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17 Top Steam Alternatives To Spice Up Your Gaming Experience

Steam is one of the OG in the video game industry, launched by Valve, with one of the biggest following user databases. If you can not take my words seriously, you are welcome to ask any 96 million gamers. 

The platform has been setting all the new trends in the gaming market since it was released 2 decades back. The platform has steaming games, is safe, and offers some ideal deals for gamers.

But nothing is perfect, nor does Steam.

Being one of the well-known in its field does not stop many users from looking for steam alternatives. And from changing their platform to some of the best customer services gaming platforms.

One of the dominant drawbacks of Steam is that it takes 30% of developers’ revenue, and as far as I see, it is quite a lot. Its indie game collection is also not too up-to-date, so disappointment is guaranteed if you are one such indie game lover. 

So to provide you with safe, large gaming theme collections and admirable customer service gaming platforms, we have comprised this article and tried to gather only the best alternatives.

Best Steam Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Good Old Games (GOG) – alternatives to steam for buying

The developers of the Witch Game series, CD Projekt Group, developed one of the best gaming marketplaces after steam, Good Old Games or GOG, for abbreviation.

If what you are looking for is trending PC games yet at the same time do not cost you much penny, then Good Old Games is the right place for you to check out. The offer on games and DRM-free finest PC games are with the time.

Best Steam Alternatives

And the best part is the indie games that you were missing in Steams are present in Good Old Games. Before going for the deal, remember that it may not have a large collection of games you are used to on Steam.

Although the collection has no loaded classic games, it is enough for gamers. The sales and discounts they put up for the games almost cover the drawback. At many times of the year, you will get hefty sales.

In the sales, you can make the top-notch classic games yours, such as The Witcher 3 and such likes, by paying half the real price. With no arguments, Good Old Games can fit in easily among the best Steam alternatives.

2. Origin

Origin meets the demands of players who can afford only so much; therefore, Origin is one of the Steam alternatives with offers and discounts on the games. 

It lets you shop all the EA-launched games under one roof, so there is no looking around for another gaming platform with all the exclusive EA titles. FIFA and SIMS lovers can expect discounts every month on its franchise. 

Best Steam Alternatives 1

Playing alone does not seem as much fun as playing with teams, and getting a feel of consoles with live chat and audio makes origin more of an advanced gaming marketplace. Origin is growing its game collection with vigorous enthusiasm. 

And to put a cherry on top, you can test the water by going for the trails that will cost you nothing or even for the demos. Origin is one of the Stream alternatives that offer a subscription package that gives access to all the recently launched games. 

The EA creation reduces 10% off on the game purchase and details on upcoming game projects. I don’t know if you had a problem while canceling a plan, but from personal experience, it is quite annoying.

To remove this hindrance, Origin can easily cancel your subscription. Origin has nestled its way among top Stream alternatives because of its features.

3. GreenMan Gaming

Recently stepping into the gaming market, GreenMan Gaming is attracting every game lover’s attention by creating something out of the blue, a console-streaming platform.

Nevertheless, it’s still in construction, so you must wait for this feature.

Best Steam Alternatives 2

Its infrastructure does not amaze Origin and Good Old Games users as it gives resemblances to it. The alternative has a long list of PC and Mac games in its gaming library for your attention.

You can get exclusive access to some of the biggest enterprises and a peek into their product earlier than most if you were missing Indie games, then no more missing, as GreenMan Gaming has a lot of Indie games in its catalog. 

GreenMan Coming is in the line of best deals offering Game marketplaces that offers a sale no other gives on games; discounts can go up to 90 percent off. 

4. G2A

G2A is an all-in-one store that is a complete gaming hub for players. You can sell, buy, and trade gaming keys on this platform.

G2A comes under the same category as GreenMan Coming as they reflect the design of Good Old Games (GOG) and Origin.

17 Top Steam Alternatives To Spice Up Your Gaming Experience

The most liked feature of G2A is its random key offers which mean unlimited steam keys. Letting you access randomly picked games.

