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19 Best Website and Stores like Forever 21 To Check Out

Youth and girls go along together real good, as well as boldness and women. As a fashionable person, you know how making a statement is important. No matter what occasion, what location, or what time- being fashionably perfect matters a lot.

And a good attire indeed gives you the confidence for whatever you want to achieve. You just need the clothes and shoes for the aim you keep to achieve it.

Many brands are coming up on the surface with brilliant collections. Fashion brands are marking a soft spot in buyers’ hearts. From basic clothing to a glamorous look, such brands are bringing the heat up and also the competition.

Both offline and online stores are grabbing the attention of millions of buyers. And the globally represented brands are specifically surviving in this particular competition. 

Best Website and Stores like Forever 21: Our Pick

Well, some might find Forever 21 to be expensive while some might need something more from their already available collection. No matter what the reason, looking for a new store other than Forever 21 is not a sin.

It is good finding new trends. This also gives other stores a chance to serve you with their best collection. You never know where you find a jewel for your wardrobe. 

Both the online and offline store market is huge. Being bold and glamorous is easily possible with so many options. Even being basic cool is coming up to reach a lot of women. 

1. H&M

H&M is one of the biggest stores like Forever 21 bringing in strong competition both online and offline. It is loved by both men and women because of modern styles.

From teenagers to young adults, H&M is quite favored with amazing apparel and accessory collections. This company started a women’s clothing store in 1947 in Sweden. And after so many years, it is still standing solid in the market. 

Circularity: What Are H&M Doing About It? | H&M

With its online shopping website running worldwide with many country-wise stores, it has gained popularity on a large scale. They got new collections coming in with news and promos of the same proving their marketing techniques to be effective.

Now, with the kids’ collection, it has widened its customer base.  There are various discounts, offers, and sales available in their store from time to time. The prices are not expensive and suit customers from every class. This is one way to get luxury products at an affordable and reasonable price.

2. Zara

Zara is another store like H&M but slightly lies on the expensive side of the room for some buyers. It is a Spanish fashion brand which was founded in the year of 1975.

It has a good collection of women, men, and kids- gaining popularity all over the world. It is expanding all over the world and taking the place as one of the stores like Forever 21.

The Zara dresses are the main attraction for women while the denim collection of men is amazing. Their accessories such as jewelry, belts, scarves, bags, etc. attract a lot of young women. You can sign up for their newsletter for regular updates on their new collection releases. 

3. Zaful

It is one of the best stores like Forever 21 which is based in Hong Kong, China, and is run by Bi’an Information Technology Co. Hong Kong Ltd.

It started in 2013 with operations working in local offices in Redwood City, California in the United States. The main focus of Zaful is the retro style of fashion in apparel and shoes. 

Stores like Forever 21

It provides worldwide shipping over its range of online apparel and fabric shops. There are so many attractive discounts that make buyers come back again on the website. The only thing that bugs a buyer is the hold on customer service.

Many grievances were noted by customers regarding their orders which ultimately resulted in buyers not receiving their orders and Zaful lost revenue. If you got no trouble with your orders, then the processes involved from ordering to receiving your order will go smoothly here. 

The features it provides-

  • Zaful gives regular discounts, sales, coupon codes, and promo codes letting buyers save money and buy more.
  • There are 45 days provided for returns of orders. This process is fairly smooth and easy for customers.
  • The prices over the website are already highly discounted. On average, the clothing range comes up to be between $5 to $30 while other ranges like shoes lie between $10 to $20.

4. ChicMe

Chic Me is a popular online store where the newest trends of fashion are launched periodically. It is taking a place in the women’s wear world with affordable pricing.

It is one of the good stores like Forever 21 as the payment options are 100% secure and offer easy returns with amazing product quality. 

Chic Me -- August 2016 Promo Video

There are tons of good reviews about this particular online shopping website. It also offers worldwide shipping giving buyers a splendid e-commerce experience. It is a one-stop shop with a huge inventory consisting of accessories, shoes, apparel, makeup, wellness products, luggage, and much more. 

The features that make it better-

  • It gives alternatives such as PayPal for someone who does not have a MasterCard or Visa card for payment.
  • The compensation on products is easy. Just click a picture of your damaged product and send it to customer service. They will refund you as quickly as possible.
  • Even if you are unsatisfied with your product due to any reason, you can talk to their excellent customer service people and get a safe return and refund quickly.

