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11 Best Strava Alternatives For Runners and Cyclists

Technology has made life better with more and more apps.  Additionally, the latest technology has given the extra edge over mundane activities. So simple actions such as cycling, jogging, etc., now seem more exciting.

Take the case of the app Strava. It makes cycling, running, and riding an exciting and challenging affair by having GPS, tracking the rides, and other challenges.

Strava app can be credited with the fact that it has revolutionized cyclists’ communication with each other and helped them compare their efforts with others in the field. 

It allows you to share activities and follow friends. The best is that the Strava app is free, and there are no charges for recording and sharing the activities.

If you do not want your workouts to be seen by others, you can lock your account. Otherwise, the activities are visible to all who have internet connections and even appear on Google Searches. 

If you are a long-time user of this app, some of these features may sound boring after prolonged use. So, if you are looking for Strava alternatives, continue reading this article.

Please do not be overwhelmed by so many apps. Each app discussed below has special and unique features, which set them apart from the rest and make them the best Strava alternatives.

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Best Strava Alternatives For Tracking Your Fitness Activities

1. Map My Ride

Coming first in the list of the best Strava Alternatives, Map My Ride is the best free app for sharing the biking route and other activities with your connections. 

It is owned by Under Armor and is very popular among cyclists because it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

There are free and paid versions available.  However, many are completely satisfied with the free version. The free version has a personal goal-tracking system, lifetime stats, and unlimited mapped routes. 

Best Strava Alternatives

The paid version comes with cadence analysis, live tracking, a printing map, etc.   It comes with many features and, of course, without ads, which are in the free version.


  • Basic Personal Goal tracking system
  • Goal Tracking
  • Unlimited Mapped routes
  • Lifetime Statistics
  • Audio feedback on calories burnt, pace maintained
  • Easy connectivity with other apps such as MyFitnessPal and heart rate monitor


  • Has a more professional approach to Nutrition
  • Clean and modern design
  • Synchronizes with other devices, such as the Fitbit tracker
  • Inputting and exporting data are straightforward and simplified
  • Files can be input in formats such as. TCX (Garmin-specific files) and.JPX files


  • The Free version has ads, and no live tracking feature is available for the free version.

It is good to start with the free version first. However, the only drawback is the presence of ads. Overall, the app is good.

It easily allows for browsing between speed and elevation information, and a map’s graphic representation of the route is conveniently presented.

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2. CYCLEMETER – Strava alternatives for cycling

Cyclemeter is the free and best alternative to Strava as it comes with a calendar to plan personal workout training.

Like the Strava app, the Cyclemeter shows the completed route without the mile markers and gives an overview of the speed traveled.

Best Strava Alternatives 1

Created by Abvio, its makers claim it to be the most advanced cycle app. It also helps to schedule the rides before you leave.

The Cyclemeter app is suggested for motivation as it gives regular comments to motivate and encourage them to work out more.

There is no need to log in every time. It’s an easy-to-use app especially suitable for beginners and is best suited for iPhones.

It collects a wealth of data and is very accurate.  Being well thought out, it instantly appeals to fitness enthusiasts. 


  • Has trail maps, splits, intervals, and charts for rides
  • It supports skiing, running, skating, walking, etc.
  • Configurable interval training to guide the user through workout sessions
  • Stop detection features to keep only the time spent moving
  • Workouts saved on iOS Health
  • Can schedule rides and has a calendar for a personal workout plan
  • Detailed personal stats graph and announcements
  • Easy connectivity with other social media apps


  • The app turns the phone into a powerful fitness computer with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, announcements, training plans, and more.
  • The workout data is secure and private.
  • Connects with heart rate monitors, speed sensors, bike cadence sensors, and power meters
  • Syncs all your devices using iCloud. Supports iPad for recording and analysis
  • Innovative technology
  • Free live tracking and messaging


  •  Some features need time to understand and utilize their total efficiency

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3. CycleStreets

CycleStreets App can be best compared to the GPS as it details where to go, where to turn, and so on.  It has a live tracking system. 

You can plan routes anywhere in the UK by choosing routing modes.

