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9 Top Stores Like IKEA To Diversify Your Furniture Shopping

IKEA is a Swedish giant many people love for its products or as a business itself. This is a business known for how you can assemble the furniture yourself, which can be a great experience.

They have almost anything you want or need for your home.

But sometimes, you may want a few alternatives, a little different from IKEA, so you have a few more choices. Be it for the style, cost, or anything else.

This article answers you with eight of the best alternatives to IKEA. If you’re looking for stores like IKEA, we’ve got you.

Anything that you would need, from a new couch, smaller decor and homeware items, or any furniture that you may need, these alternatives are worth browsing and going over. So, let’s get started!

Best Stores Like IKEA For Functional, Stylish Furniture 👌

These eight stores sell customizable and modular furniture; there is also information on prices, shipping, delivery, and more for your convenience.

These are businesses based in the United States. While some ship only in that area, others offer international shipping, or you can buy their products from another retailer from any part of the globe.

1. Inside Weather

Inside Weather is a great option if you’re looking for stores like IKEA. Their furniture pieces are made-to-order from their Bay Area, California workshop.

They use carefully selected materials; their sofas, for example, are made with over 200 upcycled plastic water bottles.

Almost every aspect of their furniture is customizable, like cushion detail, arm height for sofas, base style, and table surface design. 

Best Stores Like IKEA

Even though their pieces are made-to-order, the furniture is shipped quickly, and it only takes a few days for a shipping confirmation to arrive.

Additionally, there is a home trial period of 365 days. This means you can enjoy your furniture for a year before deciding whether to keep it or return it.

They have a whole range of pieces to choose from, as mentioned. You can get lounge chairs, coffee tables, armchairs, side tables, dining room chairs, credenzas, lounge chairs, sofas, dining tables, and more. 

If you love a style you wish to recreate, you can customize your pieces and recreate any classics you want.

You can also get free swatches if you don’t know what fabric suits your tastes best, and many furniture options are available.

You could even redecorate your entire house if you’d like. All this makes Inside Weather a great option if you’re looking at stores like IKEA.

Starting price: Sectionals begin from $1,198, and sofas begin from $898. Their dining chairs, on the other hand, are under $100.

Products:- Inside Weather has a selection of great beds, tables, seating, sofas, and much more.

‍Delivery:- Inside Weather ships items in boxes that are easy to handle and designed so customers can assemble them in minutes. 

Shipping Fees:– Shipping is free, and there is tracking available. 

Pros of Inside Weather:-

  • Inside Weather offers highly customizable furniture for the utmost convenience. 
  • They have a 365-day trial period.
  • Assembling their pieces is very simple and quick.
  • Most of their materials are environmentally conscious, making them suitable for home use.

Cons of Inside Weather:-

  • Their minimum shipping time can be about a month to 35 days.
  • They don’t have too many payment options available for customers.

2. Albany Park

The founders began this business from their frustration with hundreds of similar options of sofas and the weeks it would take for furniture to arrive.

Their idea was to eliminate the mental fatigue that comes from this process by reducing 150 options to about 3 models that satisfied everyone’s needs while also being delivered in three to five days. 

Albany Park is a modern luxury sofa brand that offers designer furniture to customers at a fair and affordable price. The three models that were mentioned are Albany, Park, and Kova. 

Best Stores Like IKEA 1

Albany Park’s customers talk about the fabric’s durability, comfort, quality, and other materials used for their furniture pieces.

The furniture also comes packed in space-conscious and apartment-friendly boxes, making it easy to carry them through any home, tight hallways, and stairwells. This is a good choice among stores like IKEA.

Starting price:- Sofas begin from $895 and armchairs from $395.

Products:- Albany Park has a collection of Loveseats, Ottomans, Armchairs, and Sofas.

‍Delivery:- Any furniture you buy from Albany Park will be delivered in three to five business days. 

‍Shipping fees:- No shipping fees are charged by Albany Park, making delivery of their products to your door free.

