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11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards

Various creative sectors like filmmakers, animators, creative directors, game designers, UX designers, etc. trust storyboarding for various creative processes.

However, if you opt for handwriting as an option for every frame or shot can not only be time taking but can be very hectic as well. The good news is, that there are various storyboarding apps and software to make things a lot easier and more efficient.

With these apps, you can easily add script, text, and sound to your original sketches with the help of some extraordinary tools. 

And, the utility of storyboarding concept is not limited to the film industry anymore! You can surely enjoy trying this advanced concept even if you are an animator, social media enthusiast, teacher, or even a businessman!

It doesn’t matter what’s your purpose for using a storyboarding tool, you can easily find a couple of them! Here are the 11 best storyboarding tools that are designed to smoothen your creative processes, and that too, by minimizing errors to some decent extent. 

Best Storyboarding Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Storyboard Artist Mock Tests for Best Results

If you are aware of the concept of storyboarding, you know the importance of turning a concept into a visual world. You have to use you’re his skills in the entire drawing process to depict average scenes into some of the best examples of artistry.

You understand that as a storyboard artist, you have to work with directors, producers, and film crew throughout your journey. It is imperative to ensure you are good enough at editing and removing unnecessary scenes asked for the demand.  

“Storyboard Artist Mock Tests for Best Results” is an app keeping all the requirements offer to beginner storyboard artists! It can be highly efficacious for you if you are trying to enhance your skills as a storyboard artist.

Best Storyboarding Apps

The best part about the app is, that it is available across various devices, and helps you improve your skills with innovative ideas and the latest techniques. The app features dozens of mock tests already taken by more than 5000 students! 

With a very simple and clean user interface, you can effortlessly save 40% of your learning time, without compromising overall quality and productivity.

The app also offers a wide range of relevant current affairs, detailed analysis, as well as in-depth performance reports to keep you well ahead in your journey to become a successful storyboard artist.

In short, it is undeniably one of the most preferred storyboarding apps for those who are taking baby steps in the entertainment industry as storyboarding artists. 

Features of Storyboard Artist Mock Tests for Best Results:-

  • Best quality mock tests available at your fingertips 
  • Smooth and clean interface without any glitches 
  • Minute performance analysis to keep you on the move 
  • Allows you to practice storyboarding in multiple languages 
  • Keeps you exam-focused with daily quizzes 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 5.0 / 5 | 500+ Downloads 

2. Storyboard Fast – Previs Pro

As we all know how important it is to previsualize and storyboard your scenes and shots before you finally roll your camera!

Whether you are a cinematographer, video creator, screenwriter, filmmaker, or even a director, you can use the storyboard fast app to easily build your storyboards simply with the help of easy taps, gestures, and swipes that you are already comfortable with!  

Best Storyboarding Apps 1

With the app, you can beautifully previsualize all your shots in the scene, and can successfully make some of the most outstanding scripts. You can also experiment with different types of shots with the app.

Simply move your camera around the 3D setup, and find the most suitable shot! Tilt-up, pan left, or zoom in and zoom out, and check out all your shots in real-time. If you are dealing with your production, and a shot is somehow not working, all you have to do is to pull out your smartphone, and design a short that really works!  

In addition, you can easily share your new shot with your entire crew and cast right from the app. With the help of the A/R feature, you can also try placing your characters and props into a real-world location with some exquisite backgrounds!

In short, a complete storyboarding app specially designed for iOS users! 

Previs Pro - Quick Start - Storyboard Fast for iPhone and iPad

Features of Storyboard Fast:-

  • Helps you build storyboards with simple gestures 
  • Allows you to previsualize every shot in your script 
  • An excellent way of experimenting with 2D and 3D views 
  • Makes it easier for you to storyboard anywhere and anytime 
  • Final draft script to import all your characters and scenes 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 

3. Boords Storyboard Creator

Boords (Visit Here) is one of the premier storyboarding platforms, especially if you have the access to a laptop or computer. The website helps you organize your visual ideas, and makes it more than possible to bring the best out of you!

The cloud-based software isn’t only about creating a storyboard in quick time, but also enables you to collaborate with your clients with the help of dear valuable feedback.  

Starting with Boords Storyboard Creator is as simple as you can think! All you have to do is to add images to already available storyboard cards, add quick notes, and continue describing each step of your creative project!

11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards

With the software, you can seamlessly customize camera details, lighting, sound, and action without any difficulty whatsoever. You don’t even require a learning curve to get the best out of this extraordinary software.  

If you are working on a project with your team, you can seamlessly collaborate with the help of secure online sharing and frame specific comments provided by the software.

You don’t even have to worry about losing the feedback, as the website automatically keeps a track of them for you! 