The app is convenient for cyclists, from beginners to regular commuters to enthusiasts. So, it is one of the best Strava alternatives if you want to find a quiet route and some safe ways to go.

Best Strava Alternatives 2

The CycleStreets app is designed by cyclists for cyclists and caters to all types of cycling enthusiasts. It was created by Simon Nutall and Martin Lucas Smith, who are regular bicycle users.


  • Easy route planning for personal journeys
  • A live tracking system tracks the trip and tells you where you should go.
  • Simple to use when compared with other similar apps


  • With an iPhone, the CycleStreets app seems like a bargain
  • Its ad-free
  • The app can plan routes for different cyclists and helps prioritize speed, the fitness of roads, etc.
  • Great integration, as it takes only a few seconds to add pictures to the map.


  • Not many features to use, and a lack of sophistication
  • Battery life is not good enough for long trips.

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4. Training Peaks

As the name suggests, as one of the best Strava Alternatives or even better than the Strava app, the TrainingPeaks app helps set a goal and finish it. 

By tracking the gradual progress to planning the training, this app helps to reach the goal. Hence it can be compared to a coach. In addition, it has many tools for a workout.

Best Strava Alternatives 3

Regarding analysis capabilities, Training Peaks is the winner, hands down. This app, too, comes in free and paid versions. 

The paid version has a single workout analysis and longer-term reviews and planning. 

So, if you want to build a long-term goal spread over several months or progress your training year after year, then the TrainingPeaks app is best suited for you. 

It has a systematic and structured way by which its features can be fully used effectively.


  • Comprehensive training tools with coach-like features
  • Goal-oriented with workout plans
  • Has training diary-type features for recording data, tracking the progress, and analyzing it


  • Maintains a good record of your data which helps have a continuous record for training
  • Synchronization with other robust analysis tools such as WKO5 and Golden Cheetah
  • Provides robust analysis of both workouts and a long-term training period in the dashboard section


  • No social media connectivity
  • Expensive when compared with similar apps

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5. Runkeeper – Strava alternative for walking

The Runkeeper is yet another Strava alternatives for those who prefer working indoors.  It is suitable for running as it has audio updates for time, distance, pace maintained, and calories burnt. 

11 Best Strava Alternatives For Runners and Cyclists

There is a stopwatch provided to track the treadmill time.  Its popularity can be gauged from having received 4.8 /5 stars in the App store.

ZDNet praised the Runkeeper as the best Apple Watch running app.  The best part is that this app connects with Google Maps as well. The Runkeeper app is better than the Strava App as it has flexible running logs to add runs manually.

While Run Keeper is free, the paid version of Runkeeper Go has personalized coaching plans based on your goals, schedule, and running ability. The Runkeeper Go provides in-depth stats and insights to track the progress.


  • Easy to use with manual addition of runs facility
  • Tracks pace, time, and distance with calories burnt
  • Easy connectivity with Google Maps


  • User-friendly to all, whether you’re a beginner or a regular runner
  • It tracks running, walking, biking, hiking, and another type of exercises
  • Features include setting goals like increasing pace and losing weight.
  • In-app challenges, virtual groups, and exercise awards provide the needed motivation.
  • It easily integrates with Apple Music and Spotify and vocalizes various stats while on the go.


  • Since it is not as famous as Strava, the Runkeeper community is tiny

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6. Komoot: Your route to adventure

The Komoot app has an edge over other alternatives to the Strava app in that it offers details about elevation trails and road types.

The purpose is different. It is to assist those who go off-grid or offline. It is ideally suited for those who prefer the outdoors and remote locations.

Say Hello To Your Next Adventure

It has complete data so users can plan their trips per terrain conditions, such as hiking terrain. The best part is that a new route location can be entered into Komoot’s system for others to use. 

The road cycling routing sticks to bigger roads. There’s a routine for those interested in walking as well.


  • Complete terrain data and map new routes
  • Excellent for offline use and outdoor suitability
  • It gives a breakdown of different surfaces around the route
  • Powerful routing engine with good turn-by-turn navigation


  • Both a desktop and mobile app
  • It offers a lot of curated content and a more sophisticated routing engine
  • Offline mapping and navigation
  • Voice guidance


  • The free version has only one region provision
  • Not suitable for community sharing
  • Curated content hard to navigate

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7. Garmin Connect 

Garmin Connect app is a pure app that sticks to its ideals and purpose: being a sporty app. Unlike the Strava app, which has slowly become a social networking app, the Garmin Connect app is specially designed for experienced cyclists. 