5. Mango

Being an attractive store since 1995, Mango is a top brand in the fashion and accessory industry worldwide. It has both offline and online stores in various countries. They are extremely exclusive when it comes to range and size. They even offer plus sizes! 

CHUFY X MANGO | Exclusive boho dresses collection designed by Sofia Sanchez de Betak

It is one of those stores like Forever 21 where you get luxury products like the one included in the famous Covet Fashion mobile app. They got trendy collections for women, men, and kids with circulating seasonal fashion every year.

Their seasonal campaign is one of a kind and is always something to look forward to for fancy people. It also has excellent quality products like swimsuits, sunglasses, belts, wallets, maternity wear, shoes, jewelry, etc. You are Instagram-ready every day with Mango.

6. Reformation

This shopping site is based in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Reformation has proven to be a revolutionary brand in the fashion industry. It serves as a retailer for customers across numerous countries.

They have a sustainable approach towards their store. They got a sustainable factory setup in Los Angeles making it a tourist destination where the first Friday of every month is the tourist day. You can book your visit online and check out where the magic of fashion happens. 

It is another size-inclusive type store amongst all of the stores like Forever 21 and Mango. The best factor about Reformation is the best quality fabric for their clothing line. They got a staple style that is trendy, feminine, and breezy.

The sizes include a range of up to 22 and C-DD cups with every fit and cut you can think of. They have a really good range of denim, casual wear, linen, swimwear, and much more. They even have a bridal collection. 

7. Shein

Shein is a China-based band that performs as a retailer for super-cheap clothes and accessories for women. Founded in 2008, it has launched its mobile app reaching women all across the world providing an incredibly large collection.

It also has a men’s and kid’s clothing range. The mantra it holds is “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion”. 


There is a vast clothing amount present on their site. The site is very quick and intuitive for customers. But, the only downside is that the ‘shopping trip’ isn’t as wonderful as one dreams of.

You have to search for what you require with some deep digging into their collection. Clothes are scattered all over the website with a hit-and-miss opportunity. It is a small version of mall stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. 

Its features-

  • Shein offers free delivery for orders above $49. 
  • You are eligible for easy and free returns within 40 days of the delivery date if you reside in the USA. Other countries have their policies. 
  • There is a detailed measurement chart provided with each product so that you can buy products that are right for you in terms of size and fit. You don’t need to think much.
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8. Topshop

They are a big fashion retail face in London. They ship to many countries and have over 500 stores globally. The collection in the stores is available on their website too (Visit Here).

They have accessories, clothes, cosmetics, shoes, and more for the customers to be pleased with. If you are looking for flashy, bright, and stylish clothing in your wardrobe, Topshop is the right place. 

They got coveted designs delivered to your home with free shipping worldwide. They got amazing brands such as Adidas Originals, Another 8, Cameo, and more on their shopping site alongside their brand name pieces. Whether it be retro, minimalist, or street style- they got gorgeous products listed out for you. 

9. Front Row Shop

Front Row Shop is one of the retailer stores like Forever 21 that started in the year of 2011 housing some trendy clothes and accessories for the young adult community.

It is a womenswear brand targeting the trending girls who want a cool collection in their wardrobe. The latest in-trends are available quite sooner on this website with seasonal collections too. You will get season-appropriate clothing here.

They have control over the cut, fabric, and quality of the products under the line of their home brand. Front Row Shop has both smart street style and high fashion style.

They have a colorful and bright fashion-forward collection consisting of bottom wear, denim, top wear, outerwear, dresses, shoes, belts, etc.

10. Pretty Little Thing

Started in 2012 by two brothers Adam and Umar Kamani. Pretty Little Thing was originally an accessory brand featuring only 20 products. Since then, they have grown a lot and become one of those stores like Forever 21 who gives good competition to other branded stores in the shopping market. 

Destination Swim: Bahamas | PrettyLittleThing

PLT got affordable fashion for women who want a perfect Instagram look. Women who shop here look for bold and confident styling. If you are one of them, PLT is your right store.

You will achieve a very happy shopping experience here with dresses and cosmetics products from more than 20 brands.

