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Spotify vs JOOX: Which is the Best Music Streaming Service?

Are you tired of flipping through radio stations or shuffling through your music library to find the perfect song for the moment?🧐

Streaming music services like Spotify and JOOX can provide instant access to millions of songs, customized playlists, and personalized recommendations.

But which one is the better choice for you? In this article, we’ll compare Spotify vs JOOX in terms of features, pricing, user experience, and more, so you can make an informed decision and start enjoying your favorite tunes with ease.

Let’s dive in!

Spotify vs Joox – Head-to-Head Comparison

If you live in one of the countries where Joox is available and are interested in its karaoke and social features, Joox might be a better choice.

However, if you prioritize a larger music library and more unique features like podcasts and personalized playlists, Spotify might be the better choice.

Here’s a detailed table comparing Spotify and JOOX, with the first tab listing their features:-

Feature Spotify JOOX
Music Library Over 70 million songs Over 50 million songs
Ad-supported plan Yes, with ads and limited skips Yes, with ads and limited skips
Premium plan Yes, with unlimited skips and offline listening Yes, with unlimited skips and offline listening
Podcasts Yes, including original and exclusive content No
Social features Yes, including sharing and collaborative playlists Yes, including sharing and collaborative playlists
Personalized playlists Yes, including Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and Release Radar Yes, including personalized playlists based on listening history
Lyrics Yes, synchronized lyrics for some songs Yes, synchronized lyrics for some songs
Availability Available in over 170 countries Available in Southeast Asia and South Africa
Price Free with ads, $9.99/month for Premium Free with ads, MYR 12.90/month for Premium

Now let’s explore this guide in detail. 🙂

Spotify adds more than 20,000 new songs a day. Spotify is the only service that offers podcasts within the app.

Spotify has animations and short video facilities that play full screen while tuning, depending upon the song. Spotify Laid the blueprint that helped shape the current music streaming market.

How Does Spotify Work?

It is supposed to allow users to listen to MP3s within the application itself, but this has never worked that smoothly and doesn’t allow you to upload tracks. Spotify allows users to connect to a lot more devices

JOOX lacks in the song collections but has a piece of good music streaming quality. JOOX’s VIP service comes with advantages such as play on-demand for more than 3 million songs, offline listing, no advertisements, and streaming with good quality.

Where Spotify still offers its full library access to songs for free users. But in the case of JOOX users, not all songs are available for free.

JOOX Desktop apps are available on Android/iOS, macOS/Windows, and mobile users. Spotify Streams songs from any genre, from Hindi to Pop music and needs, no unnecessary permissions.

JOOX requires lots of unnecessary permission to run and collects lots of data from the users. Compatibility requires iOS 10.0 or later and also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It supports multi-Languages like English, Burmese, Indonesian, Malay, Simplified Chinese, Thai, and Traditional Chinese.

Both services allow users to follow their favorite artists to keep them and Up to date with their latest releases and posts.

Audio and Streaming quality:-

When it comes to Spotify vs JOOX speed, Spotify is presently promoting its 320 kbps bitrates as excellent sound to its premium endorsers.

Cell phones get much more expensive 96 kbps bitrates, in any case, buying into Premium opens access to 320 kbps sound gushing, which Spotify publicizes as an excellent sound. JOOX offers different music quality to address the issues of its users.

For free users, the standard quality of music is 64 kbps. It has loud noise and poor sound quality, but it spares a great deal of information.

Especially for clients in rustic zones, on the go feature of JOOX is that special users can download the song over wi-fi and enjoy it while moving somewhere. 128 Kbps is of medium quality which free users can access. In the case of VIP users, they can listen to music at 320 kbps.

Spotify is presently promoting its 320 kbps bitrates as excellent sound to its premium endorsers. Cell phones get much more expensive 96 kbps bitrates,  in any case, buying into Premium opens access to 320 kbps sound gushing, which Spotify publicizes as an excellent sound. JOOX offers different music qualities to address the issues of its users.