Best Strava Alternatives 5

It has a trainer-approved package for weekly, monthly, and yearly terms.  Same time, it is also compatible with social networks, wherein your results can be compared with others on the leaderboard.


  • It is suitable for veteran cyclists and has trainer-approved exercise plans for weekly, monthly, and yearly workouts.
  • Annual statistics and activity tracking feature
  • Connects with other similar apps such as MyFitnessPal and Strava
  • Active leader board for comparing results


  • Real-time tracking of your physical activities
  • Compatible with all Garmin wearable devices
  • Automatically captures distance statistics, elevations, laps, steps, and specific routes.


  • The battery drains out very fast due to GPS

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8. RideWithGPS – Bike Route Planning and Navigation

The unique feature of the RideWithGPS app is that it comes with different modes. One mode is mapping the route, and another is searching for a specific area by distance and elevation. 

The map can be loaded onto various devices before your cycling trip.  It is also browser-based, so it is compatible with smartphones.

11 Best Strava Alternatives For Runners and Cyclists

However, because of its web-based nature, navigation may seem a hassle.  The upside is that it has a fitness tracking feature with details showing calories burnt, heart rate, etc., making it one of the popular apps for cyclists.

In short, it offers excellent solutions. The free version comes with weekly and monthly schedules, gear functionality, and durability.

The basic version of this app is more than enough for cyclists as a regime can be maintained for the activity center.  It offers exciting gear functionality and phone support if needed.  

You can also keep track of miles done with different types of bikes to assess their durability. The paid version has more fitness tools and attractive features like other apps, such as hydration levels and body fat tracking.

The paid version offers the ability to track split time. The paid version is recommended if you prefer to focus on interval training.

The physical shape can be improved by monitoring body fat, weight, and hydration levels with extra fitness functionalities. Notably, the paid version allows full access to future improvisations released now and then.


  • Fitness support
  • Tracks gear durability and search function to find routes
  • Entering personal details, such as the number of calories required to burn, etc., can be added. This feature is handy for those using cycling to lose weight.
  • Connectivity to Garmin GPS
  • Works in browsers and the app. Synchronizes with Garmin GPS devices


  • Offers the best solution for customization options
  • Routes can be saved in files such as.TCX and.GPX
  • Additional information such as gear info, type of bike, and photos of the route and gear can be added to the routes.
  • Fitness options such as adding various heart rate zones to estimate the effort required can be added.
  • It comes with phone support and works with a search function to find routes.


  • Offline routes are limited, and navigation is complicated
  • Users have reported some functional problems
  • No, undo function if some routes are deleted accidentally

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Do not be put off by the name. It is just the opposite. Unlike other Strava alternatives, Zombies, Run!  is a lighthearted app to motivate you to run.

The motivation is provided through various missions, which must be completed each time you run. 

All-New Zombies, Run! Trailer

This app is heavy on the audio element, so it works best with headphones for audio cues.  As the name indicates, you will be compelled to run faster as if chased by zombies. 

Also, the app has features to share your achievements and create your training missions.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fitness training suck as a 5K run
  • It has a game-like feature with storylines for needed motivation and fun


  • Every run is treated as a mission
  • Immersive audio drama gives the feeling of adventure
  • It works on treadmills and anywhere and at any speed


  • The size of the app is considerable
  • Requires constant internet connection

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10. RGT Cycling

The RGT Cycling App is another one of the best Strava alternatives for indoor cycling during the pandemic times. It, however, gives a very genuine feel of riding outdoors.

RGT Cycling - Breakaway

This app is compatible with Windows and iOS, and Apple TV.  There is a library of training programs to choose from, and you can customize it to suit your requirements.

The app tracks the power, cadence, and heart rate. There is a free and paid version of the app.