The statement jewelry, bags, and other fashion pieces have attracted customers from Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States (with the biggest customer base). They also encourage you to recycle the products you buy from them for being environmentally aware. 

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11. Lulu’s

Another classic shopping website based in California, America serving customers from all over the world. It is the ideal mix of popular brands and designers who are up-and-coming in the fashion industry.

Lulu’s has a high-end fashion collection as well as budget-friendly options. You can check out bridesmaid dresses, and prom dresses too on their stores and website in America. 

Best Website and Stores like Forever 21

They offer free shipping and free returns worldwide. You get VIP benefits and can also join their reward program for extra points. If you are looking for bridal wear at delightful prices, you should check out Lulu’s because it is one of the best retail bridal shopping websites unlike the stores like Forever 21.

12. ASOS

It stands for “As Seen On Screen (ASOS)” and is a hugely popular shopping site for young adults and teenagers. It has a wide selection of fresh trendy clothes and accessories with countless options from around 850 brands along with their own line. It ships over to more than 200 countries around the world. 

There are sale options and attractive discounted deals to grab. The winter wear collection is quite good as well. They also sell skincare products, gift items, home decor products, and much more. Their blog is very informative and keeps their customers in a loop for regular purchases. 

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12. Rose Gal

Rose Gal is a very new version of affordable shopping giving people hot sales, cheap prices, and cool clothing. Their “About Us” page says that a group of friends started this online shopping website to share their ambition of stunning fashion with other ladies out there.

They have got contemporary and retro clothing options. You can also see there is fashion jewelry available too. This platform provides selection for both women and men with the cosmetic collection too.

Features it holds-

  • It offers worldwide shipping.
  • The delivery is fairly low-cost.
  • Has got many constructive comments regarding the customer’s happy shopping experience and how they offer affordable pricing options. 

The only issue that has been recorded so far is the sizing. There are different types of sizing measurements followed in the world. It differs country-wise.

Their sizing charts might create a little confusion for some people with the confusion between inches and centimeters. Rose Gal surely is a great choice apart from stores like Forever 21 where you get chic and cheap shopping sprees!

13. Dresslily

Dresslily houses collections for both women and men. Founded in 2011 with its local offices based in Cucamonga, California in the United States, it sells dresses, shoes, bags, shirts, jewelry, accessories, belts, and much more. 

Best Website and Stores like Forever 21 new

The prices are genuinely capped at about $500 in which women’s clothing costs on an average between $20 and $400. The cheapest price noted on Dresslily till now has been $5. Men’s collection consists of coats, jeans, tee shirts, and trousers. The price of these products lies between $5 and $70 on average. 

The attractive features it has-

  • Accessories for women have a wide range of products including belts, scarves, and hats. EVen beauty care products cost around $10 apiece.
  • The most trendy pieces come out in sale with prices as low as $5 to $80 at the highest.
  • You can get men’s jewelry and luxury items for even $3! 
  • Most of the items are regularly on sale. 
  • There are loyalty programs and discounts on thousands of products. Regular shoppers get advantages of specialized discounts too.

14. Missguided

Missguided is known as the British version of stores like Forever 21 with a basic style clothing collection. It is made for smart dressers. They offer both basic to dressy options for women and men.

There are beautiful shoes and accessories to buy for women, while the men’s apparel collection called Mennace grabs the attention of males. Misguided is a trendy retailer that covers all sizes such as tall, petite, and plus size. 

There are student discounts- a very rare discount to find on online stores. Other than this, many discounts and offers always exist on their website with free shipping over $50 and a flat return policy of 28 days.

The lingerie section seems to call women to come back and purchase more. It amazingly suits young women. Even the swimwear collection is beautiful. Missguided also launches festive collections to give you appropriate dresses for such occasions. 

15. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is America’s one of the best multinational clothing and lifestyle brands based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They operate in more than 10 countries across the world with young adults as targets.

19 Best Website and Stores like Forever 21 To Check Out

They have an amalgamation of timelessly elegant outfits and retro-chic pieces to provide a fresh perspective to your wardrobe. If you are someone who loves contemporary clothing and trends, this is your place to shop. 

This online shopping website has collections for both men and women consisting of products like fashion items, shoes, accessories, sportswear, housewares, other lifestyle products, and more.