Features of Boords Storyboard Creator:-

  • Designed exclusively for modern video teams 
  • Helps you bring your ideas to the storyboard in seconds 
  • Secure, frame-specific, and online sharing comments 
  • Automatic updates for frame and version numbers 
  • A wide range of storyboard templates are available 

Availability – Web  

4. Mooltik – Best Storyboarding app for android

Mooltik is one of the most promising storyboarding apps for Android and is more than just suitable for beginners and early learners. You can think of it as a powerful combination of drawing and video editor apps.

11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards

It is more than just suitable for movie animatics, music video storyboards, and even different types of short cartoon clips. You will find learning storyboarding easy and at the same time full of fun with the app!  

The app helps you bring your imagination to reality with the help of some easy-to-use, but powerful drawing tools. You can also time the duration of each frame and scene with some extraordinary precision!

Thanks to the loop animation feature, you can check out your recorded animations seamlessly in loops. Layers provided by the app act as independent timelines, and you can even animate them separately from the main action!  

How about importing your favorite music to your recorded scenes? You can do that without much fuss with the app as well.

Annotating all your scenes with different descriptions or dialogues also becomes super easy with Mooltik! And, guess what? You can also export all your animatics as MP4 videos!  

Mooltik - Storyboard Animatic App Promo Video (work of CaptainBalisto)

Features of Mooltik:-

  • A wide range of simple drawing tools for beginners 
  • Allows you to precisely record the duration of each frame and scene 
  • Loop animations to check out your work in continuous loops 
  • An excellent way of importing your music to use in videos 
  • Powerful timeline for animating objects independently 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads 

5. MakeStoryboard 

Here is another powerful platform that makes storyboarding highly efficient, super easy, and full of fun! MakeStoryboard is one of the most effective tools for quick storyboarding without compromising the overall quality.

In addition to importing various camera shots, it also allows you to draw stick figures according to your preferences with the help of multiple built-in drawing tools and other useful items.

11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards
Simple and intuitive UI

You can also add the relevant text to your scenes to beautifully showcase the detailing. The software also offers an extraordinary control to manage, add, as well as a comment while you work on your storyboard. 

In addition, the tool also helps you with additional text fields to perfectly suit different types of storyboarding projects. And, you can save your project in PDF format, and can even print them to share with your colleagues and clients!

What else? If you want to create storyboards only for confidential online access, you can easily create as well as share the private link with all your stakeholders.

When you create notes for confidential purposes, the software ensures they are automatically encrypted in transit to ensure advanced security. 

Features of MakeStoryboard:-

  • A fast, secure, and simple way to visualize your ideas 
  • Helps you create impressive professional storyboards online 
  • Allows you to add sketches and images with descriptions for effective communication 
  • Makes it easier for you to invite your team members to work together 
  • Gives you complete control over all your storyboarding projects 

Availability – Web  

6. Procreate 

Procreate is one of those advanced storyboarding apps that are loved by both aspiring artists as well as creative professionals. The app offers an extraordinary suite of innovative artistic tools, hundreds of handmade brushes, an advanced layer system, as well as the lightning-fast Valkyrie graphics engine.

In short, procreate app has everything you’re required to create beautiful animations, gorgeous paintings, rich illustrations, and professional sketches.  

11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards

Whether you want to work on the beach, on the train, on the couch, or even while waiting for your coffee at a restaurant, you can simply rely on the app to get the job done!

It is a complete professional art studio you can take with you wherever you go. The app is full of powerful features like a beautifully intuitive interface designed for apple and iPad pencils.  

In addition, you get a wide range of ultra-high-definition canvases, responsive and smooth smudge sampling, revolutionary quick shape features for shaping your projects, 3D painting, animated export, lighting studio, and much more!

You can even use an external keyboard to use various shortcuts provided by the app. And, you also don’t have to worry about your work in progress, as the app automatically saves everything with continuous auto-save! 

Features of Procreate:- 

  • A wide range of ultra-high-definition canvases 
  • Revolutionary QuickShape feature to effectively visualize your work 
  • Responsive and smooth smudge sampling 
  • An attractive, easy, and intuitive user interface 
  • Continuous automatic saving to save your incomplete work 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.5 / 5 

Storyboarding in Procreate

7. Storyboarder  

If you are not interested in investing your time sketching for your storyboard, or you are not are trying expert, Storyboarder is here to make things fairly straightforward for you!

It can be more than just a suitable option for you, even if you are running on a low budget. The open-source platform is available free of cost to try its limited features and can be more than just enough for you to get an idea of the storyboarding concept.

11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards
Fast and Simple

However, if you want more from the software, you have to spend a minimal amount to get the premium version with some extraordinary features and a beautiful and simple user interface without unnecessary clutter. 

With the platform, you get all the necessary tools for drawing impressive characters for your story. Storyboarder also enables you to enter timing data, shot type, as well as dialogues to seamlessly visualize all the scenes!

