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11 Best Stores Like Reformation – Fashion for a Better Future

When one needs to look good in the dress she wears, no brand out there is better than Reformation. Reformation has been the favorite brand among women since it was launched in 2009.

The brand’s designs and styles are not the only reason that got them famous in the market, but their initiative of being totally carbon neutral since 2015 made them one of the best brands out there that offer sustainable clothing in the market.

Despite this initiative, Reformation plans to be climate positive, which is damn good for the environment.

The brand offers whimsical prints, feminine rocks, and flattering denim that attract many customers. Reformation makes sustainability look cool by giving it a fashionable style.

They make clothes according to the needs of the customers. Their clothes are made with the most sustainable fabrics present on earth. 

But if customers want to switch from Reformation to another brand, there are plenty of options in the market. It doesn’t mean Reformation is not good enough, but sometimes people like trying something different.

This is when they can look after other stores like Reformation for some cool stuff.

Best Stores Like Reformation – Our Top Pick 👌👌


STAUD is a fashion brand for women based in California. It was founded by Sarah Staudinger and her partner George Augusto in 2015; since then, they have adopted a lot and expanded their business to new heights.

They aimed to provide clothes made with premium fabrics at an affordable price. To some extent, they aimed to change the market scenario by providing quality products at a minimal price.

They give a lot of thought to their designs to make them unique and attractive. This helps the brand to survive in the market.

Some of the brand features are as follows:-

  • They offer items from different categories, such as clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. 
  • They have a section for their new arrivals. This helps the customers to identify the present clothing trend.
  • They also have a sale section on the website for the clothes on sale.
  • They accept payments through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Klarna.
  • They offer free shipping for orders above $100.10 across the United States. If the customer wants a 2-day delivery, he/she has to pay $20 more—international shipping costs around $35.
  • They offer a 14-day return policy for all their products except those marked as Final Sale.
  • If a customer cannot find a STAUD store, then he/she can use the store locator feature available on the website to find the nearest store.

With its customer-friendly features, the brand has managed to hold a good position in the market. This helps STAUD to compete with stores like Reformation.

2. Sezane 

Sezne is a fashion brand from France. Morgane Sezalory founded it in the year 2013. Benda Bili handles the operations of this brand. The head office of Sezane is located in Paris, France.

The brand is online-oriented and earns 90% of its revenue from its online shopping website. The company was born when Morgane started selling some vintage clothes by giving them a touch of her designs.

Best Stores Like Reformation

The clothes were highly appreciated in the market, and people loved to wear them. There are no intermediaries in Sezane, so they can offer quality clothes at an accessible price.

Some of the features of Sezane clothing are as follows:-

  • The company has aim to release seasonal clothing four times in a single year. For each season, they will launch a new clothing line.
  • Every Wednesday, Sezane drops some news about their company. They inform about product restocks, new clothing lines, and their latest inspirations.
  • Over one-third of their products are made in Europe. They have decided based on certain factors such as the origin of raw materials, expertise, working conditions, and production capacities. 
  • They aim to promote sustainability and have achieved a lot on this path. Three-fourths of their materials and some of their clothing lines are 100% eco-friendly. This shows how much they care for society and the environment.
  • They ship products internationally also. Orders above $780 will be subject to additional fees by the Government.
  • They have a 15-day return policy for all their customers. The customer gets the refund within 7 to 10 working days after Sezane has received the return package.
  • They accept payments through Debit or Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover and Diners Club), PayPal, Gift Card, and Credit notes.

Sezane has achieved a lot because of its unique approach and gives good competition to stores like Reformation.

3. The Kooples

The kooples is a fashion retailer based in France. It was founded by Alexandre, Laurent, and Raphael Elicha in 2008. The company’s headquarters is situated in Paris, France.

According to a report in 2014, the company managed to open a total of 321 outlets across Europe. Now they have stores in different countries across the world. They have also launched their website where customers can do online shopping.

The Kooples is always focused on one thing, and that is to provide their customers with the best shopping experience.

They have always been consistent when it comes to the quality of clothes. This consistency helped them to earn the trust of the customers.

Let’s discuss some features of this company:-

  • They offer various products from different categories, such as clothing, shoes, bags, etc. They offer products for both men and women customers.
  • Recently the Kooples teamed up with French artist Clement Legrand to launch a collection of limited t-shirts for celebrating pride month and universal love.
  • The company always aims to develop something new and unique with its products to attract customers and satisfy their needs. The uniqueness of a company has always been a major factor for the company’s survival in the competitive market.
  • They manufacture handbags considering their clothing line so customers can get handbags matching their clothes. They launch new bags every season with a new clothing line.
  • The kooples have appointed dedicated teams in every store trained to help the customer in every way.

The company has come a long way since it was incorporated in 2008. They have achieved a lot of milestones all this year that make them capable of competing with stores like Reformation.

4. Ganni

Ganni is considered to be a Danish contemporary fashion brand based in Denmark. Frans Truelsen founded the company; he was a gallerist when he incorporated this company.