Urban Outfitters houses many well-known and popular brands that are established in the fashion industry. They have an eclectic mix of brands like Anthropologie, terrain, Free People, etc.

There are numerous rewards, sales, discounts, offers, and shopping deals on their collection. You can buy amazing denim, rompers, jackets, dresses, and more clothing options in different styles and colors. 

16. Free People

As mentioned above, it sells its collection over Urban Outfitters too. This makes it a global phenomenon. Free People is a fashion retailer in the United States who focuses on lifestyle items, clothes, and beauty products for women. Their headquarters are in Pennsylvania just like Urban Outfitters. 

This website similar to other stores like Forever 21 has multiple choices of dresses, jewelry, lingerie, make-up, shoes, skincare products, books, beachwear, crystals, etc.

With more than 1,400 global stores in different countries, it has standalone retail showrooms across the United States and Canada. It got both classy and modern looks with its specialty lying with a chic Bohemian factor. Moreover, It suits every budget. 

They have ‘Free People Movement’ with organized workout-related events and has amazing athleisure and athletic clothing, displaying how an active lifestyle is important for everyone. You can avail many offers and check out more information on their collections and their movement over their online website. 

17. Princess Polly

Princess Polly is a one-stop shopping destination having clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, etc. There is a variety of modern chic fashion with color and style present over their website. They provide free returns, express shipping, and a money refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

There is a Pay later option and a Buy Now option suiting you. This way you never miss out on your favorite pieces by opting in these options.

Princess Polly promises you to complete your wardrobe dream within the amount of $1000. How? Because they got day-to-day clothing pieces like lingerie, dresses, bodysuits, jackets, and swimwear to special occasion festival wear.

Their shoe collection consisting of sneakers, flats, heels, and boots, and hosiery is also splendid. Apart from all of these products, they also have categories of sunglasses, jewelry, belts, bags, hats, and more. There are hundreds of brands available on it.

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18. Pixie Market

They are a young and chic fashion retailer and brand from New York City, United States. Pixie Market was founded by Magda Pietrobelli in the year of 2006 featuring apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories.

They follow the latest trends of the fashion industry and keep up with the market very well. They brag about their exclusive collection of dresses which are specially designed by them and are available only on their platform. This bragging is visible on their website. 

With such an amazing offering of collection and dedication for providing a fashion-forward approach, they ten to keep their prices surprisingly low. This way, they have built up a bigger customer base reaching out to women of different age groups. 

Unlike some brands, they don’t come up with seasonal collections but still, give out the best pieces throughout the year. They also keep stock from other brands while making sure the quality is top-class and compliments their home collection.

They make new items and styles online every week keeping you up with the fashion trends. With a varied style from minimalistic to glamour and bold, they have got a cool collection that you require. Buyers are very happy with Pixie Market and keep coming back. There are tons of extremely good reviews about them. 

19. Oasis

Oasis is a British high street fashion brand established in 1991 with just one store. Currently, it serves more than 27 stores in various countries globally including areas of Europe, South America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, etc.

They now have 80 stores in the United Kingdom And Ireland. With worldwide shopping, their website offers an insight into future fashion.

Being another fantastic store, Oasis sells stylish clothes well-suited for work, festivals, weddings, parties, and many other occasions. From casual basic denim to cool tee shirts, they have a wide collection.

Apart from these, even frilly dresses and grungy look is available for those buyers who like to take a chance in a risky fashion. Their sportswear and athleisure line have unique varieties too.

Regular sales and offers come up from time to time giving your pocket an easy day with shopping. You will not be disappointed as a customer. You can stock up your wardrobe with enviable clothes. 

The fashion verdict

With the rising demand for new fashion styles and trends in the industry, women especially need to upgrade their wardrobe once in a while with new fresh pieces.

Being fashionably envious is not just a dream for most women, it is their passion. With so many options of retail shopping websites and online stores, this dream is coming together in both expensive and budget-friendly solutions.

From summer to winter, and spring to autumn- the one thing that stays in demand are stores like Forever 21. You have to keep online shopping sites handy because you never know what’s next in fashion.

All of the websites listed above are going to give you a calm and good shopping experience. With proven customer reviews, these stunning branded stores will give you exactly what you need for your style.