Pros of Albany Park:-

  • They offer free shipping on all orders.
  • It takes about 10 minutes to assemble all of their furniture.
  • Their orders take about three to five business days to arrive.
  • The furniture from Albany Park comes in space-conscious and apartment-friendly boxes that are easy to carry around the house. 

Cons of Albany Park:-

  • Albany Park ships their furniture only to the 48 contiguous states of America.
  • There would be a 10% fee for restocking on return or a 20% fee if the original packaging was not used. 

3. Allform

Allform is another one of a few stores like IKEA that wants to provide high-quality modular sofas using heavy-duty performance fabrics that are also stain- and scratch-resistant.

All their sofas have a modern sleep aesthetic made with materials of high quality designed to be durable and comfy. 

High-grade foam and fiber balance comfort and loft, featuring anti-shift encasement and channels.

Each frame has laminated hardwood and is kiln-dried. The wood is sourced sustainably from certified Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) vendors. And they use recycled materials in all the sofas that are made.

Allform has partnered with a family-owned facility that is multi-generation and is based in North Carolina with decades of experience with building furniture that is premium in every way.

All their sofas are made in the United States with a heart to provide jobs to skilled artisans at home. Allform also has a patent-pending shelf mechanism and latching system designed to keep extreme durability and comfortability in mind. 

Additionally, there is a hundred-day return guarantee on all purchases from Allform, making the transaction with no strings attached. The delivery is completely free and happens within five to ten business days.

There is also a lifetime warranty that is offered that speaks volumes about the quality of craftsmanship that is offered. However, their pieces can be a little pricey and not affordable for all, but the money spent on them is worth it.

Starting price:- Their loveseats start from $1,145.

Products:- Allform has sofas, sectionals, armchairs, and loveseats. 

‍Delivery:- Their products are delivered within five to ten business days. 

Shipping fees:- Allform offers free shipping on all orders. 

Pros of Allform:-

  • There is a trial period of a hundred days for their furniture.
  • The shipping is fast and entirely free.
  • The fabrics of Allform furniture are stain-resistant.
  • There is a lifetime warranty available for their products. 

Cons of Allform:-

  • The selection of furniture is smaller compared to other established brands.
  • The prices are also higher when compared to other brands and are not always affordable.

4. Floyd

Floyd is a furniture brand based in Michigan, and it began as a Kickstarter campaign that happened to raise 14 times the initial goal.

The founders believed that the furniture being built was done keeping modern living in mind. Every aspect was difficult, from buying to assembling to moving. 

Floyd was made from a reaction to disposable furniture allowing anyone to make a table from any surface material that could be found. This became a hit, and just in the first year, this company began delivering to more than thirty countries. 

The first Floyd Leg in 11 gauge sheet steel was begun to avoid a trip to the store. The founders just wanted to get the mattress off the floor, so they hacked sawed-off table legs.

Their practical philosophy for design has led to having different products made thoughtfully for more than 50,000 homes worldwide, and it is one of a few stores like IKEA

The design principles that have guided all their furniture making are:-

  • All their furniture pieces have a direct purpose.
  • They made a unique system keeping shipping and assembly in mind. 
  • They challenge the existing system and how things have always been done.
  • Their products keep adaptability and mind, and they offer service for any part that fails.
  • They make their products accessible by removing what is redundant and not lowering quality. 
  • They design keeping inclusivity in mind and not just for one audience.
  • Products are made keeping the longevity of at least 50 years in mind.

Starting price:– Their beds are from $995, and their two-seater sofas from $1,395

Products:- Floyd has a range of simple-to-build products ranging from shelves to tables, sofas, and beds. All their products are designed to keep easy assembling and disassembling in mind.

Delivery:- Their sofas and other pieces are delivered to your doorstep in boxes between four to seven, depending on the chosen configuration.

The three-seaters, for example, come in about four boxes where the heaviest box is 132 lbs, and the other can be anywhere between 22 to 32 lbs.

Shipping fees:- Most products require a 10% shipping fee.

Pros of Floyd:-

  • The assembly of Floyd’s furniture is simple and easy.
  • The packaging of all the pieces is well thought out.
  • The upholstery of their furniture is stain-resistant.
  • There is a high comfort quotient in the making of all their furniture.