  • Entirely indoor app with authentic roads for an immersive training session
  • Many terrain options are available.
  • Compatible with many other systems and can chat with fellow bikers


  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Connects the devices to the virtual world
  • Chat with other riders on the platform and create and join group rides and races
  • Manage your training
  • Connect with other apps such as Strava and Training Peaks


  • Different road varieties are available in the premium version only
  • Resolution is affected based on the device quality

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

11. Zwift – An app like strava but free

Similar to RGT Cycling, the Zwift app is also the best alternative for Strava.  It also has a running option, unlike its closest competitor, RGT Cycling. 

It supports iOS and Android devices and is an immersive app that gives exercising in real life. There are speed, power, cadence, and distance tracking systems. 

Zwift Google Playstore

You can even give thumbs up to other people’s accomplishments. One major drawback is that while the app appeals to cyclists and runners, the cycling option is accessible only during the free trial of 15 days. However, the running option feature is free.


  • Immersive indoor cycling experience
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Free running option and 
  • Ideally suited for socializing


  • It is a turbo trainer game 
  • It can be linked to a computer, iPad, or Apple TV
  • Can access workouts designed by professional coaches, which can be completed in groups


  • It needs time to get used to the app
  • The cycling option is not free

Download the App from Google Play Store

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Is there anything better than Strava?

Map My Ride, CYCLEMETER, CycleStreets, and Training Peaks are better alternatives than Strava.

Is Garmin better than Strava?

Garmin is known for providing deeper data analysis; on the other hand, Strava is more of an intuitive and go-to social network platform for cyclists. It is also popular as one of the world’s most comprehensive maps and itinerary sources.

Is the free version of Strava good?

Yes, it can be an excellent option if you want to know about Strava. It provides you with summaries and stats related to every workout.

It also gives you the perfect information about clubs, challenges, and, more importantly, a sneak peek into other users’ activities.

Which is better, Strava or map my ride?

Strava is an excellent option as compared to map my ride. As many as 99% of the users reported a better experience with the ability to record, store, and present more interesting data.

Does Strava drain your battery?

The Strava Android application heavily depends on on-location services and requires extra battery power. It also uses your battery beyond that when your phone is in standby mode.

Is Runkeeper or Strava better?

It doesn’t matter what level of runner you are; if you want to log and analyze your workouts and get motivated by the competitive segments, along with social interaction through photos and comments, Strava is a much better option for you.

What app do professional runners use?

Runkeeper is one of the most popular applications used by professional runners. The app lets you use GPS to track your running pace, distance, and overall time. You can even use the application to set different goals and track your progress to stay motivated.

Why is Strava the best?

Strava is right up there as the best running and cycling tracker, as it offers a complete range of tools to track your overall improvements.

Other features include starting a training calendar to enhance your mileage every month. You can also rely on the app to improve your heart rate and power data analysis if you are interested in more details.

Is Komoot better than Strava?

Kamoot is known for offering an enriched map experience, mainly because of its highlights features. On the other hand, Strava has been continuing with a similar feature in its heat map.

Strava focuses more on popular roads and routes, and Kamoot focuses more on landmarks and places of interest. So, you can say that both applications are very good for slightly different purposes.

Is komoot worth paying for?

Kamoot is a handy application for individuals always interested in going a bit extra when planning their biking or cycling trips. Suppose you are a professional cyclist or biker.

In that case, you can invest in the application, as it supports you with a wide range of features, including detailed analysis of surface type, difficulty level, elevation, accurate navigation, multiple routes, and much more.

What is the best free cycle route planner?

Komoot is one of the best applications for route planning for hiking and cycling. You can easily download the application from the App Store and Google Play store and enjoy your time outdoors without hassle.

Are Strava routes worth it?

If you want to go with the Strava premium, you get a bit of gamification for your bike and cycle rides.

The route planning by the app is very simple and effective, and when it comes to synchronization with other devices, it is right up there with one of the best applications in this category.

The overall training elements are very good, but it is not a decent application for an in-depth analysis compared to TrainingPeaks.

What are the negatives of Strava?

The manual setup of privacy radius is one of the biggest negatives of Strava. You also have to cope with a strange fear of judgment.

Many runners don’t want to upload their shorter or slower runs on the platform because they feel that they are not good enough, and I get trolled by other runners with decent paces.