The option is intriguing. In this way, users can jump from genre to genre. This steam alternative is going for the safer way for billing, PayPal.

Playing games and getting money seems like hitting the jackpot to me. The paycheck can be great if you have a wide array of friends, as some of the platform’s function depends on social media tools.

5. Humble Bundle

The name hints toward a bundle; if you think what I’m thinking, you are right.  You can play games from the bundle you created or from the games chosen by Humble Bundle’s gaming geeks in Humble Bundle

Best Steam Alternatives 4

It lets its gamers enjoy a broad gaming horizon with classic titles and the most-loved Indie games. No worries if you are not finding a title or least-popular games; Humble Bundle is integrated with some streaming platforms like Twitch.

It makes finding subscribed games easier. The catalog has all the games a gamer would love to play, whether it’s recently launched or from already established franchises. It also lets you promote.

Humble Bundle is one of a kind, as not many gaming platforms have a book collection. Enthusiasts can enjoy the game and manga and sagas full of characters.

There is a wide collection of novels from all genres that a user can take a lovely time reading through.

6. GamersGate

GamersGate can be another stop for GreenMan Gaming users as they can compete with each other in providing PC and Mac games.

It’s a gamer destination where gamers can purchase all sorts of games. 

17 Top Steam Alternatives To Spice Up Your Gaming Experience

There is a perfect blend of indie games and games from large enterprises, so boredom is not welcome in GamersGate. It also follows the path of a no-nonsense rewards program, so a bonus for gamers.

GamersGate allows gamers to earn by doing what they love, so blue coins can be earned by playing the games and participating in the tutoring area.

It creates a gaming environment for gamers worldwide to work together to host their winning flags in the games and their hardest levels.

You go, ugh! You have to pay extra charges even after paying up for the game, but that is not the case with GamersGate, as there is no need for additional charges. GamersGate offers one of the better deals regarding being a steam alternative.

7. Microsoft Store

I’m sure you have heard of this name before, Microsoft store. The store is not a good fit for installing apps, but if you are a gamer looking for some of the best PC games, you can not go wrong with Microsoft Store.

Its easy-to-use interface makes it more fun, and you can go through its catalog by clicking the Games section in Microsoft Store. As with any other alternatives, you have to use the help of a search bar to find particular game names. 

And if you want suggestions, you can also go through categories and rating filters to sort out the one you are trying to find. 

Many game lovers are bitter towards Microsoft Store as some classic and top-notch games like Forza Horizon 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider are just available at Microsoft Store and not accessible on any other gaming platform. 

 8. Itch.io

As discussed earlier, Steam is lacking Indie games very badly, and many gamers can not get their hands on the best Indie games, so if you are one such indie game-starved player, then Itch.io is the right destination for you to check out this instance.

Best Steam Alternatives 6

The best thing you can see on Itch.io is its paying policy which means you are getting indie games and exclusive titles by paying only its purchasing price, no additional prices.

Itch.io is a haven for gamers looking for Indie games and fulfills the demand of users looking for Indie game Steam alternatives.

I bet developers would love this steam alternative as this platform lets them handle everything related to games, whether it’s the game distribution or its game’s front page. It’s all in the hands of developers, with no expert or team handling it.

Although everything seems cool, Itch.io has its faults. Sometimes, it may seem like you are swimming between everything, or your pages are too flashy.

If you overlook this minor drawback, you can get one of the best alternatives with a wide range of Indie games.

9. Epic Games Store

You are talking about Steam alternatives but have not added Epic Game Store to the list. Are you insane? We will not commit such a grave mistake, so let’s start with Epic Game Store, one of the best alternatives.

The platform was launched with a selective set of exclusive and unreleased games for PC.

The gaming marketplace was launched with a bang, allowing gamers to experience games like Ashen, World War Z, and many more such games.

17 Top Steam Alternatives To Spice Up Your Gaming Experience

If you are okay with limited but exclusive games in the catalog, then Epic Game Stores is ‘the one for you. And if you are more of a fancy frill and thrills person, then, um, sorry to say, not the right place.

