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5 Best Steam Name Generator Tools To Generate Unique Names

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The internet is a big virtual world where everyone is connected, and everything is possible. You can now do things you could not even imagine on the internet until a few years ago.

Sitting at your home, you can see and interact with your friend who stays in the other part of the world using video calls.

In today’s world, where everyone is busy with their schedules and remains occupied, the internet can be the best friend you have always needed.

However, the downside is that it is addictive, and you will find it challenging to come out of it. Maybe that is why we find most people attached to the screens of their electronic devices, especially the younger generation.

The younger generation loves the internet because it keeps them entertained. Today’s generation cannot stay away from social media and online games.

If we talk about games, millions of games are available on the internet, and it is a giant industry. There are different types of games designed to cater to everyone’s tastes.

If we talk about economics, the gaming industry is multi-billion-dollar, and every developer wants a pie of it. Every developer aspires to develop games people like and make money from them. It is possible because millions of enthusiasts are ready to spend on the games online

If you are also an avid gaming enthusiast that wants to purchase a game or a developer who wants to sell his game to enthusiasts online, then you might have heard of a platform called Steam.

However, to be able to either purchase a game or sell it on the platform, you will need to first create an account on Steam.

There are many aspects to creating a Steam account, including creating a unique username. And today, in this article, we shall talk about all of them.

But before that, let us get introduced to the platform to understand better what it is and what it can do to you. Read on to know more.

Introduction To Steam

As we previously mentioned, Steam is an online platform where if you are a game developer, you can connect with gaming enthusiasts from across the world and sell your game to them.

Alternatively, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you can find the game you saw your friend playing and connect with the developer to purchase it.

The platform, Steam was founded in the year 2003 as just standalone software. It was launched by a company named Valve Corporation, which is a giant in the gaming industry.

Besides Steam, Valve Corporation also makes games and actively participates in the hardware industry.

Valve Corporation is one of the most popular software companies that make games for an audience of all ages.

Their debut game Half-Life, released in 1998, won over fifty “game of the year” awards on several platforms. Not only that, but one portal called “PC Gamer” also called it the “Best PC Game Ever.”

Steam As Fast As Possible

Steam is a platform where you can find all your favorite games on Steam and instantly connect with the developer to purchase it.

What’s more? You will be amazed to know that Steam is one of the most feature-packed platforms that gives you access to even developer consoles.

If you are a developer, you can use the Steam platform to integrate many of the platform’s functions, including in-game achievements, matchmaking, etc.

Over a million games on various app stores use Steam functions to add features to their games and enhance their user experience.

Steam Name

Now that you know the basics of what Steam can do for you and how you can make use of it, let us now talk about creating a Steam account. Like many other platforms, you will be asked to create a unique username when you create a Steam account.

The username is a unique identity through which your account will be identified. It is similar to you having a name. However, as mentioned above, millions of people are active on the internet, and Steam is not untouched by people.

There are millions of active users on Steam, so you will probably be unable to set your name as your username or Steam name.

So, what is the option that you are left with? How about adding a few numbers before or after the name or using a few symbols to make it unique? Good idea!

But will that not make your username more complicated to remember and type every time, just like a password? Yes, it does! So what is the solution to this, you ask? We tell you here, read on.

Usernames are your identity on any platform, and people know you by this name. So, we suggest you have a good username that will outlive you.

Thankfully, we have many online tools to help you do that. So today, let us talk about some of the best Steam Name Generators you can use to create the best username on the platform.

Best Steam Name Generator – Our Top Picks👌

1. Fantasy Name Generator – Steam profile name generator

Didn’t you find your name available on the Steam platform as an available username? Worry not! Tons of usernames are attractive and unique as well.

When we talk about games, we imagine virtual characters and superheroes that can win over anything and everything. In other words, the gaming characters are fantasy characters, and what better name for your character than a fantasy name?

You might have already seen many players with fantasy usernames that sound so cool, and you might wonder how that person came out with such an amazing name, right? If that is the case, you will be amazed to know that the person might have used online tools to create that fantasy name.

If you want to create a fantasy name for your profile, the best tool we recommend is Fantasy Name Generator (Visit Here). The tool is free to use, and you can find hundreds of thousands of fantasy usernames on Steam.

Best Steam Name Generator

The website already has millions of users that have used the website to find the username that could be used on the online platform Steam.

The best thing about Fantasy Name Generator is that it can help you generate usernames that you can use anywhere on the web, not just on Steam.

What’s more? You can use this website for purposes more than you could ever imagine. Not just usernames for Steam, this is a perfect website if you want a name for any genre in the fantasy world.

If you ask us to list some of them, the website offers categories such as fantasy names, real names, place names, other names, pop culture, other genes, and much more.

2. Genr8rs – Random steam name generator

If you search online for some of the best Steam Name Generators, you will probably find Genr8rs (Visit Here) among the top-most results.

