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How to Start Playing Retro Games in the 21st Century


Have you ever wondered why nostalgia has such a tight grip on people? Why do we succumb to this bittersweet feeling that takes us down memory lane and makes our head spin? The video game nostalgia is no exception. Presently, you don’t need to own a piece of original hardware to play retro games.

All you need are emulators, special programs that allow you to run classic titles on your PC or smartphone. And one more thing without which retrogaming will be impossible! Don’t forget to download ROMs from RomsMode.com.

It’s difficult to believe that in the era of gorgeous, sophisticated, and devastatingly realistic video games, some gamers still miss retro games with their pixel-based, fuzzy graphics and naïve storylines. As a matter of fact, old games from the 80s and 90s are still in high demand. Retro games represent strong links to the past where we were young and carefree teenagers. No wonder, we want to experience happy moments again.

In the 21st century, you have a great opportunity to dive into retrogaming and reunite with Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokémon, and other legendary characters. Go on reading to learn more.

Emulators and How to Get Them onto Your PC

As we have already noted, emulation software enables you to mimic the operation of vintage consoles on a third-party platform such as your PC or an Android device. So, if you want to turn your PC into a retro machine, you’ll need to get a reliable emulator.

First thing, determine what console you want to emulate, e.g., the Nintendo, Dreamcast, or PlayStation. It also would be a wise idea to familiarize yourself with feedback of other users who have already downloaded and tested an emulator you’re planning on downloading.

When you decide what console to emulate, find a reputable online resource offering this particular tool for download.

  • Make sure to use only reputable and trustworthy websites. RomsMode, RomsMania, EmuParadise, CoolRom, and LoveRoms are among the top websites that offer high-quality emulation software and games.

After you download an emulator file, you’ll need to extract its content to the appropriate folder. At this point, your emulator will start prompting you to select a game, also known as a ROM file, to play. So, if you haven’t downloaded any retro game for your new emulator, it’s about time you did it.

Where to Get Retro Games?

The best place to start looking for retro games is abandonware websites. Such resources offer “abandoned” software for download. By downloading such games you won’t be coming any crime, since all products on abandonware sites are ignored and no longer supported by their manufacturers. Moreover, by downloading abandoned retro titles you’re preventing them from “extinction.”

Once you find a reliable website, you may proceed to downloading a ROM file of your favorite game from it.  Navigate through the corresponding categories until you find the game of your dream.

You’ll also be able to familiarize yourself with a short description of a selected game.

Once you make sure that this particular game is exactly what you need, you may proceed to downloading it. The download process is standard: you need to locate the “Download” or “Download Now” option and select it.

You’ll find you new game in the Downloads folder. You’re just one step away from playing classic video games with the emulator. All you need to do is to decompress the obtained game files and save them into the game folder.

  • Useful tip. You can use the same websites to download ROMs files, i.e., RomsMode, RomsMania, EmuParadise, CoolRom, and/or LoveRoms.

Now that you have games, the last essential component necessary for turning your computer into a vintage console, you may fire up your emulator. Navigate to your game folder and select the title you want to try out.

Dive head first into retrogaming!


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