Cons of Floyd:-

  • Maneuvering the sofa can be a challenging task.
  • There is an added cost for shipping.

5. Article

Article is a company that began in 2013, and its mission is to make great furniture that is stylish, well-priced, and long-lasting.

They have delivered their furniture to more than a quarter of a million businesses and homes and are a great option if you’re looking for stores like IKEA

The article is about a company that is stylistically similar to IKEA but better in quality, gets delivered to your doorstep, has great accessories, and even less required assembly.

Why do people buy furniture from Article?

Their aesthetic is contemporary furniture design with mid-century designs as well. They offer clean lines in various fabrics, including luxurious and indulgent options like leather and velvet. 

Article delivers all furniture directly from them to the customer. They have cut out all the excessive charges and the inconvenience of having business middlemen resulting in rising furniture costs.

In doing so, they offer a higher quality of furniture at a cost far lower than expected at a retail furniture store.

They eliminate the need to visit showrooms as their designs are chic, clean, and original. In this way, Article also removes the process of having salespeople help you.

You can shop from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, there is a 30-day full refund return policy if you decide this is not for you.

There is a flat shipping fee of about $49 or $19 if the shipment is smaller, but the rate doesn’t go above $49, regardless of the size of your order. There are also affordable upgrade options for in-room delivery and even assembly options at the checkout.

You can get the furniture delivered to a specific room for $99; if you want it assembled, it is $169. No one who has opted for this has had any complaints. 

Starting price:- Sectionals begin from $1,198, and their sofas begin from $898.

Products:- Article offers furniture like beds, dressers, tables, chairs, and sofas. They even provide entire room designs. 

‍Delivery:- Articles ships most of their orders from the warehouses to the front door in about two weeks with the understanding the customers do not want to wait for months for the arrival of furniture. 

Shipping fees:– A flat rate of $49 is applied for all deliveries across America and Canada.

Pros of Article:-

  • The furniture is easy to assemble and affordable.
  • The article makes their furniture with the intent to last, and this is seen with the products used.
  • There is a flat rate for shipping with no extensions, regardless of the product size.
  • The process from order to delivery is easy and completely hassle-free.

Cons of Article:-

  • The fabric of their pieces can be stiff and require a month or two of breaking down for better comfort in usage.
  • There can be some piling or striations on leather and other fabrics.

6. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters began in the 1970s and is based in Pennsylvania, but ships across the country, and their items can be purchased internationally. 

They have over 200 stores in America, Europe, and Canada. This business began as a community center and a unique retail experience for college-aged creative customers.

Best Stores Like PacSun 1

They originally were a brand that did not sell furniture, but now they offer experiential retail environments at a reasonable price with a wide range of home products.

Their furniture and home goods categories have many stylish and trendy options. They focus on delivering this sort of modern furniture and decor elements across the globe. 

Buying from Urban Outfitters means you’re on the same page with recent trends. They are a mid-end store that has products of high quality and, as mentioned, reasonably priced too.

You can get products like coffee tables, chairs, beds, sofas, bath accessories, rugs, pillows, and other home goods, making it one of the few stores like IKEA. They also have a fair return policy for their products. 

Starting price:- Their decor items begin from being priced as low as $10, and the high-end sofas can be up to $1,600.

Products:- While they are also a clothing brand, they sell anything you need, from curtains to rugs, lighting, and furniture.

‍Delivery:- Most of their products take five to seven business days, while other furniture items take two to four weeks.

Shipping fees:- They charge a shipping fee of $4.95 for orders that come up to $49.99 but above $50; the orders are free from shipping charges. 

Pros of Urban Outfitters:-

  • They have fast delivery and great returns policies.
  • They have sustainable and eco-friendly products in a separate category by themselves.
  • Their stylish products focus on hipsters and millennials and what they would like.
  • Their products are priced reasonably and are of good quality. 

Cons of Urban Outfitters:-

  • As they are not the manufacturers, they do not offer customization on furniture.
  • There are also no options for choosing the delivery service, so they select it.
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7. AllModern

AllModern has a range of styles, from farmhouse to Scandinavian, with the furniture they offer. They realize that great furnishings and home decor should not be expensive but affordable.