Guess what? The app also makes it a lot easier for you to convert your storyboard into a shareable PDF or GIF file. Alternatively, you always have the option of exporting storyboards to other popular creative tools like Premiere and Final Cut.  

As the platform is completely integrated with Photoshop, you can also check out and edit your visuals with the official Photoshop app.

Lastly, if you are overthinking about your editing and changes, you don’t have to, as the software automatically syncs everything for future reference. 

Features of Storyboarder:-

  • One of the most affordable paid storyboarding software 
  • Offers a wide range of creative tools 
  • Allows you to convert your storyboard into a PDF or GIF file 
  • Seamlessly exports your work to Premiere and Final Cut  
  • Seamlessly integrated with Photoshop 

Availability – Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

8. Penultimate  

Penultimate is one of the leading digital handwriting and storyboarding apps. The app combines distraction-free, natural sketching and handwriting with the power of sync and search by Evernote.

Whether you want to take notes of your storyboarding sessions, outline your next major idea, journal your thoughts, or do whatever you want to do, you can do it all with extraordinary ease with the app. And, you can do everything while sitting in your office or even on the go!  

From the first go, Penultimate makes the entire process of pen and paper more productive and effective. Drawings and notes in the app look spectacular in colored ink or black.

And, with revolutionary inking technology, you get natural note-making that looks stunning from every aspect. The app is featured with Wrist Protection technology which effectively prevents stray marks despite your writing style and grip.  

You can also select from a wide range of paper styles, and can even import or create your own, personalized paper. Penultimate makes it very simple for you to work on any part of the page without any trouble.

Working With Evernote | Ep 22 | Using Penultimate

If you want to zoom in or zoom out a part of the page, simply pinch in, and there you go! Overall, a powerful storyboarding app packed with some highly useful features. 

Features of Penultimate:-

  • Revolutionizes the concept of handwriting on a screen  
  • An extraordinary combination of software and stylus 
  • Powerful inking technology to make handwriting look natural 
  • A wide range of paper styles with customization is available 
  • Perfectly integrated with Evernote 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.0 / 5  

9. Plot  

The Plot offers one of the easiest ways to create high-quality and attractive storyboards, especially for videos. With this software, you can seamlessly write your scripts, add visuals according to your preferences, and collaborate with your team – all in seconds!

Being mobile-ready, the storyboard creator is as flexible as you can think, and helps you review and add comments even on the go!  

Best Storyboarding Apps 6

It can be proved game changer for your entire storyboarding efforts. The software saves a lot of time, is surprisingly easy to use, and allows you to focus only on the work at hand.

Using the software, you can easily develop powerful scripts and outlines right from the initial outlines to complete and final shortlists. And, you always get the option of collaborating with multiple contractors and coworkers throughout your entire process of storyboarding.  

You can use this extraordinary software for 14 days free of cost, and can go for the paid version only if you like it! If you want to add relevant images to your projects, you can do it directly from the software, as it lets you fetch high-quality images from almost all sources to instantly create attractive visual outlines.

What more? The app also enables you to add or delete any scene without even moving the text. 

Features of Plot:-

  • Allows you to launch videos three times faster than traditional static templates 
  • An excellent way of experimenting with your video ideas 
  • Enables you to share your storyboards for instant feedback 
  • Helps you save money by avoiding costly mistakes 
  • A wide range of editing and reviewing options are available 

Availability – Windows

10. Cardboard – Free storyboard app for android

Irrespective of the category, it’s really hard to keep an application out of the list if it is directly provided by Google itself! The Cardboard app completely revolutionizes the entire concept of virtual reality right on your smartphone.

It helps you launch your favorite virtual reality experiences, seamlessly set up a viewer, and also discover new applications!

With the app, you can effortlessly take your storyboarding and visualizing experience to an altogether different level. The app is featured with a decent set of demos through which you can do a lot of different things. 

11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards

Add the app is easily integrated with Google Earth, you are allowed to fly wherever you are fancy takes you! With a tour guide, you can also visit Versailles you have a completely unique experience.

If you want to try out your videos on a massive screen, you can do it with the help of the “My Videos” section in the app. And, to make things even more interesting, you can also check out the photo fierce you have already captured.

Fly alongside Arctic terns, create your own beautiful flower garden, feel relaxed under the Northern Lights, and do more! 

Features of Cardboard:-

  • Google Earth integration to give your fantasies a sense of reality 
  • A local tour guide to visit Versailles  
  • My video section to help you watch your videos on a massive screen 
  • Helps you to examine your cultural artifacts from all angles 
  • Check out your photo spheres from every aspect 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.7 / 5 | 10,000,000+ Downloads 

11. StudioBinder 

StudioBinder is the last, but without any doubt, not the least on my storyboarding apps list of the best storyboarding apps! With the app, you can produce your content better, smarter, and together!