Ganni was founded in the year 2000; since then, the company has managed to achieve a lot of milestones, leaving a lot of brands behind. In the late 2010s, the brand became popular among people as a designer label.

In Conversation With: Priya Ahluwalia | GANNI

At that time, the company’s management was controlled by husband and wife duo Nicolaj Reffstrup and Ditte Reffstrup.

The husband-wife duo took control of the company in 2009, Ditte Reffstruo was appointed the creative director, and Nicolaj Reffstrup was appointed the CEO.

Some features of this company are as follows:-

  • The brand launched an initiative which was called Ganni Repeat in the year 2019. This was launched across Denmark. Under this initiative, customers are allowed to rent clothes for three weeks. In 2020, they launched this initiative in Europe and the United States.
  • Ganni is considered to be a luxury brand that offers clothes at affordable prices. Based on their prices, they sit between Zara and Dior.
  • The company has launchedGanni Talks, a podcast where Nicolaj and Ditte talk with people. This is an excellent way to promote the brand among customers.
  • They have planned to achieve 44 goals before the end of 2023.
  • The shipping charges vary depending on where the products will be shipped.
  • The company has a return policy for its customers.

Ganni, with its growth in recent years, has become a threat to other companies in the market. They are a good competitor for stores like Reformation.

It is good that some companies bring competition into the market, thus preventing monopoly.

5. Madewell

Madewell is an American company incorporated in 1937; since then, they have been manufacturing jeans. They haven’t changed their product line or added anything new.

what are you made of? / starring issa rae

Julian Kivowitz founded the company. J crew managed to purchase Madewell in the year 2006. The target customers for Madewell are all women between the ages of 18 and 40. The company has a flagship store situated in New York.

They also have 17 other stores across the United States. Till now, Madewell is one of the companies that offer the best denim clothes in the market, and they have also started offering other clothes that might look good with denim.

Some more features of this company are as follows:-

  • The company has hired some of the best designers who work day and night to develop good designs that will attract customers and satisfy their needs.
  • Madewell uses the latest stretch technology while manufacturing its jeans so that the jeans will be comfortable to wear.
  • They always try to give their jeans an old-school rigid look. This feature of the company helped them to increase their sales.
  • Madewell has always remained consistent in launching new products at regular intervals. They always launch new clothing lines every season. 
  • They have a feature on their website where customers can personalize their jeans.
  • They offer free delivery across the United States to customers who have subscribed to Madewell Insiders. For others, they charge a certain amount as a delivery charge for shipping their products. They are also offering international deliveries.
  • They have a return policy for their customers.

Being an old company, they have better goodwill than other brands in the market, so it is easy for Madewell to compete with stores like Reformation, Ganni, etc.

6. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a clothing apparel company which is based in America. It was founded in 2010; since then, they have contributed much towards sustainable clothing.

Their main aim is to save the environment by manufacturing clothes in an eco-friendly process and with raw materials that do not harm the environment.

They have 60 employees who work tirelessly to provide their customers with the best shopping experience, better than other companies in the market.

This will help the company to gain more customers shortly. They do business online and sell their products through their official website.

In today’s date, the internet is the best platform to reach a large number of target customers, which was not possible in the traditional way.

Some other features of this company are as follows:-

  • The textiles and blended fabrics manufactured by the company are soft and long-lasting. This is done keeping in mind the comfort of the customers.
  • They manufacture their products in limited quantities to maintain quality standards and avoid excess waste during manufacturing.
  • The company manufactures 97% of its products in California. These manufacturing centers are near the company’s Sans Francisco Office.
  • They directly deal with mills, so they manufacture soft and sustainable fabrics. This is a good initiative for saving the environment because 60% of the impact that garments have on the environment happens during the manufacturing of fabrics.
  • The company packs its products in recyclable materials. This is also considered an eco-friendly initiative.
  • They have a return policy of 30 days.
  • They have started International shipping also.

They are performing well in the market. Amour Vert is considered good competition for stores like Reformation, Ganni, etc.

7. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a fashion company operating in America and is based in Los Angeles. Christy Dawn founded it in 2018; since then, the company has achieved a lot of milestones in the market.

The main objective of Christy Dawn was to manufacture products in an eco-friendly way. The founder started the company to promote sustainable clothes in the market.

The manufacturing of sustainable clothes doesn’t cause much harm to the environment compared to the manufacturing process of other clothes. They sell their products online through the official website.

Their website also tries to promote awareness of the saving environment initiative.

Some more features of this company are as follows:-

  • Christy Dawn is committed to saving the environment. Every clothing apparel manufactured by them is considered to be eco-friendly. They try to convey a message to their customers that say to honor mother earth as it has given a lot, and now it’s time to pay back.
  • The company believes that sustainability is not enough to safeguard mother earth, so they plan to launch more initiatives to help save the environment. 
  • They have an initiative known as “Farm-to-closet,” under which they purchased land in India and used it for growing fabrics they needed for manufacturing. This initiative helped a lot of farmers who were unemployed.
  • Christy Dawn has a vast network that helps ship products worldwide. They also have a return policy for their customers.