In many terms, Epic Games Store is providing a better deal for developers with an 88% revenue-sharing scheme. It is a good contender amidst alternatives, with its rapidly growing catalog, timed exclusive, and many more.

It also offers a close-knit relationship between social media and game pages, to say the least, lest friends and followers may cause a hindrance.

10. Uplay

Uplay is a gaming distribution solution by a famous and known video game enterprise called Ubisoft that mirrors similar characters to Steam.

Do not confuse Uplay and Ubisoft, as Ubisoft has its online store, but your license and whatever you purchase will be synced with Uplay. It allows players to declutter and manage the games.

17 Top Steam Alternatives To Spice Up Your Gaming Experience

And if you love chatting with your friend, then you have more reasons to go for Uplay as it has special tools for online interaction. It creates a friendly zone for gamers; you can play, chat, create new friends, and create a community. 

If we are talking about deals, promotions, and discounts, you can wait for every Wednesday to have that. The platform provides 20% off your next purchase as a club discount on the Ubisoft store.

And if you don’t know what I am talking about, let’s clear the doubt. Gamers can play and participate in-game objectives and challenges in the Ubisoft Club. The wins and participation will earn you the Ubisoft currencies.

These currencies can be used in the next purchase to lower your purchasing prices. Isn’t this a cool feature to have? You can go for its subscription, Uplay+. The plan unveils over 100 PC games.

With over 100 PC games, you can access newly launched exclusives, premium titles, and early betas subscriptions. There are not many plans when it comes to subscriptions, so you can pay $14.99 a month.

The gaming library here has some known games such as Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six Seige, Ghost Recon, and many more. There are other franchise titles, but there is not much to consider. 

To wrap up this app, if you were using Ubisoft or want to use Ubisoft studio and want to be a part of the club, then Uplay is a cheaper approach to do that and fits well among alternatives. 

11. Blizzard

Another Steam Alternative launched by a big video gaming enterprise called Battle.net is Blizzard. The platform is a mediator between gamers and Activision and blizzard studios games. You can find any game from both studios.

It covers some exclusive PC games such as Overwatch, Starcraft, Call of Duty, Diablo, and others. The creators wanted to give new touches to Blizzard so that it could be fully-fledged digital distribution, and to do so; they added social interaction to the mix.

And this new touch allows you to interact and chat with your friends while playing games, and you can also know their favorite games.

And if you can not believe it when I say that some games are available at no cost, you are more than free to check out the alternative. And if you are a Call of Duty lover, it is free.

It is an all-in-one feature pack steam alternatives as they have everything, music, themes, trailers, previews, and many more. You know where to go if you can not find a game released the previous year.

Who does not like Warcraft, The Lost Vikings, and Diablo, and all of these can be your game to play. The platform may not be an ideal platform for those who are looking for another franchise’s titles.

But it can not get better for those who want nothing else than these two studios’ titles.

12. Game Jolt – alternatives to steam for indie

Game Jolt can be your friend if you want new indie games. Yes, steams do have a large catalog of exclusive plus new games, but what they lack, Game Jolt covers up.

Best Steam Alternatives 9

Again, you can see some steam looks in Game Jolt as they have separate categories for different themes.

You can easily find horror, action, RPG, platformer, and more. It also has some genre-defining categories, such as FNaF games. The variety may not be as great as Steam, but it can quench gamers’ thirst. 

There are not many good restaurants and Tiles games in the gaming industry, but Five Nights at Freddy’s is one such best pizza restaurant. And just like Blizzard, you can communicate with your friends in Game Jolt.

You can grow your friend circle with Minecraft and 3D art lovers and players. To finish it all, you are getting the best out there in the face of Game Jolt, and it can be considered among the best steam alternatives.

13. Fanatical

If you are looking for a perfect blend of Steam and Humble Bundle, then you got the answer in Fanatical, also known as Bundle Stars. The game distributor has a wide array of games, and to say the least, at a very reasonable price.