It is one of the most popular websites for generating usernames of any type. The owners of this website have very smartly used the name Genr8rs for their website. The Word Genr8rs is pronounced as “Generators.”

Steam Name Generator

As mentioned above, the website is one of the most trusted portals for generating any username, not just for Steam but anywhere on the internet.

After having used this website, one thing is for sure Genr8rs will help you avail of some of the most exciting and coolest usernames.

The site offers various genres, which means you can search for usernames for different purposes. For your reference, some game genres you can search for usernames include action, FPS, MOBA, and Sci-Fi.

So, depending upon your desires, you can look for names you want and make sure that your usernames are some of the coolest in the town! 

One of the coolest things about this website is that it is entirely free to use, and it will not ask you to even create an account on the website to provide you with your favorite usernames.

If you have not been aware of this website until now, you can start using it here.

3. SpinXO – Funny steam name generator

If you could not find a cool username for Steam on either Fantasy Name Generator or Genr8rs, we believe this is something you will like (Visit Here).

Steam Name Generator

Though it might not be as popular as Genr8rs when it comes to websites that can generate usernames, this is still one of the best websites you can find on the internet.

The unique selling point of this website is that it is very easy to use. The ease of access is one of the major reasons for its popularity.

The website not being as popular as the other two does not mean that it does not have any users. It has plentiful users on the internet, and most of them are happy about the experience that this website has given them.

If you ask us why we recommend this website to our readers, we would say that it is because of its beautiful user interface, which makes it very easy for users to access the site and avail of their favorite usernames.

One thing that makes this site different from other websites is that using this website, you can also create a naming contest, wherein you can invite people and converse with them to get suggestions for that perfect username.

It is a fantastic feature, as it lets you collaborate with individuals from across the world, and they suggest a cool username that you might end up liking. This way, you get an idea of people’s opinions about the username you have chosen.

Just like the other two websites mentioned previously, this website allows you to search genres in different gaming genres. Some of them include funny steam names, cool usernames, unique usernames, cute usernames, creative usernames, good usernames, good steam names, etc.

The cool thing about this website is that it can generate names for services like Youtube, Instagram, etc. Apart from that, you can use it for generating names for Gamertags, nicknames, personalities, etc. 

4. Jimpix – Steam account name generator

Now that you know about these three tools, you will be happy to know that several other service providers and websites offer some of the coolest usernames for Steam.

If you are searching for cool steam names with composed irregularity, then Jimpix (Visit Here) is the site you should look for. However, this site is a bit different from the other websites, as it uses the tab-based mode of operation.

5 Best Steam Name Generator Tools To Generate Unique Names

To simplify things, let us explain this to you so you can catch the details. The primary tab is where you input the purpose of your username.

It could be anything from descriptive words, brands, emoticons, nourishments, pet names, jobs, animals, nations, aggregate things, etc.

The second tab has indistinguishable alternatives to the main or the first tab. Followed by that, in the third tab is a letter, and the fourth tab is for the username switch – wherein it asks you if the username you prefer is standard or irregular.

If this sounds a bit out of your way, you can use the regular method you have used on the other websites.

The simple method comes with two boxes where you can key in your requirements, including the name and the category, and you get a list of results from which you can choose your favorite usernames.

As with other username generators, you can use the usernames generated from this website on any platform you want, apart from just using it on Steam. 

5. Best Username Generator – Steam name generator From  You Like 

Does the name sound attractive and too direct? The makers of this website, I believe, want to make it straight that they intend to be the best username generator (Visit Here) website for Steam and other platforms too.

5 Best Steam Name Generator Tools To Generate Unique Names

One thing that you should always remember and keep in mind is that the new and the best usernames are usually irregular. And if you want to generate such usernames, this is the website that you should try using.

Like the other tools mentioned above, even this website can help you generate usernames for all the platforms on the web, including Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. The website is easy to use and offers many usernames for your Steam account.

One cool thing about this website is that it gives you a chance to key in your favorite name or anything you want in the search box, and it will search relevant usernames for you. The resultant usernames will contain your keyword, allowing you to have your desired username.

Apart from that, the website allows you to set the length of the username. For example, if you want your username to contain ten characters, it will suggest only the usernames with ten characters, not more, not less.

It is a good thing because some username-generator websites suggest either too long or too short names. With this website, you can get usernames with your desired length.

If you have never used this website before, you can find it and start using it here. Please note that the link we have mentioned generates Steam names.

However, suppose you want to create usernames for other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat. In that case, you can go to the homepage and click on the appropriate link to land on the particular page.

Now that you know the website’s features, let us learn how to create a username on this website. It is effortless, as you have to key in your favorite keyword, and you will have the results generated.

The website will have two boxes asking you to enter your desired name and the desired length of the username.

