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17 Stores Like Fashion Nova For Affordable And Stylish Clothes

Fashion Nova is the world’s preeminent clothing brand, and it offers the most-wanted fashion trends around the globe.

“Most-Searched Fashion Brand” was named after Fashion Nova in 2018. This store rapidly creates great outfits that celebrated models use.

The brand is recognized as most celebrities and influencers use clothes from Fashion Nova. Its quote, “Unapologetically sexy: Obsessed with being at the forefront of fashion,” resonates and instills a sense of unapologetic drive to be fashion-forward. 

This US-based company has both an online and offline presence. It has five brick-and-mortar locations across the country. The company also employs influencer marketing tactics through social media platforms like Instagram.

Using Instagram, it spreads word-of-mouth to customers, celebrities, models, and influencers. Richard Sanghian was the founder of Fashion Nova. Panorama City was the very first location of the Fashion Nova Store.

He started the store by selling cheap “club-wear” clothes. Fashion Nova started the Curve Collection in 2016, and the company expanded to menswear by 2018.

Fashion Nova had a great rebuff towards perversions or abuses. Therefore they installed a toll-free hotline for operators to report abuses and a system of penalties or fines for those who violate its endeavors.

If you want to shop around in stores Like Fashion Nova, we’ve scoured the web to hunt down the top sites that offer fashionable pieces just like your favorite store. 

Best Stores Like Fashion Nova – Our Top Pick👌

1. Boohoo

Boohoo is the brand behind the clothes that encourage customers with their go-to line, “DO YOUR THING.” It was started in 2006 by “Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane.”

It facilitates every girl with a fun and easy fashion and empowers her to get her dream wardrobe. It drops over 500 new products weekly and never lacks the latest trends.

By being affordable, the company has been able to capture a significant market share in a short period.

It continuously bites off-market share from the low to mid-range clothing segment and also maintains to offer fashionable products to its customers.

CITY GIRLS | boohoo

Regardless of which of the above customer segments you belong to, Boohoo’s product range is one of many features, with trendy items and long-term staples being added to the site every day.

Since 2006, it has been a constant theme, with several awards claimed each year by Boohoo in fashion rating and online retailer levels. Boohoo products are shipped worldwide.

It has three shipping options, and the payments can be made through PayPal and Credit Card ( MasterCard, Visa & American Express). Boohoo also offers annual student discounts and free delivery. 

2. Forever 21

Forever 21 is just another store like Fashion Nova. By adopting the current fashion trends, Forever 21 has maintained itself in the race of fast fashion. The company was founded on the 16th of April 1984 by Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang.

It was originally named Fashion 21. Since its establishment, Forever 21 has become one of the largest developing retail fashion outlets worldwide.

Over 700 stores are sprawling across the US, along with a small portion of stores across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.

Best Stores Like Fashion Nova 1

At first, Forever 21 only sold outfits for women but later extended to sell menswear. Forever 21 has also launched a plus-size clothing store and men’s and women’s outfits.

Its website sells kids’ apparel, footwear, handbags, wallets, and other lifestyle/home products. Forever 21 is also a socially conscious fashion retailer. It aims to create sustainability for the planet, ethical sourcing, and community participation.

In July 2016, Forever 21, a California-based fast-fashion brand with online and offline India network rights, was acquired by Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL).

This acquisition pushed ABFRL to the position of the most significant merged entity in the Indian fashion retail industry. Given the emergence of a fashion-conscious young demographic, it also placed this merged entity in a strong position in the women’s fashion category.

Product sections on Forever 21 are deeply inspired by the latest trends in the fashion industry, with some chosen directly from the season’s models.

However, Forever 21 has also accomplished this with a low to moderate price range, offering a primarily undiluted range around essential wardrobe items.

Forever21 products are shipped worldwide. Its returns are up to 30 days from the shipping date, and the payments can be done through PayPal and Credit Card ( MasterCard, Visa & American Express)and have Forever 21 Gift Cards. 