The software provides a wide range of customizable solutions for professional photo and video producers to effectively manage all their productions in one place. If you are into creativity and looking for intuitive and simple software, you should give StudioBinder a try for sure!  

11 Best Storyboarding Apps To Create Storyboards

The extraordinary storyboarding platform boasts of its robustness and ease of use. All you have to do is to upload an image of your choice, and you are more than ready to kick start your dream storyboarding project, that too, without any hassle! Professional collaborative video production teams are going to find this platform particularly effective as well as beneficial.  

As a professional, you can easily customize every visualization aspect like layouts, column filters, order of the scenes, aspect ratios, image upload, shortlist details, and more with StudioBinder!

In addition, you can also opt for a presentation to effortlessly display the full-screen slideshow preview to your creative team. And, with powerful project management tools, your team members are also allowed to assign tasks and add comments for others! 

StudioBinder | Free Production Calendar Software

Features of StudioBinder:-

  • A complete range of customizable solutions for photo and video production 
  • Makes managing production easier and straightforward 
  • Allows you to create ad share personalized call sheets 
  • Script breakdowns to import scripts and tag different elements 
  • Drag and drop interface to faultlessly plan shooting schedules 

Availability – Windows

Explore our guide on applications like canva.

📗FAQ on Storyboarding apps

What is the best app to make a storyboard?

Storyboard Artist Mock Tests for Best Results, Storyboard Fast – Previs Pro, Boords Storyboard Creator, Mooltik, and MakeStoryBoard, etc. are among the best apps to make amazing storyboards with at most ease, using a wide range of editing and storyboarding tools. 

How do you create a storyboard on iPhone? 

You can use various storyboard applications like Storyboard Fast, Procreate, Penultimate, etc. to easily create storyboards on iPhone.  

What is the Storyboarder app? 

Storyboarder is one of the leading apps designed to easily create a wide range of storyboards. You can use the app to visualize in detail before finally creating the storyboards of your choice.

Creating and showing animatics is super easy and full of fun on the app. You don’t even have to make a video to express your story or idea.  

What program do storyboard artists use? 

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used storyboard programs used by professional artists.  

How do I make a digital storyboard? 

Canva is a wonderful platform to make the best digital storyboards. All you have to do is to open the software, hit the search bar with “Storyboards”, and get started. Select from a wide range of storyboard templates based on your preferred theme.

Narrow down your search by adding the keywords that suit your requirements. Check out a wide range of customization options, and customize the way you want. And, of course, you always have the option of publishing and sharing your storyboards. 

How can I create my own story? 

Determining your setting properly is the first and most important step. Next, you have to make memorable characters to keep your readers engaged. Understand the different types of conflicts you want to add to your story.

Give as many twists as possible to keep things highly interesting. Try recreating natural dialogues, and articulate narration through your unique point of view. 

How do you make a storyboard if you can’t draw? 

Digital storyboard applications like Canva, Plot, Penultimate, Storyboarder, Procreate, etc. are some of the best alternatives if you are unable to draw due to any reason.

These applications are not only amazing for creating a wide range of history boards, but also make the entire process super easy, quick, and more importantly affordable. 

Can I use “Storyboard That” for free? 

You can use “Storyboard That” only with simple functionalities for free. However, if you want to enjoy all the other amazing features, you will have to opt for the pro version. 

Can storyboards be copyrighted? 

Yes, various paid storyboarding applications and software offer you the option of adding copyrights to your storyboards, especially if they are completely unique and free from plagiarism. 

How much does a storyboard cost? 

It depends on what application or software you are using for storyboarding. On average, storyboard application like “Storyboard That” costs $14.99/month.  

How do you create a storyboard in PowerPoint? 

You can easily open PowerPoint storyboarding right from the start menu. Create a new slide with the layout of your preferences. Check out various storyboard shapes and drag and drop them, and edit the way you want. You are more than just ready to go!  

(Q) How do I create a storyboard in Canva? 

Canva offers a wide range of templates, including storyboards, and makes it super easy for you to make storyboards including marketing business presentations. You can also use this wonderful application to collaborate with your colleagues or clients, and invite them to work together on your storyboards. 

Design Storyboard Activities | Canva for Education

Storyboarding is a fun and surprisingly effective way of managing different aspects of production. And, it should remain the same, and should definitely not be a complicated process.

That’s what these high-quality and professional-level storyboarding apps ensure! You can try a few of these, add take your storyboarding experience to an altogether different level.  

Whether you are an iOS user, an Android owner, or you prefer working on your system, I have helped you with more than just a couple of options! I would suggest you try at least a few of these to find out which one suits the best according to your storyboarding requirements!