Christy Dawn is trying to help society by safeguarding nature. Stores like Reformation are also on the same track.

8. Free People

Free People is an apparel and lifestyle retail company based in the United States. Duck Hayne founded it in 1984; since then, they have achieved much in the market. The company had its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The apparel of Free People is sold globally using direct channels. They have two official sites- the Free People Global site and the Free People UK site.

They also have specialty clothing boutiques and departmental stores in different locations across the United States and Canada.

FP Movement Presents | The Spring Collection

When Free People was launched in 1984, it mainly attracted young people to the market. The first boutique of Free People opened in Paramus, New Jersey, in 2002.

Some other features of this company are as follows:-

  • The company offers its target customers women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, intimates, and swimwear. They also have a beauty and wellness category; under this category, they sell skin and oral care products, cosmetics, supplements, books, and crystals.
  • The company has managed to open a total of 136 outlets across the United States and Canada. It also has a Wholesale Pop-up showroom in the United Kingdom; this is the only store situated beyond the borders of North America. They also sell their apparel in independent boutiques in Canada.
  • After partnering with Girls.Inc, the company, started a campaign that supports around 140,000 girls across the United States and Canada. The campaign motivates the girls to become innovative, confident, and strong.
  • They offer products between the price range of $4 and $2500.
  • They ship their products across the United States and Canada. They also have a return policy for their customers.

Free people is considered an old company; thus, it holds a good position in the market. They compete with stores like Reformation in the marketplace and prevent monopoly.

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9. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is considered to be a multinational lifestyle retail corporation based in the United States. The company had its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Richard Hayne founded the company Judy Wicks, Scott Belair in 1970. Since then, they have expanded their business and moved across the borders of the United States.

Best Stores like H&M

Urban Outfitters stores in countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Canada, and many more. The brand Urban Outfitters targets young people in the market.

All their apparel is designed keeping in mind the needs of young people because they are the target customers.

Some other features of this company are as follows:-

  • The company has offered different products from various categories, such as clothing, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, and housewares.
  • The company’s target customers are young people who have some interest in hipster subculture and alternative fashion.
  • They have opened their outlets in 248 different locations and have appointed a total of 24,000 employees. These employees are trained to be interactive to identify the customers’ needs and provide them with what they need.
  • They try to attract customers with unique clothes and engaging store designs. The company has a policy of not changing the original features of the store building as they want to preserve it to attract more customers.
  • They also launched a website for online shopping to make the shopping experience better for customers.
  • On today’s date, Urban Outfitters are shipping their products worldwide. They also have a return policy for their customers who are not satisfied with the product.

The company has achieved new heights in all these years of service. They have prioritized the customers’ needs above all, so they can compete with stores like Reformation.

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10. Mother Denim

Mother Denim is considered to be a fashion brand for denim based in America. Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding founded the company in the year 2010. They have their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

They are known for manufacturing soft-quality denim. The company is always determined to do things differently than others, which is one of the main reasons for the company’s success.

Every season they come with something new that attracts many customers. They have always consistently provided the best quality products to their customers and have never failed to satisfy their needs.

This is why the customers stay committed to the brand and don’t think of switching to other brands.

Some more features of this company are as follows:-

  • The company is famous for its irreverent disposition and soft fabric. The soft fabric provides comfort to the users of the apparel. This is why they always prefer Mother Denim apparel above other brands.
  • They have a section on their website named Designers. Here, the customers can learn about the company’s designers and how they develop new ideas every season.
  • They have always managed to provide quality products to their customers. In all these years, their quality never degraded. This is one of the reasons their customers do not switch brands.
  • They ship their products across the United States. They charge shipping charges for the delivery of some products. 
  • They have a return policy for customers unsatisfied with the product they got from the company. The customers can also give their reviews so the company can rectify their mistakes and offer better products next time.

The company is committed to providing denim in the market. As they are associated with one product category, it sometimes becomes difficult for them to compete with stores like Reformation.

11. LPA

LPA is a Los Angeles-based fashion brand founded by Pia Arrobio. Since its incorporation, the brand has achieved a lot of milestones in the fashion industry.

They have expanded their business and have captured a small share of the apparel market in the United States. They aim to expand more and become one of the best apparel brands in the United States and worldwide.

Some features of this company are:-

  • They provide products from different categories, such as sweaters, tops, skirts, etc. The apparels manufactured by LPA are of premium quality and cost slightly more.
  • They ship their products to every area across the United States. They also have a return policy for their customers, but it has some terms and conditions.
  • They always try to bring something new and unique to the market that will attract customers.

The clothing industry is growing every day. More brands are coming into the competition and are performing well, also. Customer satisfaction is the key factor that can help a company survive in the market.

Reformation has always focused on this factor since its incorporation, which is why they are still one of the top brands in the market, and it is hard to compete with them unless you are a big name in the market.

It is hard to capture the legacy that stores like Reformation have built in all these years of service. Although, some new brands are gradually becoming capable of beating Reformation in some areas of the apparel market.