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StreetAway Will Help You Find Hot Deals & Offers In Newcastle in Real-Time


StreetAway Will Help You Find Hot Deals & Offers In Newcastle in Real-Time:-

Ecommerce and the mobile revolution have put the power of big data and tons of instant information right at each shopper’s fingertips, offering everything from instant purchases to deal searches that help you find the best value and lowest prices. With using the right app on your smartphone, you can easily find the best deals and promotions in your local area and save a lot of money in the process. We searched and we have the app for this. Let’s see what the app offers.

StreetAway Will Help You Find Hot Deals & Offers In Newcastle in Real-Time

What is this app about?

This lifestyle app is developed on both IOS and android platform as an efficient and highly helpful tool which is offering users to instantly find the greatest offers and deals in the local area in real time. With this app, users can easily explore their area and find relevant deals always available for them and never again miss another promotion or offer. The deals and offers include promotions and discounts in the user’s favorite bars, restaurants, coffee places and more. Users will always be up to date with using the app and benefit from the opportunities while saving their money.

Why do we choose it?

StreetAway in the moment is available in Newcastle but soon the app will be available in other cities. Using this app, all users can find money saving opportunities around them in real time with using the location-based map. Simple and fast, users on the app can reserve the offer they want within the app and the venue will get the user’s reservation and expecting him. The user just needs to turn the app up and enjoy his experience effortlessly and quickly. Users are offered to pay through the app easily when they are done.

The app is allowing its users to read reviews from other users or to write their own review and share it with other people on the app. Two types of booking are offered, the live reservations as instant bookings where the user can reserve his offer or choice and turn up in the allotted time and the Vouchers that are bought immediately, valid for the particular offer and redeemed at that time. All the user is asked is to display the in-app vouchers on the venue’s entry. Using this app allows users to find the best deals and offers easily in real time and save money each time they are on the app.

Download this app now on Google Play and App Store for free.

Official Website: StreetAway

Google Play Download Link: StreetAway

App Store Download Link: StreetAway


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