The options for usernames include less than or equal to ten, less than or equal to fifteen, and less than or equal to eighteen.

Once you have entered all the details the website asks you for, you must click on the “Generate” button, and there you go! You will have a list of usernames available for you.

Next, you have to choose the one you like and set that as your username for Steam or wherever you want. The best thing about this website is that it is free to use, and can use it as often as you wish.

Not only that, but you also won’t even need to create an account to be able to use the website, which makes it one of the coolest tools available on the internet to use. So what are you waiting for?

 If you want to use this website to generate the coolest Steam username, you can get going and start using it right here.


How do I pick a Steam name?

Always choose an easy-to-remember Steam name so the community on the platform won’t forget you anytime soon. The rule of thumb is to keep your username short and interesting.

Can Steam ban you for your name?

Yes. You can get banned permanently on Steam for using an inappropriate name.

Does Steam display real name?

No. Your real name will be your Stream account name that you will use to sign in to your Steam account. Hence, only you can see your real name. Other users will see only your display name or Steam ID.

 Is Steam ID same as username?

No, Steam ID differs from the profile name or username. You can’t change your 17-digit stream account number. On the contrary, the Steam profile name is between 2 and 32 characters.

Your username is visible to other gamers and your friends when you play multiplayer games, post reviews, or comment. You can also change the Stream name if you wish.

Are Steam names unique?

Steam names are unique, meaning no two users can have the same name simultaneously. If you attempt to use a name already in use, you will be prompted to select a different one.

However, it’s important to note that Steam users are free to change their display name at any point. This means that a user using a specific name could change it, making it available for someone else.

Can you have a nickname on Steam?

Yes, Steam users can have a nickname, also known as a display name, which is visible to other users on the platform. Unlike the Steam username, the nickname doesn’t need to be unique.

To set or change your nickname, follow these steps:

Step 1:- Log in to your Steam account.

Step 2:- Click your username in the upper right corner and select “View Profile.”

Step 3:- Click “Edit Profile.”

Step 4:- Enter your desired nickname in the “Profile Name” field.

Step 5:- Save your changes.

Your new nickname will be displayed on your profile and in any games or communities where you participate. You can change it at any time.

Do I have to use my real name on Steam?

Your real name is not required on Steam. You can select any username that follows the community guidelines. It’s often recommended to avoid using your real name for privacy and security reasons.

To use Steam, you must verify your account using a valid email address and payment method. This is important to prevent fraud and abuse on the platform. However, your personal information is kept secure and will not be shared with other users.

What game has the longest name on Steam?

The game with the longest title on Steam was “the earth is a better person than me” by Quotidian. This game was released in 2018 and intentionally has a lowercase title.

How long can you make your Steam name?

Steam usernames may contain up to 32 characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols. However, special characters such as emojis or non-Latin scripts may not be allowed.

Can people see my Steam ID name?

Your Steam ID name is visible to other Steam users as a unique identifier for your account. It differs from your display name and username, which are the names that other users can see.

Your Steam ID name is generally only visible in certain circumstances, such as when you add friends, participate in Steam groups, or exchange trade offers.

It is not typically displayed prominently on your Steam profile, and other users would need to search for it actively to find it.

If you are worried about your privacy on Steam, you can take steps to reduce the visibility of your Steam ID name.

For instance, you could modify your account settings to restrict who can send you friend requests or trade offers or set your profile to private.

How do I find my 17 digit Steam ID?

Locating your Steam ID is a simple process. 

  • First, log in and select your Steam account username. 
  • Further, go to the URL link given under the Community header. 
  • The numbers you see at the URL’s end are your 17-digit Steam ID.
Conclusion on the steam name generator

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the internet is a big world with over a billion people actively using it daily.

In such a case, millions of people might even be active on Steam, and they might already have taken the username you wanted.

Then, it becomes challenging to find the username you will like that is not already taken on the web. In such a case, all you have to do is you can use online tools like the ones mentioned above in the list.

However, if you find the username generator tools yourself, you must be very careful because many online tools are fake and scam.

So, to keep yourself protected online and still get the best for your username, you can use one of the above tools, and you are good to go!

While selecting the websites we have listed above, we have ensured that they are free of scams and do not collect personal or irrelevant information about you.

Most importantly, these Steam name generator tools are free to use, and they do not even ask you to create an account on the website to give you the desired usernames.

Apart from this, all these tools allow you to create usernames for multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., apart from just Steam.

Now, talking about usernames, we must understand that most available usernames that are “not taken” are irregular in structure.

They might contain alpha-numeric characters, which makes them look odd and difficult to pronounce. In such a case, using the Steam name generators can help you as they do not simply allocate random numbers on the usernames.

So before concluding, we can say that using these tools can ease some of your work of finding the right username for the online world.

If you think this article has helped you find the right username for your new Steam profile, please let us know in the comments section below.