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Strategies in Using Metal Business Cards


Business cards have been around for a very long time.

A staple of the modern business world, they are a great way for introductions in one’s professional lives. In many ways, they’ve come to symbolize the business etiquette of business life.

A way to let the other person know more about oneself or one’s company, business cards have come a long way.

Today, you could say that business cards have become something of a necessity for those intending to make it big in this field.

Of the many types and styles of cards that come around, one of the most important would be those that are made out of metal. Elegant and yet rare, they’re a great way to make a good first impression and stand out from the rest. If you want to know more about metal business cards, you can browse the website.

When it comes to visiting cards, it can be said that some of the most iconic ones around, are those made out of metal.

A symbol of uniqueness, value and indeed, even market positioning, metal cards have become something akin to precious metals, in the world of business.

As much as they may have this otherworldly aura around them, it should be known that they must be used in the right manner. In other words, not everyone needs to be given a metal card, for that’s not really a functional way of using them in your daily life.

There is much that can be said about this.

Some of the best strategies on using metal business cards are given in the points below.

  1. Keep non-metal cards with you as well

This is the most important thing to keep in mind, when managing your metal business cards.

It is a known fact that the cards are generally expensive in comparison to those made from paper or plastic. It is therefore not really a good idea to issue them to everyone you meet.

This is why one must get, in addition to the metal cards that you’ve acquired, the traditional ones as well.

The rationale behind this is simple. You give those that really mean something to you or your business a metallic card, while everyone else can be given the traditional one.

  1. Figure out if the person is worth giving a metal business card

This is an extension of the previous point.

As already mentioned, not everyone deserves a metallic card. It is not so much a way to judge them, but rather making sound financial decisions.

For example, the average person you meet on the street may not be someone whom you are interested in handing out a metallic card; in such cases, a traditional paper one will do. But in the context of an actual business meeting, it would be a good idea to go for a card that is made from metal.

In simple words, context matters more than anything else. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the context and then issue the cards. It not only helps to maintain a good impression, but also work out to ensure steady finances.

  1. A consumer is not always a customer

In the world of business, it a general rule that not everyone who prospects in your goods or services, are interested in them.

The reality is that a good portion of them really aren’t interested. And even if they are interested, it is very likely that they will take their own time.

In such situations, it would be a wise decision to judge in whether to issue a metallic card or a traditional one. There is much that can be said here, but here is a rule that could be of use; towards the beginning of the sale, one can be issued a traditional card, while those towards the end or finalization of the sale can be issued a metal one.

  1. Give your established clientele first

If there is one set of people who deserve to be given your signature metal cards, it would be your existing clientele.

They are the people or parties that have been a part of your success journey for a very long time. This would make them ‘deserve’ a place in the list of people who are to be issued that shiny new metal card you’ve attained.

You could take this idea a bit further by stating that the people who deserve the cards are those whom you’ve been doing repeated business with and perhaps still are, compared to someone whom you made one or two sales a long time ago. Once again, context matters.

  1. Be creative with your designs

If there is one thing that people are repulsed by, it is monotony.

Anything that people come into contact with over an extended period of time will immediately lose the attention of the individual.

While metallic cards certainly have a ‘threshold’ in its ability to maintain the attention of the viewers, despite having similar designs as traditional cards, there is a limit to this threshold as well.

It is for this reason that you need to be creative with your metallic card designs. What this means is that you may want to change your approach from the typical rectangular styles, and move on to interesting shapes, fonts, styles, cuts, engraving styles, etc. Anything that seems unlikely and unusual makes for a great visiting card.

  1. Avoid overly painted metal cards

There is a reason why people use metal cards.

In addition to the fact that they are durable, it is a known fact that the metallic textures and colors have a way of eliciting the attention and curiosity of the other person.

And that’s what this point is all about. One of the main reasons why metal cards are used is because of their earthy metallic colors that add to their charm.

This is where things start to take a different turn. While it is a given that there will be the usage of paints to a certain degree or another, there has to be a limit to the amount of paint that is used.

There is no point in using metallic cards that are painted so heavily, that the card’s metallic uniqueness is lost entirely under a layer of paint. In this regard, it must be understood that the best use for paints is what can be described as ‘minimalistic’ in nature.

To sum it up, the use of visiting cards, metal or otherwise, is a standard that won’t be going away anytime soon.

And when it comes to cards made out of metal, it can be said that as fantastic as they may be, they are to be used in a clever manner, rather than giving them about like candy.

Also, the points mentioned above are some, but certainly not all of the ways in which they can be put to good use in an efficient manner.

It’s to be remembered that they are valued because they are rare, and it is only in treating them in such a manner that this aura will remain what it is.


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