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3. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing is another store like Fashion Nova that targets the evolving trends of the fashion Industry. The store solely aims at the female client and has various clothing items.

Best Stores Like Fashion Nova 2

The company also offers accessorizing items, footwear, and beautification products within one location. Umar Kamani and his brother Adam Kamani founded PrettyLittleThing in 2012.

It initially offered only accessories with limited products on the website. Since then, the Irish, US, Australian, French, Middle East, and Canadian markets have grown globally. 

In February 2017, the company recorded sales of 47.7 million pounds. In September 2015, it started its mobile application in the UK market.

Pretty Little Thing doesn’t stand at just being an excellent location for all your latest style trend needs; with very competitive pricing on its products, it keeps fashionable stocks within reach of general customers.

You’ll also have loads of free content to consider in the form of celebrity watching, lookbooks, regular fashion trend updates, and much more to help you make decisions before you purchase. Pretty little things have worldwide shipping. Its payment methods are PayPal, Visa, Solo, Maestro, and Electron. 

4. DressLily

DressLily, the next thing in fashion forwards, is another store like Fashion Nova. The online outlet of dressily offers a variety of fashionable clothes. Accessories, footwear, wigs, etc., are also found in this online store.

Best Stores Like PacSun

It focuses on the newest fashion styles, apparel, and stunning accessorizing items; it also features hundreds of the latest lines of products, offering a variety of choices and services to its clients.

It is a brand that offers a range of trendy and high-quality clothing for customers, which is supported by a team of dedicated experts who serve their valued customers.

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5. Shein

Chris Xu, the founder of Shein, endowed the company in October 2018. Its headquarters is located in California, USA. It is another similar store like Fashion Nova which is quickly developing as a fast fashion e-commerce platform.


It is popularly known for its comfortable and user-friendly B2C marketing technique. The site focuses on women’s apparel, but apart from that, it also has an outstanding collection of men’s apparel, kids’ garments, and accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry. 

The company aims to offer fashionable outfits at an affordable cost worldwide. Shein ships its products across the world, covering 220 regions and countries.

These include Germany, the United States, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil, the Middle East, etc. It has three shipping options, and the payments can be made through PayPal and Credit Card ( MasterCard, Visa & American Express). 

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6. Romwe

A close contender of Shein and a similar store like fashion nova, Romwe was founded in 2010. It prides itself on presenting customers with the most advanced fashion wear and high-quality assistance.

Women’s clothes, menswear, home, and lifestyle products are also offered in the Romwe online app. The items are categorized and easily available, and the buyers can decide among thousands of categories.

Romwe ships its products across the world and also has free standard shipping for most of the orders. The company adopts a strategic approach in its logistics operation by having warehouses in Europe, China, and the US.

It allows them to deliver worldwide with great efficiency. It is also motivated to deliver garments with great quality by compelling the suppliers to agree to contracts involving the highest degree of production standards. Romwe, like Shein, is known for collections of apparel that are stylish and cost-effective.

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7. Mistressrocks

Mistressrocks, the fast-fashion retail store, is the next thing in Fashion Forwards, specializing in statement pieces with their signature touch.

Mistress Rocks started small, but due to the notoriety of its in-house designs, this company evolved into a powerhouse brand.

It started creating designs inspired by iconic women and soon became a brand that was recognized by all. It offers its clients trendy, confident, fashionable clothes and accessories that allow its customers to go out with an attitude to run the world.

Mistressrocks has categorized every item in its lookbooks so that the client doesn’t have trouble in buying the items from the store. The brand offers tops, dresses, bottoms, bodysuits, accessories, swimwear, etc. 

Mistress Rocks ships its products worldwide, covering countries that include the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, etc., via UPS service. The items are collected and delivered in customized shop packages.

The brand has a universally popular Instagram handle that showcases the outfits seen by customers.


Lulus, famous for its modern, chic, and contemporary styles, is another store like fashion nova, taking over the online market.