Is the paid version of Strava worth it?

While some users think the extra features in the paid edition are worthwhile, others are content with the free option.

The following features are included in Strava’s “Summit” premium version:-

Live segments: While out for a cycle or a run, you can check in to see how you’re doing on a segment in real-time.

More in-depth analysis of your workouts is provided using advanced analysis, which includes power data for cycling and running form analysis.

Customized training plans and one-on-one instruction from qualified coaches are available through personalized coaching.

Training plans: Offers well-organized workouts and training programs to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Leaderboards that can be filtered: Allows you to filter leaderboards to compare your performance to that of other athletes in your age group, weight class, or according to other factors.

Is training peaks or Strava better?

TrainingPeaks may be your best choice if you’re searching for a platform to assist with planning and monitoring your training.

The best option will be Strava if you’re more interested in a social platform for sharing and comparing your workouts with others.

What is so special about Strava?

For recording and sharing workouts, particularly for running and cycling, Strava is a well-liked website.

Among the characteristics that distinguish Strava are the following:-

1. Strava users can build and compete on “segments,” particular stretches of trail or road. Thanks to this, users can compete against their own personal best times or other users in the same segment.

2. Features for social interaction: Users of Strava can join clubs and groups, discuss their workouts, and take part in challenges.

3. Personalized feed: Strava compiles a feed of the accomplishments and activities of the athletes and friends you follow.

4. Analysis in great detail: Strava offers several options, including pace, distance, elevation, and heart rate information for workouts.

5. Millions of individuals worldwide make up the big and vibrant global community of athletes on Strava.

Is Komoot worth paying for?

The features that come with Komoot Premium include the following:-

1. Limitless offline maps: With Komoot Premium, you can download and utilize offline maps.

2. More individualized routes: Based on their prior choices and actions, premium customers can access more individualized route suggestions.

3. Users of the premium plan have access to voice guidance in more languages.

4. Route sheets that can be printed out: Premium customers can print out routes that include turn-by-turn directions to carry while they are out.

5. More map styles: More maps are available for premium users.

The paid features may be worthwhile to specific users, while the free version of the program may satisfy others.

What’s better, Strava or MapMyRun?

The main focus of Strava is cycling and running, which is well-known for its social features and capacity to monitor and compare performance on particular segments.

Instead, MapMyRun is a component of the larger MapMyFitness platform, which provides monitoring and analysis for a wider range of activities such as walking, cycling, and more.

In addition, MapMyRun offers several other features like setting and monitoring goals and tracking nutrition.

Strava might be a better option if you want a platform with a strong social component and are primarily interested in tracking and comparing your cycling and running activities.

MapMyRun might be the better choice if you’re searching for a platform that tracks and analyzes a wider range of activities and offers other features like nutrition tracking.

What app do professional runners use?

Different apps are available for professional runners to use to track their training, log their sessions, and evaluate their performance.

Strava, Nike Running Club, and Endomondo are a few of the well-liked choices. The capabilities that these apps often offer include GPS tracking, pace and distance tracking, heart rate monitoring, and training schedules.

Additionally, they might have social elements that let users interact with other runners and exchange updates on their progress.

Final Verdict

Discussed above are just some of the best Strava alternatives. Each app has its unique feature, which is not available in other apps. 

So as a final verdict, it isn’t easy to zero in on one app that suits all activities.  However, the one app closest to the Strava alternative is Garmin Connect.

It is helpful for those interested in cycling and casual riding outdoors.  Its plus points are its efficient tracing systems and its trainer-approved training plan. 

The Runkeeper app is best suited for those who lean towards running as it is straightforward and suitable for outdoor and indoor running.

Since it is difficult to pinpoint the best Strava alternative, it is advised to go through the features of the apps in detail and then select the one which suits you best. 

Then you will be able to derive the best benefit out of the app, and it will serve its purpose well. So, consider the app that suits your requirements, interest, body, and routine.  

By studying the features and then deciding on the best Strava app alternative, you will have the most exciting and refreshing time of your life without any hassles.  

So, continue in your steps toward a healthier and more productive way of life by having an excellent fitness platform to motivate and prod you to a healthier life in the coming days.