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How to stop android apps opening themselves


Have you ever experienced what some might call an “erratic app syndrome”? I do not know if that is really the scientific name for it, but it’s simply when your apps seem to have a mind of their own. It seems increasingly common with android phones.

It often is even embarrassing when you have apps or pop-ups popping up to eyes you don’t want to watch your mobile activity. And the sad part of it is you often remain clueless on How to stop android apps opening themselves. Well if this is you, walk with me on some steps to stopping android apps from opening themselves.

Best ways to stop android apps opening themselves

Using the Optimize feature

This is one way to avoid this erratic behavior. This feature has been available since android 6.0 marshmallow. This simply turns off apps when your screen has been off for some time. So GPS, network connectivity and other power-intensive applications remain off till your screen turns back on.

To turn on this function, navigate to “Settings > Power > Battery optimization.” Here tap on any app you want dozed and click optimize.

stop android apps opening

Using Developer options

Developer options on your android phones are not readily accessible and should be unlocked first. To unlock developer options, follow these steps:

Navigate to “Settings > About > More”.

Next click on “Build number7 times. Or click till you get a message saying that “you’ve unlocked developer options” or “you are now a developer”.

android optimize2

Once developer options are unlocked, follow the next steps.
Navigate to “Settings > developer options > running services”.

Screenshot 20180920 204840

Under running services, click on the app you don’t want open and select stop.

Screenshot 20180920 205409 You should be very careful not to close services like settings or any services you see bearing the android logo, these are services that are vital to your Android device running properly.

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Using Third Party Software

This is another option in making sure apps remain closed. It is, in my opinion, a more aggressive method of blocking erratic apps. It also should be noted that using 3rd party software works better on a rooted device.

There are two app blockers that will work quite efficiently. Greenify and All in one toolbox.

How to stop android apps opening themselves

The latter is more suited for rooted devices while the first works well on devices that are not rooted.

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Each third party app usually comes with a way of achieving this. Most times, they are are simple steps to follow. With Greenify, it has a feature that acts as an enhanced doze function while all in one toolbox comes with a feature to disable apps. Once disabled, they do not come up till manually enabled again.


One of these three methods will work if you have an issue of apps erratically opening. But after all said, it is good to make sure your system is in a healthy life state, because viruses can also cause your phone to show unpredictable behavior.


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