In 1996, the “Lulu’s Fashion Lounge”, a vintage boutique, was launched by Debra Cannon and Colleen WinterLulus, in Chico, California, which later became the famous fashion brand Lulus.

Though based in California and assisting customers worldwide, Lulus has a fun and casual work atmosphere that focuses on innovation and partnership at all levels of the organization.

Lulus Spring Bridal 2021 | Wedding Dresses + Bridesmaid Dresses

LULUs offer stylish dresses suitable for women between 20-30 years to look more upbeat and modern. Women enjoy shopping from Lulus because of their adorable items like dresses, tops, footwear, accessories, and ornaments.

They can find dresses for their summer evenings, dresses that suit special evenings, and dresses that can be as casual as any other clothing for everyday use. The chic look is constant throughout categories.

The company also engages with its customers on a personal level by providing pictures of different looks, styling tricks, and suggestions on Instagram, thereby helping the customers to maximize Lulu’s offerings.

LULUs products are shipped worldwide. Its returns are up to 30 days from the shipping date, and the payments can be made through PayPal and Credit Card ( MasterCard, Visa & American Express).

9. Missguided

Nitin Passi started Missguided in 2009. It started as a multiple-channel retail business selling garments. The brand was established to accommodate trendy fashion choices for young women.

Until 2015, the company was headquartered in Salford, Greater Manchester. Later they relocated to Trafford Park. By launching Menace, Missguided has forayed into men’s fashion through its online platform.

From a small footprint in the UK, the company has soared to heights by operating in regions (Germany, France, USA, and Australia) known for its fashion aptitude. It has offerings suitable for all body types, such as tall, plus size, or petite.

The online store boasts a strong female collection involving basic apparel accessories, lingerie, and beauty products.

By partnering with American retailers such as Nordstrom and ASOS, Missguided has extended its footprint rapidly. Owing to its uniqueness, the company has collaborated with famous individuals such as Nicole Scherzinger, Pia Mia, and Pamela Anderson.

For its swimwear collection, it collaborated with Devin Brugman. At its core, Missguided believes in women’s power and considers women to be at the heart of every generation.

Through its offerings, the company aims to provide a helping hand to strong women by boosting their confidence. Also, any student that can verify themselves on their official webpage is entitled to a student discount.

10. Amiclubwear

Amiclubwear is an online cloth store focusing on club wear and nightclub dresses, with the latest styles on point and in trend; those fashionable clients who are constantly crashing the town will encounter plenty of attires to stand out and feel happy at the same time.

AMIClubwear : How to Walk in Heels

Besides the sexy club apparel of Amiclubwear, one can also find clothes for many other events such as cocktails, proms, spring, parties, plus designs, and much more.

One can also find the usual range of clothing products, from tops, bottoms, intimates, rave clothing, and costumes.

11. ASOS 

“As Seen On Screen” was an online store launched in 1999. In 2002-03, the site started to change its brand name to ASOS, which later was prominently emphasized across the ASOS attributes, superseding “As Seen on Screen” entirely.


ASOS is a global fashion substation with a great mix of in-house fashion design and the latest fashion trends that are doing circles in the fashion arena.

With its global presence, ASOS has several attainment centers scattered across its major markets, assuring immediate facilitation of consumer purchases.

This connects localized websites and one of the best mobile websites in the fashion industry, frequently used by its viewers to buy from their mobile devices.

ASOS is also at the vanguard of social responsibility, concentrating on proffering fashionable products designed with uprightness at all production degrees, helping the communities adjacent to the process, and assuring growth is achieved sustainably.

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12. H&M

H&M or Hennes & Mauritz AB was founded in 1947, as a multinational clothing brand based out of Sweden. It was started by Erling Persson and operated by his sons Stefan Persson and Helena Helmersson. It is one of the best fast fashion names in the world.

H&M offers specialized offerings in categories such as apparel for both genders, teenagers, and children. It also offers specialized accessories (bags, jewelry, shoes) for the above categories.