For free users, the standard quality of music is 64 kbps. It has loud noise and poor sound quality, but they spare a great deal of information.

Particularly for clients in rural zones, the go feature of JOOX is special, users can download the song over wi-fi and enjoy it while traveling. 128 Kbps is of a medium quality which free users can access. In the case of VIP users, they can listen to music at 320 kbps.

Playlist Manager:-

When it comes to song collection in Spotify vs JOOX, It is simple to add songs to Spotify. Users can track down a song or two that they like from many numbers on Spotify. Users can Like a tune on Spotify by tapping the heart symbol close to its name.

Spotify vs Joox

Users can add or create songs to existing playlists or make their playlists. Users can transfer any tune (counting their tunes) to Spotify and hear them out on Android devices, iPhones, PC and can do as such without any stressing.

As per Spotify, more than 4 billion playlists exist on its platform. And around 33% of Spotify’s listening time is consumed through tuning in to Spotify-curated playlists.

For simple access for users to songs and melodies, it divides playlists into two parts, based on the songs they have enjoyed.

JOOX has a customized summary of substance-dependent language preferences like Chinese, Malaysia, English, and Bahasa. Every language has an exceptional item that interests local speakers.

Spotify vs JOOX: Which is the Best Music Streaming Service?

It offers modified playlists, and JOOX is moreover ready to suggest to the artists that users like a song, depending on your chosen preferences.

JOOX permits its subscribers to listen to pop, electronic, kwaito, Afrikaans, South African hip-hop, and rock songs and users can have more enjoyment.

JOOX has this amazing feature where the user can watch and  Live Chat with the artist, artist live Performance, and artist interview all in one place.

JOOX likewise offers a huge swath of free substance that surpasses numerous contenders. With JOOX, you’re ready to enjoy more than 24 hours of substance for nothing with no compensation divider.

Easy-to-use  user interface

Spotify has a good collection of songs and tracks. More complete and personal favorite songs are available on Spotify but not the JOOX. The UI of Spotify premium is not so good as compared to JOOX.

The new UI is likely extraordinary for certain individuals but, the new interface releases loss of the alphabetized list. If a user empowers alphabetized artists and songs list, it gets added to the application. The on-off chance that they do not choose podcast capacity, it doesn’t get installed.

In the Spotify vs JOOX comparison, Spotify gives its iOS and Android applications a total upgrade. Regardless, some Android customers experience genuine challenges using media controls on the lock screen starting late. We tried to filter for proper courses of action and give them underneath.

JOOX gives a superior UI without sound advertisements. But analyzing a large number of tunes, users can access without advertisements as Spotify Premium is not that expensive.

The name like fresh hits in a new updated playlist isn’t sure about what’s going on and what isn’t. Even the suggested playlist that is recommended by JOOX does not depend on users’ listening ways.

No Location and Time-based playlist for the users is available. No one searches for songs or tunes any longer these days, users searching depending on their mood if it is the best time to listen to such a song.

In Spotify vs JOOX,  no live performance or Music available for the users who look for a new creator or artist, and loves listening to live performances on Spotify.

Spotify forces users to listen to ads every few songs While JOOX pops up a web browser for ads each time users connect to wifi.

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Unique Key Features:-


Where the radio went:- Users can create or listen to artist-based stations using this feature. In this feature of Spotify vs JOOX, JOOX is a clear winner.

Use your voice:- This feature is used for easy and rapid access to favorite music, videos, and podcasts.

Scrub tracks on the iOS lock screen and Control Centre:- If users want to jump to different places in the song while playing, they need not open the app but can use the control center to scrub through a song or can slide to the top of the lock screen.

View album or artist info:- This is a great feature if users want to find out the album on which that song appears from a playlist.

Save your Discover Weekly playlists:- No option for users to access old “Made for you” playlists like Discover Weekly but users should be able to view recently played songs on the Homepage on the Spotify app.

