple reason being, you are traveling somewhere, and perhaps the cool wind and gentle breeze brought you some great song ideas. Sadly, you do not have a notepad and a pen or a tablet in your hands. 

Now, what do you do? With the help of songwriting apps, you can write the ideal song that was in your mind. Not to mention, you can save it and refine it later on when you feel like it. The stress and worry of not being able to write a quality song are no longer there. 

As you can see, songwriting apps inspire and motivate you to come up with meaningful songs. Songs that have a close place to your heart. Writing songs is not an illusion, unlike what some of you think. 

It needs passion, dedication, and effort put in. If you add these elements along with songwriting apps, then you have got the right tools in your hands. Professional songwriters or singers will tell you how vital a songwriting app can be. 

It can either break or make your song. Once you have the basic idea of your song, it needs to be executed well. You may be knowing popular singing sensation Alicia Keys.

She said, “The most important thing for me when I write is that I properly express the emotion that struck me so deeply.” 

In summary 

To encapsulate those strong emotions that grasp your heart, mind, and soul, you need a simple way to transfer these thoughts into reality. That is possible through songwriting apps. From the above, it is difficult to choose the best one.

Because each of them comes with its own pros and cons, however, depending on your needs, you can choose the songwriting app that you feel is good enough and has a strong bond with you.