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How To Resolve Steam Not Opening Problem


For most PC gamers steam is absolutely invaluable. Unfortunately steam may face some issues just like many of the best software. Understanding how to resolve steam not opening becomes handy at such times for a gamer.

There could be different reasons why steam may fail to open. Some beyond the gamers control and others could be fixed with some quick tips. In this article, I will show you how to resolve the “steam not opening problem” by going through common causes and fixes.

Methods To Resolve Steam Not Opening Problem

Fix 1: Status of steam server

Before smashing at your gadgets and getting frustrated, you should first consider the reality that nothing may be wrong with your gadgets and set up. This could be a huge time and stress saver in comparison to trying out some serious tech fixes.

Simply first check to see if the steam servers are down. This is not totally uncommon as maintenance or certain outage could cause the servers to be down. Using the site Steamstat.us could easily give one an idea of what servers are up or down.

steam not opening

Fix 2: Steamui.dll error

When there is a Steamui.dll error it implies that Steam has failed to find the DLL file it needs to open. This is what you could do.

Create a shortcut for steam by navigation to “C:\Program Files\Steam”, locate “Steam.exe” right click on it and choose the option to create a shortcut.

steam not opening

On the shortcut created, right-click, select Properties, and then in the Target box add “-clientbeta client_candidate” to the end of the target directory. In my case this will look like this: “C:\Steam\Steam.exe” -clientbeta client_candidate

steam not opening

Using this shortcut to run steam will trick steam into thinking it is running a beta version.

Fix 3: Task manager

Steam runs smoothly on your PC by splitting into separate processes. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that one of the processes may not start even when steam is supposed to be running resulting in steam not appearing on your desktop even when you start it.

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To fix this, open task manager. Make sure you have more details showing. To ensure this look at the bottom left corner and if you see more details, click on it.

steam not opening

Under the Processes tab, search for all the steam processes that could be running – Steam Bootstrapper, Client Service, WebHelper. Right-click all Steam processes you see here and click “End task.”

steam not opening

Now you could try opening steam again.


The above steps usually should work in solving a steam not an opening problem, but if they do not, one should consider uninstalling and reinstalling steam.