Circularity: What Are H&M Doing About It? | H&M

By being budget-friendly and incorporating styles and designs trending in runways, H&M has achieved a commanding market position in online and offline sales. H&M works across 62 countries and has installed over 4,500 stores.

It has stores in multiple geographies, such as India, China, Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Canada, etc.

Owing to its business models, it can offer a variety of designs and options every few weeks and ship at a meager cost, attracting the young demographic of teenagers and early adults. H&M also stands out because of its pro-environmental stance.

It is known for its involvement in sustainable fashion by providing customers with offerings that have a positive environmental impact.

By collaborating with individuals such as Beyonce, Madonna, and other similar influential individuals, H&M has kept itself trendy and desirable. 

13. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a US-based retailer specializing in clothing options for women. Sophia Amoruso was the founder of Nasty Gal.

It was launched in 2006 and became the “Fastest Growing Retailer” by 2012.

17 Stores Like Fashion Nova For Affordable And Stylish Clothes

Nasty Gal began its journey from a tiny San Francisco apartment, and after thirteen successful years, it moved to Los Angeles. It delivers its customers affordable designer clothes, trendy footwear, and accessories. 

It focuses on the newest fashion styles, both clothes and stunning accessories. Nasty Gal works across 60 countries, including the United States, Italy, Germany, Canada, Brazil, the Middle East, France, etc.

It has three shipping options, and the payments can be made through PayPal and Credit Card ( MasterCard, Visa & American Express).

Nasty Gal develops eco-friendly clothing lines and adopts better methods within their constitutional network to reduce the environmental footprint. 

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14. ZAFUL 

ZAFUL is an online fast fashion retail clothing brand that started in 2007 that originated in China. The online clothing retailer is settled in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and was founded by Leo Wang.

Zaful stores have women’s and menswear, including clothing Items, fashion wear, swimwear, Bikinis, Tankinis, Blouses, and Two-pieces.

Zaful claims to offer fashion clothing that is edgy, bold, and exciting all at the same time and thereby allowing every individual to access their stylish identity.

Best Stores Like Fashion Nova 4

Zaful is known for excellent customer service and the latest trends in quality fashion. Zaful products are shipped to any country or region, including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Portugal, India, South Africa, etc.

It has attracted influencers who advertise their offerings on different social media platforms, and the process remains trendy.

It has a special student discount plan with free shipping, allowing school and collegegoers to try out the different trends at a more affordable price.

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15. Windsor Store

The Windsor store offers women’s clothing. The store was launched in 1937 as a lingerie and hosiery store and is owned and operated by generations of the Zekaria family in Southern California, USA.

By 1957 they began focusing on creating special occasion dresses. The Windsor store currently has over 200 stores nationally. In 1998 it opened its online site.

Windsor offers a range of clothing and apparel options for women, including outerwear, innerwear, beachwear, and accessories.

It has an option for each individual, irrespective of body type. The company has a solid logistic arm that can deliver products domestically in the US and worldwide at a low rate.

Windsor’s motto advocates living a contemporary life irrespective of events, night-outs, or everyday life.

16. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an American store chain that deals in luxury items. It was founded by Carl F. Wallin and John W. Nordstrom in 1901 and began as a store for footwear. Later, it became a full-line distributor of clothes, bags, fragrances, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories.

Nordstrom has features such as wedding departments and home furnishings in a few of its stores. It also has house cafes, restaurants, and espresso bars for the convenience of its customers.

It has stores in almost every state in the US, totaling 379 stores comprising 245 Rack stores, 100 full-lines, and the remaining three Jeffrey stores.

Nordstrom is another store like Fashion Nova, delivering to customers in almost 96 countries through its official website, nordstrom.com. 

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So, here’s rounding up the most trustworthy stores like Fashion Nova for budget-friendly, stylish, and fashionable pieces. These stores will help you look your best without breaking the bank.

These affordable online stores stock an all-inclusive variety of similar clothing and accessories like Fashion Nova.