The offers and discounts are huge on Fanatical as discounts can reach up to 99% off the purchasing prices. Apart from games, the alternative is quite famous in other genres, such as eBooks and educational materials. 

The platform also houses several DRM-free games. Fanatical allows users to buy games at a heavy discount via Star Deal, and after purchasing, you will get a key in return for whatever you bought it for.

14. Kartridge

If Kartridge is reminding you of Cartridge, then the whole purpose of naming this distribution platform has got its results. It is one of the ways to have a sequence of indie games, a help by Kongregate for its users. 

The platform is newly launched but is rapidly expanding its collections, badges, rewards, and chat features. It has all the features you can see in any other Steam alternatives.

This steam alternative is not at the level of Steam, but Kartridge is trying its best to get Indie games the same recognition as any other genre. And to provide a platform where gamers can play with their friends.

You can see a glimpse of Itc.io in Kartridge as it allows developers to create their game pages and control everything related to the game and its interaction with gamers. 

At the time of our research on steam alternatives for pc gaming To Try Out, we found a video about “Video Games Are Like Powerlifting for Your Brain,” worth watching.

Video Games Are Like Powerlifting for Your Brain

15. Amazon Games

Not a new name, right? Amazon? Yes, we all know where to go if we want to buy anything from accessories to gadgets, but do you know that you can visit Amazon again to purchase games? 

Although it may not be a fully-fledged game-dedicated platform, you can still find a good collection of games. Purchasing the game is the same as purchasing music or downloading the game as you normally do.

Many gamers have complained about not finding the game when searching, and the major drawback is that there are barely any deals or discounts, and if there are, it lasts only a day. The key feature that you can take advantage of Amazon is its customer service which is available 24/7 at your service. 

Using Amazon Fire Stick may also help make purchasing more convenient on Amazon. 

16. Direct2Drive

With the idea of purchasing and starting streaming, Direct2Drive follows the path of IGN’s previous game store.

The platform is now a stand-alone gaming marketplace that offers easy downloads straight from the web interface. 

17 Top Steam Alternatives To Spice Up Your Gaming Experience

The company is hitting big by providing exclusive games that you can also get from Steam, Origin, Uplay, or any other big-stream alternatives. You may find hefty markdowns on games, but they lack in providing a safe platform.


What is the best alternative to Steam?

Suppose you are looking for the best alternative to Steam for PC gaming. You can opt for GOG Galaxy, Itch.io, Humble Bundle, Epic Games, PlayNite, Ubisoft Connect, Gamejolt, Battle.net, Lutris, Origin, G2A, Fanatical, and Green Man Gaming.

Can you buy PC games without Steam?

Yes. There are other platforms from which you can buy PC games without Steam. Major retailers sell Origin, Battle.net, and UPlay with other activation codes. You can get PC games from retailers like Amazon and GameStop easily.

Is Steam the best PC platform?

Steam is regarded as the best PC platform for buying games. It has the best PC games for laptops, tablets, Steam Deck, and desktops. The games are also selected and reviewed independently to make them safe.

Is Origin similar to Steam?

Origin is similar to Steam as it has a similar interface with all the contemporary amenities like cloud, game forums, and digital store.

You also get access to your game library and friend list while offline. You can also get non-EA games on Origin, like the Witcher.

Where can I buy Steam games other than Steam?

There are various alternatives to Steam available online where you can buy Steam games. Some of the best alternatives are GOG Galaxy, Itch.io, Humble Bundle, Epic Games, PlayNite, Ubisoft Connect, Gamejolt, Battle.net, Lutris, Origin, G2A, Fanatical, and Green Man Gaming to get great games at a great price.

What apps are like Steam but free?

It’s possible to find free game apps on various platforms like Steam. Some options include Epic Games Store, GOG, Itch.io, and Game Jolt.

Epic Games Store provides free games every week, including Fortnite, Among Us, and Grand Theft Auto V. GOG has a diverse selection of free games, including Fallout 1 and 2, and many indie titles. Itch.io and Game Jolt allow indie game developers to upload and sell their games to players.