Users can start a Private Session for guilty pleasures.

Users can have on-demand and unlimited music.

Spotify Connect:- This feature lets the users set up a connection between the internet and the hi-fi. So it can directly stream music from Spotify and not via a device, users need not run cell phones down it simply works as a remote control.

Users can have Suggested songs and Autoplay options.

Daily Mixes:- It is a set of a maximum of six pre-mixed playlists inspired by the user’s favorite music. This feature is found on the desktop, on premium devices, and in your library. Daily Mix uses the same simple approach as Weekly, Discover selecting songs based on users’ listening habits.

Collaborative playlists:- Users can team up with their friends and can make a unique playlist.

After setting to the collaborative model of any playlist, users’ friends will be able to record, add, and delete the tracks.

Behind the lyrics:- Users can watch the screen as they listen to see lyrics, artist stories, fun facts from Genius.

Play history:- Users can find History by just clicking on the burger menu.

First, it took users to the regular Play Queue. Where users can remove, add, and change tracks or songs.


Spotify vs Joox

JOOX Radio:- Users can access over 50 radio stations. Instantly access streaming music across the world and recommended Playlists to users with songs to fit their mood.

Users can download songs and listen to them offline and can discover new music in JOOX popular playlists.

Personalized Music:- Users can customize playlists with their favorite tracks and songs for every occasion.

Real-Time Sharing:- Users can share their songs with their friends.

Live Broadcasting:- Through this feature, users can get closer to their favorite artists.

Music Videos:- Users can watch exclusive interviews, music videos, and documentaries, can Play songs on-demand and can download music for offline listening.

Users can instantly access streaming music across the world.

Users can create and listen to music playlists, can learn the words and lyrics of favorite songs and albums to use in Karaoke and Sing along with JOOX Karaoke.

Users can follow their favorite artists and don’t miss their latest songs and also can personalize their music player experience with custom themes.

No audio ads during songs and high-quality audio for music streaming.

Users can also comment on playlists. JOOX is available on both mobile and desktop devices.


Spotify costs $9.99/month after the offer period. For Duo, it costs $12.99/month after the offer period.

For Family, it costs $14.99/month after the offer period covers up to 6 accounts. And for students, it costs $4.99/month after the offer period.

Where, JOOX VIP costs around RM12.90 per month that is $2.95, which is much lower than Spotify.

Users have to buy Premium for Spotify after the free trial gets over. Spotify gives a free trial for 30 days only.  Users will not be able to choose the song they want to play after the free trial gets over. Check the latest price here. Spotify Subscription

Spotify vs JOOX: Which is the Best Music Streaming Service?

On the other hand, JOOX allows you to get Premium/VIP by sharing a song with WeChat or Facebook. It’s available daily, and users can always delete the post of the song they shared after getting the Premium/VIP.

Both have family plans that can cover a maximum of 6 accounts. However, if users don’t want to spend money, they can always opt for JOOX as they only have to share the song to path/Facebook/other social media to get the Premium plan for a day. Otherwise, one can go for Spotify.

Spotify vs JOOX pass system:- JOOX has a one-time pass where Spotify Premium is an auto-renewable pass, including a month or a year. The prices remain the same.

Spotify is more prominent when it comes to music quality and features, as it gives a higher bitrate for good music quality and excellent music discovery features to users. In Spotify vs JOOX, JOOX gives free access for three months so cost-wise it is better than Spotify.


Spotify vs JOOX on data usage, If you’re concerned about streaming your favorite tunes over Wi-Fi signal, you need to get yourself a Spotify. The free version is much better than JOOX.

It is available on tons of platforms and also available in many places all over the world. If you’re a student who wants a TV streaming service, bundling with Spotify could save you money.

JOOX’s highest audio quality isn’t as high as Spotify but it has a wide variety of options that will almost certainly be a significant upgrade over your local radio stations, access to a large library of songs including personalized playlists and music videos available on mobile and desktop apps.

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