They also aim to get products delivered quickly and easily with the best prices to the utmost convenience of the customer base. 

Best Stores Like IKEA 2

AllModern is dedicated to bringing their customers the best in modern design. They began in 2006 and consistently fulfilled their aim of making contemporary furniture accessible to everyone on all budgets.

Their comprehensive collection offers everything needed to remodel or refresh a room.

They also are passionate about finding and offering the newest trends in contemporary decor, serving as a stylistic guide for new enthusiasts and modern mavens. Their website is constantly updated with fresh furniture that can lead to new ideas and help your style evolve. 

AllModern can also boast great customer service and a range of products like bedding and bath accessories, rugs, outdoor decor, lighting, furniture, and more.

You will find anything you can think of at AllModern, making it a great option if you want stores like IKEA

Starting price: Bed frames begin from $978, and sofas begin from $1,500.

Products: AllModern has many items, including whatever you need for your bedrooms and bathrooms.

‍Delivery: AllModern takes about one to three weeks to deliver orders.

Shipping fees: Free delivery is offered when you spend over $35. 

Pros of AllModern:-

  • There are choices for all budgets with AllModern.
  • All modern furniture has a return policy of thirty days.
  • There is a provision for protection plans.
  • There is an availability of white glove delivery service.

Cons of AllModern:-

  • There are fees and restrictions for any returns.
  • There is no warranty offered on their furniture.

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8. Burrow

Many customers struggle with buying couches. They end up being either heavy and expensive or flimsy and cheap.

These couches also require multiple people to move, are challenging to put together and take apart, and it’s challenging to fit into a space that you may be moving into next.

This is where Burrow comes in ergonomically perfect couches and other furniture that is clever and comfortable for both the space in your house and your life.

Interestingly, one of Burrow’s founders had two herniated discs in his back while rowing in college. This led to their desire to make their furniture like this.

Every piece of Burrow’s furniture is handcrafted from hardwood that is not only sturdy but also sourced sustainably.

It also has non-toxic fabrics, is stain resistant as well as scratch-resistant. They have furniture that can last you many years after you buy it. 

Burrow has modular furniture, offering opportunities to customize the pieces from leg style to fabric color and even arm height for optimum comfort.

The modular aspect of the design also means that the furniture you buy from them can easily adapt to the environment it is placed in, even if you were to move homes or rearrange rooms. 

What’s more, making any change to the furniture is as easy as ordering another module. Their products also have clever features like USB chargers to make your life more convenient. Burrow is a great place to shop if you want to look at stores like IKEA. 

Products: This includes sofas, rugs, loveseats, chairs, pillows, throws, and shelves. 

Starting price: Their 3-seater sofas begin from $1,395, and their loveseats begin from $995.

Delivery: It can be said that Burrow offers a ‘sofa-in-a-box’ experience, and the furniture is modular, as mentioned. This means that it can be delivered in normal shipping boxes, and these boxes will fit through any door. 

Shipping fees: Burrow has free delivery on every one of their orders with no exceptions.  

Pros of Burrow:-

  • They have many different pieces of furniture, giving customers many options under one roof.
  • Burrow’s furniture is easy and simple to assemble once delivered.
  • The furniture pieces are very affordable.
  • The quality of their furniture is great.

Cons of Burrow:-

  • Shipping can sometimes take much longer than expected and could go beyond a month.
  • Certain categories have a limited number of choices. 


While IKEA is an excellent store, as mentioned, sometimes we may want something different a few alternatives to look at.

In this article, we covered eight stores like IKEA with their pros and cons, and you can also compare prices, delivery, shipping fees, and collections with the provided information.

This way, it is convenient for you to look at different options and their services and pick a store that best suits your needs.

Some of these brands offer services where they will assemble the furniture for you if you’d like, or you can choose to do that yourself.

Assembly is relatively easy with these pieces; you can get customized furniture exactly how you want it. We hope this article has helped you pick a great new store to shop for furniture and other items from!