They offer a variety of games, ranging from indie titles to AAA games. It’s important to note that while these platforms offer free games, they may also have paid games, DLC, and other content available.

Is Gog safe to buy from?

When looking for a safe platform to buy games, GOG is a good option. GOG is a digital distribution platform operated by CD Projekt, a reputable video game developer, and publisher based in Poland.

GOG offers a range of classic and new games and is known for providing DRM-free games that can be owned outright and downloaded and played on multiple devices without restrictions.

GOG is known for excellent customer service and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

The platform is regularly updated with new features and improvements, and it has a large community of gamers who contribute through reviews, recommendations, and discussions.

Overall, GOG is a reliable and secure platform for buying games. However, as with any online purchase, it’s important to take basic precautions, such as using a secure password and keeping your account information up-to-date.

Is Steam still relevant?

PC gamers still consider Steam a vital digital distribution platform with a large collection of games and over 120 million active users. Steam offers an intuitive interface, game updates, cloud saves, and social networking features, which make playing games with friends seamless.

Steam has continuously evolved by introducing features like virtual reality support and tools for independent developers to promote their games. Despite competition from other gaming platforms, Steam remains preferred among PC gamers due to its vast library of games, ease of use, and interactive community.

Steam also hosts several gaming events and sales, like the Summer and Winter Sales, which feature significant discounts on popular games, attracting millions of users.

Is Steam the best gaming platform?

Steam is a popular digital distribution platform for PC gamers due to its vast library of games, easy-to-use interface, and active community.

Steam offers features such as automatic game updates, cloud saves, and social networking tools that allow users to connect and play games with friends. Steam’s review system assists users in making informed decisions about game purchases.

Steam hosts numerous gaming events and sales, including the Summer and Winter Sales, which offer significant discounts on popular games.

Steam has also expanded its support to virtual reality and added new tools that make it simpler for independent game developers to publish and market their games on the platform.

However, other digital distribution platforms like Epic Games Store, GOG, and Origin offer unique features and benefits. The selection of the best gaming platform depends on an individual’s preferences, needs, and gaming habits.

How to buy PC games without Steam?

There are alternative methods for buying PC games without Steam:

GOG:- A digital distribution platform that offers DRM-free games for purchase and direct download.

Humble Bundle:- A platform that provides discounted bundles of games for sale, with a portion of the profits going to charity.

Itch.io:- A platform for independent game developers to sell their games directly to players, featuring various indie
games, including some that are free.

Game Jolt:- A platform for developers to upload and sell their games, including free or priced games.

Retail stores:- Physical stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop still offer PC games for sale, either in-store or for online orders.

Which is better GOG or Steam?

GOG and Steam are popular digital distribution platforms for PC games, each with unique features and advantages.

GOG offers DRM-free games, allowing ownership of purchased games on multiple devices without restrictions. It’s also known for excellent customer service and regular platform updates.

Steam has a larger library of games and more active users, with features such as automatic game updates, cloud saves, and social networking tools that facilitate connections with friends.

Steam also hosts popular gaming events and sales, like the Summer and Winter Sales, with significant discounts on popular games.

In conclusion, the choice between GOG and Steam depends on personal preferences and priorities. If you value DRM-free games and great customer service, GOG may be the better option.

If you want access to a larger game library and more community features, Steam may be the better choice.

What is better than Steamunlocked?

Unauthorized game downloads, like those from Steamunlocked, are not recommended due to several risks.

This includes legal issues from copyright violations, exposure to viruses and malware, and the potential lack of game features, updates, and support.

Instead, it is advised to purchase games from official digital distribution platforms such as Steam, GOG, or Epic Games Store. These platforms offer cloud saves, game updates, and social networking tools to connect and play with friends.

They also have strict security measures to safeguard personal and financial information and customer support for resolving issues.

Is there anything better than Steam?

To answer this question, we need to know what better means. It is used to compare two things and their respective qualities.

In this case, yes, there are other Steam alternatives, but are they any better? You can only know by reading the entire passage.