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How to Stop websites tracking you on your phone


How to Stop websites tracking you on your phone

Firefox Focus is a dedicated privacy browser from Mozilla that automatically blocks ads and stops websites tracking you, which in turn blocks annoying targeted advertising.
It also makes it easier than ever to delete your browsing history and any cookies you’ve picked up, so no one else will be able to see the web pages you’ve visited. You can set Focus as your default browser, too.

Step-by-Step process to Stop websites tracking you on your phone

Step1:- Install and open Firefox Focus, skipping the introductory screens. Enter a URL, tap Enter and wait for the page to load. If the connection is encrypted, a padlock is clearly displayed alongside the URL.

Tap the three-dot button to display the number of trackers that Firefox Focus has blocked. If blocking has stopped the page loading properly, tap the switch to turn off tracker blocking and the page will reload automatically.

You’ll need to re-enable tracker blocking manually. Firefox Focus doesn’t save your web history as a list you can access, but you can revisit pages you’ve viewed during the current session by tapping your device’s Back button.

Tapping the bin deletes this history and any saved cookies. Alternatively, open the notification tray and tap the option to ‘Erase browsing history’.

You can use the address bar to perform searches – just type your search term and tap Enter. The default search engine is Yahoo but we’ll show you how to change it in
Step 4. Tap the three-dot menu for basic controls including Refresh and Forward, along with options to share the page or open it in the regular Firefox app or another browser.

Step2:- Tap Settings and you’ll see that Yahoo is set as the default search engine. Tapping it lets you change this to Google, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, Wikipedia or Amazon.

On the Settings page, you’ll also see that ad tracker, analytics trackers, and social trackers are blocked by default. You can enable the option to ‘Block other content trackers’  but
this comes with the caveat that it might break web pages.

Step3:-  By default, Stealth mode is switched off. This stops you from being able to take screenshots in the browser and also prevents websites you’ve viewed from being visible in the app thumbnail that appears in the list of recent apps.

Below this, you can enable the option to ‘Block Web fonts’, which makes pages load faster but, again, can result in some websites not loading properly.

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Hope my article “How to Stop websites tracking you on your phone” helps you to Stop websites tracking you on your phone. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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