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11 Best Alternative Stores like Home Depot


When someone thinks of buying something related to ‘Home Improvement,’ his/her mind automatically wanders around Home Depot. Home Depot is an American home improvement retailer company having its headquarters in Georgia, United States.

Home Depot, with its quality products, has gained the trust of its customers since its debut in the market. By providing a variety of quality products, this company has achieved new heights in the market.

With its success in the market, the company has expanded its business beyond American borders and has started opening stores in Mexico and Canada as well.

Home Depot has a total of 2200 stores combined in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The company has appointed a total of 4,00,000 employees who are working tirelessly to make the customer experience better.

They have also started their online service by entering into the e-commerce market, where they offer more than one million products. They offer around 35,000 different products from segments like home appliances, hardware, building materials, flooring, garden requirements, and many more in their stores.

In this article, we will discuss some stores like home depot who are also competing in the market.

Best Alternative Stores like Home Depot 👌👌

1. Target

Target Corporation, which is headquartered in the United States, is considered to be one of the largest discount retailers in the country. The company got incorporated in the year 1902; since then, they have achieved a lot of new heights and changed a lot in their operations.

Best Alternative Stores like Home Depot

In the United States, Target Corporation has managed to open around 1834 stores. They offer a variety of products from different brands. Every product available in their stores is of unique design that attracts the customer’s attention.

They are known for offering high-quality products at a very minimal price. This has helped them to earn the trust of the customers in all these years. 

Target Corporation offers a variety of products such as apparel, accessories, furniture, electronics, baby products, toys, outdoor materials, beauty products, and many more.

The architecture of the store is planned in such a way that it attracts a lot of customers; the store consists of wider passages and drops ceilings. The employees are trained to arrange the products in an attractive way with clean fixtures.

The wide range of products offered by Target Corporation makes them one of the largest competitors of Home Depot. They have also opened stores like Home Depot in every corner so that they can reach the target customers.

Target Corporation has managed to build such a network that it enables the company to ship its products worldwide with Borderfree service. The company offers free shipping in the United States at a low spend threshold.

Customers of Target Corporation can return or exchange their productions within the first 90 days of purchase. Customers can subscribe to Target REDcard membership; this will give them an extra 5% discount at Target Corporation Stores.

They accept payments through Paypal, credit & debit cards, REDcard, and gift cards. In order to maintain a good connection with the target customers, the company has social media accounts where they interact with their customers on a regular basis.

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2. Lowe’s

Lowe’s was founded in the year 1946; since then, it has been regarded as a top home improvement company and has its name in the list of Fortune 500 companies. Lowe’s is headquartered in North Carolina, United States.

They are offering quality products in the market for more than 70 years thus have managed to pull up better goodwill than many big names in the home improvement market.

The company’s stores are spread across the United States and also go beyond the US borders to countries like Mexico and Canada. The company has managed to open around 2000 stores like Home Depot in all these locations combined.

This network of stores has made Lowe’s one of the biggest hardware companies in recent years. They have appointed around 2,90,000 employees who are trained to make the customer experience better.  

Lowe’s offers a wide range of products from various product categories in their stores, such as bathroom products, appliances, building products, doors & windows, home decor & furniture, electrical products, lawn & garden, lighting & ceiling fans, outdoor products, and many more.

The company also offers home services for its products in the form of design management, project management, and installation. In addition to this, the company has started its online store where customers can get a vast range of products with over 4,00,000 items to chose from.

With the online store, the company aims to reach the customers at their homes and make its network stronger than its competitors.

Lowe’s is also committed to supporting the communities and payback the society for the trust they have bestowed on the company for all these years. The company over the year have selected some of the initiatives which they operate all over the country.

Initiatives like the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club of America, Habitat for Humanity, and Toolbox for Education are controlled and managed by Lowe’s. The company also has its own charitable and educational foundation.

The company has a good delivery network in the United States and ships to all US addresses. Customers have the option to return or exchange the products within 90 days of their purchase.

The return or exchange policy is only available in certain product categories. They accept payments from credit cards ( Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover ). Lowe’s also has social media accounts where they interact with people.

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3. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is considered to be a retail chain and American-based departmental store which started its business in the year 1927 as a local corner store.

It is yet another home improvement company that is also in the race to become the most trusted company in the home improvement market, just like Home Depot, Target, etc.

Now, Kohl’s has around 1000 retail stores spread across the United States, making it one of the largest retail giants in America. Kohl’s has managed to open stores like Home Depot across the United States in order to build a strong network to survive in the competitive market. 

Kohl’s offers a wide range of consumer goods from different product categories such as clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronic products, and home appliances.

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Kohl’s has always focused on advertising its apparel and accessories stores more; thus, this might be the reason for its home section not being so famous like Home Depot, Target, and Lowe’s.

But despite less marketing, they still manage to earn quite a revenue from their home section because they are in this industry for such a long time and customers trust their brand.

Kohl’s offers products having unique designs that are based on recent trends, which is why 7 out of 10 interior designers prefer Kohl’s over other companies in the market.

This is considered to be a considerable achievement for the company. Kohl’s has always adopted advanced technologies in order to offer the best experience to the customers. Their main focus is to enable families to live a comfortable and luxurious life. They actively take part in social initiatives.

Kohl’s ships to every area across the United States and also ships its product to other countries through MyUS.com. They offer their customers a 12 monthly return policy from the date of the purchase. Their return policies are different for online and offline stores. They accept payments on Credit cards. 

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4. Wayfair

Wayfair is another home improvement company operating its business in the United States. They offer all kinds of products, starting from basic to luxury items. Customers will never get dissatisfied with not getting their desired products in Wayfair retail stores.

The employees who work in Wayfair retail stores are trained to interact with the customers so to identify their needs and recommend them with items that can fulfill their needs.

Best Alternative Stores like Home Depot1

This gives the customers a better shopping experience, thus winning their trust and goodwill. The goodwill of Wayfair helps it to compete with stores like Home Depot, Target, etc.

The company literally offers thousands of products from different categories such as furniture for different rooms, patio, rugs, lighting, outdoor products, kids products, toys, pet products, and many more.

All products are sorted in the stores; for example, staple sofas are sorted according to their prices, type, design, upholstery, size, style, color, features, brand, back style, print, customer rating, seat style, arm style, skirt style, frame style, dimensions, and seat capacity. 

Every product is supported by many customer reviews, which helps new customers in their purchase decision. The company also provides expert reviews on its wide range of products for attracting customer attention.

The company ships its products to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada with various delivery options. International shipping is only available for orders that are above $5000. The company offers a return policy of 30 days to its customers.

They accept payments from different platforms such as PayPal, Credit Card, Gift Cards, Affirm, Personal Checks & Cashier Checks, Wire Transfer, and Money Orders.  


IKEA is considered to be the most popular and prominent brand in the furniture and home improvement industry. It is a great competitor to stores like Home Depot, Target, Kohl’s, etc.

They attract a lot of customers from the target market because the collection of products they hold are so enormous that one can spend hours at their store just looking at them.

The IKEA brand is well known in the market because the products they offer are of unique design and are eco-friendly.

The quality of the products offered by IKEA is high, but the cost they charge for these products is minimal, which is why people love to shop with them. They always have a unique approach to all of their products as they always think out of the box.

11 Best Alternative Stores like Home Depot

IKEA sells different kinds of furniture for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. They also offer items from different product categories such as dining, textiles, baby & toys, and many more.

IKEA always has the vision to invest in developing their products regularly so that they can offer something better than the other competitors; this helps IKEA to survive in the market.

The handicrafts that are sold in IKEA stores are designed by artisans who belong to countries like India, Thailand, Rome, and Jordan. This shows how much they value their customers as they offer them some of the best things in the market.

IKEA is a brand that has never compromised in the quality of its products which is why people love to shop with them. 

For people who never had an interest in home furniture, one trip to IKEA is enough to inspire and motivate them. The stores of IKEA are so well designed that customers automatically get convinced to buy products from them without having a second thought.

Every product is arranged perfectly in their stores, making it simple for customers to choose the best among them. 

IKEA has a huge network, and they have managed to open their stores in almost every country. Therefore, they are able to ship their products anywhere in the world.

They have a massive 365-day return policy. They accept payments from Debit & Credit Cards and some other platforms also. They are always active on social media in order to interact with their customers more and motivate them to buy from them.

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6. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is considered to be an American Hardware Retailers Cooperative which is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. It is also considered the most prominent hardware retail cooperative and the largest non-grocery American retail cooperative.

The cooperative was founded in Chicago in the year 1924; since then, they have expanded a lot and are spread across every corner of America. The sales of Ace Hardware increased dramatically after World War II between the years 1940 and 1959.

Ace Hardware operates around 17 distribution centers in America alone, and they also have additional distribution facilities in other countries such as China, Panama, and United Arab Emirates.

In America, they have launched around 5000 stores. The best thing about Ace Hardware stores is that they are independently owned and managed. In such a case, customers can obtain the small and personal feelings which lack in larger chains.

Best Alternative Stores like Home Depot3

The employees who are employed here are friendly and interact with the customers to identify their needs. This friendly attitude of employees gives the customers a great shopping experience. They offer a wide variety of products, including paint, grill & smokers, outdoor storage, chainsaws, heaters, and more.

Ace hardware is the place where one can find everything required for repairing, adjusting, and designing his/her home. Ace hardware has always maintained its product quality since the time it was incorporated.

Ace hardware ships its products across the United States. They also have express delivery options for customers who prefer to pay more for faster deliveries. They offer a return policy of 30 days. They accept payments through Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover).

Ace hardware rewards their customers who frequently purchase from them; this initiative motivates the customers to buy more. 

They also take part in different programs which are taking the initiative for the society. Ace hardware gives a good competition to stores like Home Depot, Target, etc.

7. Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation operating in America. The headquarters of Walmart is situated in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. The company manages a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and departmental discount stores across the United States.

The company was incorporated in the year 1962 under the Delaware General Corporation Law; since then, they have expanded a lot and have opened stores almost in every country. As of now, Walmart has a total of 10,526 stores in 24 different countries.

These stores are operating under 48 different names, but they all are owned by Walmart; for example, the company operates under the name Walmart in the United States and Canada, as Walmart de México y Centroamérica in Mexico, and as Flipkart Wholesale in India.

Walmart stores have always managed to offer the best price for their products. They also make sure that the product quality is not compromised in any way. They have always focused on providing the best for their customers so that they can earn their trust.

In a Walmart store, one can find anything starting from grocery to home improvement products. All these products are offered at a discounted rate. Walmart loves to adopt new trends, and they are always open to new suggestions; this helps them to connect more with the customers. 

Walmart has such a huge network that it will never face an issue regarding the shipping of products. They can ship the products anywhere in the world. They accept payments through different platforms in different countries so to make the shopping experience of customers better.

Their main aim is to improve the standard of living of their customers by providing them with some quality products at an affordable price. This helps them to remain in competition with stores like Home Depot, IKEA, Amazon, etc.

8. Amazon

Amazon is a multinational technology company in America. The company is based in Seattle, Washington.  The company operates in different industries such as e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

It is considered to be on the list of the big five companies of the USA. The company is referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.”

Amazon is the most valuable brand among all the big brands operating in the world. Amazon started as an online marketplace for books, but now they have expanded their business to electronics, home improvement, apparel, etc. 

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Home improvement is one of the sectors where Amazon has managed to capture a good share of the market. They have the world’s biggest online marketplace, which helps them to promote every product they sell properly.

The brand name also has acquired goodwill in the market. People have trust in Amazon, which is why they prefer to buy from them despite buying from other stores like Home Depot, Target, IKEA, etc. Amazon is considered to be a big competition in the home improvement marketplace.

One who needs furniture for his/her new home at affordable prices, he/she must consider having a look at the online marketplace of Amazon because they offer a wide range of products in this sector. The products are also available at a discounted rate.

Shipping of products to different areas of the world is not difficult for Amazon because they have a huge network that is considered to be the largest in the world.

They accept payments through cash, Debit, or Credit card, and any other platform. They always aim to make the customer experience better while shopping with them.

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9. JC Penney

JC Penney is considered to be a midscale departmental store chain operating in America. The company got incorporated in the year 1902 since they have offered a lot to the market.

They have managed to open stores in 689 different locations across 49 states of America and Puerto Rico. The store network maintained by JC Penny is huge and strong; thus, it makes them capable of reaching their customers efficiently.

They operate around 870 stores across the world, and most of the JC Penney stores are located in Suburban Shopping malls. They offer a wide range of branded products to their customers. Recently with their website launch, they have also entered into the e-commerce industry, giving tough competition to stores like Home Depot, Amazon, IKEA, Walmart, etc.

JC Penney offers various items from different product categories such as furniture, bed and bath products, women, men and kid products, jewelry, and many more.

They have always maintained the quality of the products and never degraded in this matter; this made them earn the trust of the customers in all these years. All of these gets managed by different departmental offices, which are spread across 11 supply chain facilities in Plano and Texas.

JC Penney has appointed around 97000 employees in all of its stores, who are trained to be interactive so that they can understand the need of the customer. JC Penney has always aimed to make the shopping experience better for the customers. 

The huge network of JC Penney helps them to ship products anywhere in America. Thus customers don’t even need to come to the stores for the pickup.

All these services provided by JC Penney make them one of the top competitors in the market. They have earned this position in the market because they were consistent from the beginning.

10. True Value 

True Value is a massive retailer company in America. They have their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, United States. They have opened stores in more than 4500 locations which makes them a huge hardware company and a good competition for stores like Home Depot, Amazon, IKEA, Kohl’s, etc.

The company got incorporated in the year 1948; since then, it has expanded a lot and now has stores in more than 60 countries which is a huge achievement for a company. True Value is a big name in the hardware industry.

11 Best Alternative Stores like Home Depot

They offer various items from different product categories such as home improvement products, home appliances, tools, household hardware, lumber, building materials, paint, plumbing, equipment rental, and many more.

The products offered in True Value stores are branded and of high quality. The products have always satisfied the needs of the customers. The stores of True Value are well maintained, giving a good retail experience to the customers.

They focus on providing the best shopping experience to the customers. All the workers in these stores are well trained and well mannered. The employees interact with the customers to identify their needs in order to fulfill it.

True Value is considered to be one of the fastest-growing home improvement companies because they have managed to expand a lot and build a network that is stronger than many other companies in this industry.

This strong network proves to be of great help during shipping products to different areas across the United States. True Value accepts payments through Credit or Debit cards and some other platforms. The main focus or aim of True Value is to improve the living style of people by providing them quality goods at a low cost.

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The need for home improvement products is never-ending, and people will continue to buy these products in the future also. The popularity that this industry enjoys attracts a lot of companies to invest in it, which is why a lot of big names are in this market competing with each other.

Home Depot has survived in the market for this long because of its consistency and after-sale services. Other stores like Home Depot are no less; they are also putting up their best to survive in this competitive market. This competition in the Home Improvement